Clearing Processes You can Do Now: Objective Processes

These Help Break up the Power of Hypnotism

This could be very important to you! There are processes in clearing which do not use a meter, and are relatively easy to do. All you need is another person to do them with you.

The processes are called “objective processes” because you use objects in the room. They are deceptively simple, but I understand that they are amazingly effective. 


In an objective process the practitioner gives the client a command, and then acknowledges the person when they do it, over and over again. It’s the repetition that does the work.

This breaks up energy and thoughts in the person’s mind, called circuits, which were controlling him unconsciously.

Circuits are thoughts that unconsciously go round and round in a person’s mind, and control him. Some circuits come from engrams (an engram is a time of unconsciousness and pain. All mind control is an engram, because force is used to shut the conscious mind down).

Another example of a circuit is a thought or tune that goes round and round in a person’s head, without him being able to stop it. Compulsively counting to yourself is another circult.

Circuits control a person, and produce unwanted emotions (such as frustration, shyness, boredom etc). They come from engrams. They can also come from times of light hypnosis – such as, from times in life when the person gave up his own conscious control and agreed with the commands of other people, TV, etc.

Clearing with a biofeedback meter gets rid of circuits. However, another way to get rid of circuits is to do what are called “objective processes”. They are basically very repetitive, physical actions.

“Objective processes” are called this because they are processes which use physical “objects” in the room, and are thus quite different to normal clearing on with the meter where the person talks about subjects from his past.

I was not taught directly to do objective processes when I learned how to do clearing, and did not have anyone do them on me, and most people have the impression that they are only for lower level people. However, further research has made me realize that these processes are ESSENTIAL for anyone to do, who has been abducted, mind controlled, hypnotized or has the chance of that (which is everyone, because the TV hypnotizes people). They won’t hurt anyone, and will probably be of benefit to everyone.

Having said that I wasn’t trained in these, there are similar processes that I did do many hours of in the communications seminar, which is essential to do to be a clearing practitioner, and now that I understand how objective processes work, I can see how and why I gained so much benefit from doing that seminar.

Here is why I feel it is most important to do these: After doing research and realizing that these break a power over people that was put there when they were hypnotized, I decided to run these processes on Michael. After doing the first one (called CCH1) for just 35 minutes (one 20 and one 15 minute session), we can already feel and notice differences.

And for me, the difference is amazing! I have much more energy than before! It’s only been a few days, but it seems that I can have several hours’ less sleep! 

When you are married, “The two become one”. I have always felt better anytime I have done a clearing session on Michael, and now I realize that even after doing many hours of clearing, that there has still been some kind of hypnotic energy still in his space which these processes remove.

(I will update this article as we find out more, but this information seemed so important to get to Metatech readers as soon as possible, so that you too can benefit from this as soon as possible.)

So, that being said, here is my explanation of these processes:

I was not taught objective processes and originally got the general impression that they were for lower toned people only (and we know now that these people would do better doing kinesiology). Objective processes are originally described in various books by Hubbard, (Creation of Human Ability and Tech Volumes. III, IV and V.) when they were thought to be useful for other things than what I believe is the real benefit of them.

While studying the excellent 2nd book by L. Kin, (Scientology, A Handbook for Use, Volume 2; The Procedures & Professional Application), 1992, by L. Kin,  (whom I knew personally), I finally realized that objective processes should be done by everyone, but especially by anyone who has been abducted, mind controlled or hypnotized, and I began to make more use of them. Much of the information in this article is from that book.

Objective processes are also good for helping people to be happy while doing boring work over and over again. One advantage of them is that they are relatively easy to do – you don’t use a biofeedback meter.

That being said, you do need good communication skills. You need to be able to:

  • Be present (That is, be here, be now, do nothing, still your mind), no matter what the person does.

  • Acknowledge a person well (An acknowledgement lets the person know that you have received their communication, and that cycle of communication is COMPLETE).


L. Kin says that the people who benefit from objective processes most are:

1) People who have a button on control; they resist being controlled or compulsively control others.

2) People who are heavily “out of valence”. A valence is, another identity assumed by a person unknowingly. It’s a “beingness”. An example is when a woman gets married and then “becomes her mother”.

A person has his own valence; then there are available to him the valences of other people, including those in his engrams. A mind control alter (split personality) is a very strong kind of valence.

So a person who is heavily “out of valence” is someone who is not being themselves; they are being other people or personalities. The real person, the spiritual being, is submerged by other valences.

When you give objective process commands, you are talking to a group of personalities, as it were. They will work it out between themselves which way they are going to execute the command, if they are going to do it at all. In the end, the “chief being”, the real person, wins and is in control.

Again this indicates that people who’ve been mind controlled should do many hours of objective processes.

3) People who cannot make decisions or finish cycles of action.

4) Alcoholics and drug addicts, because they have lost the ability to control and communicate, so they can’t access their reactive mind at all.

5) People who, during clearing sessions, don’t tell you what they feel is true but instead “try to figure out the right answer.” These people are less willing to experience things. They give lots of details but don’t want to dive into the brutal details of a particular occurrence. These people are not well “in-session”.

People who have been subject to hypnosis, abduction or mind control will often have this characteristic. This is related to being out of valence. Objectives get them out of this simply because they can’t “figure out” what’s going to happen.

Objective processes give control back to the person, so that he can do anything without feeling anything but happiness. A simple activity is done repeatedly over and over, with an acknowledgement after each action. Since the circuit is repetitive, the repetition of the actions restimulate the circuits. Doing these processes, with good acknowledgements, break up the circuits.

Objective processes can undo some of the effects of engrams and hypnosis, without the need to identify specific incidents. The person runs them out by restimulating the outside control factor which the client is identified with. The person wakes up and becomes more grounded, better at communicating, happier and less hypnotizable in life.

Doing objective processes can help people greatly. They should be done for 10+ hours (some have done them from 50-150 hours), broken up into different sessions. It is an excellent thing to do with children for short periods, because they have circuits going on in their head. It helps them regain control of their mind and body.

When you first do objective processes, negative emotions may pop up, including getting very sleepy. Keep going until the negative emotions vanish forever, and the person is bright and happy and could do it forever.

There can even be extreme cases of the person being shaken by a fit of grief or tears or an anger tantrum or even faint. Naturally, you don’t allow the person to get cowed back into agreement with his circuits, but keep giving the command, even to the point of bypassing the spirit being and moving his body around for him.

The saying in clearing is, “What will turn it on, will turn it off.”

Supported by the practitioner, the person starts fighting his circuits, and they gradually or suddenly release. Suddenly – wham – a whole big chunk of mass blows away.

Obviously, if upsets happen, you adjust your speed to the person. Slow down or speed up, as needed. To get a person into a dramatization, you must work evenly and steadily; but once he is in something, care and attentiveness must be applied. Stay in communication with them and be understanding and caring, and let him talk if he wants to talk. Then acknowledge him, and carry on.

If you do restimulate something, you are doing great work. Remember the golden rule: What will turn it on, will turn it off.

Objective processes break up circuits. The goal is to keep going until the person has no problems with doing monotonous and nonsensical activities and can do them as brightly as the morning sun without any attention on a time limit. There will be nothing left to irritate him with the activity.

When this happens the person has gone from resisting the in-flowing control and communication from the practitioner and from his mental masses, to tolerating them and being willing to have them.

Objective processes do wonders for a person. Since you don’t need a meter, it is possible that the best way to offer them is in a seminar situation such as a communication seminar, whereby many people can do it together, with just one practitioner watching the room.

Warning:These exercises take many hours to do. Only do these exercises if you are both committed to continuing with them to the end. Once you start, you will ‘stir up stuff’ that will take 3-10 days to go back into the unconscious mind if you don’t continue and get rid of it.



Doing “Reach & Withdraw” exercises is a great introduction to objective processes, as both are repetitive, and it’s the repetition plus acknowledgement which breaks up the circuits.

“Reach and withdraw are the two fundamentals in the action of theta.” (Scientology Technical Dictionary by Ron Hubbard, 1975)

All life energy is meant to flow, like water in the water cycle. However, problems begin when flows get stuck on just one direction.

For example:

  • A person can only reach for money, but not withdraw from it. This creates stuck flows, and prevents more money from flowing to him.
  • Or a person can only reach for a relationship, but not withdraw from it. Again, the relationship will elude him until he can both reach and withdraw.
  • Or a person withdraws from their problems, but does not reach for them, and confront and handle them.

When a flow gets stuck in just one direction, this can create a ridge, a mass of mental energy, which makes this situation more permanent. Now there is no flow, no reach and withdraw. There is just stuck energy, like a stagnant pond.

It can be of great help to anyone who has a problem, to do some reach and withdraw exercises. You can do these to yourself, but it is best if another person controls the session.


Have the item (such as cash) present, or have the person think of the item that you are working on. 

Practitioner commands, “Reach for ____”. 

The person reaches for it, physically and mentally. 

Practitioner acknowledges: “Thank you”. 

Practitioner commands, “Withdraw from ____”. 

The person withdraws from it, physically and mentally. Repeat.

Initially you may see, especially when working with money, that some people withdraw physically, but not mentally or spiritually. Their attention must be TOTALLY WITHDRAWN from the item. That includes that they look away from it and stop thinking about it.

Do this for half an hour for each person, then swap over. I have had people do this for several hours, with good results.


During objective processes, a person goes from Control to Communication to Havingness*. That is, the person is willing to have the situation, whereas before he was continually fighting it. Therefore the objective processes are called CCHs.

(*Havingness is the feeling that one owns things.  The more havingness you have towards something, the easier it is to physically have it, and keep it.)

There are many different CCHs. I give you here some of the more important ones.

CCH1 to CCH4 and then back to CCH1 is considered as one process.

Each CCH is done for less time than the one before.


If you know how to muscle test accurately, and to do pretests, I highly recommend muscle testing how many hours the person needs. The answer is probably a lot less than what others have thought.

END PHENOMENON FOR EACH: Person beams and thinks it is perfectly all right to continue the process forever.

CCH1 & CCH2 can cause the release of heavy mental energy.


Do CCH1 for at least a half hour (unless they are a child). Tell your client that you are going to see if he can do it for half an hour without restimulating anything, to give him a challenge to aim for.

If your client does not change at all in any way during that time, and you do not pick up anything from them, then you may consider that he does not need any more of that particular exercise. Otherwise, later on you may like to work up to doing it for up to two hours.

Sit in two chairs opposite each other, with knees reasonably close. Hands rest on the person’s own thighs. 

Practitioner: “Give me that hand.” 

Client gives them his right hand. 

Practitioner: “Thank you.” 

Practitioner uses his left hand to replace student’s hand. 


Important: Do this at a certain speed and rhythm. If nothing is restimulated after doing this for 10 minutes, change speed to a faster or slower one. Different speeds can give different results. If the arm gets tired or sore, use the other arm.


Practitioner: “Look at that wall.” (Thank you) 

“Walk over to that wall.” (Thank you) 

“Touch that wall.” (Thank you) 

“Turn around” (Thank you) 

Repeat: “Look at that wall.” (Thank you) etc.


Teaches teamwork, duplication and understanding.

CCH3 & CCH4 may produce grief discharges, and negative emotions. 

Practitioner and client sit on 2 chairs opposite each other. Practitioner holds out his hand shoulder-high, palms towards the student. Client does the same. Their palms touch midway between them. 

Practitioner: “I am going to do a motion with my right hand. You follow it. 

Then I’ll do the same motion with my left hand. You follow contribute to the motion, or lead the motion.” 

Do action. 

Practitoner asks, “Did you follow the motion on the one side? Contribute on the other side?” (Acknowledge answer).

Practitioner decides whether to repeat the same motion, or to do a simpler or more complex motion. If client is doing well, more complex motions are done.

This is to teach teamwork. It teaches duplication and understanding.


Similar to CCH3, it increases self-determinism*.

(*Self-determinism: The state of being where the individual can or cannot be controlled by his environment according to his own choice. In that state the individual has self-confidence in his control of the material universe and the organisms within it along every dynamic. He is confident in his interpersonal relationships. He reasons but does not need to react.).

Practitioner and client sit opposite each other. Practitioner has a book in his hand, and makes a simple motion with the book, on a vertical plane in the area between the two people.

Then he gives the client the book and asks him to do the same movement (not a mirror image).

Practitioner then decides he has to lower or increase the difficulty of the action.

CCH1 to CCH4 are done for shorter and shorter periods. CCH4 may only be done for a few minutes. After you have done CCH4, go back to CCH1.


You have done CCH1, 2, 3, 4, 1, in that order.

The client is able to repeat the same action unlimitedly without getting bothered by any circuits, and can do so with full interest and in the best of spirits – for the sole reason that he has decided to do so. He is fully able and prepared to run something as nonsensical as “give me that hand” for another 25 hours, just because it’s fun!

His level of Havingness is so high that he can communicate without any reservations, whether with a terminal or without, whether with sense or without – it is all the same to him. You may consider this a bit odd or even impossible – but if you think about it, little children do exactly that. They are constantly in the best of communication, with or without a terminal, with or without making sense. Although we would not want to take them as models for behavior, they are wonderful examples of high Havingness.

It may take a while at first to stir things up, and let you see that you really are doing things. The only real way to tell if you have reached end phenomenon, is to DO the exercises, at least for several hours.


Objectives may be done on anyone, but they don’t bite on everyone. It will never hurt to try, though. Some people respond extremely well to them, others are just indifferent. However, a person who needs objectives run is hard to do work with on the meter. He pulls in mental masses, isn’t sure what’s real and what isn’t, thinks he’s imagining it all, figures about the session after it’s over and gets into trouble, and so on.

When you work with someone on the meter, you want someone who is at cause over his mental masses, who can look at one thing at a time, blow it, have a win, get the next bit restimulated, look at it, blow it, have a win, etc. Clean cycles of action. If he can’t do that, he needs objectives.

How long will it take? It takes as long as it takes. L. Kin said that you have to be prepared for anything with regard to how long you have to run objectives. CCH 1-4 may need from 15 – 150 hours. It takes as long as it takes.


Before you do objectives, make sure your client understands the concepts and procedures, and is willing to do them. Have them read this chapter. This is true for all clearing, but even more so for objectives, because they don’t make sense at first glance and seem way too simple. You need your client ‘in session’ and that will only happen if he understands what you are doing and why it will help him.

Clear the words and concepts of “Subjective process” and CCH (Control-Communication-Havingness).

Then tell him something like, “Now lets see if you can run this process for half an hour without restimulating anything.”


While Michael had come a long way since The Mars Records Book 2, there is always room for improvement, so once I learned that CCHs are extra beneficial for people who have been subject to hypnosis or mind control, I ran them on him.

While he seemed to have no trouble with them, within 10 minutes, I started to burp while the session was going. As an empath, I frequently do this when working on people – it’s their energy, entities etc. moving out. Sometimes I can feel the mental masses more easily than they can. It’s like water – it goes through the conduit of least resistance. So, I figured that we should do a series of CCH 1-4.

The first time we did CCH1 for a total of 20 minutes. The second time we did it for 15 minutes in one go, and Michael had to go have a long sleep after that. I had not fully understood the process, and now know that it would have been better had we pushed on for at least another 15 minutes. There is more to do.


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