Fallen Angels Taught Humans

to Eat Meat & Cook Food!

And thereby Greatly Reduced Our Lifespan

by Carmen Dioxide

The god Prometheus, it is said, stole fire from Zeus to give to man. His reasons weren’t entirely pure. Prometheus was one of the Titans, a race of giants who had warred against Zeus and lost. Having somehow escaped death, Prometheus revenges his race against Zeus by coming to the aid of mankind and thereby bringing to an end the terror Zeus had inflicted upon them. Prometheus accomplishes this by giving humans the knowledge of fire that had heretofore been reserved to the gods. So the story goes. Humans are now able to keep warm in the winter months and also to cook food.

I am about to retell this story from a Christian perspective. But first, I must put a few details in context, and therefore, I must make a detour. The detour is needed in order to justify one of my sources, the Book of Enoch, since I believe it is a book that gives a clearer understanding of the fallen angels and since it is precisely the fallen angels that I intend to link to the question of fire and the question of the meaning of cooked food. The detour is also needed in order to explain who the gods are, who the Titans are, how fallen angels and titans are linked. We want to know why the titans were at war and what that has to do with Enoch’s explanation of fallen angels (also explained in Genesis 6).

Further, given all this explanation, what is the relation of these fallen angels to human beings and the type of life they had to live after the fall, the significance of fire in that life and the explanation of how the advent of cooking may have contributed to the ever-shortening life span of human beings, especially if we take into account the perplexing fact that so many of the figures in the old testament lived hundreds of years? What follows is an explanation of a startling series of events that make a lot more sense if we put them in the context of The Book of Enoch.


The Book of Enoch

Enoch was Noah’s great grandfather. For those who have not read Enoch’s book, it’s an important and ancient text that today has been omitted from most bibles although it was preserved by the Orthodox Ethiopian Christians who included it in their bible. Enoch was Noah’s great grandfather. The book fo Enoch was later found by Hebraist Richard Laurence who in the 1800s produced the canonical translation of Enoch and made it available to the general public for the first time. But the rediscovery of The Book of Enoch was not met with great enthusiasm. This is not all that surprising given the subject matter – the intimate interaction of angels and humans. In fact, the lack of excitement at the discovery of the book was perhaps to be expected. Enoch’s story was not readily accepted in the early church either.

In 245 AD, an early interpreter of Genesis, Julius Africanus, concluded along with other scholars that the angel-human sex angle was too much. Although these ‘details’ had appeared in Genesis 6 they had appeared in much less detail there than in Enoch. The implication to be drawn from Enoch, concluded Julius Africanus, was “that the descendants of Cain are the spawn of men and have nothing from God in them,” quite an alarming claim.

Later on in church history, other reasons were brought forth to justify and allow to go mainstream the rejection of inclusion of Enoch in either the Jewish or Christian bible. During the Protestant Reformation, Luther argued against inclusion of any scripture not found in the Jewish version of the Old Testament; however, there are reasons to be suspicious of this decision. For one thing, it is unclear that the Jewish canon had stabilized before Yeshua’s death.

It is generally thought that in 70 AD many rituals and institutions of Judaism and classification of certain books of the Old Testament such as Ezekiel and Daniel were finalized in the “Great Synagogue,” an assembly of more than 100 of the important Jewish scribes and rabbis of the time. But this was an age of Pharisees not prophets, and it is fair for us to ask if Yeshua would have agreed with the omission of Enoch given that the Essenes accepted it, and Jubilees, in their canon.

The point is that after Yeshua died there was much disagreement between various factions as to which books should be included in the Old Testament; for example, some Greek-speaking Jews accepted an expanded version called the Septuagint. A reason raised by Medieval commentators to distrust the absence of Enoch from the Old Testament was the observation that precisely those texts that seemed to foretell details of Yeshua’s life were ‘corrected’ by omitting them.

Tertullian writes “Since Enoch, in the same Scripture, also taught about the Lord, then it should not be rejected by us… but it appears that the Jews rejected it specifically for that reason, just like they do almost every other part that foretells Christ.” For example, in Psalm 22:16 of the Syriac and Septuagint versions, in a line that Christians take to foreshadow Yeshua’s death, the scripture reads “they pierced my hands and my feet,” a translation attested in the Dead Sea scrolls. However these same lines appear in different form in the Jewish Old Testament.

It was not just Hebrew thinkers that rejected Enoch. Early Christians were also not always sympathetic to Enoch’s book. In 364 AD, The Book of Enoch was rejected at the Council of Laodicea, a prophetic betrayal seemingly confirmed in the Book of Revelations where Laodicea receives harsh words from the apostle John.

From these previous suggestions, I have tried to show that a quick dismissal of Enoch or past decisions concerning the value of his book may be premature. If this is the case, which I think it is, let us look at the way that Enoch describes the fallen angels there and see how we may link this to the question of fire, cooking, and human longevity generally.

The fallen angels in the Book of Enoch

In the book of Enoch, Enoch recounts the various attributes of angels and the way that in his time they contributed to the corruption of man, sometimes doing so under the guise of “helping.” Enoch himself is shown how to write by the fallen angels, which Yahweh allows, and according to his own recording of events is the messenger who delivers the letter to Yahweh in which the fallen angels ask for forgiveness for their act of corrupting man. Enoch is taken up to heaven and speaks directly with Yahweh, passing along the message of the fallen angels. While he is there he is given a tour of the heavens and is shown many things. Below are some of the important findings of Enoch that may have some bearing on the question of cooked food (as well as other related questions).

a) During his visit to heaven Enoch is told by an angel that Yahweh’s objection, the problem with humans having the technologies and secrets given to them by the fallen angels, is that as it will cause them to die.

Are the secret technologies so powerful as to exceed man’s ability to handle them? According to what Enoch is told, these secrets were really only the surface bits of a knowledge existing in heaven and perhaps common there, of which the fallen angels, who were young and possibly immature, had only received a small part.

But this knowledge, prematurely released to human beings at this stage of their development, and in a way not intended by Yahweh, will result in death according to what Enoch is told by an angel still in Yahweh’s graces. What does the angel mean when he warns that the technologies given by the fallen angels to humans will cause the humans to die? What is meant by ‘death’ here? Does the knowledge in itself weaken the energy state or energy body or the soul of humans not ready for it? Or does death result because the secret knowledge, given to those unprepared, will be misused and this misuse will cause untold suffering and sin precisely because of this ‘misuse’?

b) Noah’s account in the book of Enoch suggests a pole shift. This topic is separate but is worth mentioning although I say nothing further about it in this essay.

c) Enoch sees that angels are able to instantaneously shape-shift. They have no difficulty appearing as human beings. This ‘ability’ is useful in connection with the original treachery of their connection to the fall of humankind insofar as the reason Enoch gives for their rebellion is the desire to take part in an activity that is prohibited in heaven – intercourse. If it is not a prohibition, at least it is not part of the design of heaven insofar as celestial beings, being immortal, have no need to procreate. The young angels want to come to earth and mate with the human women. They misuse their shape-shifting abilities in order to do so. Not only do they mate with human women, but of course they bring with them a lifestyle, and technologies, foreign to human beings.

(Note by Stephanie Relfe: Two movies which show fallen angels change into human form and use that ability to rule the world are “The Adjustment Bureau” and “John Carter” – go to 0.44 seconds ).

d) Enoch is informed that the fallen angels are doomed to war against each other. After the fall, which involves the activity explained in the last point, Adam and Eve are evicted from the garden. This has traditionally been characterized as a sort of punishment without also taking into consideration that the ‘knowledge’ imparted from the tree of knowledge of good and evil may well have made it physically, and energetically, impossible for them to remain there. They had been tampered with energetically.

It is only after the fall that procreation provides a way for the human race to continue; that is, the fall changes the ‘form’ of immortality to that of procreation. Before the fall there is no death and no toil, and no need of technologies that might ease the struggle to survive. There is no need for the concept of progress or concern over the enjoyment or lack of enjoyment of day-to-day existence.

Before the fall there is no sense at all of ‘progress.’ Immortality does not entail ‘generation’. Some scholars have noted that the fall is necessary because without ‘knowledge of good and evil’ man is like the animals, his innocence is really a form of savagery and instinct, but that after the fall he is able to engage in civilization and become the master of the animals and of the earth. They point out the bible passage where God laments that man will now be like ‘us’ as their proof.

But it does not occur to them that the knowledge that exists before the fall is a type that involves a direct seeing and knowledge whose form does not decay. Whatever happens in the fall causes a form of knowledge based on space and time. After the fall, knowledge involves progress because knowledge is always tied up in things that die, and in things that experience reality as based on time and space and that therefore decay and change.

The angels that fell seem to be subject to this time in the same way, at least to the extent that as they mate with women their half-angel/half-human children and all further hybrid generations of their offspring become subject to decay. In this battle over scarce and unreliable resources, the angels battle with each other for supremacy and, further, they set a pattern of ‘war’ to which humans, in their sin nature, are also subject.

Without access to Enoch, scholars have concluded that the comment ‘now they will be like us’ is God telling a joke or being ironic. Or else this passage is ignored. Philosophers have concluded that the fall provides the birth of ‘thinking’ because thinking is precisely that ability to distinguish one thing from another, to judge good and evil, and, that ability is exactly what separates men from animals.

But Genesis reveals that Yahweh actually communes with Adam and Eve before the fall. If the fall has given them thinking then they must have had some other way, perhaps telepathic, of sojourning and communicating with God before the fall.

Further, it makes no sense to punish Adam and Eve if, like animals, they did not have some way of distinguishing right and wrong. If their innocence was akin to the innocence of animals it would mean that they would not have the capacity to obey Yahweh’s law, whereas Yahweh clearly thinks they are able to obey Him and expects them to obey Him.

A better explanation of the fall is that the fall exposes Adam and Eve to a spiritual energy for which they are not ready. The secrets, or power, given to them by the fallen angels are given to them without Yahweh’s permission, a misuse of these powers that now distorts them and makes them function in reverse, not for the good but instead, like a Satanic spell, curse or magic.

The exposure to this ‘secret’ knowledge may have damaged Adam and Eve, leaving them in a weakened situation. Yahweh, in the lamenting tone which he speaks to them of their sin in Genesis when he tells them that they will surely die is perhaps not so much punishing them as letting them know what has been done to them, what has just happened, and what their current situation actually is. (Genesis 3:3)

He’s giving them a bit of information that the corrupting angel most surely would have neglected to tell them would be the outcome of their action, in the same way that the doctor does not reveal the side effects of a drug but prescribes it all the same. The price of this new knowledge was death. Perhaps this meant more than one thing, not only an actual physical death but also a change in the body – a weakness that makes it susceptible to environmental, genetic damage that although not seeming to cause an ill affect at first might over time affect the lifespan not only of Adam and Eve but of future generations.

Lifespan, depending on the condition of the soul and the care taken of the now fragile body, was shortened and manipulated by human interaction with a foreign energy.

Prometheus, the ‘gods’ and the gift of fire

In the myth of Prometheus, Prometheus brings men fire to ease the suffering of life. This allows not only warmth in the cruel months of winter but also the cooking of food. Prometheus, like Zeus, is a Greek god but a weakness of the Greek gods, as Plato recounts in the Euthyphro dialogue, is to war and fight with each other in just the same way that Enoch tells us the fallen angels tend to do.

The Greek gods also have another thing in common with the fallen angels – their attraction to human women. For example, in one myth, Zeus shape-shifts himself into a mist or cloud, in another he turns himself into a swan, in each case shape-shifting for the specific purpose of raping or seducing an unsuspecting human woman.

In the Greek account of these gods (most likely an ancient recording of the activities and genealogy of fallen angels) the children of these god-human unions grew to be stronger than human, to be beyond-human in many respects. These strong men are recorded by ancient poets as the heroes of old in descriptions that bring to mind Enoch’s description of the Nephilim, those offspring of fallen angels and human women that also appeared as beyond-human in their strength and exploits.

These half-god, half-human children appear somewhat to resemble their human mothers but something is wrong. It seems that the angel-human combination is very unstable for the angel-human offspring. This sort of mating leads the angel-human hybrids into crazed raving states of behavior that include an insatiable hunger and a lust for war. It is this insatiable hunger that causes the necessity of introducing animal foods and cooking.

Food sources must be found and because of the ravenous hunger of the hybrids even plant materials become scarce. As scripture reveals, even cannibalism becomes rife in the pre-Noah time period.

In Enoch, then, as in Greek ‘myth’ we are confronted with the appearance of hybrids, beings part-angel and part-human who exhibit traits of strength and of size that exceed the human ‘blueprint.’ According to what Enoch is told in heaven, one of the punishments of the fallen angels will be to see their wives and children die, doomed along with them to the abyss. It is not hard to imagine that in their new ‘situation’ of exile, unforgiven by Yahweh and stuck on earth with mere humans, that the angels find themselves divided in their loyalty, on the one hand declaring themselves the local gods in charge and on the other wanting to protect their now-mixed families and hybrid children.

From Enoch it is clear that the angels teach their new wives and children things they need to know in order to accomplish survival. The knowledge given by the angels to these human beings and the hybrid offspring are similar to those taught by Prometheus – metalwork, arts and crafts, makeup, cooking, and all other manner of technologies, some of which they may have brought from heaven in distorted form; others that in their cleverness or evil are devised on earth.

What is clear in reading Enoch is that problems arise very quickly and exactly as foretold by Yahweh if only due to the incompatibility of the races. The children of the ‘gods’ are hungry and the food available, sufficient for human beings, is not enough to satisfy them. Due to this incessant hunger, the hybrid children are driven to cannibalism and destruction (a state of affairs that somewhat corresponds to that found in the story of Prometheus. After giving fire to man his punishment is to witness the unleashing of hunger of all types upon the earth. This includes sexual lust and the lust for blood.)

The way Yahweh originally designed the human body

Before the fall, man was destined to live in peace and harmony forever. But at Genesis 6:3, after the line which reads “when the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives,” Yahweh promises to reduce the lifespan of man to 120 years (or else this could refer to the 120 years between the expulsion from the garden and the Flood).

Prior to this, and in the time of Noah, human beings live a long, long time, much more than 120 years. Even if humans are no longer immortal after the fall, it is evident (for example in the long life and health of the Noah and of other figures of the bible) that the pre-flood human body had a phenomenal longevity and a great ability to heal. Noah was about 500 years old when he fathered children. He lived another 300 hundreds of years after the flood. According to the Old Testament he was 950 years old when he died (Genesis 5-9).

(Note by Stephanie Relfe: Recent advances in life expectancy within the last few hundred years are due mostly to improvements in plumbing, so that people were able to not only finally be clean, but also had a ready supply of clean water. Before that, most people had to walk to a water source, possibly miles from their house, to collect filthy water).

The fall prevented man from living forever in the body fashioned for man by Yahweh. And it shortened his life. However it is unclear that his life was to be as short as it now is in our contemporary context. After Adam and Eve were tricked by the angel in the garden, Yahweh informed them that they would surely die – the opposite of what the serpent had told them would be the case (Genesis 3:3).

Partaking of ‘knowledge’ for which Yahweh had not prepared them or planned for them according to their human nature caused a separation from Yahweh and changed their bodies in some energetic way that made the body susceptible to deterioration and to death, a very high price to pay for whatever ‘satanic’ knowledge the angel promised to impart to them. According to Enoch, humans were not equipped to handle this knowledge. Something happened to the bodies of Adam and Eve when they were corrupted in the garden and this happening was at least in part the result of the fall itself, not only God’s words on the matter after the fact.

However, although death was now to be a factor in human existence, it is not clear why the lifespan of human beings got shorter and shorter, as if time was shrinking. By the time of Moses, the human lifespan shrinks to about 70-80 years, a bit less than the 120 years Yahweh had promised. Besides the possibility of time shortening at the approach of End Times – for example, Jesus’ statement that “unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elects’ sake those days will be shortened” (Matthew 24:22) – are there other reasons for the shortened lifespan, reasons having to do with the fallen angels and their knowledge, that is, their continuing effort up to this day to develop certain kinds of technology in connection with human beings? Is the ongoing development of their ‘knowledge’ causing continued harm to the human body, shortening the lifespan, and making worse-than-ever our lives on this post-fall ‘time-line’?

One of the technologies given to men by Prometheus was cooking. Once men had fire, they could cook. But why did men need to cook? The habit among the hybrid human-angel folk would have been to take up the habits taught to them by their angel fathers. But as the story Enoch tells develops, they became craven and lusted for blood.

It seems that the children of the fallen angels were so ravenous that, according to Enoch, they ate everything in sight, including people. This is far from the first diet given to men by God in Genesis 1:29 where He commands them to be vegetarian: “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for food.”

But after the Flood when Yahweh blesses Noah he says “Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things. But flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall ye not eat.” It is also after the flood that lifespans shorten once again, this time to less than 100 years. Before the time of Noah, human beings continued to be vegetarian. When they learned to eat meat it happened under the direction of the fallen angels. After that, men became addicted to meat. They were so ravenous that this addiction also became in some humans, a lust for blood.

It is not clear why Yahweh allowed meat after the flood, but if he allowed it, it was not without some restrictions. In other places of the Old Testament Yahweh give strictures concerning food, that in the case of Noah, meat will be allowed but not flesh with lifeblood in it, and strictures concerning cloven-footed animals, etc.

From this point forward (after the Flood), in about a dozen generations the lifespan of man begins to shorten quickly. Was it in part because of the meat introduced after the Flood? Or did the cooking of food (made possible by a fallen angel who the Greeks knew as Prometheus and who brought fire to men) mean that humans were getting less living energy and nutrition from the food they did eat, and that to compensate for this nutritional inadequacy they grew to rely on animal food sources?

Once humans began to cook, no doubt they also began to cook vegetables, grains, and fruits, in short, everything. With this diet the new cells the body created could not be as healthy as the cells they were replacing. Even if Yahweh allowed human beings to eat meat, it must be recalled that there were no modern food preservation systems in biblical times. Meat and animal products would have been eaten with less frequency than they are today. For example, in medieval times almond milk was much more common than cow’s milk. In spite of these variations, a question remains of if over time the lifestyle and technologies of the angels-titans, as we conceive of these being one and the same, had a debilitating effect on the human genome.

Many questions remain:

Was the damage caused to the body by fallen angel ‘knowledge’ limited to the Fall in the garden or is angel technology continuing to ‘secretly’ harm in plain view the energy body of human beings in order to prevent their ability to return to Yahweh?

If these harmful technologies were removed and entered into disuse would this result in a reciprocal lengthening of the human lifespan and the lessening in frequency of human pathologies?

Given the above correlation to angel foreign energy as mentioned by Enoch, does the speed of technological development mirror the speed of the modern disintegration of health and sanity in human beings? As previously stated, reading Enoch suggests that possibly because human beings were not equipped for it, the knowledge given to Adam and Eve by the fallen angels damaged their physical and/or spiritual bodies in such a way that they not only lost their immortality but that at the same time they had to leave the garden or run the risk of immediate death (from the effects of ‘knowledge’ that was unleashed). This immediate death may have been the result of remaining in a domain which, after the Satanic attack, their energetic bodies were now too weak to tolerate.

Are some of the technologies and knowledge that we think are human actually really of a satanic origin arising from this catastrophe such that some of the things we think are human inventions are really spells, or secrets taken from heaven and then distorted without Yahweh’s permission?

Do these forms of knowledge and new ones being introduced by the fallen ones continue to cause physical erosion in the body (illness, death, and a shorter life) as well as an energetic erosion in the soul, thus damaging the harmonic or wave forms of our being in such a way as to prevent the soul’s return to Yahweh, as well as preventing the soul’s inhabitation in the garden?


I’ve suggested that perhaps the Greek ‘gods’ were no gods, just the same fallen angels that caused so much trouble for mankind in the bible and in the book of Enoch. I’ve then tried to make sense of Enoch’s explanation of the fall and its relation to the knowledge which the angels give to Adam and Eve and the damage this event causes to their bodies. This knowledge brought by the angels was of all types – esoteric, aesthetic, carnal, practical, and technological. It’s possible that in all these areas, when these forms of knowledge are used, physical or energetic damage results to the soul and body.

In this regard it seems like the ‘damage’ caused by cooking might be a fairly innocuous example to dwell upon. Perhaps cooking became a habit taught to man by the angels that forced man to find additional sources of nutrition, thus the attraction to meat, or else it was a just one of the kinds of knowledge imparted by the fallen angels that always went hand in hand with meat-eating because of the insatiable hunger of the hybrid offspring.

The food of this world has been taken over. It is not the food God wanted us to eat. Everything in this world is designed to rob us, to destroy us psychoenergetically (as souls) and kill us physically (as bodies).

One can argue that cooking is low-level technology with a practical use that has been around for a long time. Maybe so, but it’s a habit that humanity acquired from the angels along with the taste for meat, neither of which were meant for us according to Yahweh’s original plan.


by webmaster Stephanie Relfe

Author of You’re not Fat, You’re Toxic

Eating raw plant food hugely enhances your health and happiness. Here are a few excerpts from my book You’re not fat, You’re toxic:




Enzymes are special chemical helpers that your body must have to do all of the thousands of different chemical reactions that your body does to turn food, air and water into all of the different parts of your body. Enzymes are totally necessary for the proper functioning of every part of your body. They direct and modify all body functions. Enzymes are the labor force for every single function of the body.

Enzymes are everywhere in all living things. They are in people, animals and plants. Our body has about 3,000 different kinds of enzymes. It can make these, with difficulty, and at great expense to the body, from what you eat, but how much easier is it to ingest them in a perfect form through raw plant food? Enzymes are needed for everything, including:

• Digestion.

• Moving.

• Energy.

• The blood system.

• Heart.

• Kidneys.

• Liver.

• Elimination of toxins.

• Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting.

• Breathing.

• Thinking.

• Reproduction

• Living.



We know that cooked food is toxic, because it increases the number
of white blood cells. This means that the body considers cooked food as a foreign body.


According to the Max Planck Institute, cooking foods usually results in destroying 50% of the protein. Cooking also destroys 60-70% of vitamins and minerals that can be used and up to 96% of the B vitamins.


Cooking also destroys 100% of enzymes and phytonutrients23. Phytonutrients are compounds in plants, apart from vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients, that have a beneficial effect on the body. There are over 10,000 of them! They are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, and boost the immune system and cellular repair.



Yet another study also shows how raw is better: AGEs are “Advanced Glycation End Products”, and we are only now just learning about them. AGEs, by coincidence, age you. They also cause a host of health problems including joint problems, stiff blood vessels, cataracts, dementia, arthritis and serious complications from diabetes such as blindness. Animal products have the most AGEs. Plus, the more you cook food and the higher the temperature, the more AGEs you get.

Broiling and frying increase AGEs by 1,000 times. That is why you should steam rather than


Not only does a raw foods, plant-based diet make people thin, healthy and more beautiful, but it also affects their MORALS…

Dr Francis Pottenger performed experiments on cats. Some cats were fed only pasteurized milk (that is, cooked milk) and cooked meat. Other cats were fed what is a normal, healthy diet for cats – RAW meat. The cats fed cooked food became ill, antisocial, aggressive and exhibited deviant sexual behavior. Once this happened, it took an amazing THREE GENERATIONS of raw food for them to return to normal. 

In addition, to the health benefits of giving up meat, we read an account of a person who had a near-death experience where he went to heaven and an angel told him something along the lines of :

“If you eat meat, you cannot stay here”

Please read You’re not Fat, You’re toxic. (You can always ask the library to obtain a copy). It has 55 easy-to-read chapters full of hundreds of gems of wisdom such as the above, and gives you a full instructions for a diet and lifestyle makeover.

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