Metatech Clearing

with bishop  Stephanie Relfe

The Renoir of Spiritual Rescue



Especially for people who Have metaphysical abilities and an important Life Goal to help earth and its people, that they are not currently fulfilling.

Because there is only one Stephanie Relfe, and there are hundreds of millions who need this work, we must devote most of our time to leveraging ourselves in order to help those millions. We are therefore currently taking on only a few very select clients.

Do you have issues or problems that no one else on the planet has been able to heal or give you the answers to? 

Let Stephanie Relfe, Bishop with the rex deus church, work with you so that you can solve those problems.

We specialize in working with gifted people to solve rare, unusual and paranormal problems, or problems that have paranormal causes, of all aspects of life.

Confidence and discretion is strictly guaranteed. We will not ever mention that you ever made contact with us to anyone. Nor will we keep your details on any database or contact manager. In addition, please submit any Non-Disclosure Agreement you wish us to sign.

Metatech Clearing includes at the very least:

  • One-on-one Metatech Clearing sessions with Stephanie Relfe and a biofeed-back meter, similar to those in The Mars Records.

  • Metatech Kinesiology balancing.

  • Removing Wernicke’s commands, which are sub-conscious negative commands stored in the brain. These commands may been entered there either intentionally by others, or unintentionally by yourself. Wernicke’s commands can include booby traps. There can be many hidden things and we have found that it works best to have two people help in identifying what is going on so that it can be dealt with.

  • Muscle testing to locate the cause of specific issues. This can include emotional, spiritual, paranormal, nutritional, chemical, physical and electrical causes, from the present or the past.

  • Unique Spiritual warfare for problems related to black magick, spiritual attack, alien abduction etc.

  • Change the Quantum Matrix and teach you how you to do it, to prevent further abductions; plus consulting on what else is required to do this.

Clearing is not hypnosis.

Hypnosis is when the conscious mind is completely shut down. The object of clearing is to improve the capabilities of the conscious mind. Several pieces of evidence that prove that clearing is not hypnosis include:

  1. During hypnosis, people have no idea of time going by. A client can be painfully aware of how long a session is taking. It takes work and determination to dig into your own ‘stuff’.

  2. During hypnosis, a person can view anything, anytime. During clearing, a person can only view what he is strong enough to view at that time. Different layers of the onion must be removed first before different incidences can be viewed easily and safely.

  3. Most importantly! During hypnosis, any commands given to the person will be enacted upon later on, even if they go against the person’s morals and ethics. This does not happen during clearing. For example, if I told a client “When I pull on my right ear, you will run around the room pretending to be a chicken” they would say “What are you talking about?” but if they were hypnotized they would do it. For more information, read the excellent book “Secret, Don’t tell: The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism“, which has records from court proceedings.

Investment: US$200,000 (two hundred thousand dollars) for 28 (twenty-eight) days, with two days break in the middle of each seven days. Minimum four hours a day; we will do whatever it takes to have you achieve your goals. Full money back guarantee (less $30,000 for expenses) if you are not fully satisfied. If you are looking for a miracle, this could be it.

These funds will go towards expanding the work of the rex deus church, to help the millions of people on earth who we cannot help directly, and to help remove evil from earth for your great grand children and other future generations. By joining this program, you become a Patron or Patroness of the rex deus church and your grant to the church is tax deducible.


  • A personal belief in, and connection with, God the Creator.
  • You are not currently involved with the occult.
  • You are not doing any illegal or unethical activities. Do not be deceptive. The meter will detect these and sessions cannot work with them.
  • You are not in the middle of some other therapy. In particular, you are not currently seeing a doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist.
  • You have never been a patient in a mental hospital. You are not seeing or under the treatment, influence or control of a member of the mental health profession. You have not seen or been a member of the mental health profession at any time during the past five years.
  • You do not need to take any drugs, other than antibiotics, during the time of the sessions or the preceding week. You do not take recreational drugs. You agree to not take any alcohol during the time of the sessions or 24 hours preceding them.
  • You have never signed any type of security agreement with any government. You understand that Stephanie Relfe is not seeking classified information of any kind and that there is nothing that you can say during your sessions that would threaten national security or violate any Homeland Security laws, statutes or rules of the United States of America or your home country. We sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect your privacy.

Before being accepted for this program, after all non-disclosure forms are signed, you will be required to complete the following forms:

Personal Evaluation Form 

Terms of Use Form

Disclosure, Disclaimer, Consent Form

Personal Data Form

Rules Form 

Please read the Mind Control Commands and How You Can Remove Them report

Please pray about whether this is something that you are meant to do.

Please do not do this program if it will damage or negatively affect your family situation. This program is only for individuals who can easily fit it in their budget.

Bishops Michael & Stephanie Relfe

(1) (386) 586 6364

(1) (386) 585 9921 (voicemail)

250 Palm Coast Pkwy NE 

Suite 607 – 331

Palm Coast, FL 32137


For correspondence please use our contact form.

Copyright ©: Stephanie Relfe 2014 – 3000

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Please download the free booklet on Removing Alien and Military Mind Control Commands. This is a direct download without signing up for anything. Only then will you understand why this information will never be discussed on any UFO or Conspiracy site and will never be touched by broadcasters like Alex Jones, Jeff Rense or George Noory.

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