Shocking Analysis of Putin Singing

“Blueberry Hill” to Hollywood Elite,

with regard to Trump

putin-sings-blueberry-hills-to-hollywood-930X30-white-spacerThis video looks and feels like a family reunion, which it probably is. You can feel the tangible love that all have for each other. It’s from 2013, but very revealing.


30X30-white-spacerWhile it’s hard not to love some of the things that Putin has done (like outlawing all GMOs), this is a very creepy video that gives us an idea that everything about Putin is a staged movie to make you love him. (It’s hard not to love someone who gets filmed patting and feeding every species of animal there is).

Never forget that he comes from a country where, not so long ago, the leader Joseph Stalin had so much evil and power that he put his own people  into death camps whereby 60 million were murdered (or was that an early harvest?). I won’t post pics here because it’s too gruesome, but if you want some, you can see them on google images under “Joseph Stalin death camps“.



Going back to the bizarre event  of Putin’s serenading the Hollywood elite, notable people present were:


Goldie Hawn & Kirt Russell



Sharon Stone


Kevin Costner


Gerard Depardieu, one of the most popular actors in France.

20X20-white-spacerKeep in mind that the Queen of Hollywood, Jodie Foster, went to a private high school in Los Angeles where students spoke only French. How weird is that in America, when only 3.5% of Americans travel overseas each year for business or pleasure?

Remember also that Illuminati defector Svali said that the French Illuminati are the most powerful of all. For more information, please see our article, The French Illuminati rule the world.



30X30-white-spacerOf special interest to us was the bizarre giant poster of children, inserted into giant strands of DNA (above). Presumably this was some kind of medical charity event, but does this have a deeper meaning? We believe that it does. When the Nordic Aliens come to harvest humans for material to extend their life for centuries, DNA will be a key part of the project. Children will be prefered to adults, as they have more life force.

This reminds us of the moving Knowing where actor Nicholas Cage shows that something awful is coming whereby “everyone dies”, so the only answer is to hand your children over to a bunch of human looking aliens, who sometimes glow with a white light. No questions asked or answered… But what if all earth changes is just engineered with advanced technology? Once the harvest is over, the only people left will be the conscious, good and sane ones, and earth will become a wonderful place. Don’t be conned. Stay home.


30X30-white-spacerIt is also quite possible that Blueberry Hill has special meanings to the oligarchs. It is interesting that it was played in Twelve Monkeys, a movie starring Bruce Willis, about a future world where a man-made virus wiped out most of the human population on the planet (there’s that “It’s the end of the world! Panic!” theme again).


20X20-white-spacerWhy would Hollywood love Putin, since he is supposedly not a communist? After all, it was Putin who did the marvelous things of outlawing homosexual propaganda, and outlawing adoption of children by homosexuals (every child has the right to a mother and father), in 2013. If anyone else had done that, Hollywood would have burned them at the stake.

This story continues to be relevant now that Putin loves Trump. A close ally of Putin who is often used to put out idea’s from the Kremlin, said to vote for Trump. And Putin celebrated Trump’s victory in the Presidential election:




Every time you think that what you see in politics is real, remember the man who made Hillary Clinton scared, and told Bill Clinton what to do. And keep up on your research of “Crisis actors“.

Remember that it’s all an act, on both sides. Politics is no more real than wrestling, which is all choreographed: Like when Donald Trump went on World Wrestling:


20X20-white-spacerWhy would liberal, homosexual Hollywood love Putin, who loves Trump, when Hollywood supposedly loathes Trump?

While it would be nice to think that someone with Trump’s ability and policies is for real, and anything is better than a continuation of the Bush-Clinton crime family communist agenda (plus we read years ago in Cathy O’Brien’s book TranceFormation of America, of how Cathy was raped by Hillary Clinton as a young girl), nothing is as it seems.





20X20-white-spacerStay tuned. Think for yourself. No one is allowed to be a billionaire property developer in New York City without the support of organized evil. The Trump card has not been played yet. There is more to come.

P.S.  New York City is defined in the Federal Regulations as the United Nations*. Rudolph Gulliani stated on C-Span that “New York City was the capital of the World” and he was correct. So how does Trump build skyscrapers there if he is not Illuminati? See more at


30X30-white-spacer*Ref: 20 CFR chapter 111, subpart B 422.103 (b) (2) (2)

10X10-white-spacer - Nordics are Nazis 10X10-white-spacer


new-world-order-mind-control-commands 10X10-white-spacer



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