The Nordic Alien

Project Plan for the coming

Harvest of Humans

By Michael & Stephanie Relfe

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While the government run “UFO Business” of websites, books, videos and conferences has been pointing at lights in the sky and whispering about “alien disclosure”, someone else has been running a game on you.

Since the early 1950’s, you have been programmed to simultaneously fear an “alien invasion” by evil looking aliens and to look forward to rescue by friendly human “aliens” such as shown on Star Trek. How many times have you heard people say “Beam me up Scotty”? Be careful what you ask for.

Nordic Aliens are also called “tall whites”, although not all of them are tall and not all of them are as beautiful as you have been told. Some are quite ordinary. They look like humans except for their slit eyes pupils, which they are able to disguise most of the time (it’s harder when they get emotional). The slit eyes helps them to hypnotize people. To improve your ability to see their slit eyes, Break the Code of Disillusion.

Nordic Aliens and reptilians and other species have been harvesting humans from planet earth for centuries. Now, a major harvest that will remove the majority of people from earth is coming. This is a major reason for the current craziness in politics and the media.

The most valuable products of these harvests are hormones, life force, DNA and other substances which can extend the life of Nordic aliens for many hundreds of years, and is likely the most valuable product in the universe.

The Nordic Aliens run everything as a business, just like they run the major corporations; that’s why the actions of major corporations is so inhuman and against nature. There will be a project plan that they use for each planet. We believe that some of the following would be on that project plan:

Project Plan of for the Harvest of Humans by Nordic Aliens

1. Insert Nordic aliens into human population. Take over the Military – Aristocracy. DONE.

2. Insert Nordic aliens into human population. Create the Catholic Church from the Roman Empire. DONE.

3. Have Catholic Jesuits create Islam. DONE. 

4. Create corporations as the ultimate tool for planetary takeover. DONE.

5. With the help of the Catholic Church, rewrite history completely to hide what really happened in the past. DONE.

See Russian genius Anatole Fomenko’s books: History, Fiction or Science? Which prove that the middle ages never existed.

See also extremely shocking interview of Norman Dodd, Congressional Investigator of Tax-exempt Foundations.

6. Kill off all women who have knowledge of natural health (natural remedies, herbs, natural birth etc.) to leave a vacuum that can be filled by the drug corporations and allopathic medicine. Do this by declaring any women with this knowledge as witches, to be burned at the stake. DONE.

7. Start the Industrial Revolution at appropriate time so that technology is at the required level for mass control by the time of the harvest. DONE.

8. 50 years before the ELE (Extinction Level Event), advance technological progress so that the storage ships can be constructed (they call them “space carriers”. Why would they need something 2.5 kilometers long?) with the technology of the human cattle. DONE.


10X10-white-spacer9. Start and control the entertainment industry to shape the minds and beliefs of people. DONE.

10. Start the news industry, to have total control of what people do and don’t focus on and to give credibility to fake news. (See these videos: Laughing crisis actors / Fake news). DONE.

11. Move all homebirths to hospitals so that we can control the birth and break the mother/child heart connection. This will leave people feeling empty inside, so that they later look to material possessions to fill the empty feeling inside themselves. It will also damage their brains. DONE.

12. Put children in schools at an early age so that we can remove their awareness and ability to think for themselves. DONE.

13. Fund male homosexuals in the fashion industry to make women look like men to destroy the family. DONE.

14. Create and market vaccines so as to inject poisonous mercury and nanotechnology into people, to damage and control their brains.  – ON GOING

15. Herd people into the cities for easier access and control. DONE. (See also Agenda 21).

16. Create movies that are pro good-looking, friendly-looking aliens and which cause people to fear evil-looking aliens. DONE.

17. Create the internet to spread information and perform surveillance on users and to be able to communicate with person. DONE.

18. Fund various Nordic aliens, reptilians and mind controlled humans to create websites on various subjects, each with the purpose of gathering an audience of a particular segment of the population. Since people who can think are the hardest to herd on to the ships, control websites which offer information which will appeal to these groups, including Patriotism, religion, New Age, conspiracy and natural health. DONE.

19. Increase the flow of money so that people can temporarily experience a time of high pay and prosperity, so that when we take that prosperity away from them, they can envision how it is possible for life to be much, much better than it currently is, somewhere else. DONE.

20. Start spraying chemtrails to release heavy metals and nanotechnology in the people, to dumb them down and to activate messages via their cell phones when the harvest begins. DONE.

21. Create Genetically Modified Organisms specifically for the purpose of destroying gut bacteria to destroy the “second brain” in the gut, which may warn people to stay off the ships. DONE.

22. Create cell phones. Put antennas everywhere. DONE.

23. Create addictive smart phones, to change brain waves and to project energetic mind control drugs to people when the harvest comes. DONE.

24. Create google earth to map out everything. DONE.

25. Cause massive illegal immigration everywhere to disrupt stable societies and put the people in fear. IN PROGRESS.

26. Do things to make people feel extremely disgusted and revolted (push transgenders, teach 5YOs in school about perversions, schools to ban words like “boys and girls” / “Mum & Dad” in schools worldwide etc.). IN PROGRESS.

27. Implement all these projects to demoralize and dumb down the population and so that they will want to go “off planet” in an “evacuation” when offered the opportunity to do so. – TO BE DETERMINED

28. Immediately prior to implementation, confine and execute all members of all secret societies, intel agencies, hierarchies, and power groups that might constitute a danger to the completion of the project (click here). TO BE DETERMINED

29. Activate the project at the appropriate time to allow the maximum collection of human cattle prior to the ELE event. Process the human cattle into biological products and allow a certain percentage to be cold stored for future use. TO BE DETERMINED

MILITARY ARISTOCRACY = NAZIS = CORPORATIONS = NORDIC ALIENS = The harvest of humans for profit and life extension of the Nordic Aliens. They get life extension. You get life extinction.

No matter what the government says.
No matter what your family says.
No matter what your church says.
No matter what your friends say.
No matter the offer of wealth.
No matter the offer of health.
No matter the offer of youth.
No matter the job opportunity.
No matter how important you will be.
No matter what the celebrities say.
No matter how big the house they offer.
No matter the deal.
Do not believe them.
They are lying.

Remember, YOU are THEIR business. YOU are THEIR product.

Please read – Do NOT get on the ships.

Please read – Three Days of Darkness

Please read – Secret Space War

Please read – Giant Spherical UFO

Please read – Nordic Aliens Created Secret Societies

Do NOT Get On The Ships


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