The Microchip and Mark of the Beast:

A Stronger reason to Prepare than Earth Changes


Around 1993 my husband Michael was at a show. During the show, a man in his mid 20s started talking with Michael and told him the following story.

It seems this man, lets call him Dave, was a member of the military. Dave was shopping at the Military PX (their general store) and he was checking out. It was right before closing because everyone was trying to get out of the store quickly and was hurried. A man in front, let's call him Jim, checked out all of his items, about two grocery bags full. Without thinking about it, after checking the last item Jim ran his hand over the scanner - AND IT REGISTERED!!!!! It came up on the screen. The screen treated his hand as a debit card!!!

Jim realised he had messed up. He was supposed to be in another check-out line where people were not meant to see what happened.

The cashier was very flustered. She made Jim back out the transaction and made him pay the normal way.

Dave then checked out also, and outside asked Jim some questions. Jim told Dave that it was a government program. He and about two hundred other people volunteered to accept a chip implant in their hand for payment purposes. He was paid $20,000-$30,000 (can't remember which) for this!!! It worked only at the Military PX.

So, you can see, 'they' are already getting systems in place for the cashless society they dream of.

Above: If this is the size they will admit to - how small do they really get?

I hate to say this, because it's almost like setting a written goal - which helps it to come true. But when you look at how society is going, I see no alternative - it looks like the implantable microchip is coming. It will be part of the cashless society. This is probably the "Mark of the Beast" as mentioned in Revelations. It could be here much sooner than you think. After all, they are selling some versions now to put in pets and children.

I believe that the big trouble with the ultimate chip is that there will be a catch.


And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads. And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Revelation 13:16-17

Remember that the Illuminati, who are behind this, are all about spiritual control. They want control for their boss who they say is Lucifer.

I believe that their goal is to give us an implanted microchip which will SUPPRESS THOUGHT PROCESSES, INTUITION and PSYCHIC ABILITIES. It will cut off free-will and communication to God until it is removed. People with this chip will become part of the hive-mind.

Because this is the intent of the people behind this, they will not make this compulsory. They want you to VOLUNTARILY give away your spiritual freedom. That way it has more power over you. But, to encourage you to accept it, they will probably make it attractive to accept, and impossible to operate in society without it.

In 1999 a website appeared which claimed to offer $250 to anyone who would accept a microchip in their hand.

Amazingly, many, many people applied! Later, the webmaster admitted it was a spoof.

But was it? It is possible that this guy was paid or hypnotised to create this site, so that the secret government could see what kind of reaction it got.

Remember that the Illuminati, through the Federal Reserve, own the printing presses. It could be on their planning table to organise an economic collapse - and then offer thousands of dollars to anyone who will take the implantable microchip.

And to top it off, proclaim that cash is then useless, that all transactions require the chip.

If (when?) they do, will you have the power to resist?

Read "American Banks are Bankrupt"



These pictures are from:

The Euro does something similar (see above link). When we saw the above pictures we had two thoughts:

1) The government has the ability to know how many $20 bills you have.

2) My husband Michael has a background as an electronic technician. He commented that he has never seen any solid state device explode into flames as the bills did.

He then had a realisation that the explosion and defacement of the bill was not a byproduct of a disintegrating microchip. It is in fact, a primary reason for it. That is, when/if they bring in a cashless society, they have the power to destroy all cash. Thereby eliminating any underground economies.

3) If they can explode a chip in a dollar bill, then they can explode a chip IN YOU - AND KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!

4) Presumably the cell towers will be intended means to sending out these signals.


What will give you the power to refuse the chip is knowing you can survive without money. You will have to drop out of society and become totally reliant on yourself to provide life-support. All you need for survival is shelter, food, water, clothing and some energy for cooking and heating. You will be able to barter with others who do the same. Begin now to prepare as though you were preparing for earth changes, and when this time happens, even if it is 50 years in the future, you and your children will be able to say "no" to the chip.



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