2012: Why It Could be VERY GOOD
And why It Could Be VERY BAD at the same time
(Because the Sun May Go Dark for 3 Days)

"Behold the Dragon Breath"

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Date: Saturday, 6 December 2008, 10:45 p.m.

Michael Harrington is a regular reader of Rumor Mill News. He sent me his book, Touched by the Dragon's Breath. I've been reading it and loving every page of it. It is so easy to read. I LOVE books that just melt into my brain... rather than the ones that I have to read every sentence two or three times to even understand what the writer is saying. Michael's writing style is so easy to read... your mind just floats along with him.

Here is an article he wrote about his book. And he will be a guest of RMNews Radio after the first of the year.


by Michael Harrington

St. Germain called it the “Golden Nebula,”1 David Icke, the “Photon Belt;”2 Barbara Hand Clow referred to it as the “Photon Band” in The Pleiadian Agenda. But another name exists for this spectacular band of multi-dimensional light that we encounter twice on our 26,000-year journey around our Central Sun, Alcyone. This secret name is said to honor a powerful group of benevolent beings, now obscured by the mists of time, but once revered throughout the Milky Way Galaxy for their courage and integrity.3 I first learned of this ancient name one summer night in 1987.

Twilight in the Himalayas

I had settled in for a quiet contemplation before retiring from an uneventful day. The calendar read August 17th. Not long into the spiritual exercise I became aware of a dancing light flickering ever so dimly in the darkness of my inner vision. I concentrated all my attention on the light. Even though the images were sketchy, a campfire gradually emerged from the shadows and came into focus. Behind the golden-orange flames, a solid man in a dark colored robe was seated in lotus fashion, his hands folded in his lap. Keen brown eyes flashed a kind welcome.

Cold – dampness – green nettles – the strong smell of animals. A quick glance around revealed a tiny cave. To my left, a heavy wooden door reinforced with metal slats secured the entrance. The pungent smell came from a dirty yak hide that cushioned the hard ground beneath me. A stack of dried yak dung chips supplied fuel for the fire. “Where is this place?” I wondered. Surprisingly, the word “Tibet” rolled through my mind. I tried again. “Why am I here?” This time no answer.

Evidently satisfied that I was now adequately acclimated, the man rose to his feet. I guessed his age to be in the late seventies, his height about six-feet four. With growing curiosity I followed the man in silence toward the massive door. Rusty hinges responded with a loud creak. The door swung open revealing an awe-inspiring view. Perhaps half a dozen mountain ranges, one behind the next, rolled majestically toward a purple horizon. It was twilight in the Himalayas!

I stepped out onto a narrow trail that wound its way steeply upward toward snow-capped peaks shrouded in clouds. It rose from the valley floor, an inhospitable, desolate plain. Never before had I seen such a lonely, lifeless place.

Following my gaze, the man spoke for the first time. “The Chang Tang Plateau,” he stated. “It is a symbol of man’s struggle for liberation. Some call it ‘the Valley of Pain and Disillusionment,’ others, ‘the Wasteland of God’ – but it is not God’s doing. More aptly it could be called ‘the Valley of Man,’ because man has created it. For centuries he has misunderstood the mechanics of creation. He has been misled…but this does not excuse him from responsibility.”

We walked fifteen yards up the rocky trail. “Let’s sit down and wait,” he said, in a tone resonating with familiarity. Ten minutes passed, then ten more. Only the barely audible sound of my breathing interrupted the stillness. A gentle wind sprang up from the mountain at our backs. I was about to ask what we were waiting for when I noticed a high-pitched hum coming from the wind. It grew louder as the velocity increased. From behind this sound another arose – the faint, haunting melody of distant bagpipes. Now the musical wind was brushing my companion’s flowing grey hair forward and tugging mischievously at the edges of my woolen robe.

Then the playful, biting wind changed again. It howled like a wounded animal, pushing its way roughly down the mountain with growing determination. I tucked my chin to my chest, bracing myself against its roaring gusts…and still the tempest escalated. I turned to speak, but a raised hand called for silence.

“There!” the man shouted, pointing toward the horizon with childlike anticipation. “Look there.” His eyes danced with joy. “Behold, the Dragon’s Breath! It’s coming. It’s coming!”

In the distance I saw a golden wave of light, so far away that it was hardly more than a line etched upon the purple horizon – yet it pulsed with life, rising and falling in subtle undulations. I turned to my companion for an explanation, but none was forthcoming.

Suddenly the wind stopped. It didn’t just die down. It stopped abruptly. There was an absolute stillness in the air. In that same moment my Himalayan cat came home from her nightly mouse-hunting expedition on the other side of the globe. The gentle shake of the bed brought me back instantly.

Interpreting the experience as a dream, I surmised that life-altering changes loomed ahead. Often wind from the mountain symbolizes “the wind of change.” And the barren plain – the Valley of Pain and Disillusionment – tied to man’s reckless creation of his world, something to be corrected. But that wondrous wave of light would remain a total mystery for years to come.4

Where We Are on the Cosmic Clock

That magical night in Tibet the world was first touched by the Dragon’s Breath. Some may recognize the date, August 17, 1987, as the Harmonic Convergence. This was the mid-point of the 50-year, Time/Space Overlap Zone between the Piscean Age and the Age of Aquarius (Fig. 1).


Cycles don’t begin and end abruptly. The strength of the outgoing cycle gradually diminishes, while its successor gradually fades in. The resulting overlap zone depends upon the length of the cycle in question. The Harmonic Convergence marked the time when the incoming energy of the Age of Aquarius and the outgoing energy of the Piscean Age were equally balanced. From that day forward, the Aquarian energy has been the more dominant. Those living in the twenty-five year period beginning with the Harmonic Convergence and ending on December 21, 2012, will see the finish of one paradigm and the birth of another.

The excitement and awe surrounding 2012 is further heightened by the synchronous ending of four major cycles. With our entrance into Aquarius, the 2,160-year cycle of the Piscean Age is coming to a close. At the same time, Earth’s 26,000-year Precession of the Equinoxes – a Mayan Great Cycle – finds completion.

Furthermore, according to both the Aztec and Mayan cosmologies, 2012 is the end-point of a 104,000-year cycle composed of four Great Cycles. But most astounding of all is the completion of our solar system’s 225-million-year Galactic Orbit, also slated for 2012.6

What to Expect

Like many indigenous cultures, the Tibetans look forward to the arrival of 2012 with great anticipation. Their calendar, the Kalachakra, contains a prophecy that 860 years after its introduction into Tibet, which happened in 1127, the conditions would be fulfilled for a twenty-five year period that would culminate in the appearance of the sacred Tibetan spiritual city known as Shamballa. Eight hundred and sixty years after 1127 is 1987. Twenty-five years after that is 2012!7

One of the most fascinating prophecies surrounding 2012 dates back over 110 years to the time of Quetzalcoatl, also known as the “Pale Prophet.” It states that for five full cycles of the Dawn Star (Venus), which amounts to 520 years (5 X 104 years), ending in the year 2012 of the Mayan Calendar, the rule of the STRANGERS [emphasis added] would grow into greater and ever greater orgies of death and destruction. But then things would change.

The prophecy continues:

When they have polluted the Earth to such an extent that the number of the Earth becomes 13 [Schumann Resonance], then in that moment they shall be no more.

The dream shall alter, as Hu Nab Ku (Our Father in Heaven) has a plan, a great plan and that cannot be altered…There shall be a great shifting, a great shaking and all things shall be touched, even the stones, and in a moment there shall be a great swelling of light that will fill the heavens and block out even the light of our own sun in its brightness [Dragon’s Breath], and the worlds shall split as will the heavens…in a moment. And in that moment you shall be where your heart is, for time as we have known it shall be no more.8

Dr. Noel Huntley speaks about the effects of entering the Photon Belt and the above mentioned “dividing of the way” on his website, “Duality and Beyond.” He claims that in the early ‘80s a radio announcement in the U.S. stated that our solar system was going to collide with an “electromagnetic cloud” in the not too distant future. Follow-up data was suppressed. Dr. Huntley explained that our solar system skimmed the belt for a few days in 1987.

Earth is not expected to fully enter until the year 2012. At that time we will experience its full-blown effects.
He further asserts that this cosmic encounter with the Dragon’s Breath will result in the uprooting of deep-seated psychological, emotional, and physical problems. Old patterns will rise to the surface, and will be released. DNA will be upgraded by these new, powerful frequencies. Matter will also be affected by intense photon activity. All objects will appear to fluoresce.

Dr. Huntley believes this great transformation, what some have called the “Shift of the Ages,” is the much-heralded “ascension.” Furthermore, addressing the three days of darkness prophecy, Dr. Huntley postulates that we will experience 3 to 5 days of darkness if our sun enters the Dragon’s Breath first. Since it would be in another dimension, the sun would not be able to furnish us with light. Should the Earth enter first, we would immediately be thrust into the brilliant light of the Photon Belt.9

Writing in The Biggest Secret, David Icke states that the dramatic weather changes – droughts, floods, melting polar caps, etc. – that have been blamed on global warming (the Greenhouse Effect), are in reality a diversion from what is actually happening. It is really the result of the Photon Belt and the high frequencies being grounded, the portals opening, and the move from a three-dimensional reality into the fourth and fifth dimensions.

Crossing the Golden Threshold

As Earth raises her frequency (with the help of the Dragon’s Breath) she will shift into a new role. In that role she will no longer support abusive, controlling energies. As we race toward 2012, the end-point of the Outbreath of God, also known as Zero Point, all dark, dysfunctional energies will rise to the surface and be passed off. In her higher state, Earth will not tolerate vibrations of hate, violence, or subjugation.

With foreknowledge of the coming changes, we can relax and enjoy the final act in the Piscean play for what it is. We can inform others about the dimensional shift and the renaissance to come. With the proper attitude and inner preparation, we can successfully negotiate any changes that might occur.

Despite what we hear from the corporate media, this is not a time of doom and gloom.
Conversely, as the arrival of the Dragon’s Breath testifies, it is a time of boundless opportunity. Today we stand on the threshold of an exciting new world. Great things await: happiness, freedom, and global abundance.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel... and that light is the Golden Age!



If the sun goes dark for three days, you have to work out what you will have to do to prepare for that, to survive the cold. And probably without any electricity.

Other evidence that the sun could go dark for 3 days:

  1. The existence of the "Black Sun" secret society.
  2. In "Above Black, Project Preserve Destiny ", Dan Sherman, when in the U.S. military, was given the job of learning to communicate telepathically with aliens for a time when electricity will not work. That could mean when the sun goes dark. And if that is true, then it could mean that EVEN A GENERATOR WILL NOT WORK.

So, PLEASE, before Dec 2012 have in your house, for you and others close to you, at the very least-

  1. Super warm sleeping bags.
  2. Arctic weather gear for heads, hands, feet and bodies.
  3. Stored water for at least 3 weeks.
  4. Stored food that you do not need to cook for at least 3 weeks.
  5. Candles for at least 80 hours of darkness.
  6. Preferably, ability to make a fire in your house.
  7. Portable gas stove. Plus gas.




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Note: This article first appeared in New Leaf’s “Evolve Magazine,” Winter 2008 issue.

Michael Harrington is the author of Touched by the Dragon’s Breath: Conversations at Colliding Rivers. He makes his home in the Pacific Northwest.

Michael, a water quality specialist, has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, enjoys Alpine skiing, and relaxes by going for rides in the country with his Ragdoll cat, Jake. Michael generally drives.