Rhodiola activates Kundalini!

Rhodiola: A Secret of the Vikings

by Stephanie Relfe

May 12, 2017

Rhodiola Rosea also known as Golden Root, Stonecrop (because it grows where nothing else will) and Hong Jing Tian, is an adaptogenwith great energy enhancing, healing, fat burning and brain boosting power.

Adaptogens are a group of plants that can help your body adapt to physical, chemical, and environmental stress.  Ginseng is an adaptogen. Rhodiola is one of the most effective in this family. 

This unique herb grows at high altitudes in the arctic areas of Asia and Eastern Europe. It grows in harsh conditions of high altitude; extreme cold, low oxygen, little rainfall, and intense radiation from the sun. It seldom has to compete with other plants for space!

Historically the Vikings used Rhodiola to enhance physical strength and the Sherpa people used it to climb at high altitudes including Mt. Everest.

The Russians have used rhodiola benefits extensively over the past 70 years mostly for improving work performance, insomnia, fatigue, depression, and increasing athletic endurance. (Our research leads us to believe that the Russian military may be ahead of others with regard to research on psychic powers).

As soon as I heard the word “Rhodiola” my intuition told me this was something important. Just five minutes of research and I felt that this is not only the ultra superfood – it is a major key to boosting metaphysical abilities!

When one is taking a food or supplement that boosts the body, it’s not just what you take; how much is just as important. Vitamin D is a great example of this. From my book which tells you how to do a natural diet and lifestyle makeover, You’re not Fat, You’re toxic:

“It turns out that ‘Vitamin’ D is not a vitamin. It was originally
thought to be a vitamin because it was found in food. But it is, in fact, a steroid hormone that affects almost all the cells in the body, by instructing the genes what to do. It’s absolutely essential for weight loss, as well as health and strong bones, joints and muscles…..

From reading through the studies at PubMed, Bowles saw that Vitamin D deficiency is involved with obesity, as well as at least 65 diseases including, but not limited to, acne, alcoholism, allergies, arthritis, asthma, autism, cancer, chronic wounds, Crohn’s disease, depression, diabetes, glaucoma, gout, heart disease, learning disabilities, lupus, migraines, multiple sclerosis (MS), plantar warts, PMS, pregnancy problems, pre-term births, psoriasis, strokes, toenail fungus and tuberculosis. 

Bowles tells whereby in the 1920s it was found that Vitamin D2 could be made easily by shining ultraviolet light onto organic matter (food). Dozens of foods became fortified with D2. One scientist said that the average person was taking 20 mg of Vitamin D2 a day. The hospitals started emptying, and were getting ready to go bankrupt3. So, the unit of measurement of Vitamin D2 was changed from milligrams (mg) to International Units (IU), which is what we use today. Suddenly 20 mg became 800,000 IU. That’s nearly 1 million IU, which sounds a lot scarier….

Relatively recently doctors “recommended dosage” of Vitamin D3 was a pitiful 400 IU a day. Now it’s around 2,000 IU a day. In fact, this should be higher…..  Adults need at least 5,000 IU a day to stay healthy6 , and possibly more. How high is probably not known yet. For example, 5,000 IU may sound like a lot, but in fact it’s only the amount of Vitamin D your body would make if you lay in the sun in a bathing trunks or a bikini
for just 15 minutes!”

Another example of how greatly increasing the dosage for a good supplement can do wonders is provided by Dr. Hoffer who healed thousands of people of schizophrenia and diseases such as kidney disease with 1,000 mg of niacin taken 3x a day with food. (See Niacin the real story).

Going back to Rhodiola, a lot of studies showed amazing results from just half a gram (500mg) or even just 100g! 500 mg is a tiny 1/10 of teaspoon. (Eg See here). That seemed silly. These people were treating this food like a drug. But drugs are toxic chemicals made in a lab that force the body to do things it does not want to. That’s why drugs have side effects. If they made you healthy like superfoods do, the more of them you had, the better.

I was not able to find any side effects from having Rhodiola except for some initial healing reactions – as with all new foods, start off slowly and work your way up. It’s a whole plant food, not a chemical. So I decided to megadose on Rhodiola, just like Dr. Hoffer says is the basis of “orthomolecular healing”.  Michael and I started off with a tiny bit and soon worked our way up to 1-2 TABLESPOON (30 grams) of Rhodiola every day.

I doubt that the Vikings were measuring out 1/10 of teaspoon to decide how much to eat! They probably just pulled up the plant and chewed up every bit of the roots.

The only side effect was an occasional feeling of mild nausea (for me, Michael felt nothing). This is a common symptom when detoxing. At the same time I was also detoxing in a sauna and I was detoxing a lot, with heavy metals coming out of me so much that I could smell them under my arms after 15 minutes in the sauna (110 degrees with infrared). This same smell was present on my pajamas and pillow after just one night!

Since doing this we soon had noticeable improvements in our levels of energy, strength and mental clarity! I was so excited by what I felt it was doing for me.

Then after a few months something strange happened. I felt an area of rough, dry skin exactly at the base of my spine, in the shape of a solid two inch circle. It was very distinct. It was about as scratchy as sandpaper.

I could not work out what it was – although the first thought that came to me was “Kundalini awakening!” But then I thought “That’s ridiculous”. I had never heard of anyone having such an obvious indication of a Kundalini awakening.

Kundalini in Sanskrit, literally means “coiled”. It’s a coiled energy that runs up the spine. Kundalini is considered a part of the subtle body along with chakras and meridians. (For more information and great pictures about energy bodies, download this free report).

This energy lies dormant in your body from birth. Different people say that this energy may be “awoken” by such means as austerities, breath and other physical exercises, visualization and chanting. It may then rise up a subtle channel at the spine to the head. A Kundalini awakening can give the following benefits:

  1. Feeling more at peace and bliss.

  2. Increase in intelligence.

  3. A feeling of purification.

  4. More compassion and empathy.

  5. Slowed down aging.

  6. Increase in creativity.

  7. You become more magnetic and can attract situations or people into your life with your thoughts (this is one of your metaphysical abilities). If this isn’t working then removing Wernicke’s Commands very well just might get change that situation.

  8. Increased spiritual connection.

  9. Increased awareness.

  10. And, most importantly for the Talents who follow our work, metaphysical abilities are enhanced.

However, just because it’s good to have a Kundalini awakening does not mean it’s a good idea to force it to happen. Kundalini should arise naturally as a side effect of the good things you do to your body/mind/spirit. One should not try to get it to awaken for its own self: there are numerous stories of people creating health problems and even insanity from doing this.

You can have several Kundalini awakenings throughout your life. I had never paid much attention to claims of Kundalini awakening because I believe that too many people ascribe too many symptoms to this when the cause is really something else; especially if the symptoms persist for months.

If those same people knew how to muscle test accurately and other kinesiology techniques they would very likely find that their headaches/exhaustion/pain etc. is really caused by a combination of being out of balance (which applied kinesiology could fix quickly) plus stress from emotions/negative foods/electromagnetic stress. For example, if someone can’t get to sleep it’s more likely that the cause is the one cup of coffee/tea/chocolate they had in the morning than a kundalini awakening.

Sathya Sai Baba said of awakening Kundalini:

“To arouse Kundalini and sit in meditation is very difficult. The easiest path is pure love. No meditation can surpass/equal this.”

If you have an unvaccinated child who is normally very healthy  but one day gets a slightly elevated temperature but no other symptoms of sickness (such as headache or nausea) it is possible that they are experiencing a Kundalini awakening. 

Going back to the bizarre round solid circle of rough, dry skin that was at the base of my spine, I had never had anything like this. It was still there a day later so I mentioned this to my husband Michael. It was then that he told me that the day before it appeared he had noticed a bright red solid circle in exactly the same place. He  thought it strange but figured I must have somehow bumped myself or something like that. The dry spot went away within two days. This was yet another solid piece of evidence that I had had a definite Kundalini awakening.

Going online to find out what other evidence suggested this, and ignoring a lot of what people said as likely having other causes, I realized that at that time I also had some other symptoms which could easily be part of a Kundalini activation:

  • Vibrating body. A number of times at night or even during the day when lying down I felt my body vibrating/gently shaking for a number of  minutes. especially around my back. Each time I tried to work out what this bizarre phenomenon was, but my attention at that time was put more on wondering if I was picking up something from the earth. I now believe that this was  a personal symptom due to the Kundalini.

  • Heightened sense of smell. Ever since the birth of my son my sense of smell had increased so much that I could not bear the very toxic fumes that came off from common dishwasher cleaners. But in the weeks before the red circle appeared this sense of smell had become so powerful that I could not bear the smell of even slightly burnt  millet toast anywhere in the house.

  • Nausea, occasional and mild. This, however, may just be a symptom of my current detox to get heavy metals from hair dye out of my body, with the help of juicing (especially spinach), rhodiola, infra red sauna and chelation by suppository, among other things.

  • Desired Weight loss – but that could be due to the amazing power of Rhodiola as it helps the body with whatever is needed.

Later I realized, and muscle tested, that Michael also had had a Kundalini activation, after I remembered him saying several times that when he was lying in bed he felt a vibration / buzzing over his back and legs – pronounced enough that it sometimes woke him up.

I am not saying that if you do what we did that you will get a Kundalini activation because everyone is different and at a different stage of development. For example if you are taking any of the toxins that I explain why you will benefit from giving them up in You’re not Fat, You’re Toxic, that very well may stop you. These include caffeine, chocolate, microwaved food, wheat, soy (a few exceptions), dairy (a few exceptions), GMOs, animal flesh, fish and garlic. Not eating enough raw plants may do the same. Read You’re not Fat, You’re Toxic for a full program that will give you a lifestyle makeover – even if you think you currently “eat healthy.” It summarizes over $750 worth of other health books (which is why the natural health books distributor Nutribooks won’t sell this), plus has a lot of original information, all with references.

I have also been working on myself for several decades including doing hundreds of hours of clearing on the biofeedback meter, kinesiology, deliverance, spiritual warfare, meditation and working on my own self development and karma by helping the Eight Expansions.

You will never know until you try. If you do end up having a Kundalini awakening, afterwards it would be a good idea to go back to the list of metaphysical abilities that you have, that I hope you created after reading this article. Then endeavor once more to get them working for the good of yourself, your family and human and animal kind – you might find now that you get miracles!


Do you have some useless land at high altitudes or freezing areas where nothing else will grow? Plant Rhodiola!

Golden root (Rhodiola rosea), plant that occurs in extremely cold places; it contains adaptogens that among other uses alleviate the stress of a cold climate. Liverpool Land, Greenland


Read more about Ultra Superfood Rhodiola!


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