"Fastwalkers" DVD Review

Nov 23 2006
by Michael Relfe

We, my wife Stephanie and I, were extremely disappointed with this DVD and rate it 2 out of 10.

When conducting research in the UFO and Alien arena, we believe that it is essential to differentiate between predatory species (bad guys) and friendly species (good guys). Unfortunately this DVD is very " pro alien" (bad guys) in that all except one reference to aliens concerned beings of the reptilian, grey and "tall white" types. These are negative, predatory species that abduct, torture and murder citizens of this planet.

It never mentions the fact that when people are abducted and operated on without anesthetics, it's done against their permission. Or that it affects their lives negatively. Or that children are being taken permanently from parents. And that all this is done like a thief in the night, without permission.

Honest, good extraterrestrials would land in daylight, knock on your door and ask your permission to interact with you - it's only polite.

Here are some awful disinformation quotes to let you know just where some people are coming from:

  • "Even though there is clearly no evidence - and I want to emphasize this - that these extraterrestrial civilizations are hostile to us, I think they are very worried about our hostility". Stephen Greer. Head of the Disclosure Project. (Here we have the confirmation we suspected that aliens are behind this organization).
  • "Extraterrestrials are not a national security issue. They are an educational and social issue for our society." Alfred Webre J.D. M.Ed. Author
  • "They have never been hostile" Alan Tolman, Aerospace Engineer.

Once is an accident, twice is a worry but three times is propaganda. History has proven that human interaction with predatory species such as Draconians, Reptilians and Greys results in destroyed lives, health problems, torture, mutilation and death for many participants. These are facts. Not opinions or emotions. I believe these facts are ignored by Stephen Greer because they interfere with his plans of "developing" "free energy" technology with the help of the greys when "first contact" is made (He is also president of "Space Energy Access Systems", an energy research company). Greer wants to be right in the middle of things to take advantage of all the new technology that will be "released". At least this is the impression I got when I saw him lecture at a Mind-Body-Spirit type of conference in Los Angeles a few years back. I am sure the Greys and Reptilians will invite him to the party. Unfortunately he will probably be the main course.

This DVD is big on photographs but includes very little video footage that has not been shown and reshown many times. The only decent video clip is one you can view on the trailer at their website at http://www.fastwalkers.com/FF_Trailer.htm

However, there were a few good parts. We liked the balanced interviews with Dr. Salla where he talks about how the aliens are manipulating society and how they probably have infiltrated various centers of government.

We were glad that they interviewed Sean David Morton but were disappointed that it was only very briefly. Was he there just for his name? We were super disappointed that they did not include any of Sean's fantastic UFO material. Sean has some of best UFO footage we have ever seen. We had the pleasure of attending one of Sean's talks at a UFO Conference in California. At that conference he showed a video clip of a real, live grey alien. It was very clear. And you could see the alien's heart rate on a monitor. Plus Sean showed a totally wonderful satellite of a UFO about the size of Norway going over Europe. We felt that that ship was owned by the good extraterrestrials - the ones who don't abduct us or subvert our society. Sean Morton is recognized as an expert in this field and has been involved in UFO research for longer than most of these newer "researchers", however he was not allowed to present any detailed information or videos.

We liked a few other people like Monsignor Corrado Balducci and of course Len "Slice-em-and-dice-em" Horowitz, who didn't talk about aliens but always does a fantastic job smashing and destroying various propaganda programs of the bad guys. He can do more damage to the enemy in 3 minutes than most can do in 3 hours.

Other propaganda on the DVD was the typical pro alien stuff like saying they created us (who created them?).

Plus there were other people giving their opinion, but we were given no reason as to why we should be listening to them.

The production plan was very fragmented and incoherent. One second they were gushing and spewing that "the aliens abuct people for their higher good" B.S., and a few minutes later they expose how governments of the world are controlled by secret socities (who are controlled by aliens) which is why we could not give this DVD a zero. Plus there was some good information about the interactions between the military, government and aliens.

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