We Knew it Would Happen:

Someone is Replying from Our Email Address

Pretending to be Us

by Stephanie Relfe

May 2016



I have written before about interference to people communicating with us before, including blocked and missing emails, computers crashing, dropped phone calls.

Because of that, over a year ago we added a note to the contact form that we would always acknowledge all emails, and that if you did not get an acknowledgement from us, of at least a “thank you”, then we did not get the email.

I realized then that the next step in the bad guys’ efforts to mess with our work would likely be to answer emails to us, pretending to be us. I figured it would only be a matter of time before I got evidence that that happened. That happened yesterday.

This involved a very lovely, highly intelligent lady whom I will call P. Michael and I know P. very well, and have known her for two years. I have worked with her and we have spent a lot of time with her.

Yesterday she phoned me because she had received an email that was meant to be from me, that she thought was very strange, knowing me as she does.

First I need to explain that I have had a number of email addresses over the past years. Originally I had STEPHANIE@(our family name).com, but I got too much spam, so we closed that down and changed it to SRELFE@(our family name).com.

Again, I got too much spam so again we closed that down and changed it to the current email address, over three years ago.

Going back to yesterday, P. sent me an email;

“I’m in clinic for naturopathic nutrition course today.

Was reading the attached book and on this page saw reference to your website!!!!

Made me very happy

Did you know he referenced your book ?”

She attached a photo of the page from the book with a mention of www.Relfe.com.

By mistake she sent this email to the OLD email address of SRELFE. The email did not bounce, which it should have, since we closed that account (removed it from the server) years ago.

P. forwarded me a copy of the original email, so that I could see that it was in fact sent to the SRELFE account.

P. had received a reply to that email, saying;


P. was surprised. She was used to me giving me much more enthusiastic responses than that. So she rang me to ask me if I had, in fact, received the email.

I did not know what she was talking about. I told her that the SRELFE email address was no longer in operation. Therefore it was “impossible” that the message did not bounce.

I had had hardly any emails that day, so it was very easy for me to be absolutely certain that I had not seen that email, and had not received it. I double checked, and had not received anything from her. In any case, I would not have because the email was sent to SRELFE, which was cancelled.

Therefore, I was not the one who replied, “Okay”.

We double checked that SRELFE was non existent on our server. It was. So every email to it should have bounced.

Someone was keeping all the emails sent to SRELFE. To confirm this was the case, I sent myself a test email to SRELFE. Sure enough, it did not bounce as it should have. It just vanished.

Someone was collecting emails to our cancelled SRELFE account, and replying to them to make it look as though they were coming from us.

I was quite excited by this in a way – finally I had the proof that someone was not only interfering with our emails, but actually pretending to be us! We weren’t sure before that anyone considered that what we were doing was important enough.

I asked P. to forward me the email that said, “Okay.”; but although this was only a few hours after she received it, she could not find it on her cell phone! It seemed as though she was rather shocked because of this.

We told her that TBTB (The Powers That Be) can do anything to your cell phone. This proved that she had someone watching her, and controlling her communications.

Why would they do this?

Remember that it was the military, through DARPA, who started the internet.

Note the Illuminati pyramid and all seeing eye on the logo:



The military are involved not only in the alien coverups. If we are correct, then aliens came here a long time ago to prepare for a coming major harvest of humans by aliens. If that is true, then it would make sense that they first made sure that they controlled the military and the medical system.

We now believe that many wars and holocausts were organized partly to coverup smaller alien harvests of humans; for example, Stalin was said to have murdered 60 million of his own people. If you think about how giant that number is, and what would be required to dispose of 60 million bodies, you might start to think the same way.

Earth is a farm for aliens. They run it for profit. Humans are treated like cattle (which in some way could be group karma for the way we treat other animals, caging them, eating them and taking their children from them).

Aliens are not so alien. They run corporations and use laws to entrap people. For more information, read “Aliens are not so alien.”

This is tied in with “France rules the world“, because it was Queen Elinor of Aquitaine who started the first corporation.

Note that aliens includes Nordic aliens, who look much like humans, and are generally blonde haired and blue-eyed. The Aryans Nazis are Nordic aliens. We believe that most of the videos on youtube of slit-eyed ‘reptilians’ are actually of Nordics.




10X10-white-spacer10X10-white-spacerThe most valuable resource on this planet is humans, but not just any old humans. They want special ones with special metaphysical abilities, the kind of people who read this website. We call these people “Talents” (a word we took from the Anne McCaffrey books).

There are two types of people with psychic abilities; those who get their ‘ability’ from demons (you see these sort at psychic fairs, as well as witches and black magicans), and those who have it intrinsically in them, as part of their DNA and spirit.  The evil ones are interested in the latter sort, the genuine talents.

Just like different people are better at different sports, and some really excel at them, different people are better at different metaphysical abilities, and some people really excel at different kinds of abilities.

The aliens use talents for many things; For example, they abduct them and get them to perform functions for the aliens that the talent later does not remember doing, use them for study, harvest them for DNA or sperm or eggs, or even babies.

You may remember from The Mars Records that whenever they used Michael for his Remote Viewing abilities, or when they wanted him to kill someone with his mind, they gave him a machine to augment his power. While they have machinery which can increase the power, they still need a talent (a person with metaphysical abilities) as the basis.

Different metaphysical abilities have different market values on the alien market. Common ‘garden variety’ abilities like telepathy and empathy have some value, but they are more common.

The really valuable abilities are those that have applications to the military or for use in powering black magick and their hypnotic control of earth. For example, they love having people who can open portals for them.

One particularly rare and valuable ability is to be a ‘sender’. A sender is someone who can teleport other people or objects a distance. The most valuable ones are those who can teleport people and large objects to another planet. We have met in person or on the phone a few people who we believe can do this.

Through distance muscle testing, I believe that I have been able to ascertain details of different people, such as how many abilities they have, how many rare/valuable abilities they have, and what some of them are. When discussing these results later with the people, there has been some evidence that I was correct, as the people then sometimes have come forth with experiences which matched up with the results.

We have found that the people with very rare and /or very valuable abilities, seem to have a full time staff devoted to ‘keeping them in a cage’. They at least have a team of people watching them online and/ or remote viewers watching what they do. (In this case, use your spiritual sword on the demons which give abilities to the remote viewers, and pray to end their mind control, which they are all subject to).

For example, if that person reads articles on our website, they freeze their computer. If they decide to learn kinesiology & muscle testing, they put thoughts in their head to do something else. Sometimes they schedule the person for another abduction, to get reprogrammed.

If you think you are one of these kind of people, it is absolutely imperative that you and your spouse, or at least a family member or close friend, learn how to do Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing.

Michael and I spent four years creating this training, with abductees in mind. We received a lot of spiritual attack for doing this. The system includes all of the techniques that are needed for abductees in the fight to get free, as well as to get healthy and happy. At the very least, you want to make sure you remove all booby traps.

However, you might ignore what I just said, because we have recently found that not only do people have Wernicke’s commands given them to prevent them from learning things like muscle testing which will help them, but even supposedly harmless activities which will raise vibration like art and singing! Recently we have found an extra set of commands specifically to keep away from “The Relfes” and Kinesiology.

Today and in the future, notice any resistance you feel to reading our material, as opposed to that of others. NOTE IT IN YOUR JOURNAL. You should keep a journal, just for the weird things that happen in your life, to help you to gain awareness that all this weird stuff really is happening and really is real. It is too easy to forget the things that happen to you. Hand write it. Don’t put it on a computer.

This is similar to what happened to a lady we know who is an abductee and talent.  I recommended that she attended a UFO conference, in the hope she might meet some like minded people. Although she is very intelligent and a professional person, she said that she was not able to concentrate or hear much of anything of what was said. Even though she had had plenty of sleep and was very interested, she kept falling asleep. That was due to her programming.

This happened for all speakers, except for one; Richard Dolan. 

Richard-Dolan-image (1)

(Note: There was an error in a previous edition of this article. Richard Dolan UFO investigator is not the same as Richard Dolan, performance adviser to presidents & celebrities).

Going back to them stopping people from marrying, we have found out this year that they will even go to lengths to stop a person from marrying their sweetheart, even if the couple have children; We can only assume this is because “the two become one” and there are spiritual and legal reasons why their power and the power of their children increases if they are married. If you want to get married, the quicker you can complete the event after the engagement, the better. (Michael and I got married five weeks after he proposed).

One day after communicating with someone who was having weird kinds of things happen to them, who we believed was a sender, Michael had the idea to muscle test what was the market value of a sender. The result totally shocked us. I got that a sender is worth more than a planet!

So, if that is true, you can see why it was no big deal for them to assign a team to P., to send her fake emails pretending to be from me, and to wipe that email from her cell phone afterwards.


Metatech.org - Nordics are Nazis 10X10-white-spacer


new-world-order-mind-control-commands 10X10-white-spacer



Please download the free booklet on Removing Alien and Military Mind Control Commands. This is a direct download without signing up for anything. Only then will you understand why this information will never be discussed on any UFO or Conspiracy site and will never be touched by broadcasters like Alex Jones, Jeff Rense or George Noory.

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