Sleep Paralysis is often from

Alien Abductions

Plus: How to Stop Sleep Paralysis

What is Sleep Paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is a feeling of being conscious but unable to move. It occurs when a person passes between stages of wakefulness and sleep. The person may be unable to move any muscle or speak for a few seconds or minutes. Some people may also feel pressure or a sense of choking. They may feel a presence in the room, near the bed, or sitting on their chest.

While doctors have come up with their usual left-brain logical thinking to explains it away as something simple, we have believed for years that the main cause is alien abduction. It could also be demonic attack. Naturally, doctors who don’t even believe that each of us is a spirit living in a body, let alone that this world is riddled by evil spirits which cause much of the grief and disaster on earth, are not able to consider this as a possibility, let alone know it’s true.

The following stories back up our theory. The interesting thing about these stories is that they show that the power of Jesus’ name can stop sleep paralysis. Evidence for this is that even an ATHEIST who prayed in Jesus’ name found this worked. After all, as Jesus Christ said,

If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.  John 14:14

And when he had called unto [him] his twelve disciples, he gave them power [against] unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease. Matthew 10: 1

Now, for the stories. I have improved the spelling and punctuation but left the messages the same. The first post is done by what is called an OP (Original Poster). Some of the posts refer back to the original post.

(OP-Original Poster)  –

I finally open my eyes during sleep paralysis.

Well all I can say is that I finally saw what was in the room with me last night around 1:30am. First I noticed a humming vibration sound getting louder in my ear. Next I couldn’t move my body. I was experiencing sleep paralysis, so finally I calmed my self down with out struggling, trying to open up my eyes to see what was going on around me, because I could feel some one touching me so finally I open my eyes and oh boy…..(What the …)

I noticed that I was not in my bed room. I was somewhere different and the room was filled with bright, bluish-white light. It was so bright you could clearly see what was in front of you. I was actually levitated from the floor and I saw 5 or 6 beings in the room with me. They were staring at me.

One was in my face trying to keep me calm and under it’s control – the more I tried to struggle and move, the louder the noise increased. It would raise its right arm and form some sort of circling movement in front of me to keep me under its control. I said to it, “Put me down, leave me alone.”

Nothing phased it until I said, “In Christ Jesus leave me alone.” I said this about 2 or 3 times. It let me go and my body jerked and I woke up feeling terrified looking around the room. I was shaking. I prayed and I thank God that Jesus heard and protected me and those beings did obey and backed off.

You guys you don’t have to believe me, I just wanted to put this out here. I know that I’m not the only one that has been through this. Was it a alien abduction or a demonic attack? I don’t know. What I do know is that it responded to the name of Jesus. Some people say Jesus is not real. Well people have the freedom to believe what ever you choose to believe and that’s okay, I just want to let you know that they believe , these beings responded to the power of that name.

All I can say is I feel sorry for any nonbelievers – they are not protected by Jesus when they are faced with these entities …This is my testimony. I don’t wish this on anyone. The unknown can be scary. There’s just so much that we don’t know and understand, but knowledge is powerful…peace and love to you all!!!


(OP) What did they look like? all I can remember is they didn’t look human to me. They looked alien looking with black slanted eyes, and small line like mouth which was closed.


I believe you and, Yes, Jesus is real…I was possessed by a water demon called Leviathan who causes spiritual pride…my life changed after God freed the demon from me…I am now a child of God who is ready to lay my life on the line for Christ…

I had one holding me down one night. It was really suppressing me. I called Lord Jesus and suddenly in the darkness above me, this bright light shined and I could see a winged being come down through the light. It grabbed the dark one off of me who looked like a bat, really. They fought and I was free.

There is power in The Lord’s Name. You have to train yourself to call Him when the demons are messing with you. They can put you under water as I call it meaning to suppress your consciousness unnaturally in order to make you more pliant.


Even as a non-believer, years ago I was a staunch atheist, calling out to Jesus stopped a terrifying sleep paralysis episode. It was a really bad one that lasted a long time.

Out of desperation I prayed for it to stop in the name of Jesus Christ, remembering reading other people’s accounts of sleep paralysis stopping when doing so.

It actually worked, and the sleep paralysis ended within a few seconds. That’s when I knew there really was something to this. In general, I feel that most of religion is lies and deception, but Jesus is the real deal.


Same experience I’ve had MANY times!

These are demonic attacks! I’ve actually stood face to face with a demon that was physically attacking me – it’s a long story but when I heard that still quiet voice tell me to call on Jesus, the demon stopped and dimensionally withdrew instantly!

There IS True POWER in The Name of Jesus!

The attacks I’ve experienced like yours almost ALWAYS had a demon putting their face within an inch of my face…I always felt that seething hatred!

After I learned the power we’ve been given to wield against the enemy, those types of attacks ceased! Now, the demonic doesn’t scare me – they literally FLEE when His Name is called!

Glory to The Most High God!


You wanna know how to get out of that? Relax. It’s completely counter intuitive but I realized the more I fought, the tighter the grip and louder the vibration. So I thought; try the opposite. I knew they were in the room. I could see the intense light leeching through my closed eyelids and I could hear them. I was eyeballs deep in terror but I managed to relax and let go. It was like pulling the cork in a bathtub.

As the fear left, the vibration went with it and almost instantaneously I was free. I was awake, in my room, surrounded by these things and this insane, uncontrollable rage, involuntarily replaced the fear. I laid there as still as I could until one of them got close enough and I grabbed it by the neck.

The response was pandemonium. They seemed completely surprised, like my being loose was completely impossible. I squeezed as hard as I could for about 3 seconds before things went black. I recall nothing after.

Woke up with a vicious headache that lasted 2 days. A bunch of shit in my bedroom was knocked over. I’ve never had sleep paralysis again.

Try it. Trust me.


I’m not religious but saying Jesus’ name brought me out of sleep paralysis. Prior to that I never thought sleep paralysis was sinister, now I’m not so sure.


This I believe. There is no real physical condition called sleep paralysis, they made that up to hide paranormal and ufology related experiences.


I really hate sharing this. For you OP.

Eyes aren’t affected. Briefly; 10 years ago, paralysis; it’s frightening. I relaxed, “In Jesus Christ’s name you get out of here now.”, was what my spirit said (it was not possible to speak, only grunt). I couldn’t turn my head to see what it looked like, but I felt it was standing where my head was.

After that, the ‘thing’ left immediately, I was able to move and spring up: and my spirit wanted to fight – but it was gone. I felt it coming (I had just laid down and wasn’t even asleep yet) and started to do a push-up to get up to face it, before it paralysed me. Surprising to me, is that after I was ‘let go’, my body sprang to my feet, and it continued the push-up that I had been trying to do before ‘it’ entered the room. Freaky.

The onset feels like a cold electricity/vibration running from feet to head within microseconds (feet were facing the wall – head facing middle of room). I felt it start at my feet and started to push-up. The entire incident was only a few minutes. I could see the clock (which was by my head so the alarm would wake me). It’s like it was waiting for me to go to bed.

Previously, I’d been awakened with a ‘face’ near mine: it projected a feeling of hopelessness; a sense of despair or utter dread. Not fun.

Thanks for sharing OP. Believe what you want, naysayers. Enemy is real.


Be encouraged. Being made in the image of God and the promise that one day we will be higher than the angels…these creatures hate us with a seething jealousy. They really have no power over us with Jesus Christ as our head, but they love to mess with people that do not know any better.

As others have stated, I’ve also had similar experiences. And it’s cool to really know the power we have in Christ over these things.

It’s happened multiple times in dreams, and once even in real life. My upstairs neighbor was obviously possessed and harassing us (even my unbelieving husband said there was something inside her that freaked him out).

So one day I got that “nudge” from God to stand up for myself. So, by myself in my apartment, I spoke to that “thing” living upstairs. And I told it it had NO authority over me and my husband, and in Jesus Christ’s name it WOULD leave us alone. Anytime it sensed us coming or going from the apartment, it would go into it’s home. Just…stay away from us.

And it actually worked. Holy cow. After that I never doubted the power of his name ever again. I saw my neighbor briefly a few weeks later but when she saw me she quickly went back into her apartment.


Happened to me in Ft. Hood Texas around 1976.

Felt like I was being choked and couldn’t move at all.

After about 10 seconds I whispered “In Jesus’ Name”.

That’s all it took and they were gone, whatever they were.


I have only experienced sleep paralysis once…and it was definitely a demonic/angelic/Jesus’ name experience…

After that, i knew that there was no way anyone could ever explain to me what it was like to be “saved” because I had truly experienced it and it was between myself and GOD…I also realized that evil does exist, but it is up to us whether we choose to let it in or not. I don’t have to pray for mercy or protection every minute, but I also don’t have to entertain opening the door to that crap either…



Thanks OP…i believe you because this is almost exactly what happened to me.

Hey OP, I used to get sleep paralysis a lot in my early-mid 20’s. I had a period where I felt I could control it, and open my eyes, and I saw the room I was in and could look around.

But when I woke up I realized, the room was basically correct, but during the sleep paralysis episode as I looked around there were a few details different. I had a few large boxes in the center of the room as I had just moved in. They were not present when I thought I was looking around. So it was all based off of memory.

I dunno, maybe that’s interesting for you. It seemed I was looking around but I think it was based on memory.


Once I saw this cartoonish alien being in my room during sleep paralysis..I prayed to whatever God out there to make the paralysis go away and it did immediately.


I have several similar stories from my past. It’s demonic. Don’t be afraid. They get off on fear. You were right to call on Jesus.


I can confirm this, been there, done that, it works if i call Jesus or God. I had a very long sleep paralysis and there was this thing next to the bed. It was like an ugly witch that was just telling lies, it felt like i was there like forever, I was so powerless. Then I called God for protection, like 5 seconds later I was free and woke up. No lie.

This stuff is real. I am sorry so many have experienced this. : (

I had it happen to me a few nights in a row. I felt like I was being attacked and was helpless against it. In my own bed!

I actually cried about it to my daughter.

When it happened again, I remembered that using the name of Jesus had stopped Alien Abductions. I was completely paralyzed, but I called out with my mind and then I was able to move a finger with great effort.

I kept calling out in the name of Jesus. All of a sudden I was released and I sat right up ready to strangle the bastards but they were gone. I called out-

“How dare you touch me, I belong to Jesus! Don’t you EVER come in this house! I bless it and seal it and it is Holy Ground and Hallowed in the name of Jesus Christ”!

I then painted a cross on all my doors with blessed oil.

No more attacks have happened in this house.

A few weeks later, my daughter was out of town with her friends and she called me crying and telling me about the same thing that happened to me.

I told her- “yes, it is very upsetting. You remember I cried about it.”

She said, “Yeah, it is really upsetting. I thought you were over reacting. Sorry. I knew you would understand”. I told her “You listen to me now, I know you are going to think this is dumb and not listen but remember what I tell you when this happens again”. I told her that using the name of Jesus stopped it instantly and about what I did. She laughed nervously and I calmed her down and said goodbye.

My daughter came home about a week later and she told me that it happened again and she did remember what I said and she said it totally worked. : )

I AM so pissed that these things dared to touch me or my daughter.

I have done special prayers of protection for us and we have not had problems with this again.

In a Near Death Experience- I saw these things. There is an entire layer of them that is closest to our reality. They are scary looking. You would be terrified if you saw them. Mangled, mutilated, some of them scuttling like spiders. *chills*.

The Angels that were with me told me that they cannot hurt me (while I was with them) and that they are attracted to my light. The Angels told me not to think on these things. I think it may open doors for them.

I was worried that they were getting in my body while I was gone. I had to throw some of them out. I was so angry. Most of them fled from me.

Show no fear to these creatures. You are WAY above them and WAY more powerful. If you know and stand in your power! They attack at night or when you are weak. They attack people who are drug addicts and others who have let their protection layers have holes. But they will try to attack the very chosen of God while asleep.

Do what I said above and you will not have any problems with them again.


Once I got born again I immediately had satanic attacks and even sleep paralysis but every time I cried out the name of Jesus, before I would even finish utter His name the attacks would immediately stop (there was even an occasion that God allowed me to hear a demon scream in terror once I called on His name and another case when He allowed me to even glimpse a demon fleeing).

It’s been a while since I had any physical attacks. I hope I am not boring you but God is good! He loves us beyond comprehension! Even now we may never be able to truly grasp the love that our Father has for us all!

So remain strong, even if Hell shows up at your doorstep know that God is with you and will never leave your side.



Now that  you know what causes sleep paralysis, learn what you have to do to stop it. This article can do that: “How to Stop Alien Abduction”.


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