Is the Matrix Real?

Reports from people who have seen it

Update: Thanks to post #10 in this article, we think we have figured out what The Matrix is! Read on to find out.


matrix is real code


While we do think that our spirits are located here in real, physical bodies, we still suspect there is something to the matrix that we, as a group, should figure out. The started to think this when we came across numerous stories that indicate that the matrix is real.

The question is, what in the world is it?

Is it helping keep us all in a group hypnosis?

What can we do to undo its effects?

You decide. Here are the reports:



I was relaxing on the sofa and was falling asleep but not quite asleep, when i saw a green, Matrix code come into my head horizontally, lasted about ten seconds, frightened the life out of me.

Comment on this by another poster:

I’ve seen that quite often in meditation. Looks like a code, but with symbols and ancient writing…. Greenish in color.

I think it’s some sort of energetic encoding…maybe Akashic records?

Original poster (UK) replies: 

Wow I am relieved someone else has seen this, the code which was all symbols was all green coming in really fast.



I know this guy from Orlando, named ____ who almost broke down and cried when he understood I KNEW something was not right, that someone could DO things to our timelines and I swear he almost started crying…said he could SEE the grid, the GRID@!

I haven’t seen it so I didn’t know what he was seeing.

He said he will never EVER forget it.

The grid is REAL!

He could see it and still sees it.



In the area between wake and sleep, I saw both red and green geometric symbols and numbers. They appeared somewhat jumbled in retrospect, but at the time in the “sleep world,” I felt as if I was being downloaded.

Frankly, it did not scare me and I remember being happy and in some odd way “knew” what the symbols and numbers being given me meant. It was a most unusual moment. (Linear time, I estimate, was approximately 10 to 15 seconds.)


#4 (Germany)

Last year I woke up in the middle of the night, and I was completely awake, I saw some lines and some weird symbols, and guys, when I was aware of that presence, I tried to look at it, and when I tried to move my head to see whats there, I felt like something blocked me, I could look down, left or right, but not up, I only saw with the corner eyes, was a bright green, lots of lines, and lots of symbols, freaked me out for 30 minutes, and couldn’t fall asleep, i just stared to them with my corner eyes..



I know two people who said they saw a green grid over everything once!

(Webmaster’s comment: There’s that GREEN color again!)






I had just finished a 30min kickboxing workout and was sitting on my back steps when I noticed something strange. When I was looking at the steps and ground in front of me, I could see them in clear detail, but it was as if there was static interference transparently lain over top of what I was seeing. It looked much like colorless static from a TV but very high resolution and only present on the objects surface.

After staring at this for a few moments I also started to see random tiny red streaking points of light shooting in all directions crisscrossing across the surface of these objects, the stairs and ground in front of me.

Convinced that this was just an optical illusion brought about by my bodies stressed state, I turned my sight towards my arms and hands. Try as I may, I could not get the same sights to duplicate on my body. When I turned my sights back to the ground and stairs I could easily pick it right back up again.

Very trippy stuff! I can only assume that the extreme workout brought on some form of a heightened state of awareness that is usually only brought on by meditation or certain drugs.



In the middle of the night I awoke, ostensibly, to use the bathroom. As I was returning to my bedroom I turned. Immediately in front of my eyes — smack dab to the right of me — stood a 3 foot tall leprechaun, complete with bald head (no hat) and green tie, vest, pants, etc.

I remember vividly his bald head because even though it was the middle of the night and the hallway was barely lit, the top of his head was shining! He smiled at me and I (raised as a nice parochial school girl — obedient, polite, and compliant) was certain that I had bumped into him or somehow stepped on him and immediately said, “Oh, excuse me!”

Honest to God — I was not under any influences nor did I think it strange to bump into a 3 foot tall leprechaun at 3AM in a darkened hallway in the heartland of America!

It was only after I got back into bed and I put head to pillow did I begin to retrace my trip to and from the bathroom. Reviewing what had happened, I knew that I wasn’t afraid and I started to laugh and giggled for quite a bit.

The leprechaun disappeared the moment I recognized him and has not been seen in my home’s hallway from that moment on! LOL.

Between the above and the matrix green code appearing before me, I think there are consistent and ever expanding glitches in the matrix.



I remember opening the front door and the moon suddenly rose in the sky like that hot air balloon in “Ai”. You know the scene when they are capturing the machines for the “flesh fair”? The hot air balloon looks like a moon rising cause it’s white. The moon rose fast like that. Like, “Oops we missed our cue”, she opened the door before we could get it in place.

When the moon rose, it even made the “Dolby Stereo” sound that happens at the beginning of movies. That tone that starts off low and gets louder as the pitch goes higher.



I have seen the green grid. About 7 years ago. When I  was “awakened spiritually”. It actually happened on the shitter. I looked to my left and it began at a single point growing to about three feet. I closed my eyes and shook my head and it vanished. Never told a soul.

Another time, maybe off topic, as a small child I woke up in between my older brother and dad. Not wanting to wake them I laid there thinking. The only way to describe these things are “pixels”. First I saw one of these dots floating around the room. The more I concentrated the more dots appeared. After a while there were thousands of them. I was tortured for two years prior to that making me extremely internal so I thought it was all in my head. My brother woke me up and I asked him if he saw it and he said yes. He was  in awe when I said “Watch this”.

I started to spin these dots around like a tornado. All of a sudden my dad awoke and the dots vanished.




The following experience was induced by a drug, and while we don’t normally write about any experiences that were affected by drugs, this story is of such interest, and the person who sent it is a spiritual person who meditates and does not normally do drugs, so we feel that it has validity.)

“One evening when I was having some beers I came across some people I met. We talked and hung out. They mentioned to me after a while that they were going to go out and smoke some laced weed and if I wanted to come.

I have never been a big smoker but said okay and went. After smoking a long fat joint with an almost cigar type exterior we went back to the bar. Well it started to hit me pretty hard. I finished my beer and told them I had to head home.

I was walking home and it became more and more challenging. Then I turned the usual corner of my downtown streets, the last corner before home. When I turned the corner I felt changed and I was okay while still feeling very high.

Colors changed and everything was like in the matrix.

The difference is when I looked at buildings I didn’t see buildings. I saw their form like the matrix but not numbers.

Every part of it had a different combination of the periodic table and the equation that made that section possible.

It scarred the #@ out of me as I tried to shake my head and make it for away. But on the grown was the same thing, light post, everything was like a scrolling description of what materials made it and what amount in basic form that repeated itself moving like the matrix.

When I looked ahead the other street was fine and it was only one short block showing like the matrix .

I turned back after almost running to the normal street and it was the entire square block. I went home as fast as I could scarred and freaked out.

I am not scientific nor do I work or have ever worked with the periodic table. It’s not something I had seen or thought about

The next day I was left thinking. I saw how we are made up of a different amount of all of the same things. How small the basis of everything seemed and wished I had taken the time to be with what I experienced and not freak out and run.

Funny thing, I have tried to find that person that had that joint again, going to where he said he worked. I have never seen him again.

I do think that I was affected by the drugs. Not questioning that at all. I am wondering why it was that. What’s more is while it happened it’s like I understood the equations. Sidewalk has grids around trees. The building was separated by the different composition that made up each part with the element compositions flowing in different directions. It was like I understood. I was freaked out also. I am not a drug user and simply took a chance to do something during some days off I had while within walking distance to home.

This is a curiosity, left in thought of the mystery from that point. A big question is what is said. That we can understand and know so much more with use of parts of our brain we can’t access. Maybe it’s true of multiple realities existing at different levels. Just happened to be watching ancient aliens today with made me think about my experience. Which seems to parallel with what many past leaders of civilizations experienced in a deeper and more experience while under the influence of what was used by that part of the world.”

Comment by Stephanie Relfe on the above experience:

“I think I’ve figured it out! Thanks to your story! I was able to ‘tie in’ to what happened – and I got an image of another world that is like AN ELECTRONIC VOODOO DOLL OF THIS WORLD!

For a few seconds, you tied in to it.

In that world, they can do all kinds of things to people!

They can hook up electrodes to them, and suck energy off them! It comes off YOU because you are connected to it.

They can see what you are doing and thinking.

They can put thoughts in your head – easily.

I muscle tested that that has been there for aeons, and was put there by fallen angels.

I then got goosebumps when I explained all this to Michael.”

Each person needs to pray to delete their copy in the matrix.  And pray to destroy the whole thing.

The Matrix is Indeed Real. I Have Seen It.

(Posted 6/29/16)

I’ve been seeing the pixilated reality since the early nineties when I was a kid. I never understood it, I thought everybody saw it, and it is true that many do. I would notice the pixels, usually white and black, that would intermix to form the color spectrum that the eye sees.

In my later years I have had visions from these pixels. In 2008 the pixels broke down my physical reality, like I was escaping the matrix. The earth and the sky fled from my presence, including all the stars. I beheld two armies warring against each other, each had it’s on symphonic sound. Then I witnessed a bunch of books being opened up with all my deeds written down on them. Then there was a final book that I was not allowed to look upon.

The black and white pixels formed this vision, it wasn’t concrete like this reality, the books were a spiral staircase that ascended upward with each book looking like a white stone brick.

Anyways, I’m beginning to see the pixels more again. I’ve had a couple visions this year, one was 5 brides decked out in all white prepared for a wedding. The other was diamond marriage rings and a golden gate in front of mansion.

Lately though, the black pixels look like a smoke screen filter that goes across my vision, like a vapor of smoke. The carpet seems to have smoke running across it when I look at it, but it’s pixelated through space time.

I also see what appears to be lightning creatues, possibly angels interacting within this giant pixelated reality. They glow like the color of lightning, swoop up, down, or in any direction, then burn out like a shooting star.

Sometimes at night this whole giant pixelated computer screen it looks like flashes with thousands and thousands of pixels at a flickering “refresh rate” that looks like lightning flickering at a very fast rate, a giant portion of the pixels in sync.

The only time I actually saw this reality for what it truly is was when I was on drugs a long time ago. I’ve since then gotten off drugs (April 2012), but I took one hit of LSD in 2010 that really opened my eyes.

I saw a 3 dimensional space time grid that had “eyes” or “dots” in a perfect grid. This gride was a giant box that contained everything I could observe, it went through walls, the sky, etc. It would breath up down, in and out, and ever conscious thought I was thinking interacted with this space time grid. It was really something to witness, to see these pixels I’ve seen my whole life actually form a perfect geometrical grid that was irrefutably interactable, like a computer software system.

Anyways, I just thought I’d post that I’ve been seeing slightly more activity. Sometimes it looks like there are “watchers” who are watching the inhabitants of the earth. They live as a spirit, not being bound by physical reality and can move in and throughout the system freely but restrained by certain limitation of interactions.

I’d love to hear if any of you have witnessed any of these things, it’s like God’s Software Operating System for reality or something.

The only word I can use to describe it is as a marvel.

It just really made me re-examine the nature of reality and what it means to find life.

Really put a damper in the whole American Dream thing is all I’m saying. Like what am I living for? Reality was no longer something to endure, it was something to explore and navigate to find answers. It was a radical experience.

I asked this Poster some questions:

1) How old are you roughly?


2) What is your genetic heritage, roughly?

I also have a small bit of native american blood (Cherokee) in my family. I don’t know why I’m proud of that, but I am 🙂

3) Have you ever been vaccinated?

Of course

4) Did you see the matrix BEFORE you did drugs?

Yes, since I was about 5. I had a terrifying experience when I was a small child. All the black pixels formed a spiral vortex over my window that made me think there were a bunch of black wasps in my room. First memory of “interacting” with them. I noticed the static of the pixelated reality when I was very young, I however thought everybody saw it and that it was naturally occurring.


Yes, I have heard of people seeing this grid before. I have not seen it myself. Both people who told me this are total squares, very straight-laced. It sounds fascinating.

I should also add that they told me this in the late 80s long before the movie came out.


I have seen the same on a few occasions.

I described it as being able to see everything on a microscopic level? But your pixels explanation fits better. The colors etc.


Have you seen the matrix code or something similar? Do you have an insight into what it is? If so, please email us.



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