The Fiber Optic Theory of Reality

& The Problems with Time Travel

How Your Thoughts Change Reality 

by Michael & Stephanie Relfe

Many people believe that “our thoughts change reality”. Others believe that they never change reality. I hope to explain to you in this article what we believe is the truth of this concept. It’s not demonic. It’s quantum physics.

After I did various seminars where I learned that “our thoughts change reality” I had a number of experiences which were hard to explain away. For example, I could (and still can) ‘manifest’ a parking space. Most people can do this. Here’s how you do it. Before you arrive at your destination, ‘see’ a picture of the space you will park in, and that it is empty, or that someone leaves just before you get there. It is amazing how often this works, even in very busy areas.

For example, I remember once riding with a friend to a concert in the park in Sydney. Like most huge cities, it is next to impossible to get parking. So getting a parking space when thousands of others would be there seemed impossible, and that it would have been better to have taken public transport. So I asked my friend where he intended to park. He said he would manifest a spot very close to the park. I was very impressed when, sure enough, he found a spot just where he said he would.

On another occasion, a group of us were assisting on a personal development seminar. I was curious as to where people had parked. About six different people had all manifested parking spots exactly where they ended up getting them. And each person chose a spot different from each other.

A question then leaps to mind: If it’s so easy to manifest a parking spot, why don’t people manifest a great relationship, or a ton of money or to win the lottery more often? The answer is that then there is counter-intention working against the thought, either from you or from someone or something else. Most people have various unconscious negative beliefs about money. They may have got this from their parents or society. Some negative beliefs come from something harmful related to money in a past life, either something that was done to them, or something they did to another. Because most beings are ethical at their core, the being made a decision to not do that thing again, so as to prevent further harm.

But the chances are low that anyone has a negative belief in their mind that they can’t get a parking space. And in the case of the lottery, everyone is competing with everyone else for just ONE ticket. (To remove unconscious negative beliefs, please see this article).

This same action can also work great with time. I once was with my mother on one side of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, in Chatswood, and had a meeting with a supplier on the other side of the bridge, in Surry Hills, during rush hour. I can’t remember the exact time it took, but we were running late. The phone rang just before we were to leave. The supplier was concerned to hear we were just leaving but I said we would be on time and hung up. I postulated – that is – put out a strong thought or determination that we would arrive on time. I ‘saw’ us arriving at the right time. And sure enough, that was what we did. When we walked into the supplier’s showroom his first comment was, “What did you do? Fly?”.

A friend of mine said that he did this three times when driving to the snow from Sydney. It’s a 5-6 hour drive. He went with two other friends on three occasions. He and one of his friends would pick the time that they would arrive at their destination. And it would be to the minute, like 3.17 pm. They arrived at EXACTLY the time they chose, on all THREE occasions. The third person traveling with them got quite spooked out by this happening, the third time it happened.

The biggest reality shift that I have ever experienced to date is detailed in my story “I end up at the same place twice.” However, after Michael started regularly changing the Quantum Matrix to protect us from being abducted, we both noticed that reality shifts happened quite a bit for us. Today Michael updated the prayers to prevent abduction, including prayers to move you to a better reality.

When Michael does the prayers, he maintains a physical touch with myself and our son, so that we all go to the same reality. That keeps us together. And also has the added benefit that when we change reality, we both see the same changes in the physical environment, so we can discuss the changes with each other. When you do it on your own, it can be easy to think you are just imagining things when you see objects and building appearing and disappearing within a day.

One day I remember driving down the strip in Las Vegas. We had gone to Vegas for cheap accommodation when our town (Show Low, Arizona) was evacuated for fires. I would definitely have noticed a water theme park which was not there the first day we were there. But the next day, there it was. Michael also noticed the same.

Okay, maybe you will say I imagined that one. So here’s another story. When we were living in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, I used to pick Michael up from work from the Mentone train station each day. I parked at the top of a rise, looking down on an empty lane, with a fence on the left and nothing but a bit of a lawn on the right, which was next to the train station. I had done this for several months, five days a week, so I knew that area in front of me very well.

Then, one day, I park at the top and look down and what do I see but a red bus shelter, on the pavement next to the lawn. I rubbed my eyes, but there it was. How did it get there so fast? I decided that it must be brand new, but didn’t see how they put it in so quickly. But just to be sure, I went and investigated it. It was most definitely not new. It had scratches and marks and chewing gum on it. When Michael arrived, he also noticed the bus stop, and agreed that it had not been there before.

A friend of ours in Show Low had quite an experience after we told her about reality shifts. She loved log homes, and so had always noticed a particular mobile log home that was for sale on a mobile home sale yard. Then one day, she saw the log home on a truck, just about to be driven away. So, the next day, she was stunned to see the log home back in the same position! She was so stunned, that she actually went in to verify – had it been sold? Had it been put on a truck to be moved? The people there must have been a bit mystified by her questions, but said it had never been moved.

A lot of strange things happen around Show Low and the White Mountains of Arizona. We met some very credible people – ex police work people – who said that a man they knew had taken some photos of some mountains in the area. And the photos of the mountains changed regularly.

So, how does this work? How is it possible that one person’s thoughts can change physical reality? And why don’t more people notice when these physical changes happen? From our own experiences and from some of our own and others experiences of reality shifts, we believe that this is how it works:

From Michael Relfe 

If you research the “Many Worlds” Theory of quantum mechanics, the scientists have a general idea of reality. However our experience, testing and my memories from the military are somewhat different from the textbook explanations.

We believe that reality is like an infinite bundle of fibre optic strands. We call this the Fiber Optic Cable Theory of Reality.


Each strand is a timeline. It “has” its own Universe, Dimensions, Space-time continuum, Frequency Domains, etc. All these “strands” exist inside of (or are glued to) the “Quantum Matrix”.

You are a spirit. The real “you”, created by YAHWEH, exists outside of these “strands of reality”. You are “fractionated” across a probability cross section of these timelines. That is, you exist simultaneously in a certain number of these strands. If you lead a life that is very sheltered, with little contact outside of your local area, you might exist on a few hundred thousand timelines or less. If you have a life that allows you more interaction with people and more chances to make decisions, you might exist on a million or so timelines. When you make a major decision, your consciousness “bumps” across to another “strand”. “You” are still on the other timeline. But you are only aware of the “you” on the new timeline.

From Stephanie Relfe

Here is an example of this theory of the fiber optic cable analogy. Michael was working on a Navy Contract and we were living in Chesapeake, Virginia. This was around the time that The Mars Records Book 2 ends. We drove from Virginia to Indiana to pick up some belongings from when we lived there. We decided to leave the interstate and take a shortcut. This was not a good idea because there was snow everywhere and it was quite mountainous and very isolated.

I was driving. The road took a sharp left, at almost a ninety degree angle. Before I took the turn, I started to read a sign that was posted on the right hand side of the road, almost next to the bend. It was something unimportant, like information about forests in the area, I think, but can’t remember.

For some reason, my attention got REALLY FOCUSED on reading that sign. My focus was totally off driving. I had to literally YANK my attention off the sign and turn the wheel quickly to the left. It felt like a physical sensation, like a thick rope was cut. Somehow I got my attention back onto the car and turned left. Had I kept going, we would have gone over the edge of a very sharp drop of hundreds of feet, with no fence to stop us.

I was so distraught from this experience that I had to pull over and get my breath back. I told Michael what happened. The funny thing was that, while I felt bad, it was Michael, who had been unaware that there had been any kind of drama going on, and not me, who was deathly pale and felt truly awful.

Michael looked so bad that he reminded me of a story a friend told me once. My friend, D., was with a friend, J. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, J. went deathly pale. D. commented that J. looked as though he had just died. They did a clearing session with a biofeedback meter, and found out that, in fact, J. had died at that moment, on another timeline.

The look on Michael’s face and the fact that he was suddenly way out of balance, reminded me of that story. I muscle tested and found out that on seven other timelines, we really did go over that cliff, and Michael died in the accident. However, we further tested and found that on about three million (3,000,000) other timelines, we did NOT go over the edge.

We are as certain as we can be that someone out there in a ship took advantage of the conditions of the road to throw some kind of mental influencer onto me at that moment, to attempt to organize our deaths.

By the way, the Fiber Optic Theory of Reality explains why, after you do some personal development or inner work, the people close to you sometimes suddenly become so much nicer! THEY did not change. Instead, YOUR consciousness moved you to a different timeline where those people are nicer all the time.

From Michael Relfe

This is why time travel has problems.

1. Time travel is a one way trip. As a person travels backward, they diverge from their timeline. No matter how “good” their equipment, the very act of traveling backward is a change in that person’s timeline and so they “bump” to another timeline. When they attempt a return forward, they have no possible way of locating their original point of departure (unless the entry point portal is constantly maintained). They can come close, but never exactly. So the people they return to are not the exact same friends they knew. That is if they only travel and never interact with anyone on that line.

2. It is worse if they try to change something. Time travelers can never change anything. It’s as if they carry with them a holographic “movie” of everything they will possibly do in their lives and when they travel backward, they automatically get “bumped” to the timeline that their movie “fits into”, so that when they do try to “change something”, it turns out that it was supposed to be that way in the first place. And then they are even farther away from their original timeline. Lost in time.

3. Natural divergence – The farther back one travels, the greater the divergence, until the traveler finds themselves in a reality that does not resemble their origin. They might even go so far as to wind up on an earth that never had humans living there.

4. Traveling forward has similar problems. The divergence is forward. You never know which timeline is the “real” one because none of them are! Read more about the military ramifications of this in “The Mars Force – Pat’s Story”

So forget about time travel. The people on the internet who buy or build circuits to travel in time (like Steve Gibbs) are asking for trouble. If you risk your existence with junk electronics, you deserve what you get.

If you want to change your reality, the safest way to do it is to let GOD do it!. See these prayers in this article.

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