Climate Change Will Cause –

The Coming Ice Age

Are we having Global Warming or are we going into an Ice Age? The truth is:

  • We are not the cause of Global Warming. Somewhere between 85% and 95% of greenhouse gases are WATER VAPOR.
  • At most, only 3% of the carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air results from human activity.
  • The amount of CO2 presently in the air absorbs nearly all available radiation at its peaks of 2.7, 4.3 and 15 µM; so more CO2 cannot absorb more radiation.
  • 17,000 (Seventeen thousand!) scientists signed a petition saying humans producing CO2 is not the cause of global warming.
  • The 30% increase in atmospheric CO2 over the past 100 years is from oceans releasing CO2 because they are heating up. Oceans heat the air, not the other way around.
  • The oceans are heating because of undersea volcanoes, because of the movement of the earth’s crust. Scientists recently discovered over 1,100 volcanoes near Easter Island! Some are huge – over 1.5 miles high. And we have only mapped 5% of the ocean so far! Scientists estimate there are THREE MILLION undersea volcanoes.
  • Most of us were taught in school that there was only one big ice age. Since that time, much new information has been learned. We have in fact had hundreds of ice ages. Many of them were “mini” ice ages, where most of Europe and the North American continent were covered in thousands of feet of ice all year round. However, at those times, temperatures below the ice line were only about 5 degrees F less than today, and temperatures at the equator were the same as today.


Solid Line: Approximate extent of glaciation during last (Wisconsin) ice age.

Dotted Line: Approximate extent of earlier glaciations. Source:

ice-age2-world map glaciation

World Map showing Extent of Glaciation of Last Ice Age. Source:


Europe during the last Ice Age


Ice Sheets ‘14,000 years ago’ (or is it 14,500?) Source:

  • The sun is electromagnetic. That’s what causes sun spots. These are increasing at the moment. The earth also is electromagnetic. At different times, magnetic north changes position, sometimes a little bit and sometimes doing a full reversal with magnetic south. It is possible that these changes are caused by our changing position in the galaxy.
  • In the past, when there were magnetic reversals, volcanic activity, earthquakes, ice ages and extinctions happened at the same time. New research indicates that ice ages do not start off slowly. They happen within a very short space of time – EVEN AS LITTLE AS TWO OR THREE YEARS. Worldwide temperatures in the past have dropped by 20 degrees F ALMOST OVERNIGHT.
  • Ice ages happen with regularity every 11,500 years. The last mini ice age ended almost 11,500 years ago.
  • Snow makes ice. When there is enough snow, it compacts the underneath snow into ice. Then it starts to flow south. That’s how glaciers get made.
  • One inch of rain produces 10 inches of snow. In 2007 part of Colorado received THIRTY FEET of snow in ONE STORM. See the entry for Jan 7 2007 at
  • WARNING! A NORMAL ROOF LOAD IS 40 LBS/Sq. Ft. 1″ of snow is 1 Lb/Sq.Ft. THAT MEANS ANY ROOF CAN COLLAPSE AFTER JUST 40″ OF SNOW! And that’s dry snow. Most will collapse before 40” of wet snow.Roofs will collapse when too much arrives in one storm, or when there is so much snow outside that people cannot move it anywhere. Move south now!
  • It’s cold enough in the Arctic right now to cause an ice age. All that is needed is more moisture to produce enough snow. This is being provided by warming oceans caused by undersea volcanoes.
  • There are many indications that we will enter an ice age within our lifetime. Visit to see the list of glaciers that are GROWING. (This is not reported in the media).
  • Al Gore’s movie “An Inconvenient Truth” is mostly false. However, there is one thing that he got right: warming oceans can stop the oceanic “conveyor belt” which warms the northern part of the world. That can cause an ice age in a remarkably short space of time. Some people think it’s already started. It’s strange that Gore didn’t spend more time talking about he consequences of that happening. Here’s an article that shows how some people are worried that the Oceanic Conveyor Belt is starting to stop.
  • Southern Hemisphere countries (Africa, Australia, South America) will see a RISE in termperature, according to a report from the Pentagon, which is a watered down version of the original report. Click on “Abrupt Climate Change” at the end to see the watered down version of the report.

ice-age5-conveyor belt ice age

The Oceanic Conveyor belt – the only thing keeping northern Europe and northern America free of ice.

Update: April 18 2007

Russia and the USA have announced a plan to build an underground tunnel between Siberia and the USA. Is this because they are planning for the next ice age, when Siberia will likely be free of ice? And planning later to extend the tunnel down to the ice-free parts of the USA? Here’s another map of which lands were covered in ice during the last ice age:



Why This is Important to Everyone

Even if you don’t live in an area that will be covered in hundreds or thousands of feet of ice, I strongly urge you to read “Not by Fire, but by Ice” to get an idea of how it’s not just about an ice age. Because it’s all to do with magnetic reversals of the poles. Direclty or indirectly, that is what is causing the increases in earthquakes, volcanoes, droughts and flooding and weird weather. And it is going to get worse.


When the ice age comes, everything happens at once – ice, volcanic activity, earthquakes and extinctions.

The worldwide supply of food willl be the thing that is most greatly affected by all of this, at least for several years. Without regular seasons and good weather, little can be grown, even in areas that aren’t under ice. And if one of the big volcanoes go during this time, then we are all in for a lot of trouble. See our article “Global Cataclycsm in 535 A.D. – History’s Greatest Secret“.

Most of this information comes from:

“Not by Fire, but by Ice” by Robert Felix (Click here).

READING ARTICLES IS NOT ENOUGH. YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED THIS BOOK TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HAPPENING IS YOU ARE TO SURVIVE WHAT IS COMING. The Author is an architect who has laboriously read through enough scientific papers so that the reference section is TWENTY EIGHT pages long. He puts it all together in a way that makes a lot of sense and in also in ways that anyone can understand it. See

“Global Warming: The cause is oceans warming, not greenhouse gases” by Gary Novak.


The 2nd Least Active Year for Sunspots since 1900

Secret Pentagon Report predicts UK will be like Siberia by 2024

BBC Documentary: 70,000 years ago the World Population was Reduced to 5,000-10,000 people from a Super Volcano!

Sunspots May Vanish by 2015

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