Alien Steals Crystal from Woman –

She Reverses time to Retrieve It

Plus: Reptilians Tell Abductee that the Relfes did it!

by Stephanie Relfe

November 2015

A very nice and gifted lady in her late 30’s, living in the Netherlands, emailed us some unique stories, which are extremely interesting and revealing. We have since talked with this lady on the phone, and believe her stories are totally true. This lady was even able to tell us things that we are doing that we had never told her or mentioned on the internet! (God told her about them).

The following are excerpts, in chronological order of emails from this lady:




“I’ve been searching the internet for almost as year now, looking for something similar for what happened to me. I found your website a few months ago.. and now i wonder if I can ask you a question. I realize i may not get an answer as most websites don’t even bother.. but one way or the other, in my search, I keep ending up at
Not sure why, but here is the question:

Have you ever heard of someone getting shot by an ufo, with a blue laser beam?, (Note by Webmaster: We told her that we had not heard of this before), because that is what happened..precisely on my chest, and it felt like I got 220 volts of electricity on my body.

(By my own stupidity once, i know how it feels like to take 220volt) my heart was beating 180 beats per minute while my body was in rest. This lasted for 2 days. I did not go to the doctor, because somehow I knew it would not damage me.

I was in the car with my boyfriend, driving home from a nice day out. The highway was very crowded as usual on a Saturday, because people were going to cafes and bars. I was looking outside and in front of us I saw a ‘star’ that bothered me.. i kept thinking it wasn’t a star. So I said to my boyfriend: “See that star over there? I think it is an UFO.”


He said: “Maybe you’re right but it could also be just a star..”

I wanted to know for sure, so I asked telepathically if it could move a bit so I could see if it was alive. I took my camera out of my purse and when I looked up it was floating/flying towards us. I was a bit scared so I asked God’s protection.

It was still floating, and was coming very close when i took a picture –


Then, all of a sudden on high speed it went from the right side of the highway, to the left of the highway..(this is the moment i took the second picture (above). Maybe I made it angry by taking a picture (??). The weird thing I noticed was: it flew very low..across a crowded highway, but nobody seems to notice the whole thing. Not one car pulled on the breaks.. no one stopped, no one stared, no one seemed to take pictures..nothing.

I looked around for a quick second and thought they might be hypnotized.. that’s when i started to feel threatened.

it went all up, like it was preparing for something and I thought it was going to disappear like you read in many stories…and then it shot a blue beam, right through the car window on my chest.. I gasped.. my heartbeat went up.

And that was it.. I didn’t see the UFO anymore.

Besides the heartbeat it did not hurt me in any way, no wounds or scars were made.
And like I said it lasted for 2 days.

My boyfriend saw the blue beam and said the whole car was filled with this blue light (to explain how bright it was) but he did not feel any electricity.”



” I’ve just read the article of “Do not go on the ships“. Without any proof to backup my statements, I also warn people to not go on ships. I talk to my God, one on one, without having a belief system like Catholic, Christian, Muslim, Buddha or others.

When i ask questions, no matter how weird it seems, i always get an answer.So in 2011 I asked Him about aliens and that I need to know the truth.

Then that I got this vision.. similar to the dreams on your website. But without screaming or crying. Just silence.

And there was one big message:

“You are Created on Earth, and you shall die on Earth.”

Even if everything on earth get destroyed ..stay. Do not go anywhere.

God showed me that earth will restore itself.

I saw people thinking it was our Savior. It reminded me of what a rapture would look like; Thinking it was God calling us (maybe project blue beam), but in fact, it is the big harvest.. people realize this too late. and there will be no escape once they agree to go on a ship. Even when they are waiting in line.. the moment they agree, God cannot save them.

God also told me, we can prevent it if the people start to believe again. 

And the aliens who seem so superior with technology have their weaknesses also.
Their weakness is physical, as they can be killed. God showed me humans in the far past (humans who live of nature) that killed aliens by beating them with sticks.”

(Note by the Relfes: We believe this is behind the big push to get rid of guns).



I asked this lady if she could get an idea as to timing. After praying, she got that it would not be at least until 2017.



(Webmaster’s note: This story emerged after we muscle tested to find out how many metaphysical abilities she has).

“One of the abilities which I am a little bit scared of, is turning back time, just by moving my hands in a certain way.

Once, i got a gift from a friend, it was a rare kind of crystal, an Aboriginal Dreamtime Lemurian crystal 🙂 I don’t know if it is an important crystal, because I don’t really take on these new age things, but crystals are a part of Creation and very beautiful.. so it does has a nice energy.


Lemurian Crystals

That same night a creature (which looked much like the “humans” in Donald Duck comics) came to visit me, and took my crystal.

I said, “Hey, you can’t steal that from me!” and he was very scared and said he really really needed to borrow this crystal. (Now i get tight muscles in my neck) with several excuses to take it.

I finally said, “Okay, borrow it..but you will have to take it back tomorrow.” He agreed.

One week later, still no creature and no crystal. So..I got a bit mad..and asked God to help protect me against spirits.

So I started moving in a specific way which released some energy and told “it” to take my crystal back.

I saw the creature again, asking me if he could borrow it..and then I simply said, “No, because you are not returning it.”

The next morning, I got up..and the crystal fell off me as I stood. It was brought back somehow.”



“I was born in in the province of Gelderland, on leylines, where the dragon lives according to myths.

I knew there were a lot of military complexes in this province, and I live in the middle of it.

So, I was curious and counted them.. there were 21 military complexes in a circle not wider then 20 kilometers around me, the schools and airports not included. That is a lot!

The grandfather of our king was a Nazi named Prince Bernard Zur Lippe – Biesterfeld.

He is the one who created the Bilderberg conference. The name Bilderberg comes from the hotel where they had their first meeting. He has a snake tattoo as “lucky charm”.

Our king is his grandson Willem-Alexander Aan Oranje Nassau – Von Amsberg. He married Maxima Zorreguita who is the daughter of Argentina Hunta and her religious father is the Jesuit pope.

It is said that this family is not related to King William of Orange and therefore they should not sit on the throne.

They refuse to do a DNA test.

They live in a castle named “Drakensteyn”  which means “home of the dragon“.
And the queen mother (Prinsess Beatrix) has a boat named “Den Groene Draeck” which means the green dragon.”



Note: This is yet another report of a person seeing reptilians when they were awake and conscious! More stories here and here. What a bunch of morons these creatures are, to be sure. This was sent to us by the same Dutch lady:

“Dear Stephanie and Michael,

Something is bothering me and I want this to share with you. I asked God last week to show me truth.

I got three attacks this week. The first I cannot remember but the message was I should not remember, if that makes any sense 🙂

The second one, I went to bed and I sleep on my stomach. I got attacked by a vicious reptile like male. (his voice sounded as a male and he was very muscular) who kept beating on my back because he wanted me to turn over.

This is my drawing to give an idea of what he looked like:




The snout looked very much like the snout in this picture:

draconian baby


He was growling, like dogs who growl at each other as a warning. I could understand his growl as if it was a language. He was saying that I had to lay on my back.

At first i didn’t want to listen to him but  because of the beating on my back I did what he said. So there he was… with beautiful colors (green and blue) but vicious and poisonous… because I was mad at him I asked: Who sent you to hurt me??

And he said: “Stephanie and Michael Relfe.”*

(*Note by Stephanie Relfe: We do not know if the lady was meant to remember this or not. It is quite likely that she was not meant to remember. This reminds me of a clearing session with a biofeedback meter that I did with a young American lady a number of years ago. I helped her regain memories of being abducted by the American military. During the abduction she was shown a list of 250 people to stay away from. Michael and I were on the list. I am sorry that I did not feel at the time that it was right to ask her who else was on the list).

I said he was lying.. and I asked protection from God.

The reptile/dragon like male just grinned..and then “poof” he was gone.
When this happened I was not asleep, so it was no sleep paralysis.

Then the 3rd one:

This was last night, I went to bed at my friend’s house. I was in the guest room..with my door wide open (I don’t like closed rooms). I was reading on the internet about food 🙂 and facebook.

All of a sudden i was in a dark room stuck in a chair ..just like Michael.

I could hear two men talking.. I saw images of lights flashing very quickly in front of my eyes. I looked at it.. but it hurt my brains.. it feels like they were frying or cooking my brains. So I tried really hard to close my eyes, but that didn’t work.

Realizing that there was someone in the room I started yelling that they had to stop the images. There was a deep dark voice who said:

“Panicking does not help you. Just be calm and keep watching.”

So i was trying to be calm like the voice said. Looking at the flashing images I wondered what those images were.. so I tried to follow them as quickly as they appeared.. I saw a famous building from Paris (The Arc de Triomphe, pictured below).


The Arc de Triomphe

And the rest went by too quickly.. my brains hurt to follow them. So I put myself in an alpha state of mind..and just stared. Because then I would not hurt. While I was staring at the flashes a face appeared.

It was like a cartoon on every page of a book..and if you move the pages.. then the cartoon also moves. So this face appeared..I  immediately recognised it as it was an image of Nicola Tesla. It looked 3D. And it looked as if the face was coming close to mine..I feel im getting really tired.. exhausted really.. and i want to get out of this chair.

My head was resting on my shoulder because i could not keep myself straight up anymore. My head was going out of my body and i could think clear again.

I said: “Who are these people hiding in the dark.. ?”  I could only see a suit.

I saw myself and I was looking at my face. I looked really strange.

My eyes..the pupils..light was coming out of them. I got silver-blue pupils!! I was thinking that is not me?! But i was. In real life my eye color is grey..but now I had silver-blue metal-like pupils with a blue light coming out of it.

Then i saw them taking me out of the chair and I thought “Wait..that’s only my body you are taking” and I popped right back into my body.

My head hurts.. I got a nose bleed. And i asked the 2 men: “who are you?”


I asked, “Who sent you ?”

And one man said: “Stephanie Relfe.”

This time Michael was not mentioned. Too exhausted to say something about it.. I was put in a hospital bed and I woke up in my friend’s house with a nosebleed.

So I wonder why “they” mention your names. Although i can figure it out 😉

Just wanted to share the story and let you know that “they” are speaking of you.”

Comment by Michael and Stephanie Relfe: This is the first time that we have ever heard of anyone impersonating us. To keep things legal, we wonder if they have named a couple Michael and Stephanie Relfe, so that they won’t be lying when they say they sent us? Just like demons call themselves ‘god’ or ‘Jesus’, these creatures may have to stay “legal”.



After talking with us on the phone, she got very sick very quickly. I talked with her on the phone the next day, and realized how sick she was. She had been on our list of people to remove booby traps from, from a distance, but I realized that we had activated something with our conversations, and we needed to act quickly. (Note: Doing distance kinesiology takes a lot of energy out of both of us, and so we cannot do them very often).

Michael Relfe as surrogate

Note: Michael said that being surrogate for this lady was the hardest on him of all the sessions he has done as surrogate for others. 

The session:

  • Switched.

  • Cloacals were out of balance, eyes closed.

Wernicke’s commands that were contributing to this, and which were removed in the session:

  1. “Die if you remember this.”

  2. “Die of a stroke if you remember this.”

  3. “Die if you uncover these memories.”

  4. “Have a brain hemorrhage if you uncover these memories.”

  5. “Kill yourself if you uncover these memories.”

  6. “Manifest illnesses if you uncover these memories.”

  7. “Become ill if you remember this.”

  8. “Die of the cold if you remember this.”

  9. “Be as weak as a baby if you remember this.”

  10. “You’ll have a funeral if you remember this.”

  11. “Go to Heaven if you remember this.” (We got interference from one ‘unknown’ and dealt with it).

  12. “Die if you recall these memories.”

  13. “Drop your body if you recall these memories.”

  14. “Go to Heaven if you recall these memories.”

  15. “Leave your body if you recall these memories.”

  16. “Die of the plague if you remember this.”

  17. “Be a corpse if you remember this.”

  18. “Be in a coffin if you remember this.”

  19. “Go to your funeral if you remember this.”

  20. “Get cancer and die if you remember this.”

  21. “You want to die if you remember this.”

  22. “Your stomach shuts down if you remember this.”

  23. “Fade away if you remember this.”  (Michael looking pretty bad at this point)

  24. “Decline away into nothingness if you remember this.”

  25. “Banish yourself if you remember this.” (Remember that being able to banish things from existence, including the evil ones, is one of your abilities).

  26. “Leave all time if you remember this.” (No wonder Michael is looking bad – anything to do with time tends to affect him greatly).

  27. “Fade from time if you remember this.”

  28. “Block your lungs if you remember this.”

  29. “Banish your organs if you remember this.”

  30. “Banish your mind if you remember this.”

(Michael has to go to bed and sleep to recover)



After I emailed this list to the lady, she sent us this message:

“I keep falling asleep all the time.

I feel tired.. but better, thank you!

The pain in my arms and legs is gone.

The pain in my ears is also gone.

My throat still hurts but that will be all right too.”

Then she sent another email which indicated that booby traps had seriously threatened her life on several previous occasions:

“I would like to respond on the commands i saw, not because I am surprised, but to confirm the things you say.

In my youth.. I almost died 4 times because of my lungs. One time from an asthma attack wich was so bad that my mother had to arrange the funeral already. I was nine at that time.

You know, when I saw things, “people” “creatures” “gods” “ghosts”, I always spoke out loud what I saw.

Second and third time were pretty bad too, also from asthma, and also on intensive care.

The third time (I was 12yrs old) my heartbeat was abnormally high, and the hospital had put my heart under some kind of surveillance camera.. when my heartbeat got more up, an alarm would go off.. the nurse ran to me three times because my heartbeat went up.

Then she gave me a shot in my leg.. because my heartbeat was 240 beats a minute. The doctor called my mother to rush over, because no one could last this 240 beats for more than an half an hour.

Because I heard that conversation, I started praying to God that O didn’t want to leave my mother, and I asked forgiveness for the things I might have done wrong.

(Note by Stephanie Relfe: You, dear reader, should do this now, if you have not done it before. Please ask for forgiveness of bad things done in past lives as well and ask The Lord Jesus Christ into your heart and make Him your boss. Only then do you have the authority to defeat these creatures of darkness).

Suddenly I became calm.. and I did not feel my asthma anymore.

My mother came (this was 23.00hrs) and stayed all night with me.

The heartbeat lasted until sunrise!.. then finally it went down.

I got a lot of surprised doctors at my bed that night.

4th time I almost died from pneumonia. I was sick at home, and I woke up because someone sat on my bed. I looked and there was an old man, in a black suit, with a hat.

He said: “Whatever happens.. you are going to be all right.: and poof he was gone.
I thought “what the “beep” was that? but fell asleep.

Next thing i knew, I was in heaven. It was a bit scary because I did not feel I was standing on a ground. I was given a choice.. “Do you want to come with me? or do you want to stay in the hospital?”

I said: “I’m not in the hospital, but I would like to stay with my family.”

Next thing: I woke up in the hospital.

According to my mother my fever went up to 43 degrees Celcius, (109.4 F) which is life threatening. She called the doctor..and I started to speak a foreign language which she could not fully understand. (I do not speak this language, and never learned it). She heard a few words she did know and it was Indonesian or Malaysian.

She said i started a conversation with her but I got angry at her for not understanding me.

At the hospital they took an x-ray of my lungs. and the pneumonia was 2mm (as thin as a hair) from my respiratory airways. If the pneumonia reached my airways, there was nothing they could do.

Until now, I still got Saved 🙂 thank God.

Haven’t seen a hospital for 16 yrs now :)”

Final Comment by Stephanie Relfe: Again, we ask, why do the reptilians and aliens and even the military hide their abductions? Why practice mind control and make people forget? It’s because they ARE AFRAID OF US, when we are supported by God.


Open Letter to the Military of the World

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