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We don’t Know How much Longer You will be Able to See it!

by Michael Relfe

Jan 2017

We continue to be under attack. The attacks have increased greatly as we approach the time of the harvest of humans by Nordic aliens, especially because so far this website seems to be just about the only place where you can learn of the plans the Nordic aliens have in store for you, as well the abductions and mind control that is being done to people with metaphysical abilities, and how to free yourself from black magick. 

We recently received this email:

Hi Stephanie & Michael,

I can see metatech org, in Copenhagen, but my brother, to his big surprise, couldn’t, 400 km from here. He used Google DNS. When he changed his DNS to the same numbers I use, he was able to see your website. That is interesting. Seems your site is blocked some places.

In some years your sites may be completely forbidden. Prepare for alternative ways. Telepathy maybe, but then we may have to wake up all the telepaths first. (Smile).

Let’s clear all the universes. You’ll have to speed up. Just encompass it all and clear it in one go. Don’t limit yourself.”

So as soon as you can, 1) Find an alternative DNS server that you can switch to in case our websites are ever blocked. I would suggest avoiding the CIA subsidiary known as G-O-O-G.  and 2) Download and install the free open source website mirroring software called HT Track available free here. It will allow you to create an offsite backup of our websites or other websites that you feel are important.

In addition, this year there has been a total of about 6 days, for 4 incidences, when the servers crashed and had to be rebuilt, for no apparent reason. 


in May 2016 we reported that a very lovely, highly intelligent lady whom I will call P. phoned us. We know P. very well, and had known her for two years at that time. We had worked with her and we spent a lot of time with her.

P. phoned us because she had received an email that was meant to be from Stephanie, that P. thought was very strange, knowing Stephanie as she does. First I need to explain that Stephanie has had a number of email addresses over the past years. The first one got too much spam, so we closed that down and changed it to SRELFE@(our family name).com.

Again, we got too much spam so again we closed that down and changed it to the current email address, three years before this event happened. Going back P., she sent Stephanie an email;

“I’m in clinic for naturopathic nutrition course today.

Was reading the attached book and on this page saw reference to your website!!!!

Made me very happy

Did you know he referenced your book ?”

She attached a photo of the page from the book with a mention of

By mistake she sent this email to the OLD email address of SRELFE. The email did not bounce, which it should have, since we closed that account (removed it from the server) years ago.

P. forwarded Stephanie a copy of the original email, so that she could see that it was in fact sent to the SRELFE account.

P. had received a reply to that email, saying;


P. was surprised. She was used to Stephanie giving much more enthusiastic responses than that. So she phoned to ask if Stephanie had, in fact, received the email.

Stephanie did not know what she was talking about. She told her that the SRELFE email address was no longer in operation. Therefore it was “impossible” that the message did not bounce.

Stephanie had had hardly any emails that day, so it was very easy for her to be absolutely certain that she had not seen that email, and had not received it. She double checked, and had not received anything from her. In any case, she would not have because the email was sent to SRELFE, which was cancelled.

Therefore, neither of us was the one who replied, “Okay”.

We double checked that SRELFE was non existent on our server. It was. So every email to it should have bounced.

Someone was keeping all the emails sent to SRELFE. To confirm this was the case, I sent a test email to SRELFE. Sure enough, it did not bounce as it should have. It just vanished.

Someone was collecting emails to our cancelled SRELFE account, and replying to them to make it look as though they were coming from us.

We were quite excited by this in a way; we finally had the proof that someone was not only interfering with our emails, but actually pretending to be us! We weren’t sure before that anyone considered that what we were doing was important enough.

We asked P. to forward the email that said, “Okay.”; but although this was only a few hours after she received it, she could not find it on her cell phone! Sshe was rather shocked because of this. We told her that TBTB (The Powers That Be) can do anything to your cell phone. This proved that she had someone watching her, and controlling her communications.

We have also had the experience of talking with someone on  the phone, and the phone going dead, and then they can’t phone us back again! This has happened several times. It never happens to these people when they phone anyone other than us.

More on this subject was posted in early 2015:

We have had interference with communications between us and other people for years, but lately it has gotten to a ridiculous level, whereby some people cannot even access this website.

Our first taste of interference and control of the alternative media was when we published The Mars Records in 2000.  Michael was the very first whistleblower to tell people that there is a military base with humans on Mars. At that time we sent off disks to the 50 top alternative websites.

Only one person responded. That was Dean Stonier who held the annual Global Sciences Congress in Florida. He phoned while were in Australia and told us that he would get us to speak at his next conference.

Within 2-3 months he was dead, supposedly of health problems. The evil ones like to kill people off by natural looking methods. (See “Deaths of UFO Investigators“). It really is most important to be able to muscle test accurately to find out if this kind of thing is being done to you, or not, and to know when your methods to combat it are successful.

Another time was when Sean Casteel approached us via email about his new book, Nikola Tesla, Journey to Mars. I can’t remember all the details, but we had incredible trouble gettting an email to him. Eventually we managed it by sending an email to a friend, and asking them to forward it and he included Michael in that book.


Then there was the time I wanted to post the information from Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse, with the crucial information about frequencies of creation and destruction, that are hidden in the bible. I had the above information on my site for about a year, when on July 20 2003 I felt guided to put all the information about the different tones on my site. This information is on pages 166 & 167 of the book. That was when things got weird. Michael went to scan the pages for me. Nothing happened. All that came through was a blue screen with no words on it. This does not normally happen.


He tried to scan a normal page from another book. It scanned perfectly. He alternated back and forth about eight times. Each time the pages from The Biological Apocalypse would be jammed, but pages from anything else scanned perfectly. Michael even tried to scan the front page of The Biological Apocalypse. Again, it wouldn’t scan. It became obvious to us that something energetic had been done to this book, and that someone on the dark side did not want this information published. I realized that I had to type the pages manually, which I did. More information on this is here.

When we speak with people on the phone, it is not uncommon for strange noises to appear, or the phone to drop out, especially when certain subjects are raised, such as names of people or places, or discussion of family bloodlines.

I once got an email from a man who said that would not load for him. I told him it was loading fine for me, and others. This continued for days, with us working to help him solve the problem. Eventually we told him to use a VPN, which makes you very anonymous, much better than a proxy. He was then able to load it perfectly! We told him that this was significant evidence that he has important metaphysical abilities, and that he is most likely getting abducted, similar to what Michael was, before he learned to change the Quantum Matrix,

Again in 2015 I sent an article to a website that sometimes posts my information. The webmaster was not able to load the link. I told her to use a VPN, but she did not know how to do that. So I told her to see if the website would load on a friend’s computer – and sure enough, it loaded instantly!

If you have a friend who may have metaphysical abilities, or may have been abducted, or may be under spiritual attack, please tell them about this site, and follow up to find out if they could load it or not. If they could not load it, that is very significant.

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Please download the free booklet on Removing Alien and Military Mind Control Commands. This is a direct download without signing up for anything. Only then will you understand why this information will never be discussed on any UFO or Conspiracy site and will never be touched by broadcasters like Alex Jones, Jeff Rense or George Noory.

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