The Sun is Killing people

Stay out of the White Sun that Used to be Yellow

by Stephanie Relfe

July, 19 2017

When I wrote about the importance of getting sun on your skin in “You’re not fat, you’re toxic” I was working on old information that related to our old yellow sun. But around 2007 the sun went from yellow to white. This year, 2017, it seems to have made even more, and dangerous, changes. I am sorry that we felt I had to write this article. It is not meant to create fear. It is meant to help good people to live as long as possible. Always remember that you are an immortal being, a child of God, and that one day you will be somewhere that you like much more than this place.

Stay out of the sun and take 20,000 IU non-gmo Vitamin D. (about the same as one hour in the sun). ‘Vitamin’ D is not a vitamin; it’s a steroid hormone necessary for most of the things the body does.


Unfortunately it’s not just the sun. We are also being hit by cosmic radiation. See in the chart below how a K Index that is one or zero causes a Cosmic Ray Alert. This is as bad as (or worse than) a very high K Index, which causes a Geomagnetic Storm.

To see what the K Index is today see the graph with green bars on the third row at


From the comments in this video:

“I want to a funeral last week for my wife’s cousin. ..he worked in the sun all day, staying hydrated . He got home that night with a bad headache , he chalked it up to allergies ……took a sudafed and went to bed , he died in his sleep at 52 ..

Another guy from the same area died that day too …same thing , worked outside , a bad headache, died in his sleep ..”

The following are various posts from various threads on and youtube:

(From a poster in Federated States of Micronesia)

I live 7 degrees above the Equator and I can report to you that we no longer need to cook our eggs here. We just place the frying pan outside in sunlight and it cooks eggs in 3 to 5 minutes.

We no longer can stand in direct sunlight for more than 10 minutes as it will cause 2nd degree burns

Next, the fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and it was given power to scorch the people with fire.  Rev. 16:8

See the comments at the end of this video:


I have noticed here that people are a lot wiser to the bad effects… everyone uses umbrellas in the sun, even lads and for the most part older people just sit in the shade or stay inside on the hottest days. Yesterday was a scorcher and i was done in 15mins of walking in it. Just with the odd 10-15 mins a day in direct sun is sending my brown hair blond on top lol.

Also it is supposed to be monsoon here for 1 month now but is late or just patchy and no where near what it should be.

God help us… the damn scale only went to 10 up until 2004- now 15+ is not uncommon… this shit is fo’ realz.

Stay out of the sun, it is not what it used to be.

A couple years back, I had a bit of a debate with a younger person about how the sun used to be yellow. He swore up and down I was off my rocker…Well, fact was, I am much older than him and witness much more in my days.

When we were young, we drew the sun as yellow. We even saw the sun as yellow. My son and daughter are 21 and 26 years old. I have some pictures they drew when they were real young, and the sun was light yellow. Correct, as the sun was transitioning.

Now, the sun is officially a white star. So, in a period of about 20 years, I have seen the sun change from yellow to blinding white.

What I have to say here, is that there is a BIG difference in the UV when comparing a yellow sun to a white sun. Yes, folks are literally burning in minutes. The heat is extreme, and also the light.

Stay out of the sun as much as possible because the sun is different and stronger, plus, we and our plants are suffering damage. Try and keep an eye on plants and trees. Where I am at, it has recently been 112 in the shade, and some of my Oak trees look like their leaves are dying. Turning yellow/brown and even falling off in the light breeze.

I was shaking my head at the folks running to the beach, slathering on shitloads of “sun screen” and playing in and around the water. First, they can damage their skin by the sun reflecting off the water. And second, the sun screens were likely made for the sun we used to know. I don’t think the sun screens are going to protect us from the now different sun.

Can be a real nice profit margin for pharma, knowing sun screens are not protecting, instead making things worse, and of course, folks must get something to fix the issue they just can’t figure out how they get skin cancer since they are using PLENTY of sun screen, yada, yada, yada.

Some years back I did a bit of study on suns/stars.

There may be an order here in regards to our sun, and if anyone out there knows what we can expect, it would greatly help.

Here is the order I am thinking about:

Brown star, Red, Orange, Deep Yellow, Yellow, Pale Yellow, White, White/Powder Blue, Blue.

We had a Yellow, Pale Yellow and now White star. Could Powder Blue then Blue be next as I think?

And what else can we expect from our now White sun?

We know skin is being affected. Can our brains? Nervous System? Are our food sources going to die off? Our eyesight?

All of my beautiful rose bushes have burned flowers and leaves (except for a few that were not getting as much sun)

In 1980…

Spf factor was 8+

1995 onwards its 50+

In 1980…

It took ALL DAY to get a sunburn.

1995 onwards it takes 20 minutes.

In 1980…

It took TWO WEEKS for a newspaper to yellow in the sun.

1995 onwards it takes ONE DAY.

In 1980 children drew the sun YELLOW in pictures.

1995 onwards they draw it BLUE OR WHITE

In 1980 you could look directly at the sun even at midday without being blinded if you did it for 10 seconds or less.

1995 onwards you cant even look in its GENERAL DIRECTION.

And its nothing to do with eye age.

I have had children…I’ve seen them get burnt in under half an hour…complain about the STING of the sun…DRAW the sun BLUE OR WHITE…and not believe me when i told them i used to be able to LOOK RIGHT AT THE SUN.

I live in England on the West coast. About 5 years ago, nearly all my plants started to have yellow leaves. I was BAFFLED. Not enough sun? – they were still in the same position, and got the same amount of sun.
It’s even worse now. I eventually realized that the only plants doing well are the ones in shade!

OP (Original Poster) is Spot on …

Drove a major highway between 2PM-5PM where our UV broke records. About an hour after getting back felt disoriented, lacked vitality.

Checked my vitals. Weak pulse. Systolic BP was up and down wildly. Hadn’t read GLP all day lol.

Read Wiki on Acute Radiation Poisioning.

I carry an umbrella everywhere I go.

I agree OP!

I am going on 50 and I definitely notice a big difference. I cannot stand the Sun to hit me at all, and have a big collection of umbrellas, hats, all sorts of shades for the car. It gets so hot in the car now just from the Sun beating on it in the morning I have made my own reflective car cover for the top of the cab and that helps a bit.

I also remember the nice, warm yellow Sun. Now it is the laser-hot white, burn your face off Sun. I keep on warning people but they look at you quizzically, especially the older ones that don’t understand there is a difference now. Both my boys have suffered terrible burns in a very short time, going out unaware. I notice it also seems to be making the insects much less active in the day, and incredibly active at night.

I myself find that during the day, even when I am indoors, in an apartment with the blinds drawn, the radiation makes me feel sick and I don’t start feeling better till it gets close to Sunset. This has drastically changed my biological clock as I am much more alive and energized toward evening, rather than during the daylight hours.

I find it interesting the only map that isn’t updated at this NASA site (there are a crap-load of various maps) is the UV index one- from 2004.

Chemtrails are making it worse:

If you think what they spray blocks anything you are wrong.

It creates just a medium were more deadly electromagnetic waves can further travel.


You will see if you search GLP that MANY on this board for the last few years have been speculating that there’s something wrong and the sun is much “hotter.”

(Russian Federation)

I am from the Pacific look at the flag next to my name. We also have people dying here due to heat related injuries. Last week, there were 3 people who feel also died in their sleep, 2 died during night time sleep, one while taking an afternoon nap.

The month before this, flocks of birds littered the roads on one island also apparently dead from the scorching heat of the Sun.

Another unrelated story from residents of a small island is that a flying circular disc with a single search light came down and hovered over their village for over 1 hour. The residents were so terrified that they ran into their church and locked the door. At dawn when the Sun was rising, they came out and saw footprints in the sand which looked like giant chicken claws.

I work in the spray foam construction industry around Dallas, TX. If I’m not working outside, I’m probably in an attic. The last few weeks have been absolutely miserable, I’ve really appreciated the frequent rains we’ve been having even though it shuts down roofing jobs.

Over the last 10 days straight I’ve been on a roof job in Dallas proper, sun exposure has made me sick almost every single afternoon. Diarrhea, vomiting, headaches, dizzy spells have hit our whole crew repeatedly, only three out of 8 guys made it through the whole job without calling in sick.

Water and pedialite are necessities, sometimes it’s impossible to drink enough to keep up with how much we’re sweating out.

Maybe it’s due to just getting older (38 now) but it does seen the summer months are getting more and more brutal.

Hmmm! This thread caught my eye. I am in North Bay area of SF. Saturday, I worked outside from around 9AM to around 2PM. I had on long pants, a cotton t-shirt, and a baseball style cap. I drank about 48ozs. of water during that time.

After I got home, I was totally wiped out. I drank another 4 or 5 large glasses of water right away, but I felt scorched. I have not been right since. Headaches, stomach screwed up, etc.

I notice that the UV levels at midday here are in the 11-12 range on the epa charts. I’m thinking I got fried.

I went to the doctor yesterday for a 4 week long sore throat and the first question they ask me is if I spend a lot of time out in the sun.

They had a note in the system from last year that id said that as well.

I don’t work in the sun but i go outside every day for extended periods of time. Wtf are they up to?


I live in Hickory NC and the sun has definitely changed over the last 10 to 15 years. Personally I believe it is either weather modification or the earth axis has moved from north to east. Maybe both. We used to get tons of snow here in the mountains and foothills. Now we are lucky to get 5 inches once per winter.

It seems to me like NC is experiencing a climate like southern Georgia, northern Florida used to have.

I have been a contractor from age 20 until now at age 47 yrs old. I really started to notice the extreme heat and sun changes around 2005 or so. Also, it seems like the humidity has skyrocketed over the last 10 years. My wife and I used to take our son up to Boone and Blowing rock on the weekends just to get away from the humidity. Now the mountains are just as humid as the foothills.

Something has changed for sure.



I’m starting to think that along with slowly poisoning us that chemtrails are amplifying the UV rays. While your out for your daily walk (much respect, good thing to do as you get older) why not carry an umbrella? It blocks the UV without the poison like sunscreens have. Also, you can wear shorts, tanktops, t shirts ect without worry.

I mean, who cares what other people think, its your health. I carry an umbrella everywhere I go and im a 47 yr old male.

If I have to be out in direct sunlight for longer then usual I have no problem pulling a public Michael Jackson!

Umbrella up till sun goes down! Best of luck.

I was just talking to my Wife about this.

I have worked as a Foreman/Engineer on a concrete construction crew for the past 14 years.

Work outside year round. It has always been hot in the summer, July and August in particular. I am used to the heat and cold, I know how to dress and stay hydrated.

This year though, has really been tough. The temps today were about 92F with high humidity.

It feels like 102 plus.

The sun seems like it just boils right through you.

I had two guys out today sick, symptoms of overheating.

These were men who have done this sort of work for 30 plus years, they too are used to it.

Had a guy last Friday who developed diarrhea, cramps, and throwing up, one of the toughest guys I know.

It feels like you are under a magnifying glass.

We have even had some tools damaged by the heat, melted handles, warping, and such.

It almost physically hurts to be out in the sun anymore.

I don’t know what it is, but something’s up.

A whole lot of folks I know who never burn or maybe burn first time out in sun but then tan later are now asking, ‘WTF?!’ Then I try to educate them about how our Sun is changing, our planet’s shields are collapsing, tons of space weather crap, our planet is off it’s axis (no, ain’t talking about the slight wobble either), they look at me like I have three heads growing on my shoulder. A few will go research for themselves but most just LOL at me and tell me to take off my tin foil hat.

Oh well, sheeple gonna’ bleat and run off the cliff no matter what. <sigh>

Something is different alright. On vacation two weeks ago I spent lots of time in the sun as one normally does on vacation. I got a horrible, itchy heat rash. That’s never happened before. Just going away now. Husband got one too, not as bad as mine.

I am in the north and have burned spots anywhere that sat in the sun yesterday, even though I do tan easily and have a base already.

I spent ten minutes talking to a couple patients outside today in the sun. I am burnt to a crisp on my face.

I go by my own observations- I have spent my life outside working and training all over the world- the last few years have got progressively worse, this year is getting so bad that even nay-sayers are beginning take a look-

I just cant believe the official data seems to be more or less accurate on this- I guess a $50 hand-held UV meter can do the trick, so they are basically forced to admit it.

I literally carry an umbrella everywhere I go.

A big black one.

You all should consider it!

I live in Idaho and The sun is way friggin brighter then years ago.

Husband got fried a couple of days ago. He’s half Italian, and doesn’t ever burn. He was out in Sun for about an hour. It was during the “proton” burst – so maybe that was it?


Recently spent the week-end in Orlando (and NOT Mickey’s world, surprisingly).

Husbands had to go to convention, so us girls laid around the pool….

ONE DAY only. I used to be a “sun worshipper,” and when I was younger, I could do a whole week-end around the pool and end up with a wonderful, dark tan that would carry me through most of the summer.

This year, after one day, I could see I was burned, so stayed away from the pool for the remainder.

However, once we got home, I started having sinus problems, almost like a sinus infection. It hasn’t abated, and I don’t know what it is. I cannot smell anything, have a COUGH – almost like the croup – and cannot shake it. Nose doesn’t run like a sinus infection, but something’s definitely not right. I am now thinking it’s because of my “day in the sun.”

It’s our magnetic shielding that is changing. The planet’s magnetic field has been decreasing rapidly and the north magnetic pole is crossing over the top of the planet (this year), racing towards Siberia at unprecedented speeds.

More cosmic radiation is getting.

I grew up farming and yes around 7 years ago I noticed we have lost protection , cows with skin cancer etc

When I used to sleep outside with my equines, they would often wake me up too early, and I’d get to see the sunrise. The sun would be yellows and reds at sunset. Then hues of blues and greens at sunrise. I think it has something to do with redshift.

With my equines now, they run for the barn to sit in the dark shaded inside, right after morning feed

I noticed all the trees in my area have holes burned through the all the leaves. Something is going on and the gov isn’t telling us.

I live in Colorado. I have a huge garden both flower and vegetable. I have noticed this year the tips of all the leaves are burning. I am an organic gardener so this makes no sense other than the sun. It has been very intense to the point one does not want to be out in it for long.

I am in Michigan. I have a flowering cactus. All flowers are fried and charcoal black!

I saw a small bee fall onto my back porch a few days ago going thru the same melted wing problem around 2pm in PHX, AZ.

My plants are being toasted, literally. Like a Fresnel lense this sun is….

I live in the wet coast of the rain forest capital of Canada “Vancouver” and have noticed the sap has bean cooked out of the trees and this is one major factor in their demise.

My zucchini and yellow squash are in full sun half the day, they are wilting in the sun. they have plenty of water, and it’s good soil.

I live in South Texas, and its a naturally dry environment, but I noticed a month ago that the grass which is always in the sun is burned brown and dead, while the grass under trees is still green. Clearly the radiation from the sun is killing vegetation, because the water content in the soil should be roughly equal, both in the sun and under the trees. The green grass extends to the outer limits of the trees canopy, making it obvious that the shade provided, especially when the sun is directly over-head, is sustaining the grass and other vegetation.

all roses we had coming up, are not down but burned !!! but one….. trumbull ct

i should also mention i have had to move all of my plants to the shade nearly all day they get no sun but are alive they were dieing in the sun it was just baking them really crazy my friend did his entire garden in the shade and its growing too

I work outside in the sun all day, in the field in agriculture (on foot, not in am air-conditioned tractor cab). I have noticed the ‘feel’ of the sun is 30 c plus, though we are only in the low to mid 20s. Definitely discordant.

We’ve also had an extraordinary amount of rain, but the sun has evaporated lots of fields under standing water that, given the flooding, would still be weeks away from drying. Then it repeats again.

I wear a huge sloped broad brim cane hat, an always wear long sleeve shirts and long pants, while everyone else is in tank tops ad shorts.


 I got my chest burned through my dress last week. I have never had that happen before. I wasn’t even outside that long. Also I had to pull over the other day because the sun was setting directly in front of me and I couldn’t see where I was going.



My buddy worked on the water in the sun all day.

He was 38 not overweight and sorta healthy.

He suddenly collapsed at work. They were unable to bring him back. His funeral is this Thursday.

Get Right with God

Talk & Listen to Him & the feminine Holy Spirit in your heart.

Disconnect from the world.

Forgive everyone who has hurt you, to set yourself free. You don’t have to communicate with them. This will help you not have to incarnate with them again, and maybe you can even get off the wheel of birth-d=and-death forever. See “My past lives and what the Bible says about reincarnation.”

Pay off your karma for the same reasons, to the best of your ability.

Pray off family line curses, curses of bastardry etc., in Jesus’ name.

For more suggestions please visit

Please stay out of the sun.

Do not vacation in any “sun filled” area like Florida, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Southern California or the Islands.

Do not move or retire to any “sun filled” area like Florida, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Southern California or the Islands.

If you must be in the sun, protect ALL parts of your body. Always have a hat, long sleeve shirts and pants.

Always use an organic sunscreen if you insist on sunscreen (which we do not recommend because your skin absorbs everything.

Purchase an Ultra-Violet Meter (UVA, UVB, UVC – You need all of them) to monitor what is happening.

UV Radiation is divided into wavelength ranges:

UVA (315 to 400 nm)

UVB (280 to 315 nm)

UVC (100 to 280 nm)

This is not a conspiracy theory, joke or drill. The bodies are starting to pile up. Take precautions NOW.


Sun changes are affecting emotions


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