Use a Black Light to see if you just experienced Alien Abduction

by Stephanie Relfe




A black light is also called an Ultraviolet light.  It makes some things glow, as in the picture above.

You can get an inexpensive one for about $7 from Amazon. A better one is listed at the bottom of this article.







If you have read The Mars Records, Book 2, you will remember how when Michael was on Mars, he used to remote view himself back in time, to make sure that no one did anything to him after he was age recessed and time travelled back and put back on earth.

He was on Mars for 20 years. That meant that for 20 years, there were two of him in the solar system at the same time; one on Mars and one on earth.

But, at the end of his 20 years tour of duty on Mars, he returned to his normal time and earth. That meant there was was no longer a second “him” watching himself from Mars.

Three years after this, the military, with the occasional help of aliens, started abducting Michael, about once a month, and harvesting reproductive material from him, for the purpose of breeding more individuals like him. It’s not all “alien abduction”. There are also what are called milabs – military abduction, by humans. The human military and the aliens work together, with the humans be the stooges for the aliens. Maybe one day the military will wake up to the fact that they have been the fall guy, and what they should do instead.

Each time after Michael was abducted by the military, we would wake up absolutely blasted. Muscle testing showed that we were both majorly out of balance, which made no sense, since all we had been doing was sleeping. Muscle testing indicated the cause of the imbalances was abduction, and this was later confirmed by sessions with the clearing biofeedback meter. 

I felt blasted because they used some energy device to knock me out unconsciouis. Michael felt blasted because of what they did to him. That was when the scars first appeared on Michael.

After this happened a few times, he had the thought of inspecting himself after an abduction, with a black light. I remember him calling me from the bathroom – his voice sounded really weird – as though he had just walked into the twilight zone.

We were TOTALLY SHOCKED with what we saw!

Around the areas in the creases either side of his groin, where the scars had appeared, we saw a lot of patches of bright, pretty colors! As though someone had spattered him with paint!

The colors we saw were lilac, orange, apricot, light green, light blue and pink. No red or yellow (More on yellow below). They looked very much like this, except with more pink, lilac and apricot:




After a shower, most of the colors washed off.  They never lasted for more than two days. None of these colors were seen anywhere on his body, except for around the scar areas.

None of these colors were seen on days when we did not think he’d been abducted.



The back ground to this story is the time when Stephanie got abducted and their two month old daughter was stolen from her womb by reptilians, with the help of some aliens.  (I am reacting as I write this. Any women who also react to this story, please do Emotional Stress Release).

After the baby was stolen, there were at least two other times when Stephanie got abducted in the months afterwards. Each of these times she was extremely drained. We believe that she was taken to be with her daughter, because the baby was losing the will to live, and something was transferred from mother to daughter, that restored this.

After these abductions, we inspected Stephanie’s body with a black light to see if any of those weird colors appeared. There were none of the colors that appeared on Michael, but both times, we saw a clear, solid yellow, that was very slightly greenish, on Stephanie’s hands, demarcated by a diagonal line.

The shape of the yellow color was exactly what you would expect to see if Stephanie had been lying back in a chair, with both of her hands in bowls of yellow liquid. The color was not unlike this color, just more fluorescent:






If you are reading this article, it’s highly likely that you also have been abducted, otherwise you would have left this website a long time ago. That is not very strange, because we believe that 30% of people have been abducted at least once. That’s two billion people. Most of the people we communicate with have been abducted many times since they were children. Quite a number of them have even seen the aliens, when they were conscious and awake.

  1. Buy a black light, about $7-20 on Amazon. This is a nicer one for $19.95


  2. Go into a totally black room. Scan your whole body over. Now you know what it looks like normally.

  3. Scan your body every morning before a shower, and anytime before a shower. Do this for at least six weeks, as many abductees get taken once a month (although some are taken only once a year or less). Keep a journal of what you find.

  4. Anytime you notice anything weird that could indicate an alien abduction, do the same. These events include:

  • Bruises that appear for no reason, especially ones of geometrical shapes.

  • Missing time.

  • Sudden, out-of-the-blue extreme tiredness.

  • You see a UFO.

If you see anything similar to what we saw, I highly recommend you read all the articles on this site, especially:

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