Anomalous Skull

What species is this on the left? Please take our poll. For comparison, I have posted a picture of a human skull on the right.

When deciding what species a skull belongs to, scientists take particular note of the number and structure of the teeth. Also observe the differences in the forehead and cheek bone.

Note the strange hole in the head.

Then go to the link at the bottom of this page to learn the source of this photo. It may surprise you.

Skull Species Pole
What species is this ?

Human - Normal
Human - Deformed
Human - Ancient
Human - Giant
Non-Human - Type Unknown
Haven't The Foggiest Idea

What species is this (above)? Model of human skull (above), available from

Once you have taken the poll, click here to learn the source of the picture of the skull at the top of this page. It will likely surprise you.


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