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Day 3


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Dr. D: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Today we will begin promptly with our first speaker. Yesterday was a very intense day, due to the nature of the information. Today, we will discuss a topic of great importance to us all in this group, and the entire world for that matter. It is time to discuss matters of great urgency. Our next speaker is Dr. E., a native American from the all American city of Milwaukee, the beer capital of the world (laughter). He is a physicist, an expert in artificial intelligence and information theory. He is also an expert in military strategy and a veteran Okinawan karate stylist, and God knows what else. Don’t argue with him! (laughter) His topic will be on the latest research on Electronic Mind Control and related topics. Permit me to introduce Dr. E. (applause).

Dr.E: Thank you very much, distinguished colleagues. Welcome to Chicago, pizza capital of the world, the windy city, home of the White Sox and Cubs.

Dr. Z: Is that a religious order, the White Sox? (roaring laughter) Nyet? Oh, is soccer team, no? (laughter and boos) Ah, isbaseball, Americanishe fast ball sport. What means Cubs? (Dr. D yells we’ll explain later! )

Dr.E: Well, we got that one under control! You see, friends, Chicago baseball is hard to explain. Very difficult field theory!. Anyway, let me start by referring you to last years symposium topics.1 Its in your notes. What I would like to do is to give you a theoretical background on the physics behind electronic mind control, because it is imperative to understand the mechanisms of the brain, psyche and Soma, as well as the salient details of the electronics behind it. We have selected extracts from five videos by three very unusual American unorthodox scientists, which you must know from our Orders extensive yearly technical packages you all get. These three scientists are Lt. Col Thomas E. Bearden, Dr. Alfred Bielek and Dr. Preston Nichols. All three have been involved with the famous, or infamous, Montauk Project, Project Phoenix, and Dr. Bielek with the Philadelphia experiment (Project Rainbow). The video is about one hour long. If you want to grab some pop corn, I’m sure Dr. D wouldn’t mind. Pop too. You may need it.

Z: What means pop korn? And pop? (Dr.D: Oh, no! Not again! It is like Caviar and Vodka, Igor!) (laughter).

Dr.E: If you have questions during the video, dont hesitate to ask. Well stop the frame. Lights, please, Dr. B? Ok, here we go. This is Tom Bearden speaking about scalar electromagnetics. ( video is shown )


Dr.Z: I wish to explain something. The woodpecker transmitters are three, operating now. One in Riga, Latvia. This transmits to Europe and America. The second, near Kamenogorsk. This transmits signal to Asia. The third in very far away place, other side of CCCP, in Siberia in Chikotskoye Nagorye. This transmits signal to America, North and South. These are all ELF with modulation information contained inside radio waves. Go on. I wish to say that Kapitan Bearden is not correct, because there are also Americanishe Teknicians in Soviet Union working on secret installations with top Supreme Soviet Bureau permission.2 Also, with KGB. Before, NKVD.

Dr.E: Thank you, Dr. Z. That is good information to know. Go ahead,

Dr. B. Okay, now we have Dr. Al Bielek talking about Einsteins relativistic physics, but with Unified Field Theory concepts, per Blue Book Grudge report disclosures. Notice how two orthogonal (90 deg.) magnetic fields created by a Tesla conical coil create a third field due to resonance. These mutually orthogonal pulsating fields are able to rotate space-time vectors so as to create changes in time flow.

Ok, now this is Dr. Nichols, the electronics wizard from the Montauk Project. He is talking about relativistic physics in relation to the creation of local distortions of the space-time continuum to create hyperspacial or higher order electromagnetics. That antenna he talks about is the famous Delta-T antenna. You can see it looks like two pyramids connected at the base. Remember this configuration when we talk about special Delta-T magnetic sensors (3). Most of the information is discussed in detail in his book, The Montauk Project.

Also, more details are found in Chapter 7 of Matrix III by Val Valerian, a copy of which is on the table with the rest of the reference books mentioned. These books are all available in the U.S., but in English only. No translations are available – not yet, anyway.

Ok. Now we are going to take a break and return for the formal presentation of this topic on all its aspects. Lights, please, Dr. B? See you in about 15 minutes. Yes, Dr. S?

Dr.S: Can we obtain copies of these videos in European format? I know many people who would like to see these!

Dr.E: I will have to check that with Dr.D. I will let you know, Ok,

Dr.S? Now, lets take a coffee, no, a tea break!


Dr.E: Well, that was a refreshing break! Now, I want to discuss the most important points about brain research specifically related to behavior modification, mood alteration and electronic mind control in general. Dr.Z already discussed, brilliantly, I may add, the latest confidential research on the inducement of paranormal functions via a novel technology yesterday afternoon. The reason why I’m going this route is that it is imperative to know and understand the neural mechanisms linking Psyche and Soma, how that react to electromagnetic fields4, and how they are traumatised or intruded upon.

This, I may add, is so urgent a matter, per Dr. N himself, that he personally reviewed the information presented by Dr. Z and my own research. This urgency has to do with the forthcoming event in 1995. Our very survival depends on how well we learn to protect ourselves from assault.

Let me begin reviewing the work of the eminent Dr. J.M. Delgado, the father of electronic mind control. He has been maligned a lot, but his brilliance and ingenuity deserves acknowledgement at least from scientists such as ourselves. He started with great and noble ideals, as most scientists do, and then got seduced by elitists and the CIA, who gave him unlimited funds to conduct his (by now) classified research. I have studied his research thoroughly, and I have all his scientific publications and data – and then some more.

He worked primarily alone. His four main hypotheses (5) were: (A) there are fundamental brain mechanisms responsible for all intellectual, emotional and artistic functions, (B) these mechanisms can be detected, analysed and influenced either chemically or electrically, (C) predictable behavior and mental responses can be induced by direct manipulation of the brain, and (D) we can substitute intelligent and purposeful neuronal functions for blind, automatic responses.6 The only difficulty he had was in proposing a suitable neurophysiological model for love within his mechanistic concept of the mind, which to him was essentially the brain. He was a romantic Spaniard and a showman, but his heart felt in love with control, not with love.7

He used classical music to study brain functions of spatiotemporal artistic perception. He also studied carefully the neurochemical and neurophysiological aspects of anger and rage (8) by noting the patterns of neuronal discharges. He coined the phrase neuronal fields to refer to the area of synergistic electrochemical activity surrounding firing neurons. He made the important discovery that rage has single neuronal discharges, but it creates multi-level behavioral responses in the rest of the organism of the subject experiencing rage. Likewise, it affects other individuals nearby by a strange form of induced resonance, harmonic resonance, to us the word paradoxically! He did these experiments with monkeys, and later, it is rumoured, using political prisoners or volunteers.9

What is important is that the neurophysiology, neurochemistry and psychology of anger/rage was thoroughly studied by Delgado.

Once one understands anger, then it is easy to devise technology to control it. You all remember the famous films showing the electronic matador Delgado stopping an angry charging bull, frozen in its tracks by the simple push of a button. Well, that was in the 1960s using implanted electrodes. Today, the technology has advanced so far that it can even be done by remote control – in another country!

But why these experiments? The answer is obvious! To stop angry mobs charging against the government cold in their tracks.

And, of course, to do the reverse. To create an angry mob to charge against anyone, even their own compatriots, fellow soldiers or even neighborhood riots. Remember Watts and the Chicago riots? Why would people ransack their own neighborhood and stores? I think you are getting the picture. 10 Electronic stimuation of the brain (ESB). That is what Delgado termed his newly created technology in the 1960s. Since then, a great deal has been researched in the areas of neurochemistry, neurophysiology and attending functional psychologies – and vice versa.

Soon after Delgado started his advanced research, the behaviorist Skinner provided amazing information about behavioral science, modification and control. His writings were extremely controversial, as were his experiments – in which he used his own children. 11 His main thesis was that humans are not really free, but totally dependent and controlled by their environment. In other words, environment dictates behavior. This is blatant in Western culture where our very own surroundings affect our mood. So, he argued that man can only be free if he can be liberated from the tentacles of his environment.

This, of course, Delgado saw as the golden opportunity to help mankind. Unfortunately, the intelligence agencies and governments had a totally different agenda. The so-called Delgado-Skinner protocols were duly appropriated, refined and meticulously developed to ultimately create the ideal society composed of ideal citizens, all electronically programmed to exhibit ideal and good behavior. No crime, no subversion.12 Everyone lives happy in a psychocivilised society. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the ultimate end (objective) of the New World Order!

To close this section, let me state to you that today, in the 90s, there is a technology that can electronically mimic any neurotransmitter, peptide, hormone, enzyme, or protein to induce any given specified behavior13 in any individual whatsoever.

In simple terms, you can electronically induce any behavior and emotion you desire in any individual or individuals, anytime!

An example of a large scale field test was the fear introduced in the Iraqis in the Gulf War. We showed the specific details last year in a documentary film, frame by frame.(14) Are there any questions? Yes, Dr. M?

Dr.M: Are you saying that this technology can go against the will of the individual and create havoc in society?

Dr.E: Yes, sir! This is the unfortunate truth, even though there already is havoc in society. This technology can manipulate anybody, any number of people, of any colour, race or national origin.15 There are no international barriers. Remember the classical experiment of Delgado, the one on a volunteer? He made him slap his own face repeatedly! The subject then said something like: I guess your electricity is stronger than my will, Dr. Delgado! Also, remember from last years meeting that there are ethnic, racial, cultural and gender (specific) electromagnetic signatures that government researchers have obtained. If DNA and pigments dictate race and colour, then there is an electromagnetic signature for each type. The Genome Project and similar projects are related to this endeavour of cataloging people genetically. They already have done it electronically! We have a mixed racial group here, so our signatures would of course reveal that difference. So, spiritually we may all be equal, but racially we have different electromagnetic signatures, each characteristic of its DNA, phenotype, etc. Ok, Dr M?

Mrs Dr.L: Will you explain the details of this electromagnetic signature and the technology behind it?

Dr. E: Wow! Thats a biggie! Molecular neurochemistry and genetics are not by specialty, but I will give it a try. With due respect to Mrs. Dr. L, biology is to me what math is to most college students. I could never get close to those labs with dead cats and other animals. I am a nuts and bolts guy. I don’t function very well around blood! Or without it, I guess. Ok, lets see. Let me make a very long story very short. You medical types know precisely how racial and colour patterns are fashioned in humans, so I wont discuss it, for I know very little of it. However, the melanin, which is very sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, especially UV, has a distinct absorption spectrum whose pattern has been studied in detail. This pattern also has an emission spectrum, for anything that absorbs energy also emits energy. It is the emission pattern of the skin of different races, colours and ethnic groups that have a characteristic electromagnetic signature around the body. This is known as the information band or morphogenetic field16, to use Sheldrakes term, that surrounds every living organism in the Universe.

Rigourously, this electromagnetic signature is not really the electromagnetic energy associated with the electromagnetic spectrum. It is a higher order of EM energy, associated with scalar waves, solotonic or takyon waves. It is definitely not photonic waves, per the EM spectrum. This information band or morphic field is in essence what the ancients called the Akasha field, or halo. Today, it is called the aura. There is no orthodox technology that can detect, measure or register this information band . That is why it does not exist for orthodox physics17 and medicine as well. Only psychics, clairvoyants and some members in this group are able to see these information bands which, incidentally, is multilayered. However, there is a special technology that uses ultraviolet-infrared harmonics and optical phase conjugation that, rumour has it, is alien technology, that can actually detect, measure, quantise and analyse this information and or morphic field. I have never seen one of these machines, but a colleague of mine lent me his photos of an actual subjects information band/morphic field. I have it here in these frames. Dr.B, will you pass these two photos around? Thanks. You will notice they have a bluish background and there are density gradients as the band projects away from the body. It is about 12-14 cm wide, approximately. These are monochromatic, but the energy densities can be accurately measured — as in the earlier emission and x-ray spectrographic densitometers. It would be interesting to contrast it with what clairvoyants see. Perhaps Mrs. Dr. L would care to comment on that later? I hope I have answered your question, madame.


Mrs Dr.L: Yes, you have, very well. Thank you Dr. E. Now, my comment. The two photos are truly remarkable. The body does look indeed like a radiator of energy in the photos. It is quite accurate, but it does not show another fine layer that exists beyond the inner granular information band, shown here as various gradients of blue. Do you care to comment on the photos, Ms. Dr. C?

Ms. Dr.C: Ya! They are beautiful! What a difference from those New Age colour Polaroids that show mostly thermal, molecular and ionisation effects, or the Kirlian plasmas. These are masterpieces, ya! But, I agree with Mrs. Dr. L. The layer corresponding to to Akashic subtle body or Spirit Body is missing! I’m sure they can’t detect it. It is purely higher order, 6th order, takyonic. This scalar or solotonic must be 4th order or so, maybe 5th, but no higher.18 We see also the subtle hyperbolic fields around the chakras, absent here in the photo, because they are photonic, 3rd order. I also noticed that the subject is a woman, even though the physical body contour is not resolvable. It is black. This can be concluded from the substructure pattern in the inner layer next to the body. A man’s substructure is coarser. I like it. Can we buy one of these machines? Maybe we could spy on our children by remote control, ya? ( laughter )

Dr E: I don’t think they are for sale in the Sears catalogue (laughter). Oh, oh! Yes, Dr. Z?

Dr. Z: My friends and I think photos are very fine. Have you used image analysis with algorithm to obtain 3-D image in real time to see motion? We have done something like that in laboratory in CCCP. It shows thinking process.

Dr E: You mean you can read a persons thoughts, what a person is thinking?

Dr. Z: Nyet. No, not what a person is thinking, not his machine, but which of four level subtle bodies is active in what person is thinking at moment, yes? As Madame Dr. C noted by bio-radio vision (Clairvoyance), we know there are 4 bioplasma bodies around body physik (physical body), and foto shows that. But, we see substructure with our machine that is acoustic type of vibration, but we see in real time. I say in foto, foto shows that information band contains information in bioplasma substructure, because bioplasma is information, yes? ( laughter )

Dr. E: I see what you mean. ( more laughter ), Yes, Ms. Dr. C?

Ms. Dr. C: I have worked with Dr. Z. I think what he is saying is that if you analyse the original information band with a certain type of machine programmed with a special real-time algorithm, you can determine by looking at the sub-structure which of the four subtle bodies the individual is using in thinking, ya? The mental, emotional, intuitive or etheric body. Is that correct. Herr Doktor Z?

Dr. Z: Yes, yes, Bravo! That is what I said! ( laughter ).

Dr. E: Thank you, Ms. Dr. C, for helping me to understand the question. No, Dr. Z, we have not analysed the information band in real time – we don’t have the algorithm. In fact, we don’t have the machine! ( laughter) As I said, the photos were taken by somebody else in their laboratory. However, I find it very interesting what you are saying that the information band consists of a substructure that is of acoustical nature. That would confirm what Colonel Bearden maintains – that the human brain is a special form of scalar wave transducer. The scalar waves may then be of the evancescent, or 2nd order longitudinal waves, outside the electromagnetic spectrum. This may explain why the only so-called Rife machine that works is the is the one used by Dr. Rife himself, that was equipped with an Abrams acoustical pulse generator. Bearden maintains that those were scalar evanescent waves. Very interesting indeed. Yes, Dr. S?

Dr. E: Thank you very much, Sri Dr. S. I am interested in your information. I’m curious about the connexion between the subtle bodies and the atomic quantum relativistic level. Could you expound that some more, please?

Sri Dr. S: Well, it is your presentation. ( laughter ) Maybe I will say a thing or two when you are finished.

Dr. E: That will be great. We physicists and engineers tend to get too involved with nuts and bolts, and sometimes forget where all these equations, particles and technology originally come from. As you say, from Akasha. Ok, let me continue. Where was I? Oh yes, electronic mind control – back to reality! ( laughter) We spoke about electromagnetic signatures, DNA and genes, racial genes, Genome Project, etc.


Now, let me wrap this up, and move to the next section of my presentation. We have seen now that the neurochemistry, neurophysiology and bioelectromagnetics of given behaviors have been thoroughly researched by Delgado and other researchers for the past 20 years or so, and most recently by Dr. Eldon Byrd of the Naval Weapons Research Center, under ONR grants, and others. You may wonder, why is the government and military so interested in brain research? You will know now why this secret and classified research is light years ahead of what is known in academia and written in books and magazines for the masses.

By now you all know that the same extensive research has been done on pathogens, viruses, bacteria and other disease-causing organisms. Just look at our own scientific literature and research for the past three years! All of this extensive info is contained in enormous databases waiting to be used on a large scale when the time is ripe, and the time is now. With great horror we have seen the return of ancient plagues in India, South American, Afrika and an epidemic of the age-old tuberculosis – consumption, for the romantics – and the new ones, such as the genetically engineered AIDS, CFS, Candida Albicans, Legionnaires disease and toxic shock, just to mention a few. Are these just coincidences, dormant bugs revived, genetic engineering with electronic catalytic mutations, or punishment from God for our sins?

Let me now shift a bit from a scientific perspective to a strategic perspective and the tactical implications of all the scientific concepts and technology I have discussed so far. Where does it fit in the grand scheme of political, military, economic, and social strategies of the One World Order agenda, and, I might also add, the alien agendas? Let me take a drink of water before I start – actually double shot of whiskey would be more a propos! (in the background, audience yells No! Vodka! Vodka!, and laughter and jokes follow).


I am sure you are all intimately familiar with all the latest scenarios in the world, but let me emphasize what’s been happening in the United States since meeting last year (1993). Excellent condensed information is available in Matrix II and III, and Leading Edge research magazine. We have copies on the table with reference books. Only English is available, though.

As you know, the UNCED Meeting in Brazil in June of 1992 consolidated the plans and established the protocols for world population control through genocide.(19)

This has been the primary purpose of the genetically engineered plagues. We will dub these techno-plagues, or Tps. The main strategy to rid the world of undesirable, inferior races and people that are regarded as useless feeders is to do so by introducing Tps to targeted countries20: Afrika, India, and South America.

China would be included, but the superiority of their medicine prevents that. They would control it very quickly, yet Western medicine with their mere 35% cure (rate) pooh-poohs Chinese medicine with their 95% cures. Funny! So, Tps initially introduced in contaminated foodstuffs and drinking water reservoirs is the initial modus operandi. In the United States and worldwide, homosexuals have also been targeted. This was introduced through Hepatitis B vaccines etc.

The second method of population control was via telegeodynamics, namely, by creating natural disasters, like earthquakes, tidal waves, hurricanes in designated overpopulated Third World areas. Remember India, Mexico, Columbia, China? This has also been used to prevent (damage in) areas, that if hit by earthquake would destroy national economies. That is why Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, London — yes London! — and Tokyo are being protected by creating smaller, but controllable quakes and temblors whose precise epicenters are in expendable cities (21) or nearby neighborhoods. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, as they say in America, the Montauk Boys, Fort Lewis, Yakima, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, Pine Gap, CCCP, Manchester, and Haifa Boys are all working desperately to prevent Mother Earth from going into geological convulsions (22) by electronic and infrasonic manipulation of the Earth Grids. Fort Lewis (23) and Yakima (24) provide the necessary infrasonic energy impulses via fake heavy artillery maneuvers that have cryptographic codes, and other countries provide the necessary percussions from underground atomic/nuclear testing. Energy is energy! Also, a lot of underground activity is camouflaged that way, with acceptable and recognizable explosions for the masses, so they will not get suspicious of what is really going on underground.(25)


Let me now go to the political/economic area. As you know, the One World Order boys are divided into two groups: (A) World Bankers, Elitists and Cultural, Religous and Political Intelligentsia on one side that want absolute control via total economic control of the worlds monies and natural resources and (B) Military, Intelligence and Scientific Technologists that supposedly work for the first group. This group is the one that interfaces with the alien Ets. This year (1994) a very subtle, yet pronounced feud is going on between the two great giants of European Nobility, namely, between Prince Philip of Edinburgh, one of the most powerful world figures and the successor to the throne, Prince Charles. Prince Philip does not want Charles to be the successor, probably because he is too liberal. Without going into details, which I hardly understand, it is rumoured that this feud, in which the bankers are also included, could create havoc in their so-called Derivative Markets, which unlike the common stock market, which involves millions, maybe billions of dollars, the Derivative Markets involve trillions plus all the world gold. Should this preferred market collapse, the One World Order plans would collapse immediately and create total havoc in the world economies. A real worldwide collapse, totally out of control!

What they have been planning all along is a controlled chaos, a collapse that they have orchestrated, and then come and save the world by recalling all the currencies in the world, taking possession of all natural resources of all countries, and by default owning all the lands, leases and mortgages of real estate worldwide. Then, our saviours would introduce the debit card or mark of the beast, that ties directly to the 666 computer in Brussels, Belgium. Is everyone following?

Now the plot thickens. Enter Prince Bernhard from the Netherlands26, a brilliant erudite, perhaps Erasmus von Rotterdam, the great Renaissance Scholar re-incarnated, Prince Bernhard has great power amongst the Old European Nobility27, secret societies, powerful Masonic Orders and the Bilderbergers, and it is rumoured he has connections with some Illuminati groups.

Well, we know it is not us, and St. Germain is on a very long holiday! (laughter) His agenda is that he wants to institute the centre of power in Holland, not in Britain or the Vatican, and he has great, great influence and resources.

While all of this is going on amongst the elitists and power-lords, the plans for controlled financial collapse are not going very well. Japan is becoming more powerful, both economically and technologically; China is becoming an alarmingly strong power. Meanwhile, Russia is in shambles, the US is in shambles economically, and the Davros Protocols of 1993 and 1994 are just not working as planned. Even though Maurice Strongs global agenda of World Ecology is working well, and the Rockefeller Protocols of Federal, State, County and Municipal Ordinances is slowly but surely infiltrating every American city, no matter how small, the bankers and financiers are getting desperate and about ready to pull the plug, as it were, on the world economies in 1995. This is forthcoming, with or without their control.

In a recent secret meeting — similar to ours — of the worlds key power-lords, including Clinton’s boss but not Mr. Clinton, the Technocrat Lords, the far right, finally gave the Elitists- Politicians-Bankers (EPB) the ultimatum.28 In essence, what they was said was, look fellows, we have been waiting for your stupid financial plans and strategies to work for about 10 years. It ain’t working, fellows. It is time to use our methods, our way! Remember, we always get results quickly! They are referring to the Iraq war, of course. So, the bottom line? Well, the EPBs are now very scared that Far Right is going to take matters into their own hands, and there is nothing they can do to stop them, because they have technological pre-eminence!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the latest scenario.

We got this information from the highest source, from Dr. N himself. And, you all know how and why; he is never wrong.

Therefore, 1995 will be the year where massive doses of electronic mind control, programming, thought intrusion and brain/biogenetic manipulations will commence in grand scale. These projects are no longer experimental. They are fully operational, for the field testing is over! The whole arsenal of frequencies will be unloaded on the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Mexico as part of Stage 1 of the First Protocol, (to include) Woodpecker, Buzzsaw, Videodrome, Subliminals29, Sonic Pulses, Optical Holograms, Visions, Voices and strange Psychokinetic phenomena. Beware of TVs, computers, movies, radios and phones! Also books, magazines, newspapers, printed advertisements and posters will also contain the encrypted hidden subliminal holograms. Ladies and gentlemen, the Gestalt of the video movie “They Live” is here now — 1995! (dead silence) Any questions?

Dr. B: Is that why there have been so many people seeing angels, light beings, spirits and other instances of what could be either religious or psychic experiences? What about the channeling phenomenon of the past five years?30

Dr. E: Well, yes and no. As was mentioned ealier, there is a project sardonically called Holy See. It is being conducted by the Vatican and the CIA. Strange bedfellows! The New Age fad about contacts with angels, archangels and saints is part of another, more sinister scenario yet which I am not at liberty to discuss here. The channeling phenomenon is also related to this sinister plot. Yet, there is some very genuine information being given to the public through this medium of channeling.

I cannot disclose what the Source is, but it is mostly for the benefit of the New Age community that is very ignorant of science, naive, gullible, and almost stupid when it comes to tactical matters. They are in great danger, because they have been targeted for very precise protocols – a la Montauk – because they are unable to differentiate a genuine psychic, paranormal or religious experience from one that is induced either holographically or by virtual reality manipulations of a very advanced type, not the commercial Mickey Mouse stuff, if you pardon the expression, trash!

They all think that spirit is talking to them. Little do they know who this spirit really is, and what it is up to. At this point, I want to mention two specific books that I think every New Ager should read.

One is “Bringers of the New Dawn” by Barbara Marciniak, and the 2nd book of “The Montauk Project” by Preston Nichols. Not only is the New Age but the Occult and Spiritual community in grave danger of being mentally raped, but also of being used as non-voluntary recruits to fight a War they don’t even understand. They all think they are being helped by spirits, aliens and masters than channel through them or talk through them; little do they know that all of this is being done with technology that is truly out of this world!

Meanwhile, people continue to be hopelessly confused with synthetic spirituality, which, unfortunately, has been created for New Age consumption. Unfortunately, I do know, all of us here know, the Source of that grand scale intrusion, but there is nothing we can do to help those that don’t want to be helped. The only thing we can do is give them information, and refer them to legitimate research from where they can draw their own conclusions. I apologize, Dr. B, forgetting carried away with your question, but it did touch a soft spot in me. You see, my ex-wife and two daughters are heavily involved in the New Age movement. In fact, my oldest daughter is now channeling in California. Her material is very bizarre, but she thinks the same thing about my truth. Well, enough of that!


Let me continue. I have already discussed the various technical aspects of the various protocols that are now being instituted for a large scale, final field test, a dress rehearsal, if you will, on elected nations in the world, because the EPBs are not delivering what they have promised over 10 years ago (1980+): total economic control of the world. So, it seems that the far right technocrat lords are about to strike big time. The next logical question is: What do we do to protect ourselves, knowing what we all know, both technologically, metaphysically, Hermetically and tactically?

To begin with, let me emphasize what I and many others in this Order, and others as well, have said about the dangers of commercial AC electricity, 50 and 60 Hz AC., television, radio, movies, computers and above all, telephones! Unless you have special protective force fields, devices, extreme conscious awareness and advanced metal Yoga training, do not be exposed to it, or do so minimally. Add to this list standard commercial magazines, books — best sellers especially — newspaper and advertising — and know that they contain enfolded and encrypted subliminal information. And, especially for our distinguished visitors, beware of American shopping malls! Dr. B, please explain that to our Russian friends — in Russian, please! Is there a word for shopping mall in Russian and Chinese? I hope not! (laughter).

Once you know this is happening, it automatically alerts your mind and psyche that you are treading on dangerous territory.

We will deal with subliminals first. If you are consciously aware that there is encrypted subliminal information (embedded) in visual or aural (sound) stimuli, and give a verbal command to yourself and deny permission to register the information, there will be no assault or (at best) a minimal influence on your mind. This is for reading books and listening to music from the radio. As Preston Nichols said in the video, knowing it is happening, how and why it is happening is your first and greatest defence against intrusion. You already are in a state of alertness and awareness.

Secondly, knowing the theory and mechanisms of how AC electricity, Hertzian and non-Hertzian waves and thoughtforms can intrude31 upon our brain and mind/psyche, we can create conditions to protect our own information band from receiving noxious stimuli, for the higher order interactions with the outside world occurs there. This could be done in two ways — well, actually three.

First, you could move to Mars. (laughter) Not really, but you could move to a far, far away place to eliminate all external cultural audio-visual stimuli. Some folks have done that. They are called hermits, monks and recluses. It is not feasible for us.

The next thing to do is to create your own environment in your laboratories and, most importantly, in your home, where you sleep. There are a few exceptions! (laughter) If you live alone, like I do, there is no problem, but if you are married and have a family, it is very tricky. If you family knows about it and cooperates, its great, but if they don’t, as in my case, you have to either allow them to do what they want, or protect them secretly. This is categorical with teenagers, and a must with infants and small children. Get rid of commercial radio and television, and install your own video educational programme at home. That is 90% of the problem. Without getting into technical details, what you need to do is de-modulate and disorganise the photonic field that carries the encoded/encrypted information. If anything, an intense scalar field with pulsating tensor, spinor and twistor fields (32) should do that easily, if you are familiar with electronics. Delta-T, Delta-Y and Wiener Transform Analogues do the trick completely. Thanks to Dr. G, we all have devices like that for our labs, workshops, offices, schools and temples of the Order. This is the dark blue-violet dome that you clairvoyants can see around the building. It is a Takyonic Tensor Field, and it cannot be seen by any technology today. And, if any technology would see and detect it, then they are the Overlords of the Universe. We are safe with them.

As for personal protective devices when we go to the marketplace or to a concert — or baseball or soccer game, we recommend a device we have been testing for about a year, the brain-child of Dr. Lambrakis and his associates. We are in contact with him through a friend of one of my students, who knows him. He does not know about us, but we know about his work. He and his associates publish their papers in the Leading Edge monthly. We have copies of all his research papers for distribution. Very interesting and quite different from mainstream science. Dr. B has several copies.

The device is a so-called Takyon Capsule, which is a Unified Field device, which creates a Tensor-Spinor Field around the body using the information band itself! Very clever device. It is used as a medallion or necklace around the neck. It is very effective, compact and inexpensive — the price of a semi-fine watch. It also has a function that can create a dome-shaped force field with a simple insert and protocol. We have ordered these devices for all of this group, courtesy of Dr. N himself. It comes with technical information.(33) Try them later.

Finally, to sum up, I wish to point out that there is another very alarming scenario that has to do with alien/ET intervention, but I am not at liberty to discuss that in here. I wish to point out, however, for our few colleagues in the astrophysics and astronomy fields, that your radiotelescope and astronomical ancillary equipment is also being monitored. So, be aware of that. Communication by electronic mail is absolutely out! Use letters, telepathy or, like our Babylonian ancestors, homing pigeons! (laughter) I have been collaborating with Prof. Dr. M in a project that is directly related to astrophysics. It has been my great privilege to assist him. We are all in for a great, possibly very shocking and alarming scenario, but it is time to discuss it, before 1995. Since we are way, way past lunch time, I think I will stop here so we can take a break. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Dr. D, please? Thank you. That is all.


1. Again, see Leading Edge #63 and #64.

2. In other words, there are US scientists working in Russia on mind control projects that affect the American population, besides working on their own US projects.

3. Which brings to mind another visualization relative to the counter-rotating tetrahedron l fields of the Merkabah, which could be seen as a Delta-T formation with the top and bottom components rotating in opposite directions, creating a space-time distortion in the center where the human being is generating it using emotion which, if done properly, causes the body to shift in space-time to another reality system. Many of the substances in daily life, such as tobacco, fluoride, etc., affect space-time fields generated by various neuronal structures, thereby prohibiting development and inquiry into hyperfunctions. In this society, they are also used to firmly focus perceptive fields in lower brain structures to ensure fixation of control and domination paradigms to preserve power structures.

According to some sources, implants are used by some species to prevent slave species from warping out and escaping imprisonment. All these paradigms have been in use since ancient times and do not have their ultimate origin on Earth.

Additional ref: Sector 9/Hubbardian materials.

4. Remember: electromagnetic fields have both a real three-dimensional component, and a imaginary hyperspatial component. To understand how this second component, which is psychoactive, was concealed, refer to the material in Matrix III which details how Maxwells Equations, which utilised quaternion notation and contained both components, were changed by several scientists after Maxwell’s death to a singular form within 3-dimensions only, expressed in vector notation. Taking a more esoteric leap, knowing what we all know about reality structures at this present time, one way this could have happened is that the minds of these men were manipulated by some faction having advanced technology that would cause the idea and emotional impetus to change the equations to simultaneously appear in the minds of three men. Since we do know that certain factions used radio communication long before Marconi, it is quite conceivable that an interface existed between the world power structure and factions quite external to them. On the other hand, it could also be a resonant aspect of the morphogenetic field as related to the fields of the planet itself which forms a matrix for impression of resonant thought patterns from another Source. Of course, anything is possible. Though we do know a lot, there is a lot more to learn in making known the unknown. Life is what happens after you plan things, isn’t it? Another thought pattern about this impetus to control and manipulate, mentioned in Matrix IV, is the aspect of energy acquisition as implied in the book Celestine Prophecies. Unable to acquire energy from the Universal Source, entites are forced to energy parasitism through the use of control, manipulation, electronics, drugs, radiation, etc. — all the time a mechanistic mass-to-mass approach which only recognizes ego aggrandisement, all the while never recognizing the fact that they are the source of their own undoing. Silly wabbit! Kids need equality in consciousness and love, not psychotherapy, drugs and mind control.

Motto: Be impeccable to your Self. Remember that sometime, you will see it all in reverse and experience yourself from the emotional point of other entities with whom you have had interaction. Ya?

5. Which in fact were also belief systems.

6. Perhaps the most insidious belief system, based on previous historical thought patterns, which dictate the removal of will from members of a population.

7. Indicating that Delgado was steeped in both social consciousness and body consciousness, didn’t know himself or who he was, and fell prey to his own ego defense mechanisms as a defense for inner insecurity based on his self-perceived inability to satisfy cultural modalities of ego aggrandisement, especially when presented with unlimited funds and his inner terror of both himself and the CIA. Ya?

8. Again, reflecting the paradigm of the time – preoccupation with behaviors filtered by lower order brain structures and the manipulation thereof.

9. Apparently, most of the volunteers in US mind control programs, under the guidance of the CIA, eventually constituted a captive audience which included the mentally ill, inmates in prisons, and unwitting people on the street – just like Montauk 40 years later and other apparent programs where tens of thousands of children and adults vanished into oblivion under the paradigm of national insecurity and control.

10. Immediately, the Los Angeles riots come to mind. There were witnesses to electronics vessels off the LA coast for three days prior to the outbreak of the riots, black helicopters were seen for days before the riots even broke out that traveled in triad formation with microwave antennae and evidence of other advanced electronic gear, and witnesses to the fact that gangs were literally hired by government operatives to pillage and carry the spoils off as a reward; gangs were supplied with materials to start fires, government operatives/sleepers were themselves participating in the arranged chaos. A Hegelian
scenario if there ever was one, courtesy of Uncle.

11. One of Skinners first subjects was his own daughter. She killed herself in her 20s.

12. Of course complimentary biological and chemical functions are simultaneously introduced – an example being that fluorides in drinking water were used by the Germans and Soviets both to keep concentration camp inmates compliant and submissive to authority. It is the only reason why it exists in the US water supplies, along with 700 other chemicals. The claim about fluorides and dental health is a ruse. Of course, complimentary biological and chemical functions are simultaneously introduced – an example being that fluorides in drinking water were used by the Germans and Soviets both to keep concentration camp inmates compliant and unwilling to question authority figures. Affects the brain.

13. As well as any physiological disease condition, for financial profit of the medical, pharmaceuticl and petrochemical industries, and related government and corporate agencies.

14. Let us not forget Rwanda, where US interests staked a claim several years ago, where all of a sudden millions of people went around hacking each other to death.

15. Let’s coin a new term: electro-ethnic cleansing. Possible because of genetic variances between different racial groups. Tuskeegee was just a beginning.

16. The first diagram showing energy bands around humans and access frequencies was published in Matrix II.

17. Since orthodox science was locked out of this area by government technocrats, who held the knowledge as classified information necessary for national security.

With this in mind, it is interesting to note that many highly secure underground facilities have surveillance equipment which can and does detect the presence of an individual in the out-of-body state – we have run into this before. They have EM/scalar boobytraps to confine those in that state who stray into the wrong places.

19. The unedited transcripts from the UNCED Conference, along with commentary relative to tactical scenarios and multi-level protocol analysis, is found within Leading Edge #43; the Cobden Club Memorandum for world genocide by mandated culling of existing population is found in Leading Edge #75. Cross reference: Senator Gephardt’s contact number alleged to be that found on the copy spirited out of the conference.

Furthermore, in 1984 a large group of medical doctors in the United States, together with others, submitted A Complaint to the United Nations Center for Human Rights in Geneva, Against Tyranny and Medical Genocide in the United States, suppressed by compliant cultural media, is found in Leading Edge # 75 and #76 in two parts.

20. Interestingly, even the media and CDC reports of the continous series of mysterious plagues worldwide appear to support this hypothesis. Notice you still have the presence of the 1933 Nazi paradigm of Dasine Ohne Leben (Existence without Life) – the one they used in public mass media propaganda films to justify the euthanasia of mental patients at six major psychiatric hospitals in Germany. The hospital at Hadamar is perhaps the most famous. The same view is ultimately backed by the paradigm of Cecil Rhodes. The bond between Germany, US and England is a key. Ya?

21. It would seem Mexico City, with a population of over 10 million, is just such an expendable city. So much for NAFTA, again, simply a ruse/step to a higher level.

22. For further amplification of these topics, see LE #63 and #64, 1993 Conference.

23. Fort Lewis also had the apparent distinction of hosting, at one time, the mathematician Von Neumann, of Montauk fame.

Down the road is one of the most advanced military research hospitals in the US, Madigan. We had a report, published in LE #40 in May 1992, based on interaction with a nurse who applied to work there, about apparent alien humanoids working at the hospital. At least two witnesses.

24. Yakima is also host to a particularly insidious NSA satellite facility. Bizarre area.

25. Living in the area, I can vouch for this experience.

26. Netherlands is home to a viable euthansia program and 101 varieties of street legal marijuana. What a way to Builder-burg a future. It is probably the ultimate source of the famous quote I’m not as think as you stoned I am.

27. Sometimes sharing the Italian front as the Black Nobility, land of the Guelphs and their eternal quest for worldwide power dating earlier than the 1600s.

28. This shift might have been reflected in the November 1994 Republican seizure of power in Congress.

29. In addition to the obvious programming of commercial, consumerism and marketing, the real reason behind all the subliminals and electronically compressed information in movies, commercial television, Hollywood videos, radio and telephones – and now encrypted in printed matter — is to affect the brain’s neural networks and functions through select frequencies and their harmonics to diminish the Will, Individuality and Creativity of the Individual. Furthermore, the protocols are intended to give, in essence, the commands of Obey the Law, Do Not Question Authority, The Government is Your God, Do As You Are Told and God is talking to You. Also, erratic thoughts of Anger, Fear, Depression, and wanton Sexuality are also included. This causes utter confusion in individuals who don’t know where these strange thoughts are coming from.

Now you do. They have told you it’s coming. Ya?

30. Referring to the increase, since 1988, of hoards of individuals channeling.

31 This information is presented, together with diagrams, in Matrix III.

32. See the Unified Field and Physics series in The Leading Edge, and Matrix III.

33. If you have been reading the LE for the past year or so then this device has been available to you. It is the only legitimate UF takyon device available that accomplishes this. Wearing it requires no protocol implementation, but extending the field requires implementation of a mathematical protocol. It works, and bends the spinning fields of the body into a sort of barrel shape. There, now you have no excuse. I’ve had it for years and it does the job. Light years ahead of the competition! See AD this issue. There are products out there which advertise that they involve takyons – we have found none that actually do other than the device we speak of. There are even products made of glass. Since takyons can only be enfolded by a metallic lattice relative to local space …. there is a lot of chicanery out there.

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