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Mutations Around the World
Sign of the End Times

Note: We believe these mutations are due to Radiation from Space and NOT from Fukushima. We are not including any mutations from Japan in this article.

Blue-Green Frog (3/27/08)

The frog on the left is the normal color.


Black Parents, White Baby, 1/12/11

(Lots more pics below)

Article: Strange Emissions from Sun are Suddenly Mutating Matter


Now evidence has surfaced that something potentially more dangerous is happening deep within the hidden core of our life-giving star: never-before-seen particles—or some mysterious force—is being shot out from the sun and it’s hitting Earth.

Whatever it is, the evidence suggests it’s affecting all matter...

Something impossible has happened. Yet the “impossible” has been proven to be true. Laboratories around the globe have confirmed that the rate of radioactive decay—once thought to be a constant and a bedrock of science—is no longer a constant. Something being emitted from the sun is interacting with matter in strange and unknown ways with the startling potential to dramatically change the nature of the very Earth itself....

Worst of all, if the decay rates of matter are being mutated then all matter on Earth is being affected including the matter that makes up life.

The mutation may go so far as to change the underlying reality of the quantum universe—and by extrapolation-the nature of life, the principles of physics, perhaps even the uniform flow of time.

In fact, some evidence of time dilation has been gleaned from close observation of the decay rate. If particles interacting with the matter are not the cause—and matter is being affected by a new force of nature-then time itself may be speeding up and there’s no way to stop it. (Editor's note: Have you noticed time MASSIVELY speeding up lately?)

Blonde Son Born to Black Parents 5/16/11

Yellow Lobster a "One in 30 Million", 7/19/11


Pig Born with Human Face, South America, 9/5/11

Purple Squirrel in Pennsylvania, USA
, 2/14/12

This squirrel has his own Facebook fan page

There was another purple squirrel, in England, in 2008


Half sheep / Half human-looking sheep born in Nigeria, 2/15/12


World's First 'Strawberry' Leopard, 4/12/12

Mutated Dandelions
, Michigan, USA, 4/23/12

Blue Lobster a 'One in Two Million' Mutation
, 6/18/12

SIX Orange Colored Lobsters
, each a "one in a million", 6/20/12


15 Cattle Die from Mutated Grass, 6/25/12
After 15 years, a 'harmless' Tifton hybrid, starts producing cyanide


Octopus in Indonesia has 'human-looking' head on it, 7/12/12


Calico Lobster 'One in 30 Million', 7/18/12


Five White Lions born in two different locations in the Ukraine, 7/19/12


Two White Sparrows in Scotland, 7/19/12

Two-Colored Cat. Left eye green, right eye blue. (9/14/12)

Two-Headed Snake in South Carolina

Two-headed California King Snake at a zoo in the Ukraine from 2011

Two-Headed Snake in Hawaii, 2011

Two-Headed Python, 2011

Mutated Organic Corn in Oregon
This is probably from Fukushima radiation, but the pics are so terrible, I had to include them.

White Deer with Deformed Antlers in Iowa (11/20/12)

Note: This does not look like an albino to me, since it does not appear to have pink eyes.


A Doe with Antlers (12/1/12)


Bird That No One Can Idenfity. A Mutated Sandhill crane perhaps? (12/2/12)

Vegetable Muations in Florida Dec 2012

  • 4 headed cabbage
  • Cauliflower growing 8 plants instead of one.
  • 290/300 turnips a weird shape

Cabbage grow Multiple Heads in Georgia, April 2013



Mutated Cabbage Bought in Houston, Texas, May 2013

For comparison, here is a normal cabbage:

Giant Mutated Oak Leaves, Fort Bragg, NC, May 2013

A normal leaf is being held. The giant leaves are behind.


Note: This may just be a species we had not found before.
Hundreds of Giant Flourescent Pink Slugs found on a Mountain Top in Australia

This may not be a mutation. It's possible they have been hiding on a mountain in Australia all this time. It just seems strange that no Park rangers ever noticed them before.

Deformed Calf, New Zealand , 8/22/13
Stillborn. One head, two torsos, four ears and eight legs. 30 year veterinarian says it's "pretty unusual".


You're Not Fat
You're Toxic

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To understand why this is happening, I HIGHLY recommend:
"Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps" by Robert Felix, webmaster of


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