Conversations with Scientist Initiates –

Brain and technology Update

Day 1



The following “conversations” contain much valuable information and astonishing details about behind-the-scenes purposes and functionings of TVs, phones, faxes, computers — among many other things.

Hang in there — this report is worth checking out in detail. Save it to a file and print it out for later reading and study, if necessary.

The “Order” which the group of researchers and scientists belong to may seem a little weird, but as far as I can tell, they appear to be a positive group — trying to ALERT the public about the NWO elites’ PLAN for ENSLAVEMENT of the world’s population.

For further information, visit Valdamir Valerian’s excellent LEADING EDGE RESEARCH website — from which this information was obtained:

This took place in 1994, over 20 years ago. Read and understand that this technology has had more than 20 years to influence and control the population.


1.  Introduction to the Scientist-Initiates

2.  Revelations of the Clementine Moon Mission

3.  Surveillance Technology and EM Phase Conjugation

4.  USAF 1993-1994 Recon Over the United States

5.  Refurbishment of Abandoned U.S. Military Bases

6.  Communications Media Switching to Photonic Technology

7.  Mind and Behavior Control Potential of the Telephone

8.  Subliminals Inserted Into Television Broadcasting

9.  Brain Research and Related Topics

10.  Brain Research Tools Currently in Use

11.  National Security Agency Brainwave Targeting Technology

12.  Magnetic Components of Brain Activity

13.  Magnetic Fields of the Human Brain

14.  Magnetic-Acoustical Resonance Chambers in the Human Brain

15.  The Mid-Brain Cavity as a Hyperspacial Bridge Structure

16.  Sono-Chemistry and Advances in Neurophysics

17.  Neurological Magnetic Fields and Altered States of Consciousness

18.  The Effect of Television and VDT’s on Human Genetic Structure

19.  New Theories of Biological Cell Morphology

20.  The Six-Fold Structure of Cell Morphology

21.  Cellular Photonic Emission

22.  The Phenomenon of Synesthesia

23.  Psycho-Acoustical and Luminal Brain Entrainment

24.  The Effect of Classical Music on Human RNA and DNA

25.  Light, Color and the Geometric Harmony of Brain Waves

26.  The Effect of Classical Music on the Human Immune System

27.  Application of Magnetic Fields for Induction of Cerebral Hyperfunctions

28.  Mind and Behavior Control Potential of the Telephone

29.  A Warning About Virtual Reality Helmets and Devices

30.  The Use of Orthogonal Scalars and Brain Entrainment

31.  A Description of the Montauk Delta-T Antenna System

32.  Related to the Behavior Control of Populations

33.  A Review of the Work of Dr. Jose Delgado

34.  Induction of Rage and Anger States In Order to Manipulate Populations

35.  Government Use of Rage Induction on Populations

36.  The Work of Skinner on Behavior Modification

37.  Technological Mimicking of Human Hormones to Induce Population Behavior

38.  Individual Electromagnetic Signatures

39.  Human Body Fields and Thought Processes

40.  The Brain as a Scalar Wave Transducer

41.  Hyperbolic Channels in the Human Body and Relation to Chakra Points

42.  Finer Fields Within Human Cellular Structure

43.  Why the Government Is Interested in Brain Research

44.  Tactical Implications of New Science and Technology

45.  Protocols for Planetary Population Genocide

46.  The Art Generating Technolog cally Caused Biological Plagues

47.  Telegeodynamics: Technological Creation of Natural Disasters

48.  Current Trends in Political and Economic Control

49.  Description of Electromagnetic Control Measures Started in 1995

50.  Project “Holy See” and the Techno-Spiritual Hoodwinking of the Population

51.  Confusion of the Population With Synthetic Spirituality

52.  Personal Protection from Electromagnetic Control Protocols

53.  Technological Requirements for Protection from EM Control Protocols

54.  Description of the Takyon Capsule





Leading Edge Research Group is once again privileged to be allowed to bring you details from a meeting conducted in September 1994 in Chicago, USA, attended by underground, unorthodox scientists and researchers in various disciplines, namely, Physics, Geophysics, Astrophysics, Biophysics, Metallurgy, Materials Science, Parapsychology, Paraphysics, Geopolitical Science and Metaphysics. To protect the identities of the scientists and researchers, only their titles, degrees and gender has been disclosed; this was a joint endeavour between many very talented men and women who represent an international group of concerned scientists and researchers who, by necessity, meet on an annual basis to dicuss issues relative to the critical decade of the 1990s.  Leading Edge does not know the names or identities of these scientists and researchers.

Some of the information discussed herein is available in the open scientific literature, but is very carefully concealed, often in obscure journals not usually sanctioned or accepted by the orthodox or mainstream scientific community. Other information herein has been obtained through private communication, by virtue of synchronistic events between individuals, and by way of radio communications, especially shortwave radio (talk shows).

Finally, and most importantly, the purpose of this group of researcher and scientists, who belong to a Hermetic Order (NOT a Masonic order), is strictly to inform, educate and alert interested individuals that wish to know, to will, to dare and to be discreet relative to the knowledge they have acquired. It is only knowledge and awareness that will dispel fear and truly liberate an individual from self-bondage and potential enslavement by those would-be-enslavers. The Order categorically states that they do not interfere in human affairs, as that would violate the Sacred Law of FREE WILL. Again,


*   *   *


Dr.A – New York City – Winter Solstice 1994

Dr.A: Last year around the Autumn Equinox (22 September 1993), a private conclave of scientists and initiates from a secret society (a Hermetic Gnostic Magickal Order dating back to antiquity) was held in a far suburb of New York.1  Many scientists and reSearchers from various countries, researchers in the physical and social sciences, met to discuss matters of great interest in regards to all that is occurring today on our troubled planet. The meeting was held in New York; normally, we have always met in Europa in the past – England, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Russia and even in Turkey and Morocco. However, because of the emphasis of world affairs has been centred on America for the past five years, we decided to have the conclave in America, in New York City.

This year, by specific instructions of the Regents of the Order, we held the meeting in Chicago, in a far north suburb of the city. Again, this year it is occurring in the USA because it is still the centre of critical scientific and technological innovations that have to do with promoting One World Order, control and domination. Since this endeavour is an ignoble one, and affects us all, we must, by necessity, keep abreast of all of these developments so we can protect ourselves, for we believe in the Law of One and the Sacred Law of Free Will.  We never have, do not, and will never interfere in world affairs; that is a major dictum of our Sacred Order. We do, however, help those individuals that want to be helped, provided they possess a Pure Heart, Soul and Spirit. This we do by proving information or arranging synchronistic events for chance contacts with suitable individuals that would naturally drift towards each other in their worldly endeavour — oftentimes in very colourful ways!

Sometimes we also grant favours by allowing some individuals to use our superb, yet camouflaged libraries, for as the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians practiced secret writing codes, there are Libraries within libraries!

In as much as Masonic Orders in the 17th century and onwards concentrated on recruiting politicians, military, aristocrats and wealthy individuals, our Order has been primarily composed of the scientific intelligentsia, pioneers in the scientific community with a deep sense of genuine love for humankind, nature and God.  However, as one would expect, these rare individuals are mostly unorthodox researchers on the inside or orthodox researchers on the outside, because to keep tenure, grants and diplomated degrees, one must be part of the orthodoxy. Our Order demands and requires absolute secrecy of membership, unlike other orders that oftentimes even boast of their membership, grades and degrees. We are totally anonymous, as are our temples and schools. Their locations are secret, protected by truly hyperspatial and ultraspatial force fields, impossible to detect and locate by any technology known to man today.

We learned these tricks of secrecy and camouflage from our Eastern brethren, for in olden times, in Asia and Europe, invisibility and camouflage was necessary to survive. This became imperative in Europa during the time of Santa Hermandad, Holy Office or Inquisitions. The Manchus in China also persecuted Taoists in the 16th century. So, for the record, we are NOT a Masonic, radical, revolutionary, or paramilitary group. We ARE only an ancient Hermetic Gnostic Magickal Order concerned with the intellectual and spiritual evolution of mankind.

The so-called Books of the Order are the Emerald Tablet of Hermes, the Pyramid Scrolls, the I Ching, the Tao-Te-Ching and Hua-Hu-Ching of Lao-Tzu, the Tai Chin Hua Tsung Chih(4), Theogonia Geometria(5) and the Codex Urensis(6). These seven books are the foundation of the Order. The true Gnosis is contained in one single Tablet – the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus, the ancient Ionian Sage.

Unlike purported, spurious translations of the Emerald Tablet which comprise many verbose, meaningless pages, this sacred document contains in one single page the entire knowledge of the universe. Its language is symbols, glyphs and coded Alchemical lexicon. The original tablet was created by Hermes himself, and was made of sand that had been alchemically changed into Emerald – hence the name. It disappeared mysteriously, but has been preserved in our main temple for thousands of years – that in itself was a miracle arranged by Hermes himself.

It is the source of the true Gnosis(7), and a translation in German, English, Russian, Chinese and Turkish was made available for the first time in 1970 by our Order.  Previously, the only available translation from ancient times was in classical Greek or Arabic. The so-called Emerald Tablet of the Chaldean Recension is a duplicate, a copy of the original, not in Ionian Gnostic symbols but in Chaldean symbols. Hence, something was lost in the translation, but has been restored by our Order in 1970 and made available to a few select individuals that could use the information wisely.  It was released in Chicago, the location of our North American headquarters, for the USA. But now, it is moving to the West Coast, as dictated by the high chiefs of the Order, the location having been meticulously selected by the Mega Arkons themselves.

(Note by Michael Relfe – This group claims a connection to beings called “Mega Arkons”. Archons are demonic entities also known as “powers, principalities, kingdoms, thrones, dominions” Ephesians 6:12 KJV Bible. So while reading this transcript, it appears that these researchers have superior technological capabilities, but inferior spiritual understanding.)

It is worthwhile to note that all the Ancient Mystery Schools and Temples were located in great mountains, near great mountains or, when no mountain was available, an artificial mountain was constructed. That was the primary reason for constructing the Pyramids of Giza. Why were mountains – the Himalayas, the Andes and the Alps – so sacred and special to the ancients? Mountains are not only great repositories of condensed gravitational energy due to their great mass, but also they create local distortions in the space-time continuum that, combined with Earth Grid Energy, make anti-gravity easily attainable and provide for local time warps necessary for Magickal initiations and astral/etheric travel. This is possible because of the focusing of centrifugal components of the Coreolis force related to Earth spin.  Furthermore, large mountains are accumulators of cosmic energy, that fancy, nebulous New Age term.

Basically, cosmic energy is nothing other than higher-order cosmic rays composed of Takyons and Ante-matter(8,9), not the lower-order radioactive particles that are harmful to humans, animals and plants.

At mountains, an exchange of Gravitons and electrical charges occurs within the ionosphere, much the same as electron-positron emission and absorption occur on sharp metallic points. That is why the air in the mountains is so fresh, cool and invigorating. It contains an excess of electrons – negative ions – in the air surrounding its folds. Unlike deserts, where there are mostly positive ions, in forests and near waterfalls and mountains there is a profusivity of electrons and negative ions, as well as fresh air to breathe.

Perhaps the artificial mountains of Giza were also built to maintain a gravitational as well as electrostatic balance.  The last reason, of course, is that great peaks in the Andes,  Himalayas, Alps and other places are interconnected by an immense network of underground tunnels built by ancient civilizations that lived here thousands of years ago. It is not generally known that Mt. Everest, Aconcagua, Illimani, Mt.Hood, Mt. Rainier and Mt. McKinley are all interconnected by this immense network of underground tunnels that also connect with the Giza and other pyramids throughout the world. Maybe now it becomes clear why great Mystery Schools were located near these gravitational colossi!

The most important archeological discoveries this year (1994) have been made in Egypt, at the Sphinx. In October 1994, while endeavouring to repair the side of the Sphinx, a worker discovered an ancient tunnel. Professor Zahi Hawass, chief antiquarian, said the passage was extremely old, dating to Pharonic times. Exploration of this passage will be done in February 1995, provided the authorities don’t change their mind.  As it is now, Egyptologists stand on very shaky ground due to the discoveries of maverick Egyptologist Anthony West and colleagues, who found water erosion on the sides of the Sphinx dating from at least 10,000 years ago, when the plain of Giza was a rain forest, not a desert. I think everybody should see the documentary video released in 1994 called “Mysteries of the Sphinx”, which summarizes the research of West and associates. To see Egyptologists feel embarrassed and cornered by the evidence is worth the price of this excellent 85-minute video(10).  It seems that the Hall of Records is about to make its appearance!

To close, I wish to point out that our researchers doing presentations are both native Americans, or foreign-born, like myself, but they all have lived in and visited the US to study and become familiar with all the scenarios going on, both in front and behind the scenes.  The emphasis is on the United States, because it is a trend-setter in technology, especially Tactical technology.  That is why we have focused our attention on Western research primarily, for it affects the whole world. We must know what the secret plans of governments and military are, so we can protect ourselves wisely.

Finally, the tape recordings of the meetings have been transcribed with a modicum of coherency and unity, and also to eliminate the foreign accents and idiom of our overseas visitors for the benefit of readers. However, we do not dare change their peculiar idiosyncrasies, for that is their privilege of expression. We cannot and do not edit what a human being says or how they say it, even if it is incorrect.  After 2,000 years of good grammar and syntax, people still cannot communicate with each other, and war seems to be the only answer to frustrated spoken or written words.

Those who commit atrocities with their editorial pens would never print out controversial information, and those pedantic iconoclasts that insist on proper grammar, diction and syntax would distort our writings, as the ancient scribes distorted Holy Writ. That is why we have entrusted Val Valerian to publish our material “as is”, for we have followed his publications closely, and we feel he is brave, courageous and a wise researcher and publisher.


1,2,3:  Published as “Conversations Between Research Scientists” in Leading Edge #63 & 64; the material you are reading now is brand new material. Back issues are available.

4: “The Secret of the Golden Flower” by the immortal Lu Tung-Pin. A manual on Meditation.

5: A rare Greek treatise by Pythagoras/Proclus on Sacred Geometry.

6: A classic from Ur, a rare Babylonian manuscript on astrophysics and science.

7: Gnosis = To Know, in terms of Ancient Wisdom.

8: An accurate representation is found in the text of Unified Field, Part 8, Leading Edge #72.

9: Ante-matter is not the same as Anti-matter. See diagrams in Matrix III and IV.

10: Write “Sphinx”, P.O. Box 2249, Livonia, Michigan 48151, or call 1-800-508-0558 for information.



Dr.A: Welcome, again, Ladies and Gentlemen, to the USA. Welcome to Chicago! This is the second year in the history of our Hermetic Gnostic Order, both the I.O. and O.O., that we have had our annual meetings outside Europa. This is so because we see that, per our own historical annals, the times are indeed indicative of great change and forthcoming global turmoil, both political as well as cosmic. I am sure you all know what I am talking about. In behalf of Herr Professor Doktor N., who will be here with the Mega Arkons for the Equinox event, I extend a warm Bienvenu/Welcome to you, especially our distinguished visitors from the far East and CCCP. As Dr. H indicated,  this may be the last time we meet in scientific and Magickal conclave as a large group, 55 visitors and our local US 9, a total of 64 — I Ching Ba Kua coincidence, perhaps?

As you all know by now, 1994 has been very eventful and colourful for our groups worldwide. It has been tragic for some of our members, since two of their close friends and associates departed to the Inner Planes prematurely. Last year, because of Ex Cathedra pronouncement by the Mega Arkons (Chief Hierophants), it was decided to make some of the technical details of the meeting available to a selected public in the international research community – unorthodox community, I must emphasize – not the academicians and orthodox community, of which some of us are members of but quite De Congnito (secretly and anonymously) as decreed by the strict rules of the Order.

We have been monitoring underground publications in both the US and abroad, and we decided to publish said extracts and selections in English, German, Polish, Turkish, Russian and Chinese. This year we have added Hindi to our multilingual editions, thanks to Sri Dr. S., who is also a Tantric Yogin and Master of Sanscrit from Baranashi (Benares). As English is becoming a Hieractic language, we feel that those conversant with English will get the info from the American publication, but our Eastern Brethren, where we have Great Schools, Temples and Tradition – they need their own tongue to know what is
going on in the Western world. You chaps from Oxford that speak Sanskrit, Namaste!

We have also been monitoring and kept a close watch on individuals in various countries, researchers that have connected with the Hermetic Gnostic current in one way or another, and whose research has the flavour of Ancient Wisdom coloured with modern science. We have found five individuals that meet these requirements. Some are known, some are unknown and chose to remain so. These persons are Dr. Jose Arguelles, an associate of the great Chinese I Ching scholar, the late Alex Kigh Diegh, a phenomenal authority on calendrical non-linear time. For years he published the I Ching Book of Days, a masterpiece. Now, Dr. Arguelles is the foremost authority in Mayan Calendrics.

The next one is Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, a Britisher like myself, and perhaps the most controversial bio-scientist today. The British Journal Nature called him a renegade scientist, a heretic. Nature’s editor on the BBC said: His works should be condemned because he is a heretic — like Galileo! This is on record – can you imagine that. Atomic Age? He is of course the author of the theory of morphogenetic fields (1) and morphic resonance, a sort of Unified Field of Biology. In a capsule, his heresy is that information (consciousness) exists outside the body and in-forms the DNA!

The other chap is a research associate of a friend of one our members of the Outer Order, a Greek chap by the name of Kostas T. Lambrakis, PhD, ScD., who has advanced the most outrageous and controversial theory yet about Unified Field Theory based on the Einstein-Bohm paradigm. He argues that Hilbert-and-Bohm Imaginary Space is more real than the Real Vector Phase Space of Quantum Mechanics, and that Consciousness is, in essence, the Bohm Super-Quantum Potential, hence infinite Holographic Information Continuum, hence Universal Intelligence, hence God! And, therefore, Consciousness is the Unifying Factor of All Fields — which are imaginary constructs! (2)

Then follows the enigmatic Carlos Castenada, who is by now a Shaman, Brujo or Nagual. His works are superlative, and his dream research truly verging on the Hermetic Gnosis. His teacher, Don Juan, I might add, was a pupil and disciple of our own I.O. member, the South American Shaman from Peru, X.X..  We feel his influence and teachings will be of great help to the masses, especially the dream work, when the Space-Time Continuum shifts begin to occur. Finally, the last chap is a Chinese scientist who is very close to discovering the secret of Antigravity and Free Energy, but must remain anonymous. We are keeping close tabs on these individuals, for they have tapped the True Gnosis.

What the Order does is to see that these researchers receive the information and inspiration they need to flourish.

Since last years meeting, there have been a few fabulous breakthroughs in the sciences, some research being open and public, some being private, and some being highly classified.  We will discuss what seems to be of immediate benefit to our own research endeavours in both physics, paraphysics, metaphysics and cognate sciences.

Of great interest to the biophysics and neuroscience community is the amazing brain research and theories derived therefrom. Also a few theoreticians have advanced outrageous, radical departures from even unorthodox research. The work of our Russian colleagues, the pioneer research on cell morphology by the American biophysicist/materials scientist Tomas Landh, the controversial brain research of the American neurologist Richard Cytowic, the theoretical exploits of Consciousness mediated by quantum mechanical wave phenomena in microtubules by Professor Penrose of Oxford, and the Takyon-mediated models of superluminal perineural transport in psychic phenomena of Dr. Lambrakis, and, the nebulous applications of the marriage of silicon neural networks with biological neural networks of US classified brain research. Also, the amazing research of the military researcher, Dr. Eldon Byrd, and the novel concept of biological trauma (3) by Samuel Lentine.

One research endeavour that has been a dilemma to discuss or talk about is the present status of artificial intelligence, cybernetics, computer microchip research, and the electronic computerised communications and information networks, such as the Internet (4), and similar information networks, because they are heavily intricated with military, intelligence and defence departments involving national security of many nations.  To make matters worse, some of these projects are either directly or indirectly associated with very unusual brain and genome research.  This leads into the realm of genetic engineering, and this seems to be a hot topic in many quarters.  Some of the implications of these projects are so bizarre as to sound unbelievable, and even smack of science fiction. (5)

However, we have decided to discuss some of these topics following the computer hackers credo, that is really quite sensible, that information wants to be free!  So, we shall see how that flows in the context of this week’s meetings. I say, for all you chaps — and ladies — that have been involved in military protocols and maneuvres, we will simply say when the time for said discussion comes: Carry on, blokes! and quietly add, May the Great Spirit guide you!.

These highly specialised topics will be presented by the various members presenting papers in this informal symposium, and, last but not least, because of the great import to us all, the present status of planet Earth in regards to ecology, habitats, and a most alarming seismic scenario, the much talked about but very poorly understood and speculated topic of the photon band in the Seven Sisters system of the Pleiades centred by its Sun, Alcione.

As the Sage Lao Tzu stated in his extremely rare Hua Hu Ching, one of the Orders Sacred Books, the Final Age of Confusion, the 90s, is here and it is becoming more confusing and alarming day by day. All we need do, I say, is to see the chaos and war in the whole world, America, Europa, Asia, Afrika and, last but not least, for the cognoscenti, in outer space!

This year, since the locale for our meeting is Chicago, the Chairman will naturally be a local member, in this case, the most illustrious Dr. D, who was a very young man when he first met the tenured Herr Professor Doktor Einstein in Princeton.  He has a very profound knowledge of two things: relativity and acoustics, especially Baroque music, for he is a very accomplished organist. Thank you for your patience with my long introduction. I seldom get to see and talk to such a numerous gathering of great scientists and initiates under one roof in this faraway suburb of Chicago. It is my pleasure to welcome you. And now, ladies and gentlemen, our chairman for the week, Dr. D. (loud applause and multi-lingual cheers).

Dr D: Thank you, Dr. A, for your meticulous introduction. Id say it was not long, but extremely informative in setting the tone and mood for this unique meeting. Will Dr. B please have the visual aids, projectors and video equipment ready?  Thank you. At this point, we invite you to pick a special folder and notebook with the schedule of events and speakers for the week. We will commence immediately with the first speaker, then we will have a coffee break. Any questions?

Yes, Mrs. Dr.L?

Mrs.Dr.L:  What is that dark purple glow around the entire house and garden that extends all the way to the access roadway? To the outside street?

Dr D: Ahhh!  Mrs. Dr. L is obviously clairvoyant! It is a Takyonic Force Field created by a special Delta-T and Delta-Wye Transforms, Unified Field Devices. You see, we don’t use commercial electricity. We have our own special magnetic motors, and our power supply is not 60Hz. It is much higher. This type of electricity is called electrum.

That feeling of coolness and calmness you feel is the protective force field, Tesla field if you will. This was the brainchild of Dr. G, the nuts and bolts engineer who designed the field converter motors and electrical wiring, appliances, and converters for all our installations.

This seemingly luxurious mansion is really our research laboratory.

Does anyone see the force field?  Ah, yes, Ms. Dr C and a few others. I’m glad you noticed it. We always use it. You will also notice the windows are slightly tainted with a special vacuum-deposited thin film.  That is a natural filter for optimising the harmonic frequencies of visible light in the blue-green range. All houses should have it!

Is everyone ready now?  Good!

Dr D: Ladies and gentlemen, to begin, we will have a general scientific and technological overview of the most pertinent topics to our common interests since our last meeting in September 93.

There is no more qualified person for this birds eye view than our physicist and diplomated engineer Herr Dr. G, who keeps tabs on all electronic and far out developments with his own invention, or electronic sniffer as he calls it. It is my pleasure to present Herr Dr. G, formerly from Leipzig, the home of Johann Sebastian Bach. Dr G, please. (Hearty applause)

Dr G: Thank you Dr. D and Dr. A for the welcome address and setting the tone of this great meeting. Last year we met in New York because of the great pastries, right? This year is Chicago, maybe because of famous Pizza Italiana or Mexican food, yes? Very clever, ya? (General laughter and jokes).

Ladies and gentlemen, you all have been following the technological developments via our monthly private Ordus Charta communication, but let me discuss items that we could not discuss at the time that are of foremost importance to us, especially in the light of what Dr. A said in his introduction in regards for the 1995 world events. Besides the pizza, we met here because of Dr. N’s crucial plans for the Order, and also because some of us wanted to visit and sniff around (laughter) with some friends at Batavia, Argonne and U of C(6), totally unofficially, of course. As Dr. A indicated, we may not be able to do so leisurely in the future. It seems Chicago is a time bomb just waiting …


To begin, the Clementine moon mission revealed most unusual info, which was promptly censored by NASA, but, as always, the news leaked out.

Those gigantic crystal structures, a couple of hundred meters tall, are none other than Gravitational Landau Wave Transducers.  I’m sure our Soviet colleagues agree on that. Since, as un-romantic as it may sound, the moon is not a true satellite of Earth, but merely a highly sophisticated spacecraft, built of steel and titanium, it was concluded that it was placed there as a gravitational stabilizer for Earth. By whom?  Obviously by a pre-eminent and extremely advanced civilisation.

It is obvious that there is atmosphere in there, because of the dust, the undulations in the flags (suggesting wind), the footprints, and the EM/IR spectra, which reveals molecular vibrations of oxygen, nitrogen and carbonic anhydride (carbon dioxide). Landau waves are quantum mechanical relativistic phenomena related to gravitational pressure, in its most general, simple formulation.

What is most interesting is that crystalline structures can be, probably are, electromagnetic gravitational transducers (EMGT) that most likely stabilize the wobble and Chandler mutations of the Earth. Ya. I think that the crystals were synthetically grown, and are most likely silicium di-oxide, or quartz. This has tremendous implications in the use of synthetic crystals as gravitational and anti-gravitational EMGT. Therein, ladies and gentlemen, lies the secret of antigravity. In crystals! That is why most UFOs have fined-tuned crystals as their critical EMGT in addition to their magnetic motors. Maybe, some craft only use crystals as motors. Klatu Barada Nikto? We wonder how Richard Hoagland is going to handle this one. He is playing a very low profile lately. Wonder why…

Please bear this in mind. Crystals and sound may be a simple way to create antigravity in the lab bench. Of course, this also links crystals to scalar waves, soliton waves, takyon waves and technology thereof.

Remember this, ya? Maybe the New Age belief in crystals as good luck charms and cosmic energy condensers may not be too far off.


Now, let’s talk about electronic surveillance technology. You all saw or read “Mark from Michigan’s” video/info7. Well, in Germany, Israel and the CCCP, new technology has developed that now with microcrystal transceivers you can listen to anyone, anywhere in the world. Example, you drop the microcrystal in the Piazza di San Pietro and you can hear any conversation of the Roman Curia, the Pope or the servants in their quarters while sitting at a monitor in Sidney! Can anyone locate the microcrystal transceiver? No! Only the one who placed it — if he remembers exactly where! It is practically impossible to track or find its location, for its signals go to a satellite first!

The Israelites are the inventors of this gem, and it only works on one single frequency, but not in the Hertzian EM spectrum. Solitonic Scalars!

The Americaners NRO/NSA have a similar, but bulkier transceiver for video surveillance, about 5 mm wide. It is rumored that every house will have one of these for absolute video surveillance.

For audio, the ordinary telephone does a 24 hour surveillance on anyone while on the hook, its normal position. Taps are past history. Also, there is a function in all TV’s that can be turned on remotely if a King or a President needs to address the country in an emergency.8

There are also eavesdropping surveillance functions even if the TV is disconnected and unplugged from the AC socket. Ladies and gentlemen, they have not missed one single small detail, and all of this was planned in the 1950s and 1960s!

Next, the surveillance of currency, cash, gold and silver bullion/coins is truly masterful! Many countries, like Germany and England, have a metallic strip on the notes that is easy to locate. Removing it renders the note valueless.  However, in America, since there has been worldwide counterfeiting of US dollars, the method is now different. They have inserted a coded strip of platinum-mylar composite in situ. All    denominations have that now.

Where do people put their money in their homes? In their steel safes, right?  So, a “seeing eye” was developed to “see” what is inside steel walls. An x-ray laser micropulse, which diverges to about 90cm (36in), is sent to locate the safe. Then a narrower beam is sent where the safe is and the “read density” function is activated. Thus, the modulated beam can read the density of coded strips and know how many $100s, $50s, $20s, gold bars, silver coins, etc., you have in your safe. If you don’t have a safe, and you hide your money under the mattress or elsewhere, it is even easier to locate.

Since all this technology involves phase conjugation non-linear electromagnetics, all of this takes place in about one to three minutes from a van/auto parked 1,000 feet from your house! Phase conjugation means that the wave you send is self-referencing and returns immediately almost at the speed of light. Obviously, they wanted to use this technology for the IRS boys, but only the NRO/NSA/CIA have exclusivity to this amazing technology. The same thing can be done from a helicopter. Some of these machines are being used by immigration agencies at the Canadian and Mexican borders already since early 1993.

When someone has too much cash hidden, they stop them and interrogate them. So, do travel lightly with not much cash on you. Travelers cheques are ok, because they are not yet detectable — I think?

Dr. E: What about lining your safe with lead or hiding your money in a lead container?

Dr G: Not a very good idea! If they locate lead boxes/containers, they know you are trying to hide something. So? They can have IRS officers come unexpectedly and force you to open your safe and impound your funds. Worse yet, they can come and open your safe easily, or even steal it. Remember, they are highly skilled super-technological professionals. And they are extremely intelligent. They are not called “intelligence agencies” in vain! This is how they secretly locate, raid and rob the drug lords. They are the intelligence “robin hoods”.

They do steal from crooks and keep it for their own agencies. They are masters at this. You’ll never hear this on the news, and no crooks or Mafioso is going to report it to the police, ya?  They are after big money! They have even robbed banks! You see, they have these space-time black boxes whereby they can come and go as they please anywhere in the world. The average Hans Smith is not their target – only people they suspect or know they have lots of cash stashed away. I think there is a new law in America that says you can’t have more than $3,000 cash, or something like that.9  Other countries are also instituting similar laws. Check and see how much is allowed. Not sure.

Ms Dr.C:  This sounds terrible! How can I protect my 11-year-olds piggy bank? (Loud laughter). I think he’s got a few hundred dollars put away for his favorite model airplanes. Can they take children’s money too?

Dr G:   Well … I don’t think they would steal piggy banks, but the IRS might! (laughter again). You see, Dr. C, it is the adults they want to control absolutely. Children then are naturally controlled by proxy. But, interesting point, many professionals and adults have ” dropped out” of the system. Some are radicals, others are religious fundamentalists, others paramilitary rebels, terrorists, or simply just patriotic citizens – patriots!

If you drop out of the banking system, the best way to hide your cash, or gold bullion, since so many people invest in gold, the thing not to do is (a) rent a safety box in a bank and (b) don’t hide your money in your apartment or house if you live in as big city, or any city. You can’t hide it there anywhere! Move to the suburbs or the country. Here we have to borrow the lore of Ancient Magicians and blend it with high-tech — Babylonian style!


Furthermore, you will remember that in late 1993 and early 1994, the Air Force conducted many national reconnaissance (operations) at very low altitude flights all over the country, but especially in the East Coast, Mid-West and Southwest. Our operatives inform us that these humongous black bombers are equipped with very sensitive infrared sensors and other sophisticated electronics to detect illegal drug laboratories or marihuana growing operations. Also, undergrounds and tunnels where paramilitary groups may have constructed hiding places or stashed firearms, explosives, food, or created tactical headquarters. All State and National Parks are already booby trapped with electronic gear to detect fugitives, dissidents, criminals or radicals that “run to the hills” and hide from authorities or the system.

The Infrared Topographic Imaging Satellites (IRTIS) have already started their spying operations at the local, state and municipal level. These satellites, as all satellites do, broadcast in the microwave range, and are capable of a thermal resolution of 0.5 C, and are able to detect fluid motion accurately, within inches! In Washington State, in Clark County, Vancouver, the satellite spotted about 58,000 septic tanks that were defective or leaking, and this info was promptly related to the County Health officials for their use.10

In other words, ladies and gentlemen, now we have heavenly Federal spying via satellites at state and county levels. This is the next form of control and enforcement of the ridiculous and outrageous ordinances being passed all over the country and the county level.

The aerial infrared/thermal topographic and depth scans/photos can also monitor and detect underground sewer functions and provide a precise record on a monthly basis, which includes not only the cities but the countryside as well.

So, you can’t get away from the government agencies even if you live in the forests! Lo and behold! No matter where you are, you will be required to buy a permit even if you are building a dog house, for with their satellite monitors, they can spot any construction change within feet, even inches of resolution! 1984 again? Oregon is now being monitored as well. For some reason, the Pacific Northwest is the testing ground for satellite surveillance operations. It could be because of the tactical importance of Fort Lewis11 and the nuclear submarine base.


In the midwest, near Chicago, the deserted Great Lakes U.S. Navy base, capable of housing an entire mid-size city, has been reportedly prepared as a future “concentration camp” with eight foot fences with the barbed wire facing in! Officially, but secretly, Chicago is already under martial law, as was announced by “Mark from Michigan” last year. Other abandoned military bases in the country are secretly being refurbished for similar “emergency uses” in the future. As an afterthought, you all remember the 1993 video “Montauk Revisited”?

Well, mister Preston was right! There is a new electrical wiring coded 1990 in the base, and definite activity in the underground levels 80 feet below. It was checked by Dr. E that visited the spot with his “wife and baby” equipped with sensitive seismographic equipment in the carriage. How creative we are getting, no? Bravo for Dr E’s new baby!

(Applause and laughter) His conclusion? Same as in Fort Lewis. Telegeodynamics and profuse low frequency/infrasound activity via scalars.

Ms Dr C:  Do you think this activity can be related to the profuse malfunction/failure of computers and your prediction of massive failures of IBM 400 series PC’s throughout the country this year? What about the reported UHF/VHF television interference?(12)

Dr G: The large, tactical computers, perhaps, because even though the signals broadcast from Fort Lewis to Montauk bounce back and forth at the speed of light, they do create a certain amount of EMI(13), that while it does not cause a voltage surge, it may affect the microchips and power transistors directly.(14)  Recall that Brookhaven is directly interfaced with other National Labs like Argonne, Los Alamos, etc., and are EM-linked, hence they could all experience the same EMI. The IBM PC is a different story, and that has to do with Intel microchips and a scenario that cannot be discussed in this format.  As for TV interference, that has to do with the HAARP (15) boys.


To conclude, remember the great emphasis on Opto-electronics and Photonics in the past few years by AT&T and the Ma Bell boys? Well, fiber optic cables operating today, the 1.5 to 2 inch cross-section contains many thousands of optic fibers as thin as a human hair, each capable of carrying thousands of phone conversations . It is now being proposed by the same boys that all phones, computers, TV’s, electronic mail and satellite communications be conducted through these fiber optics via telephone cables.  Wonderful idea that will save millions, right?

Wrong!  Why?  Because today all telephone conversations are monitored and routed through AT&T’s Boulder, Colorado headquarters. But, what else do we know that is in Boulder? The FCC and NBS(16), that with AT&T form the Unholy Trinity! There it is, the diabolical plan: absolute electronic monitoring and control of the entire world’s communications by AT&T and the Boys(17) Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!

Anyway, so much for surveillance technology. In closing, I just want to remind you that it is imperative that you remember that the greatest intruder to your privacy is the telephone and the TV, and to a lesser extent, the radio. Last year we discussed the effects of telephone electronics on the brain and the danger of answering machines.

This continues to be a first class danger and intrusion on the brain, psyche and spirit of a human being. Every time you make a phone call, AT&T benefits from it, and in essence what you are doing is that YOU, THE PUBLIC, ARE PAYING FOR YOUR OWN ELECTRONIC MIND CONTROL AND BRAIN STAGNATION by using the phone system!

As you all know and have been asked by the Order not to do, we use phones minimally, and with specially constructed electronic filters and protective force fields around the phones. We never use answering machines or fax machines(18) for many reasons, but especially to prevent spying by the Boulder, Colorado Boys!


Dr K: What are the specific dangers of phones and TV’s to the brain, psyche and spirit? Is 50 Hz AC any worse?

Dr G: Mein Seele! What a question! The pulsing electromagnetic fields, combined with the static magnetic field from the powerful cobalt-samarium magnets in the earpiece (auricular transducer) affect the thalamus, hypothalamus, pineal, pituitary and amygdala directly. It somehow slows down the neurotransmitter chemistry or rapidity of thinking processes. Surveys show that most people hold the telephone receiver on the right ear, so the fields focus on the right brain(19), the intuitive, psychic processor.

The phone is so close to the diencephalon area, it does flood these delicate organs with the EMF and sonic fields from the electronic circuits. It was also discovered that acoustical harmonics with coded information were being sent through the dial tone and background hissing present at all times in telephone circuitry. It is possible that electronic programming is being used via the telephones.


As for TV, by now all transmissions, especially in America, contain subliminal information, both optically, acoustically and electronically via electronic signal compression — the mysterious “black line” every 34 frames or so.(20)  Videos, including cartoons for children, are intended to numb the brain, and suppress spiritual inquiry.(21)  These were precise protocols that were instituted in the 1950s under Project Silent Weapons Technology (SWT).

It has been conclusively proven by our research and Soviet research that certain colour frequencies combined with sound affect the neurotransmitters in the brain.(22)  The pulses, intensities and modulations are the key. The Soviets have used this superlatively in their LIDA machines. American police use the red-blue pulsating flashing lights to induce (a feeling of) intimidation and fear.(23)

There is a lot more to this, but this is enough. Ah, ya!  Certain European and Asian countries use 50 Hz instead of 60 Hz. This is not as “bad”, because 60 Hz AC contains a frequency that is a precise arithmetic harmonic (10x) of a Theta brainwave of 6.0-6.6 cps, that is a point of ingress to the central nervous system.  In simple terms,  this will interfere with the sleeping and dreaming process. Ya? We have discussed this before, and other researchers have published this info.

Ms Dr.E:  What to do then? Should we use no phones, watch no TV, don’t go to the cinema, or listen to the radio?

Dr G: Ya! Absolutely! Just become telepathic! You see, I understand the situation of those with families and kinder (children). Since all of you are scientists and initiates, you must use your knowledge to outsmart the system. Most of us now use short wave radio, for, surprisingly enough, it is seldom monitored any more. The emphasis of surveillance and control today is in TV, computers and electronic mail.

A bit of trivia – did you know that the U.S.Congress does not use electronic mail and computerised communications? They still use the old IBM Selectric typewriters. Same with many other governments in the world. They don’t want surveillance! Have you noticed the advertising campaign for Grundig shortwave mini radios?  That is telltale!  Short wave communication is widely used in AM late and early morning talk shows worldwide. That is how we obtain unusual info. We also have our own codes for communication.

To close, just minimise your phone usage. When you want to talk and want privacy, unplug the phones and your TV! If you suspect intrusion from the TV screen, cover it with aluminum foil! That should do the trick! Finally, I want to categorically state that the same phenomena occurs with computer screens –VDTs.  However, this is a much more involved scenario that can’t be discussed in this format.(24)  Just remember that Dr. N has asked all of us not to use computers with VDT screens any more. Please abide by that dictum. It is of categorical importance and urgency. Unless you have specific protection, don’t use VDT computers. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. That concludes my presentation. (prolonged applause)

Dr D:  Thank you Dr. G for an excellent and most interesting presentation. We will now adjourn for a 15 minute coffee and tea break. Thank you.


Dr D: Our next speaker, ladies and gentlemen, will discuss brain research and related topics, both in neuroscience and biophysics/ biochemistry and medical science in general. This topic is very important to us all in our mental, Magickal and spiritual evolution. And, to quote that eloquent exponent of Quantum Medicine, Dr. Deepak Chopra, … for the development of the transcendental cerebral hyperfunctions or siddhis – psychic functions”. This year we have our distinguished Soror (sister) from China, Mrs. Dr. L, who will be doing the presentation of the latest research on these topics.

Mrs, Dr. L holds degrees in both Western and Chinese medicines, and a PhD in biophysics. Parenthetically, I may add that she studied under the eminent Herr Professor Doktor Friztsch, one of the foremost theoreticians in quantum electrodynamics (QED) at the Max Planck Institute.  Finally, as of last year, she assumed leadership of the Orders I.O. and O.O. in the Orient. She is our linguist and specialist that translates all our Asian language technical and secular papers. Ladies and gentlemen, permit me to introduce Mrs Dr. L from Beijing. (Applause)

Mrs.Dr.L:  Thank you very much, Dr.D. I am deeply honoured to be here with such distinguished colleagues Fraters and Sorores of the Order. I will discuss Eastern and Western developments in neuroscience, but with more emphasis on Western neurological research. I’ll oblige any questions during the presentations.

Dr B: I say, did you study at Oxford? You have a slight Oxfordian intonation…

Mrs.Dr.L:  Yes, I did study in Oxford, but not medicine, but physics under the eminent Professor Roger Penrose. My accent is probably Beijing-Oxfordian and my German, only God knows! (general laughter and applause). Let me begin by first mentioning to you that the American Medical Association (AMA) and the FDA have started a strong and secret campaign to eliminate Oriental type of medicines in the US; many Chinese doctors and acupuncturists in this country are being harassed and their precious herbs confiscated, but you don’t hear this in the news.

You also hear that they made Germanium, Gerovital GH3 and Melatonin capsules “illegal”, and withdrew them from the market.  Many distributors were raided. Next on their list is SOD and various herbs and natural remedies. This is alarming indeed, because England and France are very permissive of alternative medicines, but the US is paranoic about it. My American contacts inform me that Kessler, the new FDA boss who cracked down on the tobacco industries, is the one tactician chosen for gaining public confidence and then imposing horrendous regulations to “protect the American public”.(25)  Do keep an eye on him. He is not to be trusted. His real boss is not in Washington, but in New York.(26)

I visited various “Chinatowns” this year, and confirmed from Chinese nationals that they had difficulty getting their shipments of herbs from Hong Kong, Taipei, Taiwan and China. Natural remedies are in shortage in all US “Chinatowns”.

Let me begin with a discussion of the most novel brain research tools available today. I will go quickly through the ones already known, but discuss in detail the most important one today. May I have the first slide, please? ( slides are shown ).

As you have seen, those (brain research tools) are standard Computer Aided Tomography (CAT or CT), Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Single Positron Emission Computerised Tomography (SPECT) and, of course, the usual EEG. Unfortunately, all of these techniques are intrusive and potentially dangerous, because the intense magnetic fields focused on the brain to create “positron excitation emission” are merely exciting or intruding upon the hydrogen atoms of your brain, which is 95% water!

It has been reported that people that undergo CT,PET,SPECT and similar intrusive techniques see light flashes, coloured lights, hear voices, and even see visions.27  Some even have nightmares many nights thereafter. It is understandable that the very processes attending brain funtions may be affected this way, for no one has done any research on the long term or even the short term aftereffects of these techniques.

Most likely, they have not been reported. I say, if your hydrogen atoms are intruded upon by kilogausses of pulsating magnetic fields, it is going to affect the neural networks and brain functions somehow — not to mention the hyperfunctions not known or acknowledged by orthodox medical science! Even in China today there is controversy about these Western medical diagnostics. Some Chinese doctors are in favour of it, but most nationals won’t even go close to these “demons”.  My personal experience with it is that they definitely affect the flow of Chi —  it creates vortical flow.

Now we come to my favorite tool, Magnetic Electroencephalography or MEG. This is absolutely non-invasive and non-intrusive. It uses a superconducting quantum interfering device, or “SQUID”, and its main characteristic is that it is extremely expensive! (Laughter) Yes, indeed, millions of pounds Sterling! But more importantly, it provides  precisely updated, per millisecond intervals, information from brain processes in real time, so precise measurements can be made in situ for quantitative computations.

This is truly an asset for theoreticians like myself and others in this audience. Unlike EEG, which has many artifacts and errors to contend with (hence no precise quantitative measurements), with MEG we can compute microsecond, microvolt and microamp events accurately. The only precaution needed is that the rooms that house these instruments must be absolutely insulated from external fields, and compensations for the Earth’s own geomagnetic field are more accurately and easily done.

Both tools, EEG and MEG, can be used complementarily to do precise observations, cum quantisation, of subtle cerebral processes and functions, non-intrusively, by recording the electrical/magnetic impulses produced by certain neurons in the cerebral cortex. Recall that EEG was mostly a diagnostic tool to monitor cortical electrical activity – the exo-cortical behavior. But, nothing could be studied about the endocortex, midbrain and central brain electric/magnetic phenomena — until now. The EEG senses electrical voltages/potentials only. MEG is ultrasensitive to magnetic fields only. Since electric fields are orthogonal (at 90 deg.) to the magnetic field vectors, per standard theory, EEG records both radial and tangential components of any given brain signal. That is why EG needs about 126 electrodes/ channels to map all regions of the exocortex. However, EEG emphasizes the radial component. MEG ignores the radial and records only tangential components. This means it can pick up the fissures and folds of the brain, a feature impossible to the EEG.

The MEG, on the other hand, uses a helmet housing the squid sensors, accurately positioned over the head using precise topological reference points. Eggheads and Hotheads are most difficult to analyse! The information outputs of the MEG can be precisely monitored, recorded, analysed, and stored on magnetic tape for future reference.28

In other words, one can obtain the characteristic cerebral magnetic signature of any human being.29  I see some of you realised the amazing implications already.

Dr M: Can this magnetic information from the brain be obtained from afar, that is, by remote control?

Mrs.Dr.L: Yes it can, but with different sensors. I think our Russian colleagues can answer that more precisely. Do you care to answer that,  Dr Z?

Dr Z:   Nyet. Not now. Thank you.

Mrs.Dr.L:  Let me continue, then. Precise positioning of the SQUID sensors can be accomplished both metrologically or sonically using a small acoustic probe. Once this is done, the neuromagnetometry (NMM) can be commenced. But, what is the practical use of NMM? Well, two main areas of research. Spontaneous brain activity (SBA), such as breathing, heartbeat, coughing, scratching, nose picking (laughter) and most autonomic functions, including some natural reflexes. The second function is evoked response pulses (ERP), similar to the evoked response potentials (ERP) of EEG, such as the telltale, “electronic truth serum” P300, P200, etc., pioneered by our Russian friends.

Let me illustrate one of the outstanding findings with this technique by Professors Kaufman and Williamson of New York University. Subjects were shown various visual imagery composites and their MEG outputs updated in millisecond intervals. Then, subjects were blindfolded and asked to rhyme words – in other words, analytical thinking was induced. Amazingly, in both cases a pronounced suppression of alpha waves was noticed. The supression continues for three intervals of 500, 100 and
700 ms, respectively. These cycles correspond to visualization of the word, gleaning its meaning, and searching the “memory bank” for a similar sounding word.

The implications are obvious. When we are assailed by rich visual imagery, profuse levels of Beta waves are produced, Alphas are suppressed, because of extreme stimulation to the visual cortex. Furthermore, stimulation to the visual cortex is suppressed by blindfolds, and profuse alphas ensue. However, if the subject starts thinking, then the Alphas are suppressed, and you are back in Beta. Perhaps that is why thinking, while a left brain function, ruins intuition, which is a right brain function. This is particularly noticeable in the martial arts. The great Chinese and Japanese masters always say, “Tai-Chi and Kata is Pure Intuition and Feeling. Thinking ruins the flow!” The great Japanese Aikido grandmaster Morihei Uyeshiba yelled to his students, “Don’t think, just do it!”

A few years ago, researchers in Vienna did a comprehensive mapping of the functional organisation of the motor cortex, and found characteristic, yet distinctly reproducible micromagnetic fields that preceded voluntary activity by 30-50 milliseconds. In other words, they measured the intent before the action was executed — precisely. I got a copy of all their data and did preliminary calculations and found, just as the eminent Dr. Robert E. Becker had predicted, information traveled close to the speed of light while the intent was registered. The motor cortex process and muscular movement occurred at the usual ionic-transport slow speed.

Therefore, it has been quantitatively and unequivocally proven that intent is a luminal process that bypasses the ordinary neural networks of the brain. New mechanisms are needed to explain what precedes the evoked action potentials. No one has proposed any mechanisms to explain intent signaling in the neuroscience community – no one yet.

Dr D: We have received a manuscript that has an interesting proposed mechanism for such a process. It’s not from a medical researcher, but from a physicist doing research in Unified Field Theory and Consciousness, a certain Dr. Lambrakis. I think one of our members knows one of his associates. Anybody heard of him? No one? Well, we’ll have copies of his paper available this afternoon or tomorrow. Also, I think it is time to take a lunch break. (applause and cheers).


1. For more extensive information on morphogenetic fields, see Matrix III, Volume 1, and Dr. A. Rupert Sheldrakes’ classic book “The Presence of the Past: Morphic Resonance and the Habits of Nature”, 1988, Vintage Books, New York, ISBN 0-394-75990-7, $10.95.

2. The Unified Field and Consciousness has been an ongoing series featured monthly in the US in The Leading Edge. Issue #77 Dec 1994 featured Part 12, Holographic Acoustical Field Dynamics. Part 13 is in the issue you are reading.

3. Trauma is the interruption, distortion, or local and/or global destruction of the information bits in the grid of the information band or scalar field surrounding all animal, mineral (crystalline) and plant organisms – an intrusion on the morphic field.

4. Note: The Internet originated from a project outgrowth of Rand Corporation. We will include some data regarding this matter in this issue if space allows. If not, see Leading Edge#79.

5. A good example of technology in this arena lies with MRX technology. A sample of material describing this technology is included in this issue of The Leading Edge.

6. University of Chicago.

7. See Leading Edge #64.

8. The existence of this technology was also revealed on CNN news in Dec 94, in terms of the re-engineering of the old Emergency Broadcasting Network to permit turn-on of receivers (TV,Radio,VCR,etc) automatically, but so far only in terms of “equipment that will be modified for the purpose”. The existence of remote surveillance monitors in television sets since the late 1960’s has been verified, and was dicussed briefly in Alex Christophers book “Pandora’s Box”  – which may explain why intelligence goons visited the author in  May 94 and confiscated research materials.

9. Actually, the law provides for seizure if a person has $3000 or more on his person, and it is up to you to prove that it is the result of non-criminal activity.

10. The use of purposefully degraded environmental conditions as a substitute for war, in order to further paradigms of domination and control, is covered in the Iron Mountain Report in the late 1960’s, as is the “drug war”, “health war”, etc.

11. See Leading Edge #63/64 for details on Fort Lewis operations and Earth Grid    protocols.

12. During the week of December 11, 1994, reports of massive failures of IBM Pentium series 486, 586 and some 686 computers have been reported around the country. These have only been on the market for two years. Consequently, Intel stock plunged.

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14. Perhaps because Surface Barrier Transistors are in use in terms of the technology, there might be a resonance to certain modulation protocols.

15. For information on HAARP, see Leading Edge #75 and #77. [Also #88 in 1996]

16. National Bureau of Standards (NBS), although the name has changed again.

17. The astute researcher will recall how AT&T (or ATT) has been getting worldwide contracts from various countries to upgrade (and in some cases operate) national communication systems over the past two or three years. It’s not by accident.

18. Copies of every fax and telephone call are accessible by the government through the Boulder, Colorado complex. Local phone companies also typically maintain recordings of every conversation you have for a minimum of two weeks after they are made.

19. Presumably, cellular telephones also make use of these effects. See Matrix III V1.

20. Reference buzzsaw signals in Matrix III V1 and Leading Edge #77 Dec 1994.

21. Seemingly analogous is the use of fluorides in public drinking water to promote compliancy and create a situation where people become afraid to challenge authority.

22. Notice how people are falling so hard for light-sound technology, despite the FDA pretense of raiding one establishment in Washington State. The action simply made more people buy the units. It’s all a psychological game. Are you playing it?

23. Actually, one could carry the discussion on the use of red and blue lights by the police as a “restimulation of implants”, genetic or otherwise, based on some of the early work of Hubbard, where people and their implant history were traced back over extremely long periods of time. The sighting of flashing light inculcation bars by those abducted over the last 20 years also reflects the use of this technology. See Matrix II.

24. Just as a tickler, it has to do with modulations from Elohim computers on humans.

25. Kessler was quoted as saying, “the FDA is the arbiter of truth. The American public does not have the knowledge to choose health care. Trust us.”

26. The Rockefeller Medical complex is headquartered in New York. There has not been one FDA administrator who has not had a conflict of interest with the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

27. The article in Leading Edge #77, Dec 94, entitled “Hearing Voices”, details intensional microwave reproduction of these effects. Also important is Walter Bowart’s new researchers edition of “Operation Mind Control”, available from Flatland, P.O. Box 2420, Fort Bragg, CA 95437. Call 707-964-8326 for availability.

28. Translational Fourier-based recordings of thought patterns are also a fact, because such patterns are transmitted on a regular basis to restimulate aberrant behavior patterns in mass population to provide a rationale for control and domination – all this in the realm of electronic mind and behavior control. Documented ad infinitum.

29. This factor can provide for remote surveillance of a body emitting the specific signature, or the resonant transmission of frequencies producing pathogenic reaction in that body, in order to produce disease or death – conversely, the process can be used to augment biological health, perhaps to override long-term resonant signatures produced by electromagnetics, contrary to those who promote Dasein ohne Leben.


Day One of the Meeting – Part 2

Dr D:  Ladies and gentlemen, I trust you are all fulfilled now, and since I have been “interrogated” repeatedly by many of our distinguished guests, I hereby make the official announcement that Chicago-style pizza and beer will be served on Friday night only. We don’t want any casualties before our important Solstice events (boos and multi-lingual insults). Quiet please! Quiet! I need to make an important announcement. At lunch one of our American researchers informed us that the AMA and FDA are secretly preparing a campaign to target any unorthodox method of diagnosis, such as alternative medicine, kinesiology/muscle testing and radionics – even by licensed chiropractors, etc.

Also, all devices using light, sound or EM frequencies in any way that alter brainwaves will be declared illegal.(1)  This includes all subliminal music, hypnosis, meditation tapes and self-help modalities. You should know that ahead of time, because they have sophisticated electronic technology to detect where, how and who is using these devices, and possibly raid them or confiscate them. Be aware and know about it now.

Ms.Dr. C:  Will they also be targeting private individuals using brainwave altering props, techniques, etc?

Dr D:   You want to answer that question, Dr. F?


Dr F:  Ok, I will. You see, it is not really the AMA and FDA alliance behind this last outrageous plan, but this comes straight from the National Reconnaissance Organization (NRO), the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CI) headquarters, and it is linked to satellite electronic surveillance protocols.(2,3)

Anyone in a state of profound, self-induced trance or altered state of consciousness will not respond to their own subliminal programming and mind control protocols.(4) That constitutes “loss of control”, and that they cannot tolerate.(5) So, since, per New Age fads, most people rely on external devices(6) to attain altered states of consciousness, then the logical thing to do is eliminate these devices from the market completely.(7)  On the other hand, individuals using drugs to attain altered states of consciousness are literally “sitting ducks” for immediate control(8), because their brains have already been chemically prepared with special “additives” introduced on all drugs(9) by the very process of “refining” these drugs for public consumption world wide.

This was the very basis of the earlier MKULTRA project, using drugs. Later, this became refined to MKDELTA, Delta here meaning sleep brainwave cycle and, finally, the electronic protocols of today(10), including Woodpecker, Buzzsaw, Videodrome(11) and “holy signals”.

This last one is also secretly coded “Holy See” Project. It involves the use of holograms to create visions of Angels, Light Beings, etc. The research of ONR (Office of Naval Research) researcher Dr. Eldon Byrd describes the process behind this project.

Dr. D: Thank you for a very informative answer, Dr. F. And now, here is Mrs. Dr. L to continue her talk. (applause)

Mrs.Dr.L:  Thank you, Dr. D and Dr. F for such vital information. That also affects Chinese practice, because the diagnostic method using the three pulses has always been regarded by the AMA as “highly suspect of quackery”.  Also, I may add that my research has proven absolutely with the Mega Arkons and Dr. N have been emphatically telling is – that profound states of altered consciousness that are self-induced by the techniques taught to us in the Order, and also transcendental meditation, Zen meditation, Taoist Golden Flower meditation, and Flower of Life Merkaba meditation, do make an individual immune to external subliminal programming. (Note from Metatech – We totally disagree with this conclusion and have found that in truth, these “meditations” are themselves traps that ensnare the unwary. The question has to be asked, “Who created these processes and do they cause an energetic hook or “soul tie” to the creators?”

Unfortunately, only great masters and advanced Yogis are able to resist the electronic mind control intrusions using scalar wave technology. Our only protection against that powerful intrusion is equally strong Scalar, Solitonic and Takyonic force fields.(12)  And that we can easily do with our own available technology. Other folks worldwide are less fortunate — unfortunately!


Let me continue. I already discussed the importance of the magnetic component of brain activity in studying and monitoring brain processes and functions accurately and precisely. Further research by our Russian colleagues has also shown that with parallel computing algorithms, one can plot three-dimensionally the magnetic field configuration and spatio-temporal time-varying fields of the midbrain’s thalamus, hypothalamus, hippocampus, amygdala, pituitary and pineal functions in real time!

This is unprecedented, because it shows that, as we all here have learned in our Hermetic Gnostic Order’s teachings, the so-called “Cave of Brahma”, Dr. N’s favourite “hang-out” (laughter), is indeed the magnetic and acoustic resonance chamber, its being a topological complex analogue of an ellipsoidal, prolate spheroid and a torus.

In American lingo, I think that is called, a doughnut inside an egg? (Laughter) May I have the cine film strip please? Thank you. (Short film showing computer graphics is shown).

This shows a real-time plot of the nested magnetic fields around my own head. This piece of research was a little favour from a British colleague that likes to work nights. They call it the “Dracula Shift” (laughter). The white lines of the overallur, the green the Hypothalamus plus Thalamus field, the red the Hippocampus plus Amygdala cycloid-shaped field (semi-circular), and the dumb-bell shaped blue is the Epyphisis (Pineal) and Hypophysis (Pituitary) combined fields.

I wrote this algorithm myself with the help of Professor Penrose — another unofficial favour — to map the magnetic fields using both the SQUID sensor helmets and a special helmet designed by Dr. Z having Delta-T and Delta-Wye transforms, having specially designed magnetic coils and sensors.  This way we could pick up Pico and Nanogauss fields (billionth of a Gauss). The combined information is displayed here in three-dimensional coloured graphics.

Notice the external white-lined shape is like an egg. Inside, almost at the centre, is the toroidal shape of the Hippocampus-Amygdala combined fields, the red contours. The central tube-like “sausage with trumpet-like open ends” looks like what? Anyone? (Chorus: “An Einstein-Rosen Bridge!” Right!

The blue-green combined field of the Thalamus-Hypothalamus- Pituitary-Pineal glands forms a sausage, like a mini hyperspace tunnel, about 7cm long. The screen image is magnified, but the actual side is about 7cm, (reflecting) the normal brain size.

Let me pause as minute. Can we replay that part? Thanks. Notice how the overall geometry is an ellipsoidal prolate spheroidal cavity containing a sub-space of a toroid traversed by a hyperbolic, non-linear Einstein-Rosen bridge.  Again, in American lingo, “an egg-shaped cavity containing a doughnut crossed by a sausage”.

What do these nested fields look like to you, dear friends? (Cross talk and comments).  A topological analogue of a relativistic, locally curved space-time locus around a solar system. Of course!

What else? A space-time torus with an Einstein-Rosen bridge connecting its median points!

There, ladies and gentlemen…there is the scientific proof that the motto of our Order, the dictum of the ancient sages, “As Above, So Below … As Within, So Without” is scientifically and neurophysiologically correct and precisely so! These shapes which you all recognise as hyperspatial four-dimensional plots, are indeed magnetic-acoustical resonance chambers. Notice that these amazing geometries are the synergistic effect of the magnetic fields of these six organs surrounded by the ventricles, under the roof of the choroid plexus and corpus callosum.

Notice what happens if I subtract the field of even a single organ, let’s say the pineal gland.  See how it changes the entire structure?13 And, if I add the contribution of the mamillary body, it only widens the tube, right? And if we add the field from the reticular formation, the master circuit network, relay and switchboard of the brain where all waves are originated, what do we get? Next frame, please? We get a tunnel merging with the main ellipsoidal field. In the screen, it is
the orange coloured grid.

To summarize, what is our Mid-Brain or Inner Cavity? It is a relativistic spatio-temporal cavity with local enfolded hyperspatial bridges that undergoes harmonic resonances to magnetic and acoustical stimuli. The implications are almost astronomical – may use the term, because a model and mechanism based on this novel scientific information implies that our human brain is in reality none other than a biological space-time energy transducer.

As such, it creates not only space, but also time. Our ancient Chinese ancestors maintained that “the Tao was in our head”, in other words, all the Universe was in our head!

My own inference from this study is that space and time are essentially biologically modulated, perhaps even formulated, for my equations show that possibility. Should this intuitive scientific insight be correct, then it would demolish physics, biology, philosophy and theology in a single, clean blow.

Incidentally, I showed this filmstrip and discussed my theory and equations with Professor Penrose, who seemed interested at first, but very politely declined any further comment or association with me thereafter.14  I think he realised the impact of a novel theory. He is still convinced that quantum mechanics is the answer to explain brain functions and consciousness. I disagree. I think it is General Relativity and Unified Field a la Einstein, pure and simple.

Quantum phenomena is not the cause, but merely the effect, and creation is not statistical. It is wholeheartedly deterministic, not left to chance, but to precisely formulated potentials, not fields. The potentials are the cause, the fields are the effects. In simple terms pure magnetism and sound are the potentials. Electricity is the field. Magnetism and sound do not “travel” as such, for they are inherently enfolded in space and are everywhere. It is the disturbance that

On the other hand, electrical charge, hence electricity, does travel, because it needs a physical medium. It is obvious that we still don’t understand either magnetism or the true nature of sound.


To close, I would like to just mention experiments being done combining the novel science of sonochemistry and neurophysics. Amazing altered states of consciousness have been attained by some privately funded researchers using sound and light, a coion of physics and Yoga. From stereochemistry, the precise molecular structure of certain alkaloids have been obtained, and their vibrational isomorphic fundamental vibrational frequencies determined. Example: Ammonia, NH3, molecules vibrate at 40,000 cps.  LSD vibrates at about 11,000 cps. A tone was obtained from this vibrating molecule, and a large poster of its molecular structure was made. By focusing on the chemical formula on the poster and playing the sound harmonic/tone of the LSD molecule, a fabulous psychedelic trance was experienced by eight volunteers, men and women. No side effects, unpleasant emotions or after effects were experienced. The subjects remained in the Theta brainwave through the entire three hour experience. Many OOBE, time travel, and “clairsenses” experiences were reported and monitored.

The experiment was repeated at other times with close controls, and similar experiences were reported. The information from these experiments was truly, truly amazing, fabulous, fantastic — to put it mildly. The psychokinetic and telekinetic feats were, I think, unparalleled in the history of parapsychological research. A new biochemistry and pharmacology can emerge from this study. I have passed this information to our Russian colleagues for future study, for it is their specialty — paraphysics and biological radio. Ironically, the CIA and KGB are familiar with two alkaloid substances known as telepathine and astraline. The former is in the chemistry handbook, the latter is new. Interesting names! Thank you my friends. (Standing

Dr D:   Thank you Mrs. Dr. L for a superbly informative presentation. It is almost mind-boggling for us non-medical type to understand the intricacies of the brain. Obviously, your research is light years ahead of the orthodoxy. Any questions before we move on to the next speaker? Yes, Dr. A?


Dr. A:  Please explain how the cerebral magnetic fields of the mid-brain change as a function of ASC’s, altered states?

Mrs.Dr.L: Ah, so. Very good. What my associates and I did is to go into various trance states induced by the techniques that we all know here  (A) Deep Zen/Taoist meditation, absolute stillness, (B) Tai-Chi moving meditation, and (C) Tantra Toga Cobreathing – pulsed powerful breath, Yoga Asana (lotus posture). I was the subject tested.

In (A), all metabolic processes cum homeostasis are slowed down pronouncedly. The brain emitted EEG peaks in the Alpha-Theta range (11,9,7, and 5 cps, at the lowest).  Great Masters can descend all the way into Delta, 0.1- 4cps. The amplitudes varies between 60 and 275 microvolts, root mean square averages. The magnetic fields were actually at a maximum, especially when eyes were closed, ranging from about 9.5 to 48.5 Picogauss (10-8 gauss). The diagrams you saw in the cine film were made with measurements of this part (A).

In (B), the metabolic processes are increased, but homeostasis is optimised. Brainwaves are almost totally Alpha, but some Beta spikes were observed. Again, a Great Tai-Chi Master would be totally in Alpha, maybe even some Theta. The magnetic field somewhat elongated in the Y-axis, meaning the length of the space-time tube. This meant that space-time functions are altered when doing Tai-Chi correctly. It is said in Chinese lore that Tai-Chi Masters can arrest, even reverse their aging process, and cause local distortions of space-time, hence their ability to literally propel opponents “flying through the air”, 12 feet into the air, like the legendary master in the remote Changu province. Somehow, magnetism and Chi are related, and are controlled by the brain via intent and breath.

In (C), the brainwaves are almost totally composed of very unusual spikes that could be Alpha or Beta. The magnetic fields were pulsating, or oscillating, which means some non-linear DC pulses created expansion and contraction of the magnetic field coously, it appeared as if it became alive and began to “breathe”, and the pulse was about 6 to 8 cycles per second. My interpretation is that here space-time is being pulsed, and time is being accelerated, but externally, not internally. In other words, the outside time-flow seems to be going faster. Any other questions? Yes, Ms Dr. J?

Ms.Dr.J:  What is the best way to optimise one’s own brain functions, especially in adults like us? Also, I understand you’re a grandmother and won’t reveal your age. To me, you look like you are about 22 years old!  What’s your secret?

Mrs.Dr.L:  Thank you for the complement. My answer to that is to be like a child, laugh a lot – and this group are all clowns, especially those loud Russians, back there (great laughter and cheers), and eat Chinese food, especially vegetables, and a lot of sea weed. Also, I practice Tai-Chi and Chi-Kung every day. In China, we walk many kilometers every day. Now, as for brain functions, as Dr. N said, do not watch TV or movies, don’t use computers or telephones, and practice your Yoga and visualization/imagination xercises daily. Study of Sacred Geometry(15) is the best stimulation for the brain, for the Sacred Forms, angles and diagrams have their space-time analogues in the Mind, Soul and Spirit.

You saw how the brain forms Sacred Geometry magnetifield patterns in our film. That is very significant. Some Hermetic Gnostics of early Christianity thought that Angels derived from Angles. You see? Finally, never, never, never smoke cigarettes or take drugs. That damages the Thymus and Pituitary, and causes premature aging. Also, don’t drink coffee – it interferes via purines in brain neurotransmitters. Drink tea.


Dr R: Will you explain how movies, TV, TV screens, computer VDTs and, I suppose, all VDTs in scientific equipment affect the brain, and I understand, the chromosomes, DNA and genes as well?

Mrs.Dr.L: That is a tremendous question! The effect on DNA, chromosomes and genes has been discussed in the open scientific literature, but it is quite controversial. I believe Dr. D has most of the papers and references in our technical files, so you can secure copies of those.

I will summarise this way. It seems that the EMF from the VDT does interact and interfere with brain functions by entrainment of the 60 Hz AC of commercial electricity. In other words, the synergy between the Reticular Formation and the Thalamus is responsible for the Alpha spikes that indicate that during a normal day, the brain takes a “dip” into Alpha 30 times per minute while you are awake. Nobody knows why this is so, but I think it has to do with replenishment of Vital Force – Chi – and a balance between the rational and intuitive functions.

Entrain-ment prevents that, for it keeps you all the time ar 60 or 50 Hz. Movies and videos contain not only decadent material, but also subliminals and encoded secret information. There is another more noxious scenario that I am not at liberty to discuss.

I have to clear that with Dr. N. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. That concludes my presentation for today. See you at dinnertime.


*  *  *

End of Day 1

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