Dan Burisch DVD "Tell The World"


Nov 20 2006

by a reader of metatech.org

The quality and presentation and sincerity were absolutely pathetic. Dreadful. For supposedly being a Maji-sanctioned disclosure....I mean, really! But that's why I got it, I wanted to know what the enemy was lying about. I can't explain why, I just knew I needed to see it.

What really jumped out was the trail of false breadcrumbs. The logic steps were really really annoying. Extremely irritating. This wasn't a dvd for scientists, it was a dvd for morons with no ability to ask questions, only hang open their mouth and say, 'wow aliens must be real! In that case we'll believe absolutely anything you say at all....." and so from that point on, if A is real then B must be real and C must too....they just led the audience from one far stretch to another with no explanation or proof.

Interesting and revealing statements:

Reptilians: "there are no such thing as reptilians." People under stressful abduction scenarios "mistook" the hunching and lurching posture of one type of grey...for a reptilian type of creature! Their "leathery" skin might appear scaly to some people in surreal shock and this is where the rumors must have come from.....

Greys: are ourselves from the future. "We" are dying and need our 'help' to re-engineer the DNA which has mutated over thousands of years. This excuses all manner of lies, cruelty, and deceit. The end justifies the means.

His body language was dreadful. He kept flicking his eyes off to the side to see how somebody in the room was taking his words. He twisted his hands and was tense. For being supposedly given 'permission' by top secret powers to tell the world what he knew and even given a security force to 'protect' him so he could do his 'job', he sure didn't act comfortable and excited about being allowed to speak.

When he tearfully got to the part where he 'helped' an alien escape through a stargate, I nearly choked with nausea. Not that I believe it couldn't have happened. Its just that it was so......contrived and it was so obvious. Someone was counting on an audience to be so stunned with words like aliens and stargates and ET escaping from the evil captors that no one noticed the contrived attempt to control the contrived emotions. I want to say that he's lying, but I can't. I'm not sure of that. I'm only sure that the manner in which he spoke......was contrived. Like has been said before, there's probably a lot of truth mixed in with some very big lies.

I actually have a feeling that he might not know which ones are the lies himself. He might be programmed, brainwashed, scared to death or utterly controlled. He might even really believe everything he's saying. He just doesn't look like it. Maybe I should say his body doesn't believe it.

But listen to this: He ended the 'disclosure' of alien life with the statement that 2/3 people on the planet was going to disappear--could be either in an instant or slowly over a year. (there's that number again.) Supposedly because of manmade stargates overloading the planet's energy grid and the naturally occurring stargates already on the planet. Which start to activate all by themselves when we get close enough to planet X. Which is not really a planet but a dense energy, a sort of stargate in itself, which is why its so hard to see.

Ok, not that I would have trouble with any of that if it,s really true. But the basic summary of all of Dan's supposedly earth shattering disclosure is that if we don't get rid of the artificial stargates, we're doomed and any surviving human beings are going to move to distant planets, mutate into horrible greys, and eventually die out.

Yeah right, as if ordinary people have any power whatsoever to influence dismantling secret stargates that no one admits to having anyway. What are these people thinking?????? Nothing will be generated by this interview except perfect dismay because ordinary people know perfectly well how helpless they are.

So who benefits from global dismay and fear that we are on the brink of extinction? Oh gee.....let me think....the antichrist government? Whose purpose is served by promoting reptilians as myth and rumor? Who will have the answers to this stargate dilemma? Um.... our future selves? Hey let's listen to the greys and follow their advice when they land publicly!

Yahweh says 2/3 of the planet are going to disappear, too, but there are no conditions attached to be saved which are impossible to carry out.

It is hugely amusing to see how many different explanations have been logged in over the recent years as to why large amounts of people are going to go missing all of a sudden. All of them contradict each other, and all of them contradict the book of Revelation as dictated by Yshua. Why? Who benefits to have this book and this Being disregarded? What else is in that book that 'they' don't want people to pay attention to?

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