6 Walmarts Closed With No Warning –

Is it Because the Yellowstone Super Volcano is Getting ready to Blow?

Update: Something is going on that may be because of more than just Yellowstone. We will continue to update posts about the closed Walmarts and new Shopping Malls being opened up, with strange architecture.

Update: 9/8/15: Closed Walmarts to be reopened late Oct/Nov 2015. So what was that all about?


Example of Ash Flow from Yellowstone for ONE MONTH

The sudden and bizarre closing of 6 Walmarts for supposed “plumbing issues” across the USA makes no sense, or does it? Even the media realize that the plumbing excuse is fake. See the cynicism in this video: 




We believe this is not financially motivated. For example, the above video says that one of the Walmarts was one of the top 10 producers in the country. Each store is loving over $1 milllion a week in revenue. All stores were fully stocked, & the massive grocery sections full of food ss they never stopped deliveries. So they had a 50% off sale on all frozen food and produce, to get rid of it fast! They never do that!

It’s not union busting either, because only six stores are closed, out of a total of 4,500 in the USA.

(Background: Since no distinct volcanic mountain is evident, many visitors to Yellowstone National Park are not immediately aware that they are spending much of their time on top of the caldera of a what has recently been called a Supervolcano. A Supervolcano is one with a magma chamber of at least 1,000 cubic km. Supervolcanoes are not the normal cone shape. Instead they are in the shape of a caldera. The Yellowstone caldera is 55 miles long. This article has great photos)

Many people have been watching the SuperVolcano at Yellowstone for the past years. Many significant changes have been observed, (such as earthquakes, which would disappear from the USGS screens as soon as they were reported), but events in the last week have suggested a sudden increase in activity.

There have been ominous events around “Old Faithful”, the geyser at Yellowstone which was called “Old Faithful” in 1870 because it was so predictable, and regularly spouted  every 63 minutes, while other reports now say it’s every 45 – 125 minutes.


There is a webcam so that you can see it.


Around March 2015

The geysers at Yellowstone were “giving off fire works.”

April 9, 1015

Men in Yellow Protection were seen walking across the Yellowstone Caldera, near Old Faithful.



April 13, 1015

The following was posted on GLP, by someone who regularly watches the webcam to Old Faithful:

“I checked the cam every half an hr or so and today I didn’t see any major geyser eruption what is going on? The park is unusually quiet today. Calm before the storm?

Could this be the reason why the scientists were looking at the park?…

Old faithful erupting now why the hell aren’t the others?  The past week all geysers were steaming like a sauna now it’s all dried up.’’

Someone else posted:

“Tectonic blockage due to rising magma which is deforming channels water utilizes to facilitate geisers.

As the magma rises the plates change position and can open up new or close old crevices found in the earths crust.

The quiet state is the last stage before an eruption.

Right before the magma reaches the surface the last of the open channels close as the plates reposition in a vertical state.”

This person was asked:

“Is that why the geysers seem so inactive this week? They were giving off fire works a lot last month.”

To which the poster responded:

“Yes, as magma rises geisers are hyperactive due to the increase in temperature in the water table causing a marked increase in activity. As the magma continues to rise 2 things happen. The water table is decreased as well as the fractured crust goes verticle closing all but the geisers with highest flow density, which is the quiet period we are in now.

Soon magma will melt what is left of the crust above causing an instability in the crust above the cauldera.

Last phase before eruption.” (Note: He misspelled “caldera”).

This same poster later said:

“All plant life in the CONUS will be dead in 3 months and approx 70% of the rest of the plant life on earth.

Believe me, we have been drilling this exact scenario for 3 years since we found out an eruption was coming. We just aren’t sure whether it will be a super eruption or not but all indicators are pointing to yes.

The last super eruption was approx 640k years ago. Super eruptions occur every 600k years on average. As well as all the sensors we had placed in the park as well as surrounding states.

Since 2012 when my outfit was advised of the pending eruption we have measured terrain deformation in Montana as well as Idaho indicating a mass magma movement event. We are pretty sure it will be a super eruption.”

April 15 2015

6 Walmarts Closed across the USA, suddenly, for 6 months, with no warning, firing 2,000 employees. All gave the same lame excuse – plumbing, even though:

  • People have reported that the plumbing was fine
  • When they did plumbing 3 years ago it did not interrupt anything
  • Council officials have reported that no plumbing permits were requested (and Walmart normally requests permits weeks before they are needed).

Interestingly, this video mentions “There were suits everywhere”:




– In the Supervolcano BBC movie it starts off by showing the geysers stop working or almost not working at all –  then you know the eruption is coming. This has been described as a very accurate simulation of what could happen if Yellowstone explodes..



SuperVolcano – the BBC movie – Part 1/2



SuperVolcano – the BBC movie – Part 2/210X10-white-spacer



– The man in this video claims that Walmart was associated with DHS (Department of Homeland Security) during Hurricane Katrina:




1) Jade Helm is a military exercise. The Walmart closures are unlikely to be related to Jade Helm because they KNEW ABOUT THAT. If it was Jade Helm, they would have had whatever buildings they wanted built, without anyone being any the wiser. (Unless Jade Helm is also related to Yellowstone?)

2) Walmart had hired at least one person a week before the closure, and never applied for the plumbing permits, which they would have done if they wanted a fake excuse and had time to do it.

3) The reports of SUITS indicate that is not just military.



One recent study shows that the magma chamber in Yellowstone is at least 2.5 times LARGER than previously thought – 4,000 cubic km (1,000 cubic miles)

Even worse! The Volcano book says the magma chamber is 1,400 cubic miles! 

However, sources in the UK, including the BBC SuperVolcano Documentary and The Independent UK says the magma chamber is really 25,000 cubic km. That’s 6,000 cubic miles!

I could not find an image anywhere to represent this, so I had a friend make me one: Click to enlarge






30 million years ago more than 5,500 cubic kilometers of magma erupted during a one-week period from a super volcano in Utah….

“Deposits from this single eruption are 13,000 feet thick,” said Eric Christiansen, the lead author for the BYU study.



Note: The following map shows 7 stores, but numbers 8 stores, so there may be more than 6 stores shut. We got this map from a link on a post at GLP.



Note that the map above shows they are all South, and strung along the bottom. Except for 2 stores a little further north. One can imagine two lines:

– One line is in a ring around Yellowstone. Possibly the more northern stores will be to help people in the north, with the plan to evacuate them soon after.

– The other line is along the south, as far from the ash cloud as possible.

Something happened SUDDENLY to close those Walmarts. Did the scientists in yellow suits at Old Faithful learn something?

Are the Walmart stores to be the first places they tell refugees to go to get supplies and instructions of where to go next? Just like in the Super Volcano movie?



See the earth moving in Russia, April 15 2015 –





“In order to further protect the homeland and ensure the safety of it’s citizens in case of nuclear, biological, or chemical attack, a join venture of the NSA, DOD, MiB, DHS, CICs, DFCS, and BK has been created in order to create an expansive tunnel system throughout the south. “







– Volcanic ‘ash’ is not the friendly, fluffy stuff in a fireplace. It is a porous rock which when in a person’s lungs, can turn to glue, and then to cement.

– Not all “Volcanic Ash” is the same. It could be radioactive. It could be poisonous, containing poisons such as mercury.

– The only protection from this ash is a real gas mask, with reusable filters. Forget the thin paper, cloth masks seen in movies. Try ebay. Make sure you get extra filters.

– Volcanic ash could clog up vehicles, so they no longer function.

– Volcanic ash from a super volcano could drop the temperature way down, and bring in a winter lasting for several years. 

Volcanic ash is very heavy. Wet volcanic ash is 5-10 times as dense as settled snow, and up to 40 times as dense as new snow.

8″ of ash killed 300 people when Mount Pinatubo, Philippines blew, and collapsed roofs.

– “Protect your car…protect your LUNGS! Ash from volcanic eruptions is actually tiny GLASS particles. I stood on a mountain top WATCHING the eruption of Mt. St. Helens and we were never told by the authorities that breathing even a little of this ash can seriously damage your lungs. To this day I have a very bad cough from
the exposure to this ash cloud.” (Posted on GLP)

– Little trick for Your Car:  Put panty hose over air intake of your cars. Adds extra layer of filtration. Every 30 mins take it off and switch, or move to a fresh spot on the hose. NBC News.

– Pray for guidance, and know that whatever happens, you will be in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing.



From the BBC Science pages:

“Within 3-4 days, a fine dusting of ash could fall across Europe, according to a UK Met Office computer forecast commissioned by the BBC…

The model shows that the fallout from a Yellowstone super-eruption could affect three quarters of the US. The greatest danger would be within 1,000 km (600 miles) of the blast where 90% of people could be killed. Large numbers of people would die across the country – inhaled ash forms a cement-like mixture in human lungs. Even the US East Coast could be paralysed by 1cm of ash…

Many people think that lava flows are the most dangerous volcanic hazards, but ash is often the biggest killer. Because supervolcanoes are highly explosive, much of the magma doesn’t get a chance to become lava. Instead it is blasted into countless airborne ash particles – tiny scorching particles of jagged rock…

Ash can:

Kill and sicken humans and animals.

Reduce sunlight.

Trigger rainfall causing mudslides.

Severely disrupt air, road and rail transport.

Crush buildings – 30 cm of dry ash is enough to collapse a roof.

Contaminate water supplies.

Kill crops and other vegetation.

Clog machinery such as air filters.

The worst of these effects would not be experienced in Europe where the ash covering would only amount to a dusting….

The most wide reaching effect of a Yellowstone eruption would be much colder weather….

Volcanoes can inject sulphur gas into the upper atmosphere, forming sulphuric acid aerosols that rapidly spread around the globe….

Aerosols in the upper atmosphere would also scatter sunlight making the sky look like a cloudy winter morning all day long. The skies in Europe would appear red in the days after the eruption….

Experts believe a Yellowstone eruption would inject 2,000 million tonnes of sulphur 40-50km above the Earth’s surface. Once there it would take 2-3 weeks for the resulting sulphuric acid aerosols to cloak the globe – with devastating effects….

Global annual average temperatures would drop by up to 10 degrees, according to computer predictions. And the Northern Hemisphere could cool by up to 12 degrees. Experts say colder temperatures could last 6-10 years, gradually returning to normal….

Scientists predict that the Monsoon would fail as a result of even larger temperature changes in the Southern Hemisphere, causing mass starvation in the Asian countries that depend on these life-giving rains….

The actual effects of a Yellowstone super-eruption could be different depending on the size of eruption, the time of year and any number of other factors.



“My youngest son had nightmares about Walmart since a child…and I never shop there.

In his dreams, people would go in and never come out…

He foresaw a curfew coming….

He is in the military now…” (Posted on GLP

(See another warning dream-vision below)


We strongly suggest people be self reliant, and during an emergency, do not go to a Walmart. The claims of tunnels under Walmart related to NSA etc. (above) could also be related to:

Underground City of Reptilians under Los Angeles




7/30/15. From  www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message2916833/pg1

This was posted on Craigslist:

“I have a lot of cooler panels free to a good home need gone asap call text Derik.  I’m at Walmart in Livingston.”

This is one of the closed walmarts. Pics were posted including this:


Comments included:

“Plumbing problems, ehh?”

“I used to live there, and went to that store quite a bit. It wasn’t overly new, but right before they closed the store, they were almost finished with the gas station they put up in the parking lot. I knew people who worked there, they had a 5 hour notice they were closing at 7 pm.”

“Did they shut it down for 6 months and gut it? I’ve seen several Walmart in my area receive remodels, they had new floors put in etc etc NEVER did they close the entire store, they did the whole store section by section.”

“You certainly don’t gut an entire store for plumbing.”

“Notice they stripped everything down to the concrete floor…well except for the security cameras, left those bad boys in place. Tells you whatever is going in there they want cameras!!”

7/26/15 Sam Walton was Chief of Security for Prisoner of War Camps in California!



Comment: “That is SULFUR gas that is igniting like that. “Yellowstone” is another word for SULFUR.””

Go to 7.40:



6/4/15 – Video of Outside of Massive Closed Walmart in California


– Massive Gardening Section is closed off so you can’t see in.

– Handicap parking replaced with Contractor Parking (go to 5.10)



6/4/15 – Video: Inside a Closed Walmart – Livingston Texas

5/16/15 – Red Lights & Fireball on Yellowstone Night Camera

“They also disabled Norris Museum cam but kept the Norris Junction cam that’s showing off the chart activity. Mary Greeley recorded some unusual cam footage of a potential “steam plum” appearing at night. You can see it plain as day and at the end of the video  it starts to glow, like what happens before volcanic eruptions (see start of vid, and then go to 3.5o. Fireball is at 4.30).


Comments about this posted on GLP:

—  “Last night I was also watching. The video I captured is almost the same as Mary Greeley’s. I must admit that as mesmerized as I was, it really was somewhat frightening.

Never once, during all the nights I’ve spent looking at that live-stream, have I ever seen ANYTHING similar to what I saw last night.

One more thing. At 12:55 last night I saw the area shake; I made a note to check the seismo traces.

Here are the slices for that time frame. Old Faithful is YFT.

[link to www.isthisthingon.org]

You can clearly see that something was recorded…and not just at that spot. As you scroll down you will see that this ‘burst’ originated at, or closest to, MADISON RIVER (YMR) some 20 seconds before YFT.No agency has reported a quake…which I think it is more likely a gas burst.”

—  “What you are looking at is ignited sulphur …..The temperature is rising so high it is melting the Sulphur mixing with water and igniting it this throws the sulphur up and makes it like it is ..It is the remains of the last eruption ..And I think they know this ….”

“The main “Old Faithful” cam is down (the day after the above video was taken). Very fishy!”


5/15/15 – Leaked Wal-Mart handout tells employees of closed stores plumbing issues not a health or safety concern

2,200 Fired Employees advised to “not eat chocolate”


5/11/15: (approx).



1) “Massive and Sustained Magma Movement in Southeast Yellowstone!
The Hawk’s Rest seismograph at the super volcano in Yellowstone Park is going crazy.

The device is cranked DOWN so that it only measures motion of 1600 microvolts or higher (as opposed to the other thirty three seismographs that are all set to 200 microvolts) and yet it is showing DRAMATIC and SUSTAINED magma movement underground….

“Finally someone has figured out that this is how they manipulate the data. It’s been happening for quite some time. Yes, they do manipulate the voltage.

Yes, that’s how they’ve been manipulating things to “quiet” the readings. You can see the settings for each seismograph on the BOTTOM LEFT of each page. The small type tells you how many microvolts the unit is set at.)”…

Something is brewing in Yellowstone and it isn’t coffee.”

2) “LOOK AT NORRIS JUNCTION IN THE CENTER OF THE PARK. I have been watching these seismographs for 20 years. I have NEVER seen anything like this.”

5/9/15 (approx.)

“My former employer of 5 years in Tulsa got a contract for the closed Wal-Mart to install $400,000 worth of 12gauge blast and fire proof rolling steel doors installed. They’re not replacing the doors but instead installing these doors behind the existing doors and windows. Even the ones for the businesses inside like McDonald’s and banks. There’s also 2 other doors being installed somewhere in the middle of the store. Now normal custom ordered doors take a couple weeks to get delivered, these doors should take weeks to get. Tulsa overhead door got them delivered in 5 days. Why? Because Wal-Mart has close ties to DHS. That’s why their surveillance and security is always top notch. Remember the “see something, say something” ads being ran in Wal-Mart?

A good buddy of mine who I worked with for years and now works at Tulsa overhead door went to that Wal-Mart today and was greeted by either military or police in full tactical gear. Before that, only 5 employees were allowed to work on this job AFTER they passed a background check, had their ID’s photocopied, and signed a non-disclosure agreement. My old boss at overhead door called the Odessa Midland door company, they installed the same set up last week. The doors are made by Cornell who specializes in making doors for all types of companies and government agencies including the Pentagon. They make different rated blast and fireproof doors and even garage door motors.”

Sources for above post:


It was a comment on Clyde Lewis’ Ground Zero Fan Page.

Posted by a guy named Bradley Kent Hanchett living in Owasso, Oklahoma.


5/6/15: Many shipping containers blocking loading dock at one of the closed Walmarts



Belinda Anderson – 3/14/12

“I dreamed I was walking on my lane, just as it was dawning, to go up to the main road to the mailbox and get the newspaper. Just as I got to the road, I saw one of my neighbors getting into his truck. He drove up to me and said, “You’d better get to Walmart quickly; they are giving away free food, water, medicine and gas.” (Trusting in the arm of the flesh. {Psa.146:3} Put not your trust in princes, Nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help. {Pro.3:5} Trust in Jehovah with all thy heart, And lean not upon thine own understanding. {Heb.12:16} lest there be any fornication, or profane person, as Esau, who for one mess of meat sold his own birthright.

I said, “My husband is asleep, so I will have to wait until he wakes up.” My neighbor said, “Well, I wouldn’t wait too long or you might miss out.” Then he left. I went on over to the mailbox and got the newspaper. I got halfway back down the lane, when I heard a voice say to me, “It’s a trap; it’s a trap. Don’t go.”

I asked, “What’s a trap?” The next thing I knew, I was standing in a Walmart parking lot. The lot was packed like it always is, so I asked what was wrong. I heard that same voice say, “Look at the people.” So I looked at the people. They were coming out of the store with grocery carts full of items and getting into their cars and leaving. I asked again, “What’s wrong?” The voice said, “Look closer at the people.” So I zeroed in on the people and all of a sudden I noticed they were all wearing dog tags.

Then I found myself inside the store. There was a long line at the left of the store against the wall. They had it set up like at the airport with the roped lines, so the flow of people would be orderly. The store was full of products and people were shopping, so everything looked normal to these people in line. However, I noticed that the peopleshopping had on dog tags like the people in the parking lot. My oldest brother had been in the military years ago, so I knew what these dog tags were. I said to myself, “These are soldiers dressed up as civilians.”

All of a sudden, I was standing at the back of the store. The store manager was standing in front of a set of doors marked Personnel Only. I noticed he had on dog tags as well. He was telling the people that only four people could go with him at a time to be processed in to get their vouchers for the free stuff. He had them line up two on the left and two on the right behind him. As they went through the first set of doors, there was a breezeway area, then another set of metal doors. He was telling these people that when they went through the next set of doors, there would be two women sitting at a desk and to go up to the desk and wait.

As soon as these people got up to the desk and the second set of doors closed, four very large men (they looked like sumo wrestlers) came up behind these people, put their hands over their mouths and gave them some kind of a shot. Then these soldiers took their drivers license and car keys from them. (I believe the drivers license represents taking away their identity or place in Christ and the car keys represent taking away their freedom; they NOW belong to the beast — lock, stock and barrel!)

The two women sitting at the desk stamped these people on their right hands. (Rev.13:16) And he causeth all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond, that there be given them a mark on their right hand, or upon their forehead. I got closer so I could see what the stamp read; it read, Bus #1, Section A. Then these people were led out the back door on to a waiting bus. These people couldn’t put up a fight, as the shot they were given made them like zombies and they could barely walk. These people or victim’s drivers license were placed in a box that read, Bus #1, Section A, as well. I’m sure this was so they could keep track of just exactly where they were taking them. Their car keys were given to some soldiers standing close by.

I decided to follow these soldiers with the keys to see what they were going to do. They found these people’s cars and drove them off the parking lot. I decided to go back to the bus to see what was happening there. I noticed they were taking people to the back of the bus and working their way forward. When they would get two people in a seat, there was a large harness that came over these people’s shoulders. Then the soldiers reached down and grabbed another harness that went through their legs and it all joined together at their waist and locked. There was no way these people could get up.

Then, again, the next thing I knew, I was standing in a large field off of a dirt road. This field was full of empty car carriers. I watched as the soldiers drove onto the field and up onto the car carriers. When the car carriers were full, they drove away. I lost count of how many there were, as there were so many. I just stood there trying to digest everything I had just witnessed. I closed my eyes and when I opened them again, I was back home on my lane.

I stood there thinking how clever that whole process was; they didn’t have to go to the people. They devised such a clever way to have the people come to them without putting up a fight, like lambs to the slaughter.

Also, I thought to myself, they have been planning this for a long time. Walmart would be a very logical staging area, as they provide, food, clothing, supplies, water, medicine and gas. They are always advertising it as a one-stop shop; now we know why! I took another look at Walmart. For some reason, I looked at it in reverse from the dash out, and it reads “Mart law,” or could it be martial law!”


AARP Subliminal Commercial –

Clearly says “Martial Law” 


Texans blame secret military takeover for Walmart closings, secret tunnels

4/25/15: Multi-story Blacked Out Buildings Built by FEMA



 4/23/15: Another Magma Chamber found under Yellowstone

So now the total size increases to 45,000 cubic km.

4/22/15: – Calbuco Volcano Explodes. Ash falls reported at least 70 miles away:



1/21/15: Dr. William Mount: Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes & other Box Stores, and Colleges, are Federal Military Posts for Distribution. See video at:


4/18/15: Oklahoma Governor suddenly vacates mansion for 6 months for “Repair Work



4/19/15: Inside one of the Closed Walmarts

Very Strange: 

  • Windows blacked out.
  • Shelves empty.
  • Police everywhere, guarding all entrances. Not private security guards. Maybe they are being hired off-duty, which is normal, but who is paying, Walmart or the government?And why do they have so many when all merchandise has been removed.
  • Total silence (no sounds of plumbing).
  • Most importantly – Shelves block out view from rest of Walmart.





Photos of Underground Military Tunnels


volcano3-tunnel boring machine

10X10-white-spacertunnel boring machine2



10X10-white-spacertunnel boring machine3




MORE INFORMATION10X10-white-spacer

Steve Quayle: Lots of updates on Closed Walmarts, Jade Helm etc. Updated daily.

Prophetic Dreams give Warnings

September 24, 2015 – Approaching The Abyss – CERN, Mysterious Deaths, The French Minister & The Pope

Global Catastrophe – Super Volcano Erupts in 535 AD. “The sun became dim for nearly the whole year.”





Metatech.org - Nordics are Nazis 10X10-white-spacer


new-world-order-mind-control-commands 10X10-white-spacer

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