The Moon Landing
Evidence that it was a Hoax???






By Michael & Stephanie Relfe


Three days after we posted the story of NASA losing the original tapes of the Moon Landing, that was published by the Sydney Morning Herald, and we asked the question if Internet Researchers were getting too close to the truth, we were sent the following amazing clip:

Moon Landing Hoax Conspiracy video clip


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2) If you don't see a picture the first time you hit play, then give it a while to load and then hit play again.

3) Do not view in theatre mode. It's too big and you lose focus. You need to view it in the smaller mode. If your computer won't view it in the smaller mode, save it to your computer (right click, 'save as') and then open it up from your computer.



The above clip came from the website



We knew it was only a matter of time before someone sent me information that the clip of the moon hoax is a hoax itself, and I was right. What else would you do if you worked for NASA and a REAL clip of a fake moon landing got out. You can view the details of the man who claimed to have faked this at:

HOWEVER, after reading that first page, Stephanie thought "I bet that fellow died soon after making this supposed fake video of the moon landing". And guess what?

He died of a "severe allergic reaction to something he ate" three months later, at only 31 years old. Read "POISONED"


The "Sorry Mr Gorsky" in the original tape is probably a genuine apology to whoever was hired to fake this tape for NASA. There's an urban legend that Neil Armstrong made a joke related to sex which used the name "Mr Gorsky" that has never been proven. It would not surprise us to find out that NASA made up that joke to explain the name "Gorsky" should that name ever leak out.

Remember, in the times we are in, "DISCERNMENT " is a KEY ABILITY. Learn to trust your intuition, your gut feelings, your "knowingness" while at the same time being as rational as Sherlock Holmes. That's one reason why the bad guys do everything they can to get rid of everyone's psychic abilities.

Both of us believe this tape to be genuine. This explains one reason why NASA has "lost" (i.e. hidden) 700 boxes of the original tapes. What could be on those tapes that "someone" did not want to be analyzed?

As an ex-Navy person who has worked on government contract as a civilian, Michael said that the way the men on the clip react to the accident is what you would expect of them - they laughed. If it was a fake, it would be much more likely that they would look serious.

We are not saying that we did not get to the moon. We think we were already there. We ARE saying that you can't get to the moon with antiquated technology. The radiation in the van allen belt will kill you. When you go to the moon you must have shielding of some kind. We believe the moon and mars colonization programs were accomplished with technology never exposed to the public. See


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This whole thing is not so much as to protect you from the knowledge that we are on the Moon (and Mars and .. ). It is to hide the technology that allows us to do that. Some of this technology came from the work of Nikola Tesla. Much of it came from aliens during and after the time Americans signed the Grenada Treaty with them in 1954. Some of this technology involves opening of a hypergate portal that allows transport from point to point in a short period of time. The existence of Hypergate technology must be suppressed at all costs. With this technology 'they' can enter the bedroom of almost ANYONE on the planet and do what they want to them - world leaders included. Hypergate technology coupled with advanced forms of hypnosis and othe


UPDATE: 100 of the missing tapes have turned up. Only 600 yet to find ...



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