Richard Hoagland on the “Age of Horus”

(Note: We are reposting this older article, because it relates to what happened on Sep 23, 2015)

Hoagland has written an excellent series of articles which have loads of information that is important to us all with regard to earth changes.

Title: The “Age of Horus” dawns or “The Time is now”

Hoagland starts off by discussing the last US election, and how desperate both parties were to win THAT election. Here’s Hoagland:

“So why, given this well-known political history, are both current candidates apparently so desperate to achieve the Presidency of the United States in this “Turn of the Millennium” election? Both are certainly still young enough to attempt another run for the White House in four years. Bush especially, with virtually half the Country expressing a desire to have him be the next President, is in an extraordinarily strong position to come back in 2004 and revisit the closest U.S. election in history. What could motivate them both to potentially throw it all away in a desperate power play right now — at the probable expense of their place in history and their standing with the people who elected them (and who could elect them again!)? And what of the serious, looming national crisis of “illegitimacy” overhanging any attempt — by either man — to govern after this bitterly contested election?

The answer, strangely enough, lies not in present day America but in the vast ancient sands of post-diluvial Egypt and Sumer. What we are seeing here is not merely the use of “any and all means” to obtain the powers of the day, but rather a playing out of an ancient symbolic conflict that will inevitably consume all the rest of us … whether we know of it or not!

Let’s start with the term “president” itself: from our previously published, extensive historical and mythological research we now know this title directly derives from ancient Egyptian mythology, being one of the many terms for Osiris, the “god of the dead” himself. The actual title is “Osiris, President (First) of the Westerners” –“Westerners” being a term referring to those who died in Egypt and were subsequently buried on the Western side of the Nile. The term “First” (president) is especially interesting, as a close reading could also apply it to Osiris’ son, Horus, who was his “first son.” So, in this context, “president” could also be directly translated as “Horus!”

What we are seeing play out in Florida, we believe, from our previous research into this entire issue of the historically-documented Masonic/Egyptian origins of the office of “President (First) of the United States,” is nothing less than a battle among self-appointed “gods,” Gore and Bush, over who gets to be “Horus” at the “end of days!”

And make no mistake, we are truly at The End of Days. We have waited nearly a year now to reveal what we have come to know (and yet still have an incredibly hard time believing …). The “Millennium” (as popularly perceived on January 1) just past, was NOT an insignificant, arbitrary event. It was, in fact, a specific marker set up as a “final warning” of what is to come, of “the Eternity, before which we stand upon the Brink …”

This political chaos currently playing out on global television is not merely a conflict between two competing social or economic philosophies. From our research, it is nothing less than a competition for “the soul of the human race,” a war over who gets to be in control when the cataclysm strikes, who gets to ensure that their side ultimately survives …”

Other things Hoagland mentions:

Talks about the huge show that was put on in Times Square at the beginning of the millenium, and how there was all kinds of hidden Egyptian messages for people “in the know”.

Another more important Masonic show was put on by Bill Clinton in Washington at the base of the Lincoln Memorial. Clinton referred to Egypt, Horus etc. “and perhaps even a portent of an impending pole shift”.

Here’s an important interpretation of this ceremony that had all kinds of messages (have to read the article to see how he gets to this conclusion): “the strong suggestion that those watching both on the Mall and over TV are “soon to be carried away on the wings of Pegasus to be judged by Osiris”- (that is, are soon to die).

Another quote:

“If in fact the Earth were to experience a pole shift, as is now publicly acknowledged to have happened in the past, one of the likely effects would be the temporary cessation of the planet’s rotation. If this were to happen, the possibility is fairly high that the Sun could seem to RISE IN THE WEST on that fateful day”.

“So, does the rising of “Horus” in the West – aligning with EQ Pegasi – mean that somebody is telling us that we will experience death by pole-shift and be judged by Osiris?”

Part II goes on to show that “we live in a very special time”.Hoagland says that there was an amazing alignment of Sirius on the Giza meridian at PRECISELY THE TURN OF THE NEW MILLENIUM. He goes on to show that this was ONLY possible by the fact that our entire system of time, the “Gregorian calendar” we use today, was apparently specifically designed – LITERALLY THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO – so as to arrange the precise astronomical conditions around which this one UNIQUE celestial event would happen.

To quote:

“But it is clear that Dinoysius did not actually set his “Christian Era” by what he thought was the birth year of Christ. Instead, working with these Egyptian educated astronomers, he looked forward in time to the fourth Phoenix Cycle from the time of the one closest to Christ’s birth, 2000 AD, and certainly saw the passing of Sirius on the “once in forever” meridian at Giza.

Working back in Phoenix cycles to the year 1 AD, he set that year as the year of Christ’s birth and ignored the reality of his birth in what became 7 BC. In order to disguise this blatantly Egyptian (and hence “Pagan”) influence, he invented the terms AD and BC to wrap this pagan system in an air of Christian respectability. In other words, the “Christian Era” dates not from “the birth of Christ” forward, but rather from the all-important 2000 AD Sirius meridian passage at Giza — backward!”

Read the five articles with lots of great pictures at:


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