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Study: Counties with Higher Rainfall Have More Autism (Chemtrails?)

Weird or What? An unknown 35 Year old Engineer, Neel Kashkari, has been given control of the $700 Billion! He used to work at Area 51 and also on Stargates in Iraq. And is it just a coincidence that he looks like the mummy in the movie "The Mummy"?

Jesuits Sunk the Titanic To Create the Federal Reserve Bank.

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Radio Interview with
William Cooper

This radio interview includes crucial information on the present world situation. William Cooper is the author of the classic book "Behold a Pale Horse". He was ex-naval intelligence. He was shot by policemen on 11/5/01.

Daily Earth Changes Headlines

Paranoia Magazine I highly recommend subscribing to this!


The All-Seeing Eye. Symbol of the Egyptian god Horus, Symbol of the Illuminati, and Secret Brotherhoods behind the New World Order, is on your $1 bill. Now it is also on the logo of DARPA, the organisation which started the internet.

What Species is this (above)?

Please take our poll. The source of this picture may surprise you.

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Scientists Make Cyborgs from Insects If they are admitting this, just think what the real stuff they don't tell us about is!.