Please Read This Before Contacting Us

by Stephanie Relfe

If you believe that you may have experienced Alien / Reptilian / Military Abduction or mind control or something similar, we would love to hear from you. We value every single soul who has the courage and awareness to appreciate the very strange information on our website, and who is willing to fight to get free and join God’s army in the spiritual battle that is currently raging.

However, while initially we had few people contacting us, as of 2015 we have had an increase in people contacting us, at the same time that we have less time available to speak with people.

We believe from muscle testing and our own observations that at least 30% of people have been abducted at least once; That is over 2 billion people. We cannot speak with all of them. At the moment, most of them are still asleep, so currently we do have some spare time to communicate personally with people.

However, we do not have the time to go over information which we have already spent over fifteen years writing so that you may have it for free. Therefore, please read the following before contacting us. Thank you.

If you are being attacked or harassed, you should ask The Lord Jesus Christ into your life and immediately engage in spiritual warfare and get prayer for deliverance. The best way to immediately start this walk in your spiritual life is to attend or watch a group deliverance session and begin to eliminate some of the demonic “underbrush” that has accumulated during your life. The following video will get you started. You must do Part 1 & 2.




Emotional Stress Release

Do Not Get on the Ships. They are coming for the Harvest 

The Mars Records, ” Books 1 and 2, and “The Mars Force, Pat’s Story” books 1 and 2

The 1954 Greada Treaty: Between the U.S. Government and Grey Aliens, signed by President Eisenhower

How to Prevent Alien and Military Abduction

How your Metaphysical Abilities are Being Suppressed

The Rex Deus Church – Our Beliefs

Attention: People with Metaphysical Abilities, Victims of Alien Abduction, Military Abduction, Mind Control & Ritual Abuse: How Kinesiology Can Help You 

Booby Traps: Hidden Death Commands from Abductions or Military Service are Affecting Millions of People

Give Evil Beings Spiritual Death with Your Spiritual Sword 

Why Abductees often Have Relationship Problems

Why Abductees often Have Money Problems

Mirrors Open Portals to Your Bedroom – How to Close them

Humans are Harvested for Their Energy – Women sees a Giant Mouth Licking her

Put a Mezuzah on your Doors for Spiritual Protection

Open Letter to the Military of the World

Reports from Readers of Metatech

Reports from Readers of The Mars Records

Save the World – Close Portals

Interview with an Ex-Vampire, a True Story  in 9 parts. 

Abductions are stressful, and this affects the body.  Most abductees need to greatly improve their health and brain. This is only possible if you improve your diet. My book gives a full diet and lifestyle makeover that has helped others:


GMOs, the Ultimate Killing Machine

Microwaved Cooking is Killing People

WIFI is killing millions

Nothing is More Important now than Getting All Wireless Out of Your Life

How to Know Your Life Purpose

Update from the Relfes – July, 2015

We Don’t want Friends. We want Comrades

We hope you will join the TEAM.

T – Together

E – Everyone

A – Achieves

M – More

When you contact us, please use:

  • Many paragraphs, so it’s easy to read.
  • Your name.
  • Our names (Michael and/or Stephanie Relfe), so we know it’s not spam.

Thank you. If you do this and do not get a reply to your email, please phone us, as the communication probably got interfered with.

* Please note that we are not counselors or medical practitioners and we don’t deal with mental health issues or medical problems.




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