Here's an article talking about a picture of a grey alien in a video of George Bush.

Here's the picture:


n the above article, Rayelan says that the alien looks like the Hillary called P'Lod. See if there is any truth in this supposed farcical article from the tabloid News of the World:



Jay: Welcome back. Talking with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Now I was gonna as you about infedility. This concerns you. I saw this in the paper. I had to buy it. Let's show people. It says "My steamy nights with Hillary in Alien Love Nest". (laughter).

Okay, here it is right here. (laughter). I'm gonna read some excerpts from this. Now this is - apparently you knew an alien named P'Lod.

Hillary: P'Lod.

Jay: P'lod.

Hillary: That's right.

Jay: It says "Hillary is said to have likewise found the spaceman's soaring intelligence and lofty morals a turn-on. What's more she told pals he displayed lovemaking techniques thousands of years in advance any human male." Now you laugh, but it's in the paper. [ laughter ]

Hillary: Well you know, I just have to say that this is another example of the press taking one little fact and just blowing it out of proportion.

Jay: Really?

Hillary: Absolutely. You know P'lod is a really decent -- a decent alien yes. [ light laughter ] and you know i had to go to some event in Washington and you know i asked him to accompany me.

Jay: Right.

Hillary: And look at what happened. He puts aside his busy intergalactic business. He goes to the Kennedy Center with me and -- you know and now look he's held up to ridicule. It really is so unfair. [ laughter ] [ applause ]

Jay: Well it says here -- listen to this -- it says "This is the first book ever written by a real extraterrestrial. That alone is worth every penny. Beyond that it's a riveting love story." [ laughter ]

Hillary: Well you know I can only try to defend his honor on this show.

Jay: Now do you think this is part of a vast alien conspiracy? [ laughter ]

Hillary: You know the right galaxy doesn't know what the far right galaxy is doing.

Jay: Exactly.

Hillary: I don't know but -

Jay: I mean, what do you do? Do you just laugh? I mean this is like - it's so silly.

Hillary: Well you know actually these are kind of entertaining. And this particular story is written quite well actually. You might want to hire this guy.

Jay: I do I think I have enough people like this on my staff already. [ light laughter ]


You're Not Fat -
You're Toxic

Fat is Not about Calories. 
It’s about Toxins.

Obesity is not a disease.
It’s a business plan.

by Stephanie Relfe


Published on: 08/07/2003

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