911 Conspiracy, 911 World Trade Center
Advance Notice


The members of the secret government have a spiritual law that they always abide by: they have to tell us what they are going to do to us, before they do it. Hence we have a lot of truth in many movies etc.

So, what do you think of all these below?

TV Show Previews WTC Attack 19 Months Before 911

In February of 2000,The Lone Gunman series aired on FOX TV. The pilot episode was about a commercial airliner being flown into the World Trade Center Towers 19 mos. before 9/11

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Unfortunately, I didn't copy the details of the fridge at right - I believe from memory it came from a General Electric ad in Germany two years ago (I saw it at www.davidicke.com).

A similar photo from an Italian magazine April 2001 was sent to me by a kind reader. In this case, you get to see the whole lay out of the ad, and how strangely out of place this picture is.

The photo on the right is from a CD cover from the group "Coup" that predated 911 by several months. This picture came from here.

The picture below is of a CD cover reportedly released two days before 911. This picture came from here.

Then check out the Sanyo ad below. and below that, the ad from November 1993 Hustler Magazine (page 24).Do these pictures come from people tapping into the collective unconcious, possibly through drugs? Are they clairvoyant? Or was someone telling us something?

November 1993 Hustler Magazine (page 24) below (from www.rense.com)

The above two cards are from a card game called "The Illuminati" card game, released in 1995.


1997 Donald Duck Comic

From the Movie "The Matrix" - Neo's passport