Heavy Metals in Chemtrails
How to Protect Yourself

Above: NASA satellite photo, showing chemtails all over a large part of the USA. These days, these markings are no longer showing in satellite photos, so we assume that they are being air-brushed out. Source: www.rense.com



In this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFn2c-1xmgg), rainwater in Australia contained:

  • 15 mm of rain had 28.9 ppm heavy metals.

Heavy metals poison the human body. They cause a huge range of symptoms which includes most of the diseases and health problems you can think of, including death.

The rainwater was sent to a government laboratory and analyzed. The results of what was in the rainwater follow. (The "safe guidelines" are those that are set by the World Health Organization).

  • Aluminum. 780 times the safe level.
  • Arsenic. 593 times the safe level.
  • Manganese. 4,000 times the safe level.
  • Barium. 300 times the safe level.
  • Zinc. 8,000 times the safe level.
  • Iron. 2,000 times the safe level.
  • Boron. 4,000 times the safe level. (Boron is not meant to be present in the atmosphere at significant levels. Sprague, 1972).

What is the best way to get rid of Heavy Metals in the body?


There are 3 options:

  1. Intra-venous chelation of EDTA with a doctor. This takes about 3 hours each visit, and costs around $100 a visit. Some people recommend 30 visits for people with serious health problems. That's $3,000!
  2. Oral Chelation of EDTA. We understand that this has only about a 5% absorption rate.
  3. EDTA Suppositories. Sorry! We used to sell these but the government told the manufacturers to stop making them.


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