Is 2015 THE Date, Not 2012?

Do the Cathedrals have the Truth Locked in Stone?

notre dame

Notre Dame

Editor’s Note: Is 2015 More Important Than 2012? We have had a lot of ‘crying wolf’ (2000, 2003 etc.). Is 2012 another incident? And yet, we can see that SOMETHING is coming. (For more information visit

The following information felt particularly meaningful to Michael and myself because of what happened the day before we found the following information. I was sitting besides a friend’s swimming pool around 2006. My friend has metaphysical abilities. I asked if she was in her ‘alpha’ levels (that is, a meditative state). She said she was. I asked her, “When will Yellowstone blow?”. She said – much to the surprise of both of us – “2015”. She knew nothing about the fuss around 2012 or earth changes or any of that stuff. The next day, Michael and I happened upon the following information by pure chance.

So, is 2015 the real date to look out for? Keep praying for guidance from God.

We do not necessarily agree with the different opinions of the author on spirituality, but nevertheless feel that there is important knowledge to be found in this article. Therefore we have posted this article without any alterations or ommissions from the original post.


Posted By: RagnarokJack

Date: Tuesday, 29 May 2007, 9:34 p.m.

(Note: This was a reply to a post discussing Saturn and a certain chapel).

I am an Englishman who lives 90 miles south of Rosslyn. I have visited the chapel and have studied it as part of my overall investigations into the Destiny of Man. I will offer you and your readers a sample of my findings.

It is not surprising that the ‘Da Vinci chapel’ echoes to sound of Saturn for it stands on the site of the one of the greatest and northerly Druid initiation centres ‘the Saturn Oracle of Initiation’.

The gothic cathedrals of Western Europe represent one of the most profound sources of prophecy. That is, they are prophetic wisdom set in stone, or rather, placed in the fabric of buildings and the alignment of certain buildings. And, this Divine Wisdom was put in stone by the master masons, the Craftmasons, who built the medieval cathedrals of Europe.

Although not part of the recognised Biblical prophetic tradition these Craftmasons understood and worked within the Mystical Christian stream of consciousness and ensured that important aspects of their Ancient Wisdom was woven in the fabric of many of the cathedrals they built.

What these Craftmasons were privy to was the secret of mankind’s destiny and especially the proper role of Christ in the unfolding Cosmic Drama. The master Craftmasons and their enlightened benefactors (who were certainly NOT Freemasons) set about creating a massive monument that transmitted Ancient Wisdom and particular prophecies through the ages, moreover, to ensure that these would become known at the very time they described and were most NEEDED.

This massive stone monument is in fact a collection of Gothic cathedrals, very special cathedrals, which collectively make up the Apocalyptic Configuration in Stone. A massively conceived building programme of giant cathedrals erected over centuries that together tell the tale of the coming world travail commonly called the Apocalypse. The very same Apocalypse described by Daniel and John.

The great Gothic cathedrals of Western Europe were designed and built by Craftmasons who were privy to the secret of mankind’s destiny. Of particular interest are seven cathedrals. They are:


  • Notre Dame de Chartres;
  • Santiago deCompostela (St James of the field of the Star);
  • Toulouse Cathedral;
  • Orléans Cathedral;
  • Notre Dame de Paris;
  • Notre Dame de Amiens;
  • and Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh, which was originally planned as great cathedral.

These Gothic masterpieces, conceived by minds directed by Higher Hidden Hands, are not only dedicated to the Goddess Natura (who St John depicts as the Virgin of the Revelation) but also they represent the Apocalyptic Configuration in Stone.

The sequence of the sites, of the cathedrals, correspond to the sequence of the planets in our Solar System Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. These are the Earth Chakras corresponding to the Human Chakras.

Moreover, centuries before Christianity, Druid pilgrims who worshipped the Earth Goddess – Goddess Natura- journeyed from Iberia to Scotland via these planetary oracles. Why? Because these Earth Chakras are associated with the alignment of the spirit senses the organs of clairvoyance- within each human and the pilgrim sojourned at each in the hope that he could align his with the corresponding alignment on the Earth’s surface thereby gaining profound knowledge of existence. This was the ancient Druid initiation into the Mysteries of knowledge of the Goddess Natura.

The Masters of Craftmasonry chose the sites of these seven very special cathedrals because they were also very special indeed, for, each of them were part of the ancient initiation system of Europe; a system lovingly guarded and preserved by the Celtic priesthood whom today we call Druids. There was no arbitrary choice involved in the choosing of each site in the Apocalyptic Configuration in Stone, all were chosen because they each were an integral part of this Apocalyptic Configuration. They were:

  • Santiago de Compostela (St James of the field of the Star) (Moon Oracle)
  • Toulouse Cathedral (Mercury Oracle)
  • Orléans Cathedral (Venus Oracle)
  • Notre Dame de Chartres (Sun Oracle)
  • Notre Dame de Paris (Mars Oracle)
  • Notre Dame de Amiens (Jupiter Oracle)
  • Rosslyn Chapel (Saturn Oracle)

The greatest of these mystery schools in Christendom was the ancient Sun Oracle at Chartres Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, or Notre-Dame d’Chartres. That is, the ancient Druid Sun Oracle. Here, the master initiates of Chartres under the guidance of Fulbertus prepared themselves for their great task of perpetuating the Ancient Wisdom into the modern world. They were in essence the modern priesthood of the ancient Sun Oracles who understood the true meaning of Creation and man’s role in it. A profound wisdom that was transmitted into the modern world through many streams but especially by the great Sun initiates Zarathustra and Mani and by Manichean Christianity, the Cathars, the Knights Templars and the Craftmasons. But, especially, knowledge of, and preparation for, the descent of the Sun God in human form that verily came to pass in the Incarnation of Christ in the body of the most perfect human vessel, the man Jesus of Nazareth.

BTW, Freemasonry is not Craftmasonry. Freemasonry is a modern corruption of the ancient Craftmasonry and it is a very potent and very effective vehicle for the Evil Agenda for the establishment of the Kingdom of Antichrist on Earth: an Evil endeavour that the initiates in the dark Empire of Secret Societies call the Great Work of the Ages, the Great Work or simply the ‘Plan’. Consequently, the blood stained hand of Freemasonry is found working behind the scenes that result in all modern revolutions and wars, and behind the Humanist Agenda to secularise and demoralise society, thus destroying existing social orders and so moving the world ever closer to the New World Order. Their hand is also at work busily crafting an extensive literature whose purpose is to weave seductive tales that tell the unwary that Christianity is founded on flawed doctrines and Christ is not Divine. Some authors even write books that persuade the unwary and undiscerning that Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene and fathered children whose descendants seeded the ancient royal families of Europe, especially the Merovingians and the Stuarts. That Jesus’ descendants are waiting to announce their Davidic bloodline and claim the royal seat in Jerusalem and continue David’s kingship as predicted by a divine oracle (I Sam. 25: 30; 2 Sam. 3: 9-10).

The fingerprint of Freemasonry is also upon the modern interpretations of the ancient mystical stream whose magnificent outward expression is the Gothic cathedrals and churches of Europe, seven of which comprise the Apocalyptic Configuration in Stone, which were financed by the Knights Templars and built by Craftmasons and NOT Freemasons!. For, here, in the phenomenon of the Apocalyptic Configuration in Stone, the intention of these modern Freemasons and their secret masters in the dark Empire of Secret Societies is to pervert the original pristine Ancient Wisdom by insinuating that it is all part of a sublime plan known only to them and their forbears.

That this sublime plan was to bring through the historical process, and hidden away from the cruel eyes of the Roman Catholic Church, the true nature of Christ and the religion He inspired. However, the point I make here is this:

Freemasonry and its zealots have co-opted many things to legitimise and exalt their wicked and Evil cult. They have arrogated Ancient Wisdom belonging to Knights Templars, Rosicrucians and Craftmasons and they have falsely claimed the Apocalyptic Configuration in Stone as a Freemasonic enterprise and Rosslyn their own.. And so, by such wicked works, shall the wise know that Freemasonry is truly a force for Evil.

Now, getting back to the Apocalyptic Configuration in Stone. Since each site and each cathedral represents a planetary energy they also represent the planet itself ‘As Above so Below’. That is, each planetary energy, each site, each cathedral, is the respective planet placed on a two-dimensional plane, the Earth’s surface, and so collectively draw a diagram of the positions of the planets and signs of the zodiac at a particular time and place. In short, a sort of horoscope of Mankind’s Destiny . The Apocalyptic Configuration in Stone.

Now, the curious should ask, when do the planets in the sky match this Apocalyptic Configuration in Stone? When are the positions of the cathedrals matched by the heavenly bodies? When do the bells toll for mankind?

The answer is 2015 AD .

The date when the master Craftmasons knew would be the fateful time when the Four Horsemen and the Hosts of Hell rode onto the Horizon of History.

We truly live in dangerous yet exciting times, yet very few comprehend it.

(Editor’s Note: We do not agree with much information at the overlordsofchaos site. We recommend people keep clear of everything occultic. But they deserve credit for this amazing information about the cathedrals).

More information:

Revelation of the Pyramids – Amazing Documentary. Does not mention 2015 but still very relevant.

Once again we thank Rayelan Russbacher-Allan of for providing the resources that allowed the world at large to be exposed to this information. As she has said all along, the good Knight Templars are still fighting the evil Knight Templars.

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