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Special Water of the Nile River


Superhuman strength is one of many metaphysical abilities that people can have. It has been shown, for example, when a desperate mother lifts a car off her child. She is able to do it in moments of extreme trauma, but not in her day-to-day life. Our challenge is to learn how to harness our abilities so that we can do them at will.

I was communicating with a young man, “A.” who lives in Cairo, Egypt, who had had many dreams that appeared to us to be memories, rather than dreams, of experiences with reptilians and various alien species. During the course of our communications, I asked him about his ancestors. He mentioned something which I felt our readers would be interested in knowing about. A. wrote;

“There’s one weird story about my grandfather, that my father kept telling me about. He mentioned that if one drinks from the Nile directly at a certain time it can lead to a great form of physical power though it’s given to kind people at heart (as this seemed to happen to not only one but to many people that it was known), and my grandfather drank from it as he was very young and as a result he had such great physical power. It was totally unbelievable for me, but then all my uncles & aunts confirmed that he had it.

Stories like he was capable of raising the bed up in the air with one hand and catching my father with his other hand(lol) when he did something wrong and hid under the bed as a child, or how he carried a donkey with a cart filled with tomatoes with one hand, stuff like that.

My father mentioned also a story that he was working on the ship (he was a sea captain for moving shipments through the Nile), my father mentioned how a large strange sea creature tried to pull him down with great strength and he pulled it up because he was capable of it, my father mentioned that its mark on his leg was present till the day he died.”

(Webmaster’s Note: For more stories of strange things in the ocean or other deep water, go here).

I told A. that this sounded like a metaphysical ability, especially since the only people who benefit from drinking this special water from the Nile River have to be off good heart. We believe that metaphysical abilities are not given to evil people. They are a gift from God, and are given in proportion to the person’s integrity and goodness, according to their acts in this and previous lives. Evil people with metaphysical abilities get their power from demons, not from their own personal power. This is why the good angels who support God have massive power, but the fallen angels are like dried out husks, and rely on technology to give them power over humans.

A. wrote further:

“I don’t think it’s transferable as I don’t have that type of strength at all , but I have no idea whether that has a genetic effect or not .

It’s interesting that it only works for people with a good heart. That sounds like it activates metaphysical abilities!

My Father told me something like the time isn’t really known at all, it’s like if you’re looking for it you wouldn’t find it, It has to find you, and obviously he doesn’t know exactly how it is so, because I told him we’re all drinking from the Nile and he told me it was mentioned that you had to drink directly .

Later when I grew up there was an Electrician that comes over to fix stuff for us in our house , and he was from the place that my Grandfather lived at, and he told me yeah, I’ve seen people like that and there are still some of them there and he confirmed that Nile story, but he told me that the people who are working as Fishermen as they’re on the Nile, get to drink from it often and this is why some of them have it, these were people who were capable of the same feats I’ve mentioned and some have told me they were capable of bending coins with their eyelids or teeth or hands, so yeah it could be metaphysical. Still none of them can explain how it happens.”

Warning! Parts of the Nile are polluted. A. warns readers:

“I totally forgot to mention something, people who might read this and go to Egypt would try to drink directly from the water and try it out anyway and see what would happen, I wouldn’t advise doing that in any part of the Nile, because there are parts that are actually polluted and thus would be dangerous to drink from.

The place I mentioned was in Upper Egypt, and there are certainly places with drinkable water that would be pure in certain places. It would be best to always ask Egyptian people there for these places before drinking directly to avoid any danger. I wanted to mention this because I heard before of a Foreigner drinking water directly from a polluted zone and it led him to entering the hospital for poisoning, so it’s best to be safe.

This post sheds light on the best spots around here if you’re curious :”

Comment by Webmaster: We suspect that these abilities come from a spring that activates only occasionally and/or ancient hidden technology.

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