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WARNING: Some CDs may cause serious Health Problems and Mind Control

We believe we may have discovered a nasty method of attacking people which may be in use. We believe that this is done using advanced technology.

This happened in 1999. I have only just now felt that it is safe to release this information.

Late in 1999 a friend of mine went to a job fair which is held throughout the USA by one of the top recruiters. The fair was given for advanced people in the I.T. industry. Every person who went to the fair was given a free CD for writing a resume.

That night my friend was extra tired. He also found it hard to think, as though there was something around his head. He therefore asked me for a kinesiology balance, as I am a kinesiologist trained in various methods including Specialised Kinesiology. (For information visit www.kinesiologist.us and www.tfha.org).

I was very surprised to find that my friend's cloacals were out. The most important electrical system to have in place is the Cloacal System. This is one of the most unknown and under-rated electrical systems in the body. The Cloacal System controls and regulates most if not all of the major fluctuating qualities and quantities in the body. When your Cloacals are not working you are like a 'leaf in the wind' and will be much more affected by different stresses.

The Cloacals seem to work by acting as a reference point for the Autonomic Nervous System, which has the main job of maintaining stability within your body. Therefore, with the Cloacals 'blown' , as we say, a person will be continually out of balance and the body will not be able to completely heal itself.

In addition, the person may be operating on, say 30% to 70%, of their normal body energy level.

If the Cloacals are not working properly, a few of the things that will be affected are body energy levels, bladder, bowels, reproductive organs, pregnancy, sexuality, hormone levels, body fat, metabolism, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, body temperature, speed of healing, immune efficiency, brain chemistry, learning abilities, coordination, emotional stability and allergic responses.

My friend has had his cloacals out only once in the 3 years since I have known him. It takes a MAJOR stress to knock the cloacals out. I have found from muscle testing that the cloacals can be knocked out by a car crash, birth, having a baby, an operation, vaccination, eating a lot of microwaved food, sleeping with an electric blanket, divorce, a death in the family. You get the idea.

Using muscle testing I asked my friend's body what was the cause of the cloacals being knocked out. Was it electrical? Emotional? Chemical or Nutritional? Or structural? The answer came up chemical or nutritional. This was very unusual as his diet is very good and there are not too many things that people eat that knock out the cloacals. Continuing to narrow it down, the body told us that it was caused by something that he touched, at the job fair he went to.

Finally we narrowed it down to the CD he had been given. To test if something weakens the body that is not eaten, you place it on the navel and then muscle test the arm. Sure enough, when I placed the CD (still in its packet) on my friend's navel, his arm tested weak.

I then balanced him with kinesiology, and balanced him up around the CD and he immediately regained his energy and his head cleared up.

I started getting a clearer idea of what was causing this. The strange thing was that it came up as "chemical" - not "electrical". I got that somehow there is some kind energy put in the CD that is associated with a very nasty chemical or drug.

Using muscle testing I got that the range of this energy was 26 feet. I could not find a substance that could contain it so that the influence did not go outside the container it was in.

We did not test me at the time (which was not very smart of us). But next day when I came home I felt quite dizzy. I visited my friend who did the same for me that I had done for him - and, yes, my cloacals were out as well. Again, the cause came up as this CD.

I have to trust in the validity of my muscle tests. For a start, by using them I have helped many people to heal health problems that they have had for years.

Many times the body has told me something through muscle testing which did not appear to make sense at the time. However, further information from the person I was testing validated the answers I was getting. For example, I once narrowed the cause of a person's health problems down to something chemical. I then narrowed the location of this chemical down to the front hall of her house. It then appeared that the cause of the problem was cat fur/dander.

The problem was - why wasn't the cat fur/dander in all rooms of the house? The answer then came to us. My client asked me to ask the body "which cat?" I did. Apparently she knew two cats. The answer that came up was the other cat - and this cat is a cat that only comes into her house as far as the hall!!!

Another time a man's body told me that his body didn't like something that he was doing (this is called 'structural' cause). He couldn't think of what it might be. Finally I got a picture of him cracking his knuckles. I asked him if he ever cracked his knuckles. The answer - all the time! And that was the answer the body was after.

One more story. A woman was suffering from bleeding bowels. The body told me it was something structural. That is, again it was something she was doing. This time I couldn't think what it might be. It was only later when talking with her flat mate that I learned that she regularly eats a whole chicken, bones and all. No wonder she was bleeding from the bowels!

My CD story gets worse. My friend touched the CD again a day later. Again, he went way off balance and felt terrible. This time it wasn't his cloacals that went out. But it was similar - his Hyoid was out of balance. Cloacals is part of a group of corrections called centering. The other centering corrections are called Hyoid and Gaits. Having the Hyoid or Gaits out of balance produces much the same effect as having the cloacals out of balance.

This time I tested to see if there was an emotional component as well. There was. There was a command in the right wernicke's area of the brain which said "You can't think". This would explain the tight feeling he had around the head.

In addition, it caused a problem called "cross patterning". This comes from a branch of kinesiology called One Brain. Basically it means the right and left brain have problems talking to the opposite sides of the body. Walking becomes stressful - the body would prefer to walk left arm/left leg forward, rather than left arm/right leg forward.

Two things concern me about this CD:

1. The extent of the power that it appears to have.
2. It appears that someone is able to put COMMANDS into it, to affect people.

I had this CD in our house for a week and a half and its negative effects started to tell upon us greatly, even though it was stored out in the garage.

We decided to bury it for later retrieval, after we decided what to do with it. We covered it in aluminium foil and put it in a plastic tupperware box which was sealed with super glue.

It was buried for a number of weeks, when we decided to mail it to a scientist we knew of who was involved in advanced technology, and was definitely working for the 'good guys.

After digging it up, and before mailing it, I muscle tested to find out if it still had the same strength as last time. I got that it had 89-90% of its original strength. It did not affect us like last time because we prepared carefully beforehand, praying for protection etc. Also, this time neither of us touched it, as we left it in the sealed box that it had been buried in.

When we talked on the phone with the scientist, he confirmed that this was, in fact, much more than "just" a CD:

1. It had an electro coating, with some type of silver alloy.

2. It had a diffraction grating which provided interference with visible light patterns.

3. It had encoded patterns.

He told us that it had been noticed that there was a change in the construction of CDs 5 years ago (Since this was 1999 I guess that was around 1994). My notes from this phone conversation mention a "vacuum deposition" (sorry - I don't know what this means).

He said that this meant that the CD became an antenna. This meant that in combination with a computer, the CD could intrude on a person, particularly an unaware person (which is most people).

He said what we had already decided, that the distributor of the CD likely did not know about this.

He talked about how sound can be more powerful than electromagnetic energy. For example, the sound of Pan Pipes or the Australian Didgeridoo can break the matrix from things such as this CD.

He believed that protecting oneself with white light was not such a good idea as information can be place into it. It is better to use purple or deep blue light.

We also tested another CD which came free in the mail from a major internet company. It also had similar programming.

We later went into a music store to see if any CDs there had similar programming. We did not find any. However, when we visited a friend we found similar programming in a couple of computer game CDs that her child owned.

If you wish to research this further, I cannot more highly recommend the publications put out by Leading Edge Research group. Read the book Matrix III and subscribe to and get all the back issues you can of the Leading Edge Journal at www.trufax.org

If you wish to protect yourself against these kind of things, knowledge is power. And the quickest way to get good information is to learn accurate muscle testing. You can learn this by doing a Touch for Health 1 weekend. See www.tfha.org for details.



Date: Jan 12 2002

UPDATE to the removal of poison cds and the effect on my mother: She's still a nice person. Her usual snippy fits she throws when she gets irritated last about 5 minutes instead of 5 hours (or days). She's an enjoyable individual who now accepts hugs without a sarcastic remark, (like "What do you want NOW?")

I love my mother. But over the last year or so, she been getting progressively uglier in attitude for longer periods of time. It's been extremely TENSE around this house. Anything I said about anything was automatically either taken offense to or disregarded as bull hockey, just because I said it. Anything my daughter did in the act of a child in the 'tweener years' was met with disgust, anger, hostility, you name it. It was getting so bad my daughter was happy to go to school, got depressed on Friday and couldn't wait for Monday to come.

Since removing all those AOL cds on the 3rd of this month (Jan 2002), it's like having a totally different person in the house. Andthere's no tension. It's almost like the first spring breeze blowing through the house. She's even gone so far as to talk about chemtrails to a friend of hers and POINT THEM OUT!! I don't know if I can stand joy of it all. This just ain't natural. Thank the Grids/Guides/Spirits, GOD if I have to!

My point in this long dissertation... the "Poison CD?" article is NOT, I repeat, NOT a HOAX. My mother is living proof.

Ronnie Townsend
Davenport, Iowa



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