Does Chelation Remove Physical Implants?

Many people have asked me over the years if I knew of a way to remove physical, not just etheric, implants from aliens. Up until now, the answer has been no. However, it is possible that by accident I may have stumbled upon a way to remove physical implants.

A relation of ours had a heart attack. We had advised her for some time to do chelation to help her heart and circulation. Chelation removes heavy metals. Since calcium is a heavy metal and calcium is in plaque, people have used it for cases of blockages in the circulation.

But how many relatives take advice from their family? She didn't listen to us but continued to see her doctor. She ate better than most, drank only an occasional glass of wine, didn't smoke and exercised frequently. Her heart attack happened two weeks after she was declared 100% in perfect health, so the heart attack came as a big surprise to her and to my husband and me. She was in great pain, but somehow managed to drive herself to the hospital. (That's something that 'they' don't tell you about heart attacks - it hurts incredibly). The heart attack occurred at the hospital.

After stabilizing her she was given an examination. It was found that she had three blockages in her arteries. They wanted to put a stent in each one. This is a small funnel which helps to push the artery open. One of these stents was relatively easy to put in. But she was told that there was a high chance of her dying when they put the other two stents in. However, they did not offer her any other options. When we suggested to her doctor that she tried chelation the doctor said that "she didn't know that that was useful for arteriosclerosis". (That's the main thing it IS used for).

So, since death was not an option for her, and since the doctors had been wrong about the condition of her health, my mother-in-law finally decided to do the easy stent and then go home and take our advice and try chelation. YOu could tell that the doctors counted on seeing her back in an ambulance within a few weeks. She went to a doctor who does I.V. chelation and now nine months after seeing him for about 30 sessions of I.V. chelation, she is almost back to her old self - driving herself around to various line dances which she is able to take part in.

While we were researching ways to help my mother-in-law, we stumbled upon a new type of chelation which was chelation by suppository, called Detoxamin . Chelation is normally receiving Calcium EDTA by I.V. drip. Oral chelation tries to deliver Calcium EDTA but is not very effective at delivering the required quantities. Detoxamin delivers Calcium EDTA by suppository and is just as effective as I.V. chelation, but about 75% cheaper. (One I.V. chelation session is normally around US$100).

So, we started taking the suppositories ourselves and selling it on my website "Health, Wealth & Happiness"

Within a couple of days of taking the detoxamin, I had the most agonizing pain appear in one very small area (about 1/4" round) inside my wrist. It was so bad that it almost felt as though my wrist was broken. This pain disappeared after a few days. I wondered - since I had been abducted by reptilians - had they placed a physical implant there which had been removed by the chelation? I had read that wrists and ankles were common places for physical implants to be inserted.

An even stranger thing happened to my husband Michael Relfe, of "The Mars Records" ( Before I explain what happened to him, I need to back track a few years. At a conference we had seen Patti Conklin. (See She is a medical intuitive who is paid by doctors to fly around the world to help with difficult diagnoses. Since she was a teenager, she has been able to see clearly inside people's bodies at their organs and anything else that is in there. We had a private session with her. She told me that my adrenals were exhausted. She didn't know why. A few years later I learned that caffeine makes you think it gives you energy by driving (and exhausting) your adrenals. I had drunk a lot of caffeine up until that time (I not longer drink it in any form and have much more energy and no more monthly cramps as a result).

Patti looked at Michael and told him that he had some "data" in the area of his right hip. This apparently was an extremely unusual thing. We assumed that it had something to do with Michael's experiences on Mars.

Back to my original story: A few days after Michael took the Detoxamin he noticed that the right hip area of his jeans was quite damp. The damp area was about the size of a bread plate. He assumed that he had spilled something on them, although he didn't remember doing so. It was higher up than his groin so it had nothing to do with urination. This happened again. And again. It was not until the third time that he put two and two together and got four.

We muscle tested and it appeared that the Detoxamin was releasing something to do with the "Data" that Patti saw. The wet spot appeared about five times, each time after taking the Detoxamin. One time Michael left his jeans to dry and was surprised that it took two days for the damp area to dry up.

Again, we wondered - Since chelation removes heavy metals - can it remove physical implants from aliens and reptilians?

We don't have proof, but we feel they do.

There is certainly more to chelation than we are told. Another story may illustrate this: A lady I know can see auras. I never suggested to her that she take Detoxami, but she asked me for some of her own volition, because she saw another lady we know who had been taking Detoxamin for her blood pressure, and had a great improvement in her aura, which greatly surprised the lady who could see the improvement in the aura.

Most of the material on chelation focuses on old people who have circulation problems. There is not so much push to have younger people take it, even though we all have heavy metal in us from our "civilized" way of life. After all, aliens and reptilians want to abduct and implant YOUNG people - they are not too interested in people over 60 years old.

One added benefit of Chelation: We believe that because Chelation removes heavy metals, that it will remove the barium from chemtrails.

Further evidence that chelation is super good for you, and may remove implants, is that after we had been selling Detoxamin and Kelatox, two different chelation by suppository, which were helping a lot of people, and hurting no one, both companies and ourselves received letters from the FDA saying to stop selling them.


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You're Toxic

Fat is Not about Calories. 
It’s about Toxins.

Obesity is not a disease.
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