People are Altering Reality by Manifesting, and bringing in the Golden Age

We believe that the recent win by the Brexit referendum (June 24, 2016), whereby the people of Britain successfully voted to leave the European Union was a miracle that was brought about by the British people praying and manifesting this reality with their minds. In particular, we believe that this was manifested by a few special talents – what we call, people with metaphysical abilities.

Once the British Exit from the European Union is finalized, they will be able to rule themselves, and not be ruled by people who they did not vote for, who do not live in Britain and who may not even speak English as a native language. Then the British people can decide how many and what kind of people they want to allow into their country. Without leaving the E.U., it was like a person opening the door of their own home and letting any and all kinds of people wander into their house and take whatever they wanted, as well as letting a total stranger decide what goes on in the home. This article about how remaining in the E.U. is for the very rich, not working-class people, is very good.

We believe that the oligarchs intended to steal the vote with voter fraud, but the minds of British people who intended that this was not to happen, altered reality sufficiently that the voting machines did what the majority of people wanted anyway. The vast turn out of voters for the election indicated that most people wanted to leave the E.U. – people turn out in vast numbers only to change things, not to maintain what is already in place. May God bless Nigel Farage and UKIP!


10X10-white-spacerThis is what the aliens and Satanists have feared all long; talents manifesting peace, prosperity and purity. This is why they dumb down people, fill food and the world with toxins & propagate mind control through advanced technology in the media & cell phones.

To know that you can alter reality with intention alone, it first helps to know how reality is much more fluid than we have been led to believe. Please read all the articles on the section “REALITY SHIFTS” in the toolbar at the top of this page.



However, before you intend something to happen, stop and find out whether or not it is something for the highest good of you and all others concerned. The best way to do this is by asking if it is in God’s will.

I have found through experience, that if I do what I think with my logical mind needs doing, that bad things can happen, and if I keep going, the amount of bad things gets worse and worse. However, if I follow my intuition, which is one way that God speaks to us, with the help of the two other brains we have in the heart and gut, and commit to do the best I can to do what God wants, then good things happen, although not always as quickly as I would like them to. However, in the long run, I have seen that doing things this way ends up much, much better in the long run.

When you do this, follow the ‘taps on the shoulder’. Bad things happening are negative taps; consider changing course. Good things means ‘well done, you are on the right path’.

This is doing things in God’s permitted will, similar to when Mary said –

“Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it to me according to your word.” Luke 1:38

and in the Lord’s prayer –

“Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” Matthew 6:9-13

 Earth will become more like heaven when enough people do this.

Now, once you have determined your course, and that it is what God wants, you are free to use your spiritual power and abilities to make things happen. As Jesus said,

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also, and greater works than these shall he do.” John 14:12.

God did not mean us to sit around expecting Him to do everything for us.

The Holy Spirit is within your body. God made everything from himself. You are part of God.

One of the ways that we can make things happen is with pure intent. This takes only a second or so. You get a picture in your mind of what you want to happen, and intend it to happen; it’s a ‘phoomf’ of energy. That’s it. Simple.


This has worked for me many times. The best example is when creating parking spaces. In Sydney, Australia parking spaces are very, very rare. I got very used to creating a parking space before I would leave for any anywhere, and there it would be! I do not know how this works, but try it yourself and see what happens. It will help to understand more if you read The Holographic Universe by Talbot.

I remember one day a friend drove a group of us to a concert in Hyde Park, Sydney. There were going to be tens of thousands of people there. I was shocked that he intended to drive right into the city, instead of go by public transport. I asked him where he would park? He said he would manifest one. Sure enough, as we drove in, someone else was just leaving their parking spot, just where he had seen it.

I remember another time when I turned up to assist for the “Money & You” seminar, and there were, I think, four other people there, and we all discussed how we had created parking spaces. Interestingly, each person saw in their mind a different place to park, and then found it instantly where they had seen it earlier.

I believe that is how God expects us to run the world; each of us is meant to be in a certain place, at a certain time, doing a certain thing. And when we do that, miracles happen.

Manifesting with your mind works for lines at the bank or post office too, especially if it’s important that you get things done quickly. However, you do have to be focused and unflustered.


Another thing that you can do is change the time that a certain action will take to complete. When you drive somewhere, decide what time you will arrive there, and be very optimistic about it; you might get a surprise. I remember that a group of people drove to a ski resort in Australia on three different occasions, a drive of about five hours, and each time decided exactly, to the minute what time they would arrive – and that was exactly what happened each time.

My most amazing experience of this happened a few decades ago, when I was with my mother in a fashion retail store we had in Sydney Australia. We had an appointment with a fashion manufacturer in the inner city, but for some reason or other, we were running very late. I put out the intention that we would arrive exactly on time.

We were just about to leave the store for the appointment, when the phone rang. It was the man we were to meet, ringing about the appointment. He was obviously disappointed that we were still in the store. I told him we would be there on time, and hung up.

If you know Sydney, we had to walk out of the store to the car park, then drive from Westfield Shopping Center in Chatswood, across the Sydney harbor bridge, to Surry Hills. That’s about ten miles of major city driving. The real kicker was that it was rush hour, when traffic on the bridge slowed to a crawl, if not to a stop.

I don’t remember the times exactly, but the trip should have taken us over an hour at that time of day, but we did it in 20-25 minutes! We arrived perfectly on time.

I remember the look of shock on the face the businessman as we walked in, and his first words, “Did you fly?”


The reason that creating parking spaces and changing the time for driving is so easy, is because we don’t generally have any unconscious beliefs that tell us that we cannot do these particular things. However, creating other things can be more difficult, because then there can be unconscious beliefs or other things working against us.

These things are called counter-intention. A counter-intention is an intention that goes in the opposite direction from what you want to happen. The intention often comes from our own unconscious mind, in the form of a belief. Many of these beliefs are worded in the second person; that is, the belief is worded as , “You ….”, not “I….”. 

An example would be when Mother said to you, “You cannot do that.” and maybe that command got entered into your brain, and is still affecting you today. These commands are called Wernicke’s commands, because they are stored in the Wernicke’s area of the brain. 

Another source of counter intention can be from other people and beings. We have found that virtually all people with metaphysical abilites (what we call “talents”) were given Wernicke’s commands when they were abducted, that mess with their relationships, finances, success and metaphysical abilities, as well as other things, to control the current reality on earth. A check list is here.

Counter intention can also come from thoughts from other people and demons. We have also found that some people who have extra advanced metaphysical abilities, have a team of remote viewers assigned to them, to put thoughts into their head that help to sabotage their life. Accurate muscle testing (after you do the pretests first) can help to identify what is going on. Using your spiritual sword on the demons and the demons giving power to the remote viewers can stop this.

Yet another source of counter intention can be from your own habits of what you do with energy. For example, there was a time back in the 1990s when I found doing some intense sessions on identifying counter-intention, that I had an unconscious habit of ‘zapping’ people with my energy. This arose as a habit created by anger from my father. Once I dismantled that habit, suddenly, the world around me changed. People were so much nicer to me. I even had quite a number of people tell me that they used to find it uncomfortable to be around me, but after I did the work, they no longer did.

If things in life are not going the way you like, first take responsibility and say “for things to change, first I must change” and do what you can to find out what you are doing with energy or thoughts that could cause bad things to come your way.


We can change the world around us with the power of intention and prayer, and by dismantling energy that interferes with us manifesting with intention.

Since you found your way to this website, and are still reading this, the chances are very high that you are a talent, and there is a chance also that you have extra powerful and special metaphysical abilities. Please use those abilities as I have described here, to create a better world for yourself, your family and for other people and animals. See what changes need to take place in your life and in the world, and make them happen now.

Manifest Peace, Prosperity & Purity.

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