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Dear Stephanie 

Just writing to tell you about something exciting that recently happened with my friend Mary (names changed to protect identity) and I.  A couple weeks ago on a Sunday Mary and I and a couple other ladies all met to do an inner healing session on Mary.  One of the other ladies, Sue, was teaching us a method of forgiveness prayer she had been using very successfully for a couple years. 
The session ended up going for a couple hours and seemed to be a great break through for my friend Mary in reference to a very early trauma that occurred while in her mother's womb.  In particular strong emotions of "worthlessness" and "no purpose" surfaced and were healed in a very meaningful way for Mary.  She felt much relief after it was over.  All the rest of us felt very much it was a time of healing led by the Holy Spirit. 
That night Mary did not sleep well and she woke up with a bad case of fibromyalgia and low back pain.  It was rare for her to have a flare up like this in symptoms she has been recovering from for several years.  We set up time for Mary and I to get together for kinesiology the next day, which would be Tuesday morning. 
The next day Mary woke up with the same symptoms continuing.  We were surprised by this because of the inner healing breakthrough that seemed to have occurred on Sunday and Mary continued to feel relief in her mind and emotions from that session.  However, she had these physical symptoms of fibro and back pain that were a real problem and interfered with her ability to work. 
We started the kinesiology and worked through the pretests without incident.  Anterior deltoid was out and corrected.  She was not blocked and her central meridian was working fine.  Then we went to the three centering tests.  Hyoid was fine but gaits were out.  This was the 3rd time in a row that gaits were out when we have done kinesiology on her. 
So we set about doing finger tests to find the cause of gaits being out after locking it in circuit.  As soon as I started finger testing for cause, the results became inconsistent and I checked her for blocking and she was blocked.  This has happened many times with her when we try to find causes.  Results become inconsistent and she gets blocked.  Her anterior deltoid starts feeling like steel.  In the past we could eventually get her unblocked with the blocking correction or ESR but usually when we go back to finger testing she gets blocked again.  We feel certain it is interference when this happens because everything goes fine till we start trying to find causes.
This time we decided to just go into warfare deliverance prayers because before we even started the session we knew that no deliverance prayers had been said at the Sunday inner healing forgiveness session.  Sue does not know much about deliverance and warfare prayers.  Before Mary and I had started the kinesiology I explained I felt some significant inner healing had taken place on soul wounds during the Sunday session and that would have removed legal rights for some demons.  But without deliverance prayers directed specifically at those demons, they might have stayed on even after the inner healing of wounds they had been attached to or that gave them rights. 
So when we got interference and could not use kinesiology to discern the cause, we just went into deliverance and healing prayers.  I prayed for several minutes commanding healing in the name of Jesus/Yahushua for all of her bodies: physical, etheric, astral, energy, chakras, in all time lines and dimensions.  We shined glory light of Jesus (Katie Souza teaching) on all her bodies.  Then I moved into casting out demons/evil spirits in the name of Jesus/Yahushua and calling them by name.  I was just trying to cover all bases and had named many without getting any reactions from her up to this point.  Then I cast out "demons or evil spirits of worthlessness and no purpose" and as soon as I said those words, Mary started coughing violently and kept coughing at least 5 minutes.  Mary and I knew this was deliverance and demons were coming out and I continued naming everything that came to mind. 
After about 15 mins. she was done coughing and I had finished the prayers.  Then Mary got up from the table and was very surprised to find she had NO BACK PAIN AND NO FIBROMYALGIA.  All her symptoms were completely gone!  Also we decided to check her gaits and they were no longer out!  I had not done a correction on the gaits.  So everything got fixed when we got those demons related directly to the inner healing she had received 2 days earlier out of her body in the name of Jesus.  Mary was extremely surprised by this, to find that symptoms that had been plaguing her for years could be directly caused by demons attached to some wounds in her soul from trauma that occurred in the womb.  Also, to top it all off, we met again to do kinesiology on the next Sun. which was 5 days after the deliverance/kinesiology session getting the demons out.  There has been NO return of the symptoms and Mary's gaits were still in balance on Sunday.  So the deliverance and healing have held and Mary is a very happy lady!

In addition, this is the 5 year anniversary of an auto accident that started the fibromyalgia symptoms for Mary.  In all previous years on the anniversary she gets hit with more severe symptoms of the fibromyalgia and other pains.  This year she is sailing through the anniversary with no symptoms and with stronger health than she has had in years.  Again it is confirmed that getting those demons out has helped her health tremendously.  The kinesiology is a powerful tool we continue to use to bring health and discernment of causes in our lives.  (Whenever Mary uses kinesiology to find causes on me, it works great.)  Warfare prayers and deliverance prayers also continue to be powerful tools we are using all the time now.  Using all these things together has brought us so much deliverance and healing.  We started with your kinesiology DVDs about 1 year ago and we are both so grateful for all we have learned from you and Michael and for all the healing and deliverance it has brought into our lives. 
Thank you so much,
M. H. Arizona

Dear Stephanie,

This is just a brief update to let you know how things are going since I bought the DVD course from you a couple months ago.  One friend and I have been going through the disks together since I got them and have been practicing on each other, as well as other people.  I have a couple other friends who are just starting to go through the DVD course with me as well.  I will speak only for myself here, I have chronic, long lasting health problems that did not respond to all the other natural therapies I have used. However, I have improved a lot by working with your training.

Chronic fatigue and digestive discomfort have been the most recalcitrant problems for me.  By about the 3rd week into this, when my friend and I got to where we were doing the 14 muscle balance and centering corrections on each other, both of us noticed significant improvements in our problems.  The best part is these improvements seem to be lasting.  We keep working on each other every week, as well as other people, such as family, friends and clients.

I greatly appreciate the jump in my health and energy levels and I know others I have worked on feel the same way.  After my friend and I started the weekly routine of working through all these balances on each other we found that testing each other got easier and easier.  Our muscles are easier to read it seems and we can make fast progress through the corrections and helping each other.  This is true for other friends I have worked on a number of times now as well.  The more times you work on someone, the easier it gets to read their muscle responses.

As a result of this weekly testing performed on myself, I have also begun to realize how much emotions affect my health.  This is holding true for other friends as well.  Some emotional thing that seems insignificant may cause us to become blocked or disrupt our central meridian.  We find if this has happened right away with the pretests and then we need to correct the problem before we can go further.  Using the techniques you teach to track down causes has helped us to identify the things that are causing us problems and hurting our bodies in ways we did not realize.

Keeping our bodies in balance with kinesiology and clearing our emotional stresses at least weekly is truly blessing our lives.  I am very grateful to God, you, Michael and the rest of the team for putting this DVD course together.  My friends feel the same way.  I've even used the Wernicke's corrections a number of times and had it done on myself and those of us using it feel that is a powerful technique just as you say.

Please let me speak additionally for myself here.  I have found these kinesiology techniques and the spiritual warfare techniques you have on your other sites to be powerful tools for deliverance and healing in our lives.  I have run into and done corrections for, or had corrections performed on me for, booby traps, metaphysical circuitry and implants.  I believe there is an unseen battle all around us and these techniques you have learned and shared by God's grace have given me something to fight back with.  For this, I am truly grateful to Father God and to you for your help and support in this battle.

I told you the story of how God sent me exactly the funds needed to purchase the course soon after I asked Him to do so if this was His will.  A person I barely know sent me $500 saying it is from God who told her to send it.  I have no doubt this was Father God's will for me to bring deliverance in my life and the lives around me.  There has never been one moment of regret since I purchased the course and each day confirms for me this is from Him.  It is a battle, but it is so worth it to be walking in His will and to have victory from Him in the Name of Jesus Christ (Yahushua) His Son.

I will keep you posted about this continuing adventure I started upon purchasing your course.  I expect and believe it will continue to bear good fruit in my life and those around me.

God Bless,

M. H. Arizona

(A few weeks later from the same person as above):

Since the 14 muscle balance and the prayers last night, I have been restored to the health I had before this started. I still have a ways to go for full recovery of health, but this was quite a victory for the kinesiology to pull me out of that condition so quickly and effectively. I think it indicates my immune system is starting to come back on line too. I'm very impressed. The 14 muscle balance and your warfare prayers and ours also pulled my friend J out of a sinus infection situation without antibiotics, which impressed her quite a bit too. My friend M made me promise to start our next session with extensive warfare prayers of yours; she really likes those prayers and sees the power of God behind them. She is sleeping and feeling better than she has in a long time.

My friends and I are becoming more and more impressed with these tools, Stephanie, all Praise to Father YHWH and thank you for sharing!

God Bless,
M. H. Arizona


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