Update from the Relfes

by Stephanie Relfe

July 2015

If you are new to this website, please read this first.

When we posted The Mars Records on the internet in 2000, and sent a copy of it to the top 50 UFO and conspiracy people who we assumed would want to know about what was, at the time, (and still is for most people), groundbreaking information, the silence was deafening for years.

In the last few years, that situation has changed a little as there has been a rash of people saying they remember going to Mars. Our question is, how did they keep their memories? Michael of The Mars Records” and Pat of The Mars Force did not even KNOW they had hidden memories. It took much removal of wernicke’s commands, removal of booby traps, removal of drugs, HOURS of deprogramming with a biofeedback meter, identification and removal of FALSE memories with a biofeedback meter and removal of demonic interference through prayer (since black magick is a technology used by the dark side) for them to get their memories back.

The only ‘whistleblowers’ who we know of who have given a reason for regaining their memories are Al Bielek (he did auditing with a meter, very similar to clearing with a biofeedback meter) and Duncan O’Finian (his memories came back after an MRI scan, which may have deactivated implants. But it did not recover all his memories. And for all we know, he is still being taken (without his knowledge)).

We can believe that some people do have SOME memories leak through, due to their own metaphysical abilities and/or God’s grace. But when this happens, it is quite likely that these are just the tip of the iceberg. And they don’t tell a complete story. And they could be fake memories to cover up something else. So, for those who have perfect recall of Black Projects and alien encounters, how come they get to keep their memories?

When you read the accounts of “whistle blowers”, keep in mind that the government uses mind control protocols to enforce security agreements. And ask yourself “Is this real? Or is someone running a game on me?”

Going back to our initial release of The Mars Records, the only person we heard back from was the wonderful Dean Stonnier, who hosted the annual Global Sciences Congress in the USA.  We were in Australia at the time and he invited us to speak in Florida, and was working out how to do that. Within about three months he was dead, reportedly from a heart attack. We believe that his invitation to us is very possibly the cause of his death.

We assumed that once we posted The Mars Records, that thousands of people who know how to do clearing would then learn kinesiology, and thousands of people who know how to do kinesiology would learn clearing. We imagined that thousands more would want to learn both technologies. We imagined that hundreds of thousands of people would recover their hidden memories and discover that unknown things had been done to them against their will.

We wanted large numbers of people to know that people everywhere, including those in high office, are being abducted by aliens and the military, drugged and hypnotized, and then put back (most of the time) in the original location.

We imagined that, as we had done, each person would publish their stories on the internet. All of this would have caused millions of people to wake up as to what was going on on this planet. We imagined that all of this would make an incredibly huge, positive different to the lives of everyone on earth. We thought that the UFO movement would jump on this.

Sadly, this did not happen.  Until we acknowledge and fix this situation, one individual at a time, things are unlikely to improve. In addition, since that time we have become even more aware of how evil spirits on this planet play very real parts in who gets rich, famous and powerful, and how crucial it is that we all commit ourselves to spiritual warfare.


Numerous things have happened from the creation of Metatech.org. One of them was the spread of the knowledge of orgonite. Orgonite officially became mainstream when the mainstream media reported that Will Smith’s children are making it. See http://www.buzzfeed.com/lyapalater/jaden-and-willow-smiths-alleged-cult-affiliation-explained

Here’s how this happened: A few years after we had launched www.Metatech.org, sometime around 2000, I posted a request to help Al Bielek of the Philadelphia Experiment, to find a place to live. I then received an email from someone offering to help, of the name of Don Croft. It took only a few emails before we realized that we had stumbled upon a genius, who was previously unknown to the alternative science community at large. Of particular interest was a substance he had created, he termed “orgonite”. Orgonite is made by mixing an organic resin with inorganic metal shavings, plus crystals to improve it. It transforms DOR – Dead orgone, or bad energy – into good orgone, or good energy.

So while we still did not fully understand what it was all about, intuitively we knew that it was important. We asked Don to put together instructions on how to build a cloudbuster, and HHG (holy hand grenade), both of which use orgonite. Don very generously offered to do this for free, to help the world. Like a lot of geniuses, it took a bit of work to get his wording into simple terms for us mere mortals, but we soon had the article completed. Once we posted the article, orgonite and its many uses took off by itself.

Later on Don asked me to create a host a yahoo egroup for cloudbuster makers. (This was way before Facebook and all that stuff). Eventually I agreed, and we had about 500 members. Later on, I passed the egroup onto one of my moderators, so that I could move onto other projects. Much has happened from that original post.


After a while we figured that the main problem with people doing nothing to find out if they had been abducted and mind controlled was that people did not know how to remove Wernicke’s commands, because this particular kinesiology correction was not known outside of a small circle of kinesiologists in Australia. So in July 2002 I accepted an invitation to present the Wernicke’s Correction to the U.S. Annual Touch for Health Kinesiology Conference in Florida. This, despite the fact that we had to pay for our own airfare from Arizona to Florida, our own hotel and even had to pay to attend the conference, when I was one of the speakers! It was all rather disappointing, but I felt strongly that God wanted me to do this, so off we went.

It was an eye opener. First of all, there were only about 60-70 people in the room. I was shocked. This was the American annual conference? Even in Australia we could have had a much better turn up than this. Maybe I had my answer in the large wall mural that greeted me. Even though the organizers could not afford to pay my entry to the conference, they did pay for a 10′ tall mural of two alligators hugging themselves. It was as though the reptilians were letting us know who had taken over kinesiology.

I presented the Wernicke’s Correction at 9.20 am on 7/13/02. I explained the science behind the Wernicke’s correction, and then I had everyone in the room perform it on someone else. That is, find some Wernicke’s commands that had been messing up their life that had been given to them by their parents or a teacher or similar person. The room was buzzing! Alive! The energy was truly electric! As people returned to their seats and looked up at me, I could see the excitement and happiness on their faces.

Then I changed all that. For the last ten minutes I was allocated, I had decided that, since we had paid all our own expenses, I owed the organizers no loyalty, and was therefore free to do what my heart really wanted to do – to go out on the edge and teach people about how Wernicke’s commands were given during alien and military abduction, to make them forget what happened, and also to control their lives, such as by telling them to ruin their money and relationships. In particular, I told them about booby traps, which are Wernicke’s commands deliberately given to people when they are abducted, to die if they get their memories back.

This vital piece of information has not yet been accepted by the UFO and conspiracy communities. We presume that controlled opposition is keeping this hidden.

When I finished speaking, there was barely a sound. I looked down on a room of frozen faces. I could see about sixty people frozen in their chairs, staring at me with totally blank looks on their faces. If what I had been saying was plain ridiculous, they would not have looked like that. It was as though I had activated commands on every single person in the room. In fact, this was confirmed later when I spoke with one very nice and capable woman, who had distant family ties to the Illuminati, who said she really, really wanted to hear my talk, but found that she could not hear one word that I was saying. She was blocked from hearing what I was saying, by her programming.

We then went back to our hotel room. Very, very strangely, for some reason, two women we had met came with us. That just doesn’t happen, that people come back to our hotel room. I believe from memory that we must have wanted to talk privately and that was the only place we could do it? Really weird – but then what happened showed that it was God who sent those women. They sat down on chairs. Michael sat down. I sat down on a bed. The phone rang. I stared at it in shock. Who knew we were here?

On the phone was a woman from one of the egroups I had going at that time. (I have since disbanded all egroups and do not like to joining them, as they give you a soul tie to the members, some of whom take drugs or are in prison. I felt immense relief and happiness the day I deleted the egroups),

The woman who phoned me said she wanted a kinesiology session with me. I was shocked. I asked her how she knew we were in Florida, instead of Arizona. How did she know we were at this Conference? She gave me some waffly answer or other, which seemed most strange. I was sure that I had not mentioned to anyone that we would be travelling. I wasn’t thinking very clearly – I seemed to be in some kind of daze – and made an appointment to see her and hung up.

Then I turned back to the two women who had been present at my talk and accompanied us back to the room. One of them said, “They are going to kill you.” I laughed, thinking it was a joke. Then I saw her face. She was dead serious. They both were. 

“One witness shall not rise up against a man for any iniquity, or for any sin, in any sin that he sinneth: at the mouth of two witnesses, or at the mouth of three witnesses, shall the matter be established.” Deuteronomy 19:15

She said that she got a picture of a mobile home with four people lying dead. They had been shot – two were us, and the woman who rang and her male friend were the other two bodies. That is, there was a plan for them to shoot us, and then they would also be disposed of to clean up all loose ends.

Now I was in total shock. However, Michael took them very seriously and I muscle tested that what they said was true, so later that day I phoned and left a message to cancel the session. We have been extra careful of who we see ever since then. We never heard from that woman again, even though we tried to contact her.


Several months before that time, we were living in Norfolk Virginia. I had started writing the screen play for Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing. Then soon after 911 Michael came home from the I.T. contract he had been working on for a major company and told me the contract had been cancelled, and that he had a strong feeling that that would be the last job he ever had. I did not want to face the reality of that fact, but I could feel that he spoke the truth. I wondered how we were to go on financially.

It doesn’t help matters nowadays that wireless and WIFI, which kill people, is taking over corporations. Highly skilled people everywhere are being killed by their job, simply because the higher-ups are replacing cables with wireless.


After Norfok, Viriginia, we felt led to move to Show Low in the White Mountains in Arizona. That was very interesting, because the area has a lot of places with very interesting energy, and we met so many highly intelligent people who had direct experience of aliens and other weird stuff, some of which I wrote about here.

Our apartment was one story up, and even though we were out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nothing much more than pinyon pine trees, at night time, when we put our heads on a pillow, we could clearly hear bulldozers, excavators and other road work working underground. We believe that was more bunker-building. Sometimes they were so noisy, it was quite hard to get to sleep.

God kept us going financially through our website, mostly selling ear candles. I knew that one day God would withdraw this business, and that happened several years later, when the government sent us letters over a period of time, telling us not to sell our best selling products, namely ear candles, the Hulda Clark Zapper and Chelation by suppository (Detoxamin & Kelatox – you can still buy it online from Canada). You know you are on to a good thing when the government tells you to stop selling them!


Then God moved us to Florida. I was pregnant. Here is how God moved us: We were in a small rental apartment. I could not sleep properly because I could hear a man snoring behind the wall next to my pillow, as though his head was right next to mine. We didn’t get the message to move. Then someone else started doing laundry at 1am. We still didn’t get the message to move. So, because God has a sense of humor, he moved a woman into the apartment below us, who had a Karaoke machine and sang Country Western music, and she had a worse voice than I do.

We got the message. We realized that with our internet business we could be anywhere, and decided we should be near the beach. My intuition sent us to St. Augustine, Florida. We found it was way too expensive there, but that led us to Palm Coast which is just 20 minutes away, and much cheaper and nicer. Numerous subsequent events have shown us that we were meant to be here.


The second house we rented for not a lot more than we had paid for the tiny apartment in Arizona had an enormous great room, with a super tall cathedral ceiling. I wondered what we would ever do with all this space? The answer became clear soon after. I had been looking for a place to film Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing. At that time, I foolishly thought we would need a studio for only a short period. Then, one day, I looked at the huge ceiling in the great room, and asked Michael, couldn’t we film here?

Sure enough, we ended up putting up three 12′ lights in that room, and a giant green screen, massage table, teleprompter desk and studio camera and tripod. It was just as well we filmed in our own home, because we lived like that for 4 years while we completed the Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing DVD training series.

For some reason, God did not want us to do it quickly. We had all kinds of things happen to slow us down, including a Whippoorwill making noise and frogs that were so noisy sometimes we could not shoot.




However, we pushed on to complete it so that everyone could learn how to muscle test accurately, rebalance their body so that it can heal itself, and remove Wernicke’s commands and emotional stress. While we never mentioned anything about aliens, it was made as a weapon against them. We included every technique that abductees need to help free and heal themselves.

Many times I felt like not continuing, but then we would come under spiritual attack from doing the DVD, and I knew then how important it was. The thought of all the abductees out there and how much they need to use the techniques like we did regularly, kept us going.

When it was completed, there were people who told us to price it at $1,200, but we made sure we kept the price low, knowing that many abductees have more than their fair share of money problems. One way the evil ones keep people enslaved is by influencing people with helpful knowledge to keep the price so high that few can buy it (Eg Operation Mind Control which is a record of mind control by the military and CIA was for many, many years priced at $100. On Amazon it says:

“The book disappeared because… the CIA did not want the public to know the extent and details of its mind control programs.”

I believe even Walter Bowart himself once described how the entire warehouse supply was bought up by the CIA. The book also began vanishing from libraries across the nation, and virtually every copy available in bookstores was suddenly bought up and disappeared into a black hole. Very few copies survived this draconian purge.”


Soon after the Mars Records was published, we received requests for book offers. We knew what that would be: We would be offered cash and the Mars Records would be put in a filing cabinet forever. We declined the offers.


About a year or two after we posted The Mars Records, we did in fact finally start to receive requests to appear on TV and radio shows. However, by this time we had realized that it might not be safe for us to do so. For example, we had learned of the hundreds of UFO investigators who got murdered and heard numerous reports of whisteleblowers and even kinesiologists being murdered.

In addition, we had learned how some websites operate as controlled opposition, about fake media and “crisis actors”, and realized that there could be people who wanted to discredit us. We recommend the website www.Wellaware1.com. Probably not all he says is true, but certainly some of it is. For example, he says;

“CASE IN POINT. Jesse Ventura. He states himself that it’s not his legal name, and it’s not even registered to his person. Yet he signed official documents while he was Governor of Minnesota. You have no idea who he really is.”

We saw Jesse Ventura  do a total hatchet job on Duncan O’Finian, on the show “Conspiracy Theory”. (Conspiracy is not a theory. It’s a fact. We are conspiracy researchers, not conspiracy theorists). Instead of doing a proper documentary investigating Duncan’s claims, they made Duncan look silly in different ways, such as by sticking him in the back of a van and in underground parking lots. They didn’t even let Duncan tell his best stories! And they never give any websites for follow up information.

So, when we got a call from Jesse Ventura’s office to ask if we would like to go on a show about Mars, we declined to return their call.

The Mars Records tells its own story, and the meter reads give veracity to it, that no amount of talking on our part possibly can. 


It was after we launched the Perfect Health System that we really began to see how high the level of mind control on this planet really is. Since then it has grown year by year. Several people who had a lot of metaphysical abilities and who had obviously been abducted, who had been encouraging us over the years to get it done as soon as possible, no sooner got their copies, than they put them on the shelf, never to look at them again.

The new smart phones seem to have made things even worse. They are doing something beyond merely killing DNA and brain cells with wireless radiation. There is something encrypted into them. That is why people are addicted to them. I once saw a discussion on a thread about how several people had noticed that people have become very rude and obnoxious at work, and it started in the years when smart phones were first introduced.

We and others had other strange things happen that let us know that the reality around us is even more strange and even more controlled than anyone could have imagined. We began to learn much of this when we did the DVD documentary, Interview with an ex-Vampire, a True Story, which I have since transcribed, and was under much spiritual attack when I did so.

Other major clues of how weird the truth of the world we live in is surfaced this year, and are in the articles “A Being Walks through a Mirror” and “Woman Sees a 6′ Mouth Licking Energy off Her“.


Part of the cause of people not being aware of what is going on is, as we have discovered, people have been given Wernicke’s commands against all kinds of things that will wake them up. For example, I worked on a woman who was shown a list of 100 things that she was not to do! We have even found Wernicke’s commands deliberately given to people against painting and singing!

We have also found Wernicke’s on quite a number of people to stay away from such things as kinesiology, clearing and the Relfes. Once I did a session on a woman who had recovered a memory of being taken as a teenager with her brother to a military recruiting center, where she was given a drug in orange juice, but she did not drink it as her brother did, which caused the soldiers to get very angry and forcefully drug her.

She had other memories of events connected with the military and Scotland, which she had visited when young. Scotland is the home of Scottish rite freemasonry. Only Scots and Egyptian aristocracy ever wore kilts. There is a massive connection between the evil of Egypt and Scotland.

This same woman in a session remembered being shown a list of 250 people she was to stay away from, including Michael and Stephanie Relfe, and Bill Schnoebelen. For some reason, I did not think to ask her who the other 250 people were, and that woman no longer communicates with me. 


Unfortunately, most of the few people who are able to believe that aliens are real, think that the aliens are good. They don’t realize that they treat us like animals, are Satanic and perverted, steal babies and kill people. That’s what happens to a lot of homeless people.

Various forums have reported how whole communities of homeless people have vanished overnight. We presume the aliens took them.

Plus we have the reports from author David Paulides who has a background in Law Enforcement who discovered 1,100 people, often children, who vanished mysteriously from National Parks, sometimes under their parents noses. The real number of missing children is much, much higher because the local police do not even keep a list of missing people!

We believe that most of the people who are part of things like the Disclosure Project have probably been programmed to make aliens look good. All it takes is some scopalomine, which is tasteless and odorless, and people can be programmed to do just about anything.


Thankfully, around 2003, we discovered how you can use your spiritual sword to give spiritual death to evil beings, otherwise I may not be writing this right now. Combined with knowledge that you get from accurate muscle testing, it is a mighty weapon. Please read this article if you have not yet done so, and use it anytime you experience some kind of strange negativity.  I am sorry that it took us so long to write about this, but for some reason we felt that we were meant to keep this information to ourselves for a number of years.


The word “spiritual attack” sounds so amorphous and waffly, as though it doesn’t really mean anything. Most people do not believe in its power because if they are not doing anything more harmful to the evil ones than a cow grazing grass, then it is less likely to be used against them, since they are already in a cage.

Over the past years we have experienced the “before-and-after” of spiritual attack so often, that we know it’s is real, and deadly. One minute the pain or symptom will be there – then we muscle test and if some spirit is causing it, deal with it, and then within seconds or minutes the pain or symptom is totally gone. For example, here are just a few examples:

  • Extreme nausea & headache. Occasionally, while Michael was praying to remove the cause, I have actually vomited.
  • Pounding heart.
  • Inability to breath.
  • Excruciating hip pain.
  • Pain in leg so bad that Michael could barely walk for several days. I finally located the cause with Muscle testing. It was invisible technology that was placed about 3 foot behind his knee, in his energy field. Within 5 minutes of destroying this, and the dealing with the beings that put it there, he was totally pain free.

Often if we have a very small symptom (like when I had hip pain), the evil ones will use that problem and magnify it greatly. We know it is from spiritual attack, because as soon as we use muscle testing and find out what is causing the pain, and deal with the beings with the spiritual sword and prayer, plus test if we are tied to any dimensions, universes, technology or other thing, and deal with it, the pain or symptom goes quickly, often almost instantly.

In addition, muscle test to find out if there is a contract to do something to you out in the spiritual world, because if there is, the attacks will continue from other beings.

Because of these attacks, we have had to be much stricter with our health regime and diet than most people. The two years I spent writing You’re not fat, You’re toxic helped greatly with this.

Recently I was talking on the phone with a woman who had obviously come under severe spiritual attack since purchasing Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing. We did some distance kinesiology on her, with Michael as surrogate, plus some prayers, and she recovered quickly. I have written the details about similar other occasions when I did this for others in this article.

Because of this, we realized that we need to do this for any Metatech reader who learns kinesiology from us, and so are offering to give a free distance kinesiology session for any Metatech reader who purchases Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing, or who has done so in the past. Details here.

That being said, we have much to be grateful for. We are together, happy, healthy, surviving and have not been abducted since around 2002. This is more than we can say for some of the people who have contacted us, some of whom have very sad stories to tell. The worst thing for many people is being on their own and having no one else around them  who understands these subjects.


Eventually we got to see that our message and the message of many other freedom, natural health and conspiracy researchers, could not get to the vast number of people because their brains have been impaired by toxins and other projects initiated by the oligarchs and aliens. I realized that writing a book called You’re not stupid, You’re toxic would probably not get too many readers. It seemed as though the only thing most people cared about any longer was how they looked.

Therefore I zeroed in on the specific benefit of weight loss, since the things that are making people fat are the same things making them stupid, and wrote You’re not Fat, You’re toxic. This book summarizes 43 natural health books and documentaries, and many different scientific and natural health discoveries, thus saving you over $500 as well as lots of time. Maybe that’s why Nutribooks, the main distributor to health food stores won’t distribute it.

However, it was really written especially for abductees and freedom fighters and their families, to learn how to maintain good health and to protect the survival of their genetic line. I urge you to read it, now. If you cannot afford to buy a copy, please ask your library to do so.

If you already have a copy, please commit to read a chapter a day until it’s finished.


Recently, I thought I’d take a break from conspiracy research by drawing, and created a Learn to Draw with Grids book. I was therefore shocked to find out I’d run into yet another conspiracy. As I studied other “Learn to Draw” books I realized that people have been deliberately taught NOT to draw. This is why only 5% of people can draw, even though learning to draw is a simple thing that anyone should be able to do, just as everyone can write.

I believe the purpose of sabotaging people’s ability to draw is because people who can draw can SEE more clearly, and also drawing activates the right brain which is important to metaphysical abilities.

Please read this article to learn more.

(Article continues bel0w)





We don’t like to use the word “psychic” because most so-called psychics use demons to give them information, not native abilities. Also, the word “psychic” conjures up pictures of women at a fair asking for $50 an hour to tell someone what they want to hear. Therefore we have decided to use the word “talent” to denote someone with real, natural metaphysical abilities.

Because you are reading this, the chances are high that you have metaphysical abilities. That is, you are a talent. We wrote this open letter to the military, explaining how it is the talents and spiritual warriors who are needed to save earth.


In the last few years, something seems to have changed for the better, at the same time that the news is getting worse. A few people seem to be waking up. And a few more people seem to finally be willing to DO SOMETHING, not just talk about it, to improve themselves and break through the mind control.

While the physical reality around us seems to be getting worse and worse, the spiritual battle between good and evil is also heating up, and we are winning in some quarters, even though it may not look like that on the news.

As of 2015, we feel that physical actions that would have made a difference if done, say, before 2008, will no longer have much affect. Little can be done for millions of the lost sheep on earth who have not taken responsibility for themselves and society, and have let their brains, DNA and karma be destroyed by GMOs, toxic food, cell phones, vaccines, nanotechnology, microwaved food, wifi, television, perversions and the rest of it. Do not be concerned about them. They have chosen their path and God has made a decision about them. He understands that it is not all their fault. We have still evolved a long way from the Old Testament when people regularly burned their children alive as part of black magic and sacrifices to little ‘g’ gods.

Focus now on strengthening yourself, your body, your family, your clan and above all your personal relationship with God. Communicate with Him hourly. Still do things to be of service to others and to make a difference, as that is your life’s purpose, but pray carefully before doing anything to make sure it is God’s will. You don’t want to end up like the murdered UFO investigators, or the natural health doctors who were murdered in the previous few months, probably for going against vaccines. The number of murdered doctors is at eight, as of 7/19/15.

It is a terrible shame that good people who are waking up, like these doctors, do not know that what they are dealing with is a vast alien and demonic empire, that wants to kill us. If only they had listened to speeches by Phil Schneider before he was murdered, and learned about the Greada Treaty of 1954, between the U.S Government and grey aliens, signed by President Eisenhower. If only they knew that vaccines are important to the evil ones because they destroy metaphysical abilities.


Talents who follow God’s instructions are needed, not just on this planet, but in the universe. Several weeks before I wrote this I had come to the conclusion that the aliens are not content to simply harvest people occasionally. They are getting ready to do a major harvesting of this planet, which will permanently remove billions of people from earth. A clue was given by some dreams I saw posted by different people in the internet.

This realization was confirmed a few weeks after I had it, when we watched Jupiter Ascending, made by the Wachowski Brothers, who made The Matrix, and will never let themselves by photographed. The movie shows that aliens do a major harvest on earth and on thousands of other planets, after regular time intervals which can be centuries long. We believe that the death of 60 million people by Stalin in Russia could have been one such harvest (That’s around 40,000 every week).


In 2015 we launched our website for our Rex Deus Church. If you love God but find that normal churches can’t handle you because you believe in simple spiritual things like telepathy, this church may be for you. Please read our beliefs.



One set of books that we urge everyone to read is the Lensmen Series by E.E. Doc Smith. See if you don’t get goosebumps, like I did, (as testimony to truth), when you finish Children of the Lens (Book 6).

Books 1-3

Books 4-6


Please make sure that when the ships come, you and your family are committed to staying away, and have the food, water, resources, cash and location to be able to survive without external help, which will be used like corn in a pig pen is used to catch wild hogs.



Prepare for whatever is coming, whether it be a new life time or a new reality in your current body. The most important part of this is to ask God for forgiveness for all things you did or failed to do, that caused harm, in this lifetime and especially in previous lives. Ask Him to guide your thoughts, words and actions.

Keep taking action every day to make a difference. Pray to God for guidance that you stay safe. “It’s a poor sailor who doesn’t make to port in a storm.”

If you wish to contact us, please read “Please read this first” before contacting us.


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