Alien Abduction is Cause of

Many Miscarriages –

Aliens & Reptilians Steal Babies

By Stephanie Relfe B.Sc. (Sydney)

On Friday 13th July 2001 I was two months pregnant with what we hoped would be our first child. I had turned 42 around that time. My husband Michael and I had been happily married for four years. I spent all of that day in our apartment near Norfolk, Virginia, while Michael was at work.

I felt wonderful all day until 3.30 – 4.30 pm when I suddenly felt very tired, terrible and wiped out. I felt so bad that I decided to take a nap. I was asleep when Michael came home at 6.00 pm. By this time I was still feeling really bad and even nauseous. This was very unusual as I am very healthy.

We quarreled, which again was very unusual. Finally, I overcame my negative feelings enough to ask Michael for a kinesiology balance to find out what why we were quarrelling, and why I felt so bad. (Kinesiology makes use of “muscle testing”. Accurate muscle testing can identify a lot things for you. For more information read my article “Kinesiology for People with Metaphysical Abilities & Abductees“).

Michael gave me the kinesiology balance. My ‘cloacals’ were out of balance. The cloacal system is an energy system known by hardly anyone except a few people who have learned this correction from Applied Kinesiology. The Cloacal System controls and regulates most if not all of the major fluctuating qualities and quantities in the body. When your Cloacals are not working you are like a ‘leaf in the wind’ and will be much more affected by different stresses.

The Cloacals seem to work by acting as a reference point for the Autonomic Nervous System, which has the main job of maintaining stability within your body. Therefore, with the Cloacals ‘blown’ , as we say, a person will be continually out of balance and the body will not be able to completely heal itself. In addition, they may be operating on, say 30% to 70%, of normal body energy levels. In this case, there is little energy available for any needed healing.

If the Cloacals are not working properly, a few of the things that will be affected are; body energy levels, bladder, bowels, reproductive organs, pregnancy, sexuality, hormone levels, body fat, metabolism, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, body temperature, speed of healing, immune efficiency, brain chemistry, learning abilities, coordination, emotional stability and allergic responses!

It takes a very large stress to knock the cloacals out of balance, for example a car crash, divorce, death in the family, being born, having a child, being vaccinated or — being abducted.

Michael muscle tested me to find out why my cloacals were out of balance. Through a long process of questions and answers, my body indicated that I had been abducted. On asking the body whether the abducters were humans, aliens, reptilians or something else, the body indicated that they were reptilians. . (Note: It has been found by muscle testing that our bodies don’t classify reptilians as “aliens”. Presumably this is because they have been on this planet long enough to count as natives).

From personal experience and also from doing kinesiology on a number of people, I believe that anyone who has been subjected to abduction or mind control will have programs put in their brain called “Wernicke’s Commands”.

A “Wernicke’s command” is a sabotaging command stored in the right wernicke’s area of the brain. Most of us have a lot of these. They got stored there whenever someone whom we held as someone in authority, such as a parent or doctor, said something to us. These commands are worded from a “you” point of view. For example, if a person has a belief that “I’m not good enough” the command is likely stored in their brain as “You are not good enough”, which is what the person said to them.

Wernicke’s commands are bad enough for messing up one’s life, but when they are put in a person’s mind INTENTIONALLY by mind controllers, using force, they cause even more problems. More details on the wernicke’s commands given here. I teach how to find and remove these commands in my training DVD series Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing. Many of the wernicke’s commands which are given to stop people remembering abductions are also detailed throughout the free ebooks at The Mars Records.

I presented the “Wernicke’s Commands” at the July 2002 annual conference for the Touch for Health Kinesiology Association of USA ( They loved the correction when I taught it to them! Then I finished up with ten minutes explaining that healers should keep an eye out for victims of alien abduction, reptilian abduction, military abduction and mind control.

I also explained that if they suspected that a client had been affected by these things, to first check for “booby traps“. These are wernicke’s commands to (1) die if the person remembers (eg “Have heart failure if you remember this”) and/or (2) kill the healer who helps them to remembe (eg “Kill the person who helps you to remember this”.

Around 2000 a healer in Melbourne Australia was killed by one of her clients. I believe that she probably unknowingly uncovered the client’s programming, without first removing booby traps to make the person kill whoever helped them to remember.

At the end of my ten minute dissertation on aliens etc., most people were frozen in their seats. However, a number of people afterwards expressed their appreciation of the new information. Since that time, I have learned that at least one kinesiologist found on returning home that all kinds of new clients turned up to see her – and they were all abductees who needed this correction! One man had leukemia. Just removing the wernicke’s commands (such as “Have lung failure if your remember) his pulmonary capacity doubled within a day! (as confirmed by his doctor).

Muscle testing on the day that I had been taken by reptilians indicated that I had been given twelve wernicke’s commands. This felt correct to me.

Before we could remove the wernicke’s commands, a drug was balanced out with kinesiology.

The twelve wernicke’s commands that were removed were:

1. “Don’t remember this.”
2. “You are ours.”
3. “Forget this.”
4. “This didn’t happen.”
5.” You belong to us.”
6. “Nothing happened today.”
7. “We weren’t here.”
8. “Today was great.”
9. “Stop fighting us.”
10. “We’re invincible.”
11. “You will lose.”
12. “You don’t want to do this anymore.”

Further evidence that I had been abducted was a very strange, very dark purple bruise that I had on my inner right thigh. It was in the shape of three fairly distinct solid diamonds joined to each other in a line. The whole bruise was about one inch long and ¼” inch high. I had done nothing at all to create such a weird looking bruise. I had done no exercise and had hardly been out of the house for days. I do not bruise easily.


Michael also balanced out the effect of a machine which looked inside my body.

We both ‘got’ that the reptilians had used some kind of technology that was not on Michael’s usual prayer list which had been protecting us for many months from the monthly military abductions which Michael had been undergoing. (See ‘The Mars Records’). We ‘got’ that the reptilians’ technology in this case created a wormhole leading to an artificially created reality.

I suggested that in future Michael add “protect against all negative energy physical, metaphysical and spiritual”, in addition to the specifics that he prayed for, for protection.

After I was balanced my energy and sense of wellbeing started to return.

It may not have been an accident that they decided to do the abduction on Friday the 13th.

I was hoping that the reptilians had not taken our baby, which should have been two months old at this at that stage. I had had an exceptionally vivid dream weeks earlier that I was carrying a baby girl. I had never had a dream like it in my life. On the strength of that dream we named the baby Susan. I wasn’t able to fully face the truth after realizing that I had been abducted – that Susan was gone. But the next day (Saturday) I was spotting blood, and two days later (Sunday) I was bleeding copiously.

On one night – I guess it was Sunday – I was in agony. It is so easy to say “Had a miscarriage”. I had never heard that they could be so difficult! Perhaps ‘normal’ miscarriages do not affect the woman greatly. I was up for hours on the toilet, in total agony. Only prayers helped to finally put an end to it all, and finally get the placenta out.

The baby was gone.

For those who think that this was just a miscarriage, I would like to point out to them that we knew that I had been abducted before we knew that the pregnancy was no longer there.

A few days later, Michael helped me to do a Clearing session with a biofeedback meter to verify the truth of what had happened. That session may not have been as accurate as possible, since Michael was not trained in the use of the biofeedback meter. I basically did a solo session, with Michael supporting me by holding the space, acknowledging me and watching the meter.

During the session I came to remember what happened. As soon as I started the meter indicated that there was something highly stressful to my body. Once Michael commanded me to tell him what happened, the pictures of the abduction came to my mind. In addition, the various reads on the meter indicated that all that I remembered was true. I was in the living room when I was transported through the roof of the apartment, by being transported through a wormhole into another dimension. I was put on a cold metal table. There were four reptilians. They had a big jar for the baby. They attached some kind of machine to my leg, where the bruise was. Through this machine they teleported Susan straight out of my body into the jar.

There were two other incidences after this when I was abducted, after which I was totally wiped out for hours. I could hardly move, I was so de-energised. We ‘got’ that I had been abducted again because they needed me to give my life force to Susan to keep her alive.

There were numerous times after the first abduction when I would cry a lot over the incident. I finally realized that not all the grief was coming from me – most of it was coming from Susan, who was totally distraught at being stolen from her mother.

Since this time I have wondered how many ‘miscarriages’ are really abductions. I feel that quite many of them are. My understanding is that the aliens or reptilians have to allow the baby to progress to a certain stage (2-4 months) in the mother, because if they remove it too soon, it won’t live

I have been told that it is “normal” to grow a placenta without a foetus inside. Well, my understanding differs. It is my understanding that the only thing driving the growth of the placenta is the hormones produced by the foetus. As soon as the foetus dies (or is not there) and is no longer producing the hormones, that is when the placenta is expelled. WHY do some miscarriages have foetuses present, while others do not?

An article I saw (at stated shocking statistics on pregnancies:

“Approximately half of all pregnancies in the United States result in prenatal or postnatal death or an otherwise less than healthy baby.”

Ref: Scientific Frontiers in Developmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment Committee on Developmental Toxicology, Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology, National Research Council 354 pages, 6 x 9, 2000, hardback, $47.20

How many of these miscarriages are really abductions by aliens or reptilians?

I understand that many women who have a miscarriage never get over it – they can cry over it years later. This is because, as one woman put it, “it is a piece of you that is gone”. I believe that in some of these cases this is made worse because the child is not dead – it is with the aliens who stole it. The child is still connected telepathically to the mother. Another reason is that the body knows the child was taken. The body knows, even when the mind does not.

I would like to end on a note of hope. ‘They’ may have superior technology. But if you have read The Montauk Project by Peter Moon you will remember that the technology that the military developed to change space/time, and that was based on alien technology, needed the initial input of a psychic (Duncan Cameron) in a chair. Therefore, all this superior technology is still based on our own spiritual abilities. We and others (eg have already started to find that specific prayer and intention can stop this technology from operating. But we need to know that something is going on before we can fight it. That’s why it’s important to learn kinesiology and eventually clearing as well.

We were fighting aliens and reptiians before this happened. But once this happened, the battle took on a whole new meaning. It’s personal now. We invite you to join in the fight as well.

Always remember that it’s important if we are to win this war, to not focus on negativity. We have to get educated about what’s going on, but not stay with the bad news forever. The closer we get to God and do what He wants, the better. Remember, Jesus Christ was a warrior as well as a someone who taught about love. What kind of courage did it take to throw the money changers (bankers) out of the temple?

Meditation and love are important. But action is also required. Each of us has a special part to play in this war of good against evil. God knows what you should be doing, every minute of every day, if we are to win. All you have to do is ask him constantly what you should be doing, and do it. The answers will be given to you in your heart and through your intuition. Pray like our lives depend on it, because it does.


November 2006

After losing Susan to the Reptilians, my husband Michael added the new technology the reptilians used during that abduction to his list of prayers for protecting us against abduction. This worked! Finally, neither of us were abducted again. We have been abduction-free for over four years now! We now have a healthy boy who is three years old to date. The method which works for us is given here.

August 2007

Several years after our son was born, I had another miscarriage, at around 2 months. This one was a normal one. I just had an extra heavy period for a lot longer, unlike the previous one where everything came out at once. But most importantly, there was NONE of the extreme grief, shock and horror, which lasted for months, of the previous ‘miscarriage’. There was absolutely no comparison to the first. I just realised that my body had decided that it was not a good time to conceive, and no one was violated the second time.


Editor’s Note: This story was emailed to me in July 2007

“I have a rather unusual incident in my past which I’m going to share with you, thanks to the site owner.

At the time this incident happened, I’d been married about four years and lived in the south in the U.S. and I was in my mid-twenties. I had two other children, this would be my third. Since this incident, I’ve had two other children.

During the course of my life, I have not ever done drugs, nor used alcohol, nor have I ever undergone any sort of therapy, counseling, or hypnosis, which means I’ve not ever been diagnosed as mentally ill, incompetent, or suffering from any sort of delusions.

Back in 1993, I had a miscarriage. I was literally pregnant one minute and then not pregnant the next. I had no symptoms or the regular experience that most women have as a textbook miscarriage, so I’ve never talked much about this until now.

When I discovered Stephanie’s page, the miscarriage I had in 1993 was something which seemed similar to her situation and even made me think of watching the X-Files with the exception of one thing—what happened to me isn’t fictional.

I was right at 13 weeks into a pregnancy. Not only had I taken a home pregnancy test, I also had gone to the doctor several times already at that point, so yes, I had it confirmed, and had several ultrasounds and pictures of that pregnancy. Those ultrasounds were showing a definitive baby with a heartbeat.

Here’s what happened: I remember sitting in the living room of where we were living at the time. A vague feeling of the room becoming brighter and then the light in it becoming dim for a split second was what happened just before I felt some sort of outward movement, almost like a ‘pop’ deep inside my body where my womb is.

I hadn’t ever felt the first movement of my other pregnancy in the same way, so I thought that was odd. I was literally pregnant one minute and not pregnant the next. Somehow, I knew I wasn’t pregnant any longer, but I had no way of expressing this to anyone and sound both sane and credible.

I had no symptom which manifested; no pain, no cramping, no bleeding, and my body didn’t expel anything. I called my doctor and said something wasn’t feeling right, so he told me to go to the ER for an ultrasound.

The so-called medical professionals dealing with me were complete idiots–they acted like they’d never seen anything like this before. What I mean by that statement is that they didn’t even believe I was pregnant and had a miscarriage when I showed up at the ER. They wouldn’t believe me until I pulled out ultrasound pictures from the previous week and that shut them up fairly quickly. Unfortunately, I’m fairly certain they didn’t learn anything from this experience.

Naturally, it was never really explained as anything other than yes, I had been pregnant, but my body had reabsorbed the baby, which I knew wasn’t right. Had that happened, wouldn’t something still have shown up on the ultrasound? This was only a matter of few hours until my husband got home and not several days, so there isn’t any plausible way the re-absorption theory really holds any water.

My doctor said it was just one of those things that happen, which wasn’t very helpful.

Discovering Stephanie’s page has been the first thing I’ve ever run across anything which was remotely similar.

Basically, my husband and myself coped with it like a miscarriage. I’ve not ever spoken of this to anyone, not even him, until now.

I’m the survivor of a vanished twin and now I’m starting to wonder if the two incidents aren’t connected in some way. I’m now discovering that the facts are the facts. I have had several people tell me I should acknowledge the metaphysical abilities I recognize in myself and that none of this is a coincidence. I possess a sixth sense, which allows me to utilize my other five or ‘basic’ senses on a more conscious level than most people. For many years, I would not acknowledge this, but have realized as I’ve gotten older that it a gift and I should utilize it to help others.

Thanks for reading and thanks to the site owner for allowing me to contribute this to her site.”


Editor’s Note: The following story was posted in 2003, on an egroup. I reprint this here with permission. Posted by Sienna:

“I should start by saying that my awareness is and has always been very keen and I have memories from infancy as well as what some call “visions”. I have struggled with out-of-body experiences since childhood. In the recent past, I had made my own connection with info. from E.T. abductions, what doctors like to call “Awareness During Sleep Paralysis” a.k.a “OBE’s”, narcolepsy, schizophrenia (I
don’t have this), and what have you. But there was a missing link to this b/c my pieces never quite fit together rationally. My sister told me that the “Devil” was doing these tings and I just needed to go to church and learn about God.

Well, I’ve studied as much religious material as I could get my hands on (including 2 yrs. at a baptist college in Mississippi, eastern religions, and the new-age claims) and have been to many Christian denominations in the U.S.; but I knew something still wasn’t right. My family didn’t want to hear these types of things, b/c it scares them and I had to deal with it alone.

Anyway, I moved to Colorado Springs, CO in my early 20’s (now 28) to live with my sis. I am extremely sensitive to energy and boy does that area scream with energy (that’s a totally different subject). Drifting in and out of OBE almost daily took a huge toll on me. (I can also do this at will.) But I don’t want to do it, b/c I hate it. I see beings around me that appear as dark figures. There is one in particular who is always there every single time. I used to think my imagination was creating these things.

I was raped during one of these episodes for the first time (that I remember anyway) in Colorado Springs (age 23). Except this time, the figure wasn’t dark and hooded. I was lying on the sofa in my small apartment and it was broad daylight. Suddenly, I felt sleepy (drugged is more like it). It’s like someone was weakening me to “pull” me out of my body this time. Well, I couldn’t stop it and looked at my door and all of a sudden a tall man with a blonde surfer haircut walked right through the wall beside the door. I was startled, but wasn’t as scared because he was so handsome. He looked very clear, but still like a hologram. He came toward me and I noticed his hair seemed to sweep his nose and his eyes were extremely blue and beautiful (brighter than any I’ve ever seen). I felt as if I knew him already and have for a while. I also felt as if my hormones raged against my will, but I still couldn’t move and felt him touching all over my body.

The contact felt like an extremely pleasurable electrical current as he seemed to mend into me in some way. I have to express that this was extremely scary while being extremely pleasurable.

I can’t explain it any other way. When I looked into him again, the form changed right before me into a dark shadow of an outline of the former image. I didn’t want to see this image and closed my eyes ’til it was over. Afterwards, I could barely move, had a hard time just closing my fists and sitting up. I was extremely exhausted, thirsty, and hungry (as I am after all of my OBE’s). But more so, this time. This really scared the living shit out of me so I told no one and started trying to drug myself to sleep with sleep medications and alcohol at bedtime to knock myself into an unthinking and unknowing slumber.

It often puzzled me as to why this image (blonde hair, blue eye guy) was different from previous images I’ve seen in this state. So, I figured that my mind or an evil spirit mind was making the image in a form I would be attracted to or more comfortable with. But that is ludicrous because my mind would’ve made an image like Michael Jordan or another attractive black image as I am an African-American and hold mental sexual fantasies mostly based on black men.

It’s hard for me to say this, but I tested positive on 2 ept home pregnancy tests 5 weeks later. I had sex with a former boyfriend, but the dates didn’t match up. But of course I said it was him. I was losing my mind with all the normal pregnancy symptoms and thought about having an abortion b/c this was just unreal to me. One night, I had a strange dream that doctors were taking the baby out of my body against my will and I woke up sweating profusely and very weakened. I, later, convinced myself that I wanted an abortion b/c I wasn’t married, so scheduled an appt. at the abortion clinic through planned parenthood after getting a definite positive result.

I went in on the date (shaken up and all), walking past the few protestors, watched the movie they show the women, then went in for the ultra-sound once I was called. The nurse was confused with a
surprised look on her face (I was silently crying by this time) when she raised her head and told me, “Honey, you’re not even pregnant!”. She had another to come in and confirm my no-fetus state and they were just stunned and confused. I put on my clothes and ran out. However, I wouldn’t mention these events to anyone until a few years later after getting married and moving to Chicago with my husband.

After reading a few messages on this board, I’d like to add that my blood type is O-negative.”


Editor’s Note: The following story was posted on my egroup Sep 2 2007. 

“My name is Wanita. Here are the details on my pregnancies. The 1st one, I had a feeling that I was pregnant, but I paid no attention to it. After all, my husband & I had been trying for almost 4 years to have a child with no luck. All of a sudden, I started bleeding to the point I could barely stand up. A doctor in the ER confirmed I was pregnant, about 6 weeks by the hormone levels in my blood. They put me on bed rest, and I was tested each week until my hormone level was down to zero. Their advice to me was since this happend so often, just try again.

Okay. My husband & I went on with life as usual, running around the USA in a Semi truck, when six months later, I knew I was pregnant again. There was no guesswork. I knew. Not by symptoms. I could just sense another human being was growing inside me. We pulled into a drug store, I bought a test, and took it at a truckstop. Positive. Afraid that life on the road was the reason for the 1st miscarriage, my husband called his dispatcher, who had him take me back home right away. I made an appointment, and my Doc confirmed it. I was pregnant again.

At about eight weeks, the bleeding started again. No passing of tissue. Just blood. Again came the pleading with the doctors to explain what was happening. They couldn’t tell me anything but the words “spontaneous abortion”. When I asked them why didn’t I pass anything, they told me that my body “absorbed the embryo”.

I needed closure. I wanted to see my baby. I couldn’t let the docs examine me without having panic attacks, and I had every symptom of post traumatic stress disorder. No one I’ve ever known that experienced a miscarriage, or even two were diagnosed with a syndrome better known to plague survivors of war or abuse, neither of which I’ve dealt with.

The third one happened almost exactly the same way-yet I had visions of this child, a daughter that I named Ramona. This time, it happened at 9 weeks.

This is a repeating pattern that I need to put an end to. About the psychic abilities-I am precognitive, and intuitive, sometimes empathic. It may be unique to some people, but it is a natural trait I’ve inherited from my maternal grandmother. She herself had experiences with extraterrestrials in her lifetime, and she comes from an area that has had many, many strange goings on, from recently, to as far back as documented history goes. I’ve been researching that too, wondering if somehow these abilities have something to do with the things that occur in the place my folks came from. Actually in relaying this stuff to people who might not consider me a nut job is actually making me feel a little better. I appreciate that.”





Vanishing Twins Phenomenon Egroup. Some statistics say as many as 1 in 8 people begin life in the womb as a twin and 75% of the women diagnosed as pregnant with twins only deliver one baby.

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