AARP Subliminal Commercial

Foreshadows Martial Law?





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The sound is also here:

You should wear ear phones and then you’ll hear it.

You will hear also at the very beginning:

“Citizens are urged to lock and barricade all doors, windows and any other points of entry”.


A video buff with excellent hearing hears this:

“Riots nationwide have prompted local governments to declare martial law. The president is asking that citizens find safety and remain calm. Authorities are working their hardest to contain the outbreak.”


“Wow. When I saw the thread title I was expecting it’d be a video of a guy going frame by frame, ranting, and giving really questionable interpretations of the symbolism contained within a random commercial.

But nope, it really says that (stuff). At first I thought maybe the commercial was edited. I went to AARP’s official channel and listened to it there, and I heard for myself that it contained the same content.”


Notice it says:

“Roles change, without us noticing”. 


A Reply: 

“All that training using a zombie outbreak scenario….it all makes sense now…”

Our thoughts:

“The wording of “Citizens are urged to lock all doors, windows and any other points of entry“.: would fit more with the outbreak being riots.

Which reminds us of the guy that said the people have been filled up with nanotechnology(food, water, also Coca Cola) which can be activated by cell phones.

And will turn everyone into zombies, or something similar.

This at least gives a reason for the crazy stuff people find who have Morgellon’s – check out the implant with NUMBERS on it


(Comment posted):

“I hate AARP, but this was done in post by the people at the Ad Council, which is basically a government entity.”


At 1.18:

“In the same shot, you have a picture frame. In it, the mother is wearing a jade green shirt. In front of it, a jade green ball and two jade green sticks of some sort. Next to it, the helm lamp. Plus the towels used are jade green.

Jade Helm is the military exercise they are preparing.

Helm = HELM

So you have jade (in foreground) and helm (in background), prominently and unmistakably, in the same frame. And they appear immediately after a report of martial law that has no business being in such an ad.”




Notice the wooden shoe in the middle, which is made to look unclear.

The wooden shoe, or sabot, is a symbol of sabotage by workers.

The ‘wooden shoe’ (also known as clog) was used symbolically by anarchists in the 19th and early 20th century, although it has largely faded from use since then. The French word for wooden shoe, sabot is the probable root of the word sabotage: and refers to the tactic by early Dutch unionists of throwing wooden shoes into the gears of factory or farm machinery, effectively stopping work until the equipment could be repaired.



“At 1:08 into the video. Behind the pictures on the table, there is a shadow on the panelling (wall). The shadow looks like a clock and the hands read the time of 9:30. Sept 30th?” It’s circled in white here.

Once you know where to look, you will see it best if you view it again on the video:



“You are a genius! That is so slick! WOW!

Make it big screen. It’s not a shadow – it’s there really, really faintly – it’s painted on!

THIS IS VERY SIGNIFICANT! Everyone – see it! It’s touching the top left frame of the middle photo frame, on the light gray back wall.”


Interestingly, the date of Sep 30 seems is close to the date indicated by the blood moons tetrad. 





“AARP supported Obama Care and lost 60000 people in one day.”




They did this after this story went viral and numerous people contacted them directly. They also made this comment on their website:

“This Ad Council Public Service Ad (PSA) is intended to raise awareness and better support the 42.1 million caregivers nationwide who are caring for an older parent or loved one. The pro bono ad agency that created this video used a pre-existing, fictional, vintage audio file as background noise to invoke an earlier era; it was not intended to provide any additional messaging or for any additional purpose.

We apologize for any confusion surrounding the video and hope that the audio won’t distract from the social good that has and continues to be accomplished through this Ad Council campaign.”

Our comment on their response:

This is laughable. Why the Ad Council’s commercial agency would choose to create a clip announcing martial law after nationwide riots and use it in the context of a serene public service announcement about caregiving still makes little sense.

They say it is to “invoke an earlier era”. What era are they talking about?

Pictures from the Baltimore Riots the Oligarchs Don’t Want You to See (There is hope)

12 Questions they Don’t Want Asked about the Baltimore Riots

Eg: Why were police ordered to stand down? One shopkeeper phoned the police 50 TIMES and got no help.

BALTIMORE MAYOR: “We gave those who wished to DESTROY, space to do that as well”.



Gang members speak out:

They are NOT hurting police and want to STOP the violence. So who is behind the violence? Who is flying in the thugs?



6 Walmarts Closed with No Warning – Is it Because of the Yellowstone Super Volcano?

September 24, 2015 – Approaching The Abyss – CERN, Mysterious Deaths, The French Minister & The Pope


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