Hurricane Katrina Death Toll - A Satanic Sacrifice?

PLUS: Was Katrina a 200 mile wide tornado?

We are not being told the real story about Hurricane Katrina.

The first evidence of interference from the authorities was the delay in information from the National Hurricane Center. I regularly watch the National Hurricane Center at and the longest they ever take to update is 15 minutes. They normally update EVERY TIME at 7am, 11am, 7 pm and 11pm. (Why do they have two delays of EIGHT hours between 11 am and 7 pm and between 11pm and 7 am?).

The update for Katrina finally came through on Sunday at 1.30 pm - 2.5 hours OVERDUE - but was only dated 10am! Not the normal 11 am. Speed has gone from 160 to 175 mph! Why was the report 3 ½ hours late?

There was an update at 4pm.  Which was a good thing, since they don't normally do that. But again, from memory I think this was at least an hour late, but I can’t remember how late.  In this update the speed was meant to have slowed down to 165 mph, yet it was still off shore. Why did it slow down if it was still off shore? They normally pick up speed near the shore. Was this a lie? Was it really faster than this?

There was NO 7 pm update – just before it hit!!!

Then the next update finally came through at 11.30 pm – NOT 11.00 pm, but again it was even later than that as it was labeled 10 pm, not 11 pm. So again it was really 1.5 hours late. WHY???

The later updates were also late but I didn’t record what happened with them.

Was Katrina a 200 mile wide Tornado?

I posted some of the above information about the delay in information on Soon after, we received an email which was meant to be from someone who saw the reports from the Hurricane Hunters (the airplanes that fly directly into hurricanes to collect data). This person said that Hurricane Katrina was really a TORNADO - 200 MILES wide!!

Here is the post about the tornado.

This is a snip from an email from Louisiana. The writer does not live in MO. It was written at 11:58 am today. I really In his words, his area will get it in the stomach, while New Orleans gets it in the teeth. Fearsome

"The hunters just came in -- the speed of the eye-wall is so damned high that on the Fujita TORNADO Scale this is a giant, force THREE TORNADO!!! A damned 200-mile wide TORNADO!!!!!"


The original that we posted is at:

There is evidence that this may have been the truth:

1. The damage was so wide. Hurricanes normally are much more local.

2. The hurricane died out VERY quickly. Normally hurricanes continue way up the country, maintaining strength for quite a long way. We read reports that journalists were surprised at how quickly it disappeared. Tornados vanish quickly. Hurricanes don't.

3. After reading my post suggesting that Katrina was really a tornado, a reader emailed me and commented that "some of my relatives live in Diamondhead, Miss. which was pretty much totally decimated by Katrina. I find it strange though, that they owned several houses in a small area where there was only minimal damage to structures. This pattern of hit-and-miss behavior sounds more like a tornadic force to me".

This reminded me of a photo that I saw with this same behaviour - one house was PERFECT while all around the house was a pile of kindling from other houses, with nothing of them left. I seached on the net and this is what The Online Tornado FAQ page said:

"How can a tornado destroy one house and leave the next one almost unscratched? Most of the time, this happens either with multiple-vortex tornadoes or very small, intense single-vortex tornadoes. The winds in most of a multivortex tornado may only be strong enough to do minor damage to a particular house. But one of the smaller embedded subvortices, perhaps only a few dozen feet across, may strike the house next door with winds over 200 mph, causing complete destruction. Also, there can be great differences in construction from one building to the next, so that even in the same wind speed, one may be flattened while the other is barely nicked".

4. I also received this email:" I live in one of the affected parishes on the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain.  I commented just a few days ago in another email that Katrina was not like any other hurricane I've ever seen.  Specifically, I observed that there was little or no rain associated with it.  Most, most unusual, but perfectly consistent with a tornado". CF

If you think it's crazy to say that someone could deliberately create and / or steer a tornado, why then did the Senate introduce a "Weather Modification Act" in 2005? See

Also see "owning the weather" at

Hurricane Katrina Death Toll

/We were not told the truth about the death toll, which was eventually claimed to be only 1,500.

Here’s a post where they admitted there were a lot of bodies. At the same time that we were told that the death toll was only 100, the media said at

Things were so bad, Nagin said, that rescue boats are bypassing the dead. "We're not even dealing with dead bodies," Nagin said. "They're just pushing them on the side."

If you have seen the photos of how vast an area was flooded with water up to 20' deep, you will realise that if there were only 100 bodies, they would not be "pushing them to one side" as they rescued the living.

I believe you could probably add a zero to the final death toll of 1,500, and probably more, as was the case for Hurricanes Andrew and Charley.

Here's a post that is meant to be from someone who knows someone who saw what was really going on, which claims that the real death toll is in the thousands (tens of thousands?). And yet 24 hours after this post the media claimed that the death toll was only 200.

The original is posted at

Posted By: Ghost
Date: Wednesday, 31 August 2005, 12:35 p.m.

Astonishing Exclusive From Mississippi BREAKING NEWS

Paramedic Rescue Operation | 8-31-05

It is with heavy heart I write this... I have finally reconnected with my best friend who is a paramedic who was sent from Georgia 2 days ago to Gulf Port, Mississippi before the hurricane hit. He just reached me within the last 10 mins via emergency cell phone to tell me he was alive.

Thousands of bodies have been discovered throughout Mississippi in Gulf Port, Waveland, Hancock County, Bay of St.Louis.

They are hanging in trees and they are pulling them out 30 at a time.

Entire families found drowned in their homes and washing up on shore. The stories he could tell me were brief.

National Guard is on the scene and arresting anyone seen on the streets. The numbers are staggering and what I have been told tonight will shake people to their foundation as the numbers will be coming out in the next 24-hours of just how many people have actually perished in these and 3 other beach communities. More to follow....

None of this may make sense to people who do not realise that many high-ranking people in the government and in the military are Satanists. See this webpage for evidence:

Satanists have to make regular human sacrifices. And they enjoy it.

Even if they didn't do that on purpose, they DO have the capability of turning a natural disaster to an even bigger disaster by delaying news, giving false information and delaying rescue efforts.

Many have asked, why did FEMA take so long to rescue people? FIVE DAYS to get to New Orleans with water - and that just for the people in the main centers. At that time, people on roofs, in houses, and in other towns, were still waiting for help.

People die after THREE days with no water.

Why didn't Bush send in Navy ships to sit on the river, from where they could send out those big rafts they use to land dozens of marines - so they could rescue the 50,000+ people left for over five days (at time of writing) on rooftops without water to drink?


Why was there so much criminal activity instead of people pulling together in a crisis? The answer is:

Early reports from CNN and Fox indicated that the city had no plan for evacuating all of the prisoners in the city's jails--so they just let many of them loose. This is from an excellent article at

Katrina made landfall on August 29. On Aug 31 the incompetent (evil?) mayor ordered the police to STOP SEARCHING FOR SURVIVORS and concentrate on looters. Guess the insurance companies have more claims to help than saving lives. Here's the quote:

Looting spiraled so out of control that Mayor Ray Nagin ordered virtually the entire police force to abandon search-and-rescue efforts and focus on the brazen packs of thieves who have turned increasingly hostile which came from:

We should invite these big brave looters to visit Florida after a hurricane. The Florida National Guard when deployed after a hurricane will shoot looters on sight. Period. No questions are asked. Therefore looting is very rare in Florida after a hurricane.

Bush now declares that he will "rebuild New Orleans". New Orleans is a city that is built inside of a bowl, below sea level in a hurricane area on the ocean. Pumps are needed to keep it dry - the water does not drain out by itself as it normally does. This city should not be rebuilt. If people really love it's history enough, they could disassemble the historic building brick by brick just as they did to London Bridge and relocate it.

There are huge areas of America that are empty, especially close by in Texas. The people should be relocated throughout America in hotels, given enough money to find new jobs. The skyscrapers should be pulled and the area turned into a national park, to prevent people being tempted from living here again - to be fodder for the next satanic sacrifice.

Was New Orleans destroyed to get at a large pool of OIL?

The author, Skolnick, is a very credible source. He has put numerous judges behind bars.

Police block escape over bridge

US Army Corps Engineer confirms: Explosives blew the levee!

The Great New Orleans Land Grab

In 2001, FEMA warned that a hurricane striking New Orleans was one of the three most likely disasters in the U.S. But the Bush administration cut New Orleans flood control funding by 44 percent to pay for the Iraq war.


For more information on Hurricane Katrina visit the Rumor Mill News Reading Room at


You cannot depend on anyone or any organisation to save you from a disaster.

You must prepare.

You must sacrifice NOW.

It is clear that not everyone is as nice as you. How will you protect yourself?

You must stop spending your money on junk and spend your money on things that directly contribute to life support and your future.


Hurricane Katrina - Judgement from God?



Further information on weather manipulation:

Weather Modification Act" in 2005:

Atmospheric Control

Weather Control


India Daily - Artificial Weather

Texas License for Weather Modification



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