Best Books & DVDs for
Aliens, Abductions, UFOs,
Mind Control and Secret Government


Abductions and Aliens: What's Really Going On?
Chris A. Rutkowski


Above Black: Project Preserve Destiny
Dan Sherman


Alien Agenda
Jim Marrs


Alien Agenda: Return of the Nephilim
A.S. Judkins


Alien Harvest: Further Evidence Linking Animal Mutilations
and Human Abductions to Alien Life Forms
Linda Moulton Howe


Aliens and the Scalpel
Dr. Roger Leir


Alternative Three (DVD)

"Alternative 3" was the final documentary done by the well respected "Science Report" of Anglia Television in England on April 1st 1977. Within an hour of broadcasthing the television station issued a hurried statement stating that the show was a hoax. We believe that the film is 95% fake but that 5% of it is the most important footage of the 20th Century and totally accurate. That is the NASA footage of people on Mars. We believe that much of the story is also the truth. More information here.

Alternative Three (Book)
Jim Keith


Battlefield Earth
L. Ron Hubbard

FICTION, that contains truth. Forget the movie. The book is brilliant. The movie ends only 2/3 the way through the book - after which comes some of the most important parts! Learn the basics about teleportation and cosmic politics from this book.


Behold a Pale Horse
William Cooper

One of the earliest conspiracy books. Classic by William Cooper, Ex-Naval Intelligence, likely murdered for being a brave whistleblower.


Big Brother NSA
by Terry Cook


Bloodlines of the Illuminati
by Fritz Springmeier


Bringers of the Dawn
by Barbara Marciniak

While I don't normally recommend channelled information (as you never know just who it really comes from) this book is highly inspiring, entertaining and positive.


Cosmic Conspiracy
by Stan Deyo


Demons & Deliverance
by Frank Hammond


The Dulce Wars
by Branton

A true story. When aliens and humans fought each other underground. Humans died in this war - and even a few aliens died on the side of the humans.


Exposing the Illuminati from Within (DVD)
by Bill Schnoebelen


The Lensman Series
E.E. 'Doc' Smith

FICTION with a lot of truth. If you are a spiritual warrior and feel a connection to good extraterrestrials, I HIGHLY recommend you get these books. You may feel they are much more than just fiction. You can only get them second hand. There are seven books in the series, starting with "Triplanetary".

#1 of Lensman Series: Triplanetary

#2 of Lensman Series: First Lensman

#3 of Lensman Series: Galactic Patrol

#4 of Lensman Series: Gray Lensman

#5 of Lensman Series: Second Stage Lensman

#6 of Lensman Series: Children of the Lens


The Love Bite
Eve Lorgen


Mark of the New World Order
Terry Cook


Milabs: Military & Alien Abduction
Helmut Lammer


Mind Stalkers: UFO's, Implants & the Psychotronic Agenda of the New World Order
Commander X


The Montauk Project
Peter Moon


Montauk Revisted (Montauk Book #2)
Peter Moon

Pyramids of Montauk (Montauk Book #3)
Peter Moon

Note: We do not recommend the Peter Moon "Book of the Dead". Not surprisingly, we believe it has curses on it, and had to throw it out.


Nikola Tesla: Journey to Mars
Sean Casteel


The Omega Files: Secret NAZI UFO Bases Revealed


Operation Mind Control

One of the first pieces of good research into Mind Control by the military.


Psychic Warrior
David Morehouse

Very readable and interesting. Learn about some of the history of Remote Viewing
by someone who was involved in the military's early experiments.


The Reptilian Agenda (DVD)
David Icke & Credo Mutwa


Scientology: More than a Cult? The Principles Unveiled
L. Kin, Book 1

Scientology: A Handbook for Use
L. Kin, Book 2


Piped Pipers of Heaven
L. Kin, Book 3


The Secret Life of Uri Geller - Psychic Spy


Sinister Forces- The Nine: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft
Peter Levenda


Thanks for the Memories
Brice Taylor

A true story of the creation of a mind controlled slave. You need a strong stomach and a lot of spiritual protection to read this book. And yet, this is a story that must be told. The names of many, many US presidents and other famous people, such as Bob Hope, are in this book.


The Threat: Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda


Trance Formation of America
Cathy O'Brien

A true story of the creation of a mind controlled slave. Another book where you need a strong stomach and a lot of spiritual protection to read this book. And yet, this is a story that must be told.


UFOs & Mental Health
Bob Teets


Underground Bases & Tunnels: What is the Government Trying to Hide?
Dr. Richard Sauder


War on the Saints

Spiritual Warfare


More Great Books here


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