John Titor Exposed
The Truth of Time Travel

September 27 2004

Around November 02, 2000, a person calling themselves Timetravel_0, and later John Titor, started posting on a public forum that he was a time traveler from the year 2036. This other site has all his posts in chronological order.

Two sites have done an excellent job of posting all the information regarding John Titor. See

I was reading these sites around the same time that I finished Bill Schnoebelen's excellent book, "Lucifer Dethroned". This book is a true story outlining how he spent 16 years being involved originally in wicca and later as a Satanic priest, a Catholic priest, a high level mason, a mormon and finally as a vampire. Eventually, a number of things happend to result in him converting to Christianity. As I read this book I could feel my mind accessing other dimensions and universes and becoming much more aware of the size and scope of the evil side of this game of life we are playing. See

Soon after that I was reading John Titor's posts and became rather depressed, thinking that after thirty years that was the only future we had to look forward to. I had no trouble believing that Titor is a time traveller. My husband Michael Relfe's experiences in time travel let me know it was possible (See And Michael said the pictures of the time machine were eerity familiar.

But I wondered, what was the use of doing anything positive if in 30 years time we end up in Titor's future. In his future, horses are used more than cars. What? I don't have a flying disk by then? Nobody yet knows about aliens or extraterrestrials. What? People are still in the dark about alien abduction? And we STILL haven't had intervention from the good extraterrestrials? (See

Also in Titor's world, freedom is hugely lacking. In order to move from one area to another, one has to ask the local bigwigs if it is okay. What? I can't just move in and buy some land? I can't live wherever I want? Also, the local bigwigs have a lot to say in what you do for a living. Sure sounds like communism to me, and we know that that doesn't work - people need to have freedom of choice in order to be productive.

There's also no income taxes. Hey, that sounds great at first. But then again - who builds the roads? Who picks up the manure from all those horses? What happens to robbers and murderers? Who pays for that? Maybe income taxes aren't so bad after all - it's how MUCH one gets taxed and what they do with all that money that counts. In fact, he says there are jails - but who pays for them?

Titor is not aware of any "mind control" devices used on us now. Phew! Now I am relieved (sarcasm).

He says that Russia dropped lots of nuclear bombs on the major US cities. How was this possible? How come we didn't have any defence against this?

Okay, there is some nice stuff in his world, if it exists. But after thirty years, is this all we get???

Most of the questions people put to Titor are centered around whether or not he really time travelled. I am not sure how many people have considered that he may have told the truth about time travel, but did not tell the truth about when he came from, or what it is was like in his world.

Perhaps he did time travel, but from a much earlier time, say 2009. His purpose in coming back could have been to influence us to create this negative future of his. After all, he said he worked for the military. And there are some high ranking military officers that are satanists, who don't want us to create a utopian world.

He must have known that the kind of people who would end up reading his posts are the more metaphysically gifted ones, and they are the ones who are more likely to change the course of the future by their thoughts.

I have a problem with Titor supposedly coming into the past and thinking that his bosses in the future won't know about it. What? They don't keep records of the internet in the future? They can't see that back in 2004 a man called John Titor did all this, and use some remote viewers to work out who it was?

Thought changes reality. If you want more understanding of this, I highly recommend the brilliant book "The holographic universe". See

Maybe Titor did come from 2036 and this negative future of his. I only know that it will not be MY future. There are millions of different time lines. An analogy for these is a group of fiber optic cables. One cable is composed of many different strands running parallel to each other. Each strand is like an individual timeline. Some time lines are close together, but some vary a lot. You exist on a lot (all?) of them at one time. But as a spirit you are fractionated across them all. Generally, you are only aware of one at a time. (Deja vu may sometimes come from accessing some of the other time lines).

By doing the best you can and getting guidance from God and putting out determined thoughts to change the future for the better, you move your awareness to better and better realities. And perhaps you might even CREATE a whole new time line of your own, that wouldn't have existed without you. I am not saying I have all the answers.

We have moved ourselves to new time lines a number of times, especially when Michael changed the Quantum Matrix in our house and in ourselves to stop us getting abducted (which has now successfully worked for over two years now). When Michael does this he also includes a prayer to God to send us to better and better time lines. (See "The Mars Records, Book 2 from" . When we do this, we notice little changes in the world around us and that things get better and better. For more information on this, read and my article on "I end up at the same place twice".

Here's a few other example of how we exist on multiple time lines: A friend of mine called David was with another friend called James. Suddenly, James went deathly pale. David said it looked as thought James had died. They did a session with a clearing biofeedback meter and found that on another time line, James had in fact died at that moment. The emotion etc. was so bad that it leaked through to his present time line.

Another example: After publishing "The Mars Records, Book 2", Michael and I drove from Norfolk Virginia to Indianapolis. Instead of doing what we normally do, we did not go on the interstates, but took a much longer "short cut" through the mountains. It was quite deserted on the road. At one point, the road took a 90 degree turn to the left. Straight in front of the road before it turned to the left, was a major drop of several hundred feet. I was driving. Just before the road turned left, on the right hand side, was a notice about a state park. I started to read it quickly as one does for signs. But somehow, my attention got seriously locked onto that sign, so that I could not move my attention away. Somehow a the last possible moment I yanked my head away, just in time to turn the wheel to the left and keep us on the road. Muscle testing later indicated that some grey aliens had done something at that time to fuzz my mind. Moments later, Michael looked quite ill and pale. I felt pretty shaken up myself. We pulled over and muscle tested what happened. I got that we existed on about one million time lines at the same time, but in six of those, we did in fact go over the edge and Michael died in the crash, which was why he was looking so ill.

So, I don't know the truth about John Titor. I just ask people to think of more questions to ask themselves. Is he telling the whole truth?' Is he really from, say, 2009 and not 2036? Has he come to give false information so as to affect lots of different the futures and create lots of a negative ones? Is this the ultimate psy-op?

What kind of future do YOU want to create for yourself and your loved ones? What determined thoughts, prayers and actions are you doing to make it happen?


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