BigDog Robot


Terminator - Here we Come

This video of BigDog Robot is particularly amazing. It is particularly amazing that the robot is able to correct itself from mistakes.

WARNING! Terminator here we come!

A friend of mine in Australia, told an interesting story. I will call him Sam. When he went for his first sessions of Clearing with a Biofeedback meter, probably some time around the mid 1980s, supposedly no one was able to run a session on him. Every time the session started he had the same incident in restimulation. There is nothing unusual in that.

What was unusual was that when they asked Same when the incident happened, he would always say "300 years in the future". The Clearing Practitioners he was working with did not know about time travel and did not accept his answer which is a violation of the Clearing Practitioner's Code of Ethics.

Eventually Sam had a session with a very advanced Clearing Practitioner who followed the Code of Ethics and accepted the answer and got him to run out the incident. Sam relived the whole incident. He was alive at a time 300 years in the future, and there was a war going on earth that was almost identical to the movie "Terminator" with Arnold Schwarzenegger. The session started on a battle field.

I do not know all the details, but some how his spirit was sent back to our time, and he landed in the body of a five year old boy, so he was a "walk-in". Maybe the people in the future sent him back as a warning to us. There was other evidence that Sam really was a walk-in. At that time, he had amazing knowledge which amazed his parents.

Sam improved considerably in his ability to handle life after that session, which suggested that it was true.

Ever since knowing this story, Michael and I have watched the Terminator movies as a documentary of what is to come, if we do not do what God wants us to do and end up on that particular time line.

For ourselves, we intend to live on a time line where the terminator scenario does not ever happen. We hope you do the same.



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