We don’t want Friends

We want only Comrades



by Michael & Stephanie Relfe

The world is in such dire strife at the moment that we do not have any desire or time for friends. If you analyze what is the end results of spending time with your friends, you will see that most friends are just for entertainment and whiling away the time pleasantly. They don’t do anything. And they prevent you from doing anything.

The Illuminati, aliens, reptilians and fallen angels love that. They think, “Give them bread and circuses and toys and “friends”, while we go about the real business of sucking off their energy, taking their children, doing disgusting things to them that they don’t know about, harvesting bodies, mind controlling anyone who is a threat to us, and using metaphysically powerful people (without their knowledge) to empower our rituals, so that we can maintain our immense wealth and power over all the people of earth, and continue our perversions and enslavement.”

By comrade we naturally do not mean anything to do with Communism, as that is a creation of the evil ones. We refer to the definition that is:

“A friend, especially someone you have fought together with in a war.”

There is a question that drives us;

“When you die, how will the world look different as a result of your time on earth?”

The world needs doers, not talkers. Unfortunately, most of the few doers on the planet are doing things primarily to accumulate money. Some good does come from this, admittedly. Almost everyone in developed countries has a greatly better lifestyle than Queen Elizabeth I (eg We have fridges, she had rotten meat. We have cars and phones. She had horses and letters. We have plumbing. She had castles that stank so much that they had to move regularly to new castles to get away from the stench). 

After Stephanie did the “Money & You” seminar (which she mentioned in her biography), she did another seminar with Robert Kiyosaki called “Creating Wealth”. In the learning games in that seminar people sat with a group of people, and had to demonstrate what certain words meant, with children’s wooden blocks. The words were credit, system, money and enough. Most people, even some wealthy ones, did not know how to do this, which showed they weren’t clear enough on what these words meant.

Demonstrating “system” was interesting. Once again, the universal principle of leverage (doing more with less) was shown to Stephanie. The Illuminati have used systems to enslave us all, physically and spiritually. The best way to defeat this is not to attack them directly, but to create new and better systems that everyone will naturally gravitate towards. For example, once anyone has learned kinesiology & muscle testing, they are much less likely to ever need or want to give power to the Medical Mafia.

Stephanie was shocked when she, along with most others, did not know how to demonstrate “enough”. She realized that she had never thought about it. What is enough? It’s different for different people. But most people are focused on accumulating more and more and more – without thinking – when do they say “I have enough” and then start to share with others the abundance of this earth that God meant everyone to have? To give back?

One reason why many people don’t know what “enough” is because of the awful way they were birthed and raised. This taught them to want and trust in physical things (like teddy bears) instead of less tangible things like love and feelings, because they were deprived of what a baby needs –  a happy, pain-free birth (from waterbirthing at home) and the 24/7 love and presence of their mother for the first seven years, plus breast milk feeding at least until they have all their teeth, supported by a loving father.

We are in a war, and if each of us does not do all we can to end this, this war may go on forever. Past lives are real. Do you want to come back to this planet again, given the current condition it’s in? What have you done to ensure your children live in a better world than we did?

The “system” was created to control you:

Medical ‘Health’.
Spare time.

We admit that we ourselves have not done as much as we would have liked to do. Part of this is because we have had to remember that “He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day.” There have been things that we have wanted to do, which we felt that God told us to not to do at that time, because it was too dangerous then. Timing is everything. If you can’t do one thing, you can always do something else.

In order to win the war, each of us must use the weapons we have, which include:

  • Asking God for guidance as to what actions you should take, every moment.
  • Leverage (doing more with less).
  • Synergy (1+1 = 3 or 4 or 5 or … 16 or 17 or …. Eg soft tin + soft copper = hard bronze)
  • Systems.
  • Taking action.
  • Teamwork (this why the Illuminati want to keep us all divided).
  • Prayer.
  • Metaphysical abilities
  • Kinesiology & Muscle Testing (Remove your Wernicke’s Commands)
  • Your Spiritual Sword

For a more detailed description of how to use these ‘weapons’, please read “How to Know your Life Purpose.”

Some of this is encapsulated in the shield for our Rex Deus Church (pictured above). The spiral in the bottom left quadrant is the Celtic single clockwise spiral. This design has the oldest history and is the most recorded of the motifs. It symbolizes growth, expansion and cosmic energy. We believe in the continual growth of goodness, abundance, health, knowledge and connection to God, for all humans and animals. We believe you do too.


Life is a game. Unfortunately, currently the Illuminati and their masters are the master players, as they are the ones who are winning. Most people are not even pieces on the chessboard; they are broken pieces. What level are you at in the game? We cannot help all the broken pieces directly – but we can work on the systems that will help them. 

Remember that this entire world system was created to control you. Why? Because someone or something is extremely afraid of you.

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” Genesis 1:27

So it is crystal clear that both men and women are created in the image of God. And this is what Lucifer, the hosts of heaven, demons, aliens and their human servants are afraid of.

Every believer is a soldier.

“Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.”
2 Timothy 2:3-4

You are to obey God. Everything else in this life is setup to keep you from doing that. Stop being involved with this planet and start being involved with God.

Don’t wait for the Harvest.

Don’t wait for the “rapture”.

Don’t wait for Armageddon.

Don’t wait for anything.

You and your bloodline are being exterminated now because they are afraid of you and what you are capable of.

(Article continues below).


They are afraid of you. That’s why they hide from us. This is what you and your children are capable of:

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father. “John 14:12

So we mostly have time now only for comrades or at least potential comrades, which are the people who can handle the information at Metatech.org and contact us from there. We hope that everyone who contacts us is a potential player and comrade, and that by setting them on the right path, they will grow in strength, ability and either join the team or start their own one.

A comrade is;

“A friend, especially someone you have fought together with in a war.”

The war is ongoing. It’s the war of good against evil. It’s the war to stop evil beings from treating us like animals.

Part of this is that we must also look at our own group Karma with regard to animals, and analyse how we ourselves treat animals, how they live and whether or not we have the right to cage them, eat them and take their children away from them.

The other thing that drives us is the memory of Susan, the daughter who was stolen from us by the reptilians. How many other women has this happened to? How can anyone not want to fight the war we are in with all the resources at their disposal? Knowing that there are beings that steal babies from humans, and torture others in disgusting rituals such as the memories Stephanie helped one woman uncover (See 5-Year-Old Girl Rape & Bridge Ritual by a Draconian)

Please become one of our comrades and join the team. To do this, re-evaluate your life, and daily do both physical and spiritual activities to improve something in each of what we call the Eight Life Expansons, namely God, Your Mind & knowledge, Your Body, Spouse & Children, Groups (extended family, work, town, country etc), Mankind, Animals & plants and the Physical Universe.


Evaluate what level of player you are at in the game of Good versus Evil, and make a list of ways that you can take action. Analyse and re-evaluate your own abilities, experience, training and resources to determine how you can contribute to defeating the enemy.

Think and find out if you know two or more people who may be open to the information on this website, and if so, tell them about it or at least, one of your favorite articles. 

Heal and protect your body and brain. Study Youre’ not fat, Youre’ Toxic, It does more with less, because it summarizes 43+ documentaries and health books and much of the latest research and news reports. Stephanie spent two years writing this almost daily, so that humans can combat the toxic system the evil ones have put in place to keep people unhealthy, short-lived and with malfunctioning brains. 

Learn and DO Kinesiology & Muscle Testing, and teach it to others, to empower yourself and your team, and know that you have the power to heal and need no one else’s help to do this. Once you have learned how to use it for healing, you can expand and use it for paranormal subjects and spiritual warfare.

For example, you can win an important battle by closing the portals in your area.

Read all of the articles on Relfe, Metatech.org, TheMarsRecords, Synergistic Kinesiology and RexDeus. Please, take action that yields real results daily for yourself and others.

Work on improving yourself, including your emotions and unconscious mind. There was a time when Stephanie felt she would rather “save the world” than work on herself, because saving the world was easier (!). She finally learned that all changes start with yourself, and went on to do hundreds of hours of clearing, kinesiology and other work, which improved her greatly.

Please write down:

“If it’s to be, it’s up to me”.

We hope you will join the TEAM.

T – Together

E – Everyone

A – Achieves

M – More


Do your friends actually like you?



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