Interview with an Ex-Vampire –

A True Story











S: What do you know about connections between Mormonism and the occult?

B:: Well, as I said before, we were told that the head of the Mormon Church, the founder of the Mormon Church, Joseph Smith, was a sorcerer.

And later on after I got out of the Mormon Church and got Born Again, we discovered that indeed that was the case.

Even Mormon historians, professors at Brigham Young University, have learned that Joseph Smith practiced sorcery, he tried to raise the dead, he practiced necromancy, he even when he was shot he had a Jupiter talisman in his pocket which was intended to give him worldly power and success with women.

And of course at the time of his death I think he had 27 wives, so obviously it was working pretty well.

Beyond that, I have no reason to believe that things have changed over the years.

Because throughout the church … even when they built the Salt Lake Temple, it’s full of occult symbols, it was set up according to astrology.

We have had people tell us that various Mormon leaders are into the occult.

In fact, Mormons in general are very into the occult.

I mean, it’s rife within the church even though the church has no official position against it.

So there are heavy connections between Mormonism and the occult, right from its very foundation.

S: Thank you.

How much money do Mormons pay to the Church?

B: Well, if you are a devout Mormon, you are supposed to pay around 25% of your income, gross, to the church, which sounds like an awful lot of money, and it is.

That’s why the Mormon Church is the richest church on earth, per capita.

You are supposed to tithe, which is 10%.

Most people are used to that.

But then there are fast offerings, there are welfare offerings, there are building funds, there are missionary funds – I mean, the list goes on and on and on.

Plus one day a month, you are supposed to fast and give all of the money that you would have spent on food for that day to the Mormon welfare fund.

So it adds up to a fair amount of money.

S: Yes. Sitting pretty, aren’t they?

B: (laugh) Well, it’s the richest church per capita in the world.

S: Do you know of any stories that tell of connections between non-humans and Mormons?

B: Well, there is a lot of strange stuff that goes on underneath the Mormon Temple, and nearby the Mormon Temple.

The Mormon Temple is, of course, right in the heart of Salt Lake, and it has sub-basements upon sub-basements upon sub-basements.

We’ve been in some of them.

And it’s been reported that … well, it’s not been reported (laugh)… it’s a fact that right across from the Mormon Temple is a downtown urban mall – I forget the name of it.

And in the basement of the mall numerous times the cleaning people have seen large reptilian figures walking on two legs, scurrying through the basement of the mall.

Also, one of the temples, actually the Seattle Bellevue Washington Temple, when it was being built, some Christian colleagues of mine snuck in when they were building the foundation of the temple and put Bibles underneath the main pylons of the temple.

And they also put a little booklet called “To Moroni with Love” which was one of the first and best anti-Mormon books ever written.

And then they poured the concrete over the temples.

So we used to joke about the fact that that temple was the only Mormon Temple that was built on the word of God.

Then … you see … you’ve got to realize that a temple dedication is a huge deal.

The Mormon Prophet himself flies in and prays this dedicatory prayer over the temple.

And while he was doing that, up on the hill, overlooking the temple, there are all of these pine trees.

And hiding behind the pine trees were twelve believers in Yahushua praying fiercely against the lying and deceitful spirits of Mormonism.

So guess what happens?

We found out later from several people who got Born Again that when people would go in … see, the Mormons believe that Almighty God himself walks in those Temples.

That’s why they are so sacred.

They believe that he is actually walking through the corridors.

That he stays in the Celestial Room, and visits his children that are there.

And you know… on and on and on.

And many people in Mormon Temples have experiences where they see dead ancestors.

Like they will go in and be baptized for their dead grandmother or something, and then they will see old granny hovering up there in the ceiling, saying, “Oh, thank you for finally baptizing me so I can join the one true church.” You know, that kind of thing.

And of course, all of these are demons.

Well, what was interesting about this Bellevue Temple is that people would start seeing these horrible crocodile, reptilian-like figures running through the hallways.

And it freaked several people out to the point that they got Born Again.

And what we believe is that the prayers and the presence of the Bibles underneath the foundation was scrambling these reptilians or demons or whatever they were from appearing as these benign relatives or as Heavenly Father or whatever.

So instead the masks were being ripped off and they were being seen for what they really were.

S: Wow. Thank you.

What is a Mormon Patriarch?

B: Well, that’s another special office in the church that’s usually only given to very venerable, holy, old guys that have been in the church a long time.

And they are given, supposedly, a special power to be like a medium, to be like a trance channeller.

And one of the two things that you get once you get a Temple Recommend are – you get to go to the Temple and be married and sealed and all of that.

The other thing is you get to go and have a Patriarchal Blessing.

And what they do … you go into this special room.

It’s like double sound-proof.

The doors have baffles on them and everything and when they close it’s like – thunk – you know, and it’s all sealed up.

And they have this tape recorder there.

And you sit down in this chair and both my wife and I went through this.

And the Patriarch lays his hands on you, and supposedly he has the keys from Heavenly Father to give you this blessing which basically reveals to you your lineage.

Reveals to you that … every Mormon who goes through this is told that they are of the House of Ephraim, one of the twelve tribes of Israel.

And then they are told something supposedly about what their mission is in life.

And it’s all channelled through this old guy.

And it’s all pretty … like both Sharon’s and mine were both pretty vague and nebulous and … you know, kind of like the typical thing a medium – “Oh, you are going to meet a tall, dark stranger …” – or something, I mean, not quite that banal, but … really, it’s a kind of mediumship.

But then it’s taped, and it’s all highly confidential.

Like, I did not, unless Sharon shared it with me, I did not even get to hear her thing, unless she gave it to me.

And then they type it up.

Someone transcribes this tape because they tape it.

And in a few weeks you are given that in a sealed envelope by registered mail.

S: Wow.

B: And it’s a Big Deal.

I mean, “Oh my Patriarchal Blessing was so wonderful.” And they are gushing on and on about how great it is and I just thought, “Gee, this is just like what I used to get when I was a medium.”

S: Right.

B: But, you know, everybody has to have their thing.

S: Right.

Who is the Prophet they believe will eventually return and rule over the USA?

B: Well, Brigham Young prophesied … and you see … they believe that every head of the Mormon Church is a prophet, seer and revelator.

But Brigham Young prophesied that at a certain point in America’s history … because you have to realize that one of the odd doctrines of Mormonism is that they believe that the U.S. Constitution is an inspired document, just like the Bible and the ‘Book of the Mormon’ and ‘The Pearl of Great Price’.

It’s an inspired document.

So they believe that at some time in America’s history, the Constitution will hang by a thread, and the Elders of Israel, which means Mormon Elders, because Mormons believe THEY are Israel, will come in and they will save the Constitution.

And part of this salvation will be that … this is Brigham Young’s words … “One mighty and strong will rise up, and he will be a mighty leader and he will become both the President of the United States and the Mormon Prophet simultaneously. And he will institute, in order to save the Constitution, a theocratic kingdom, where he will rule as a benign dictator, under” – of course – “the aegis of ‘Jesus Christ.’ “

S: That’s pretty scary!!!!

B: Yes, well, I’ll tell you what’s even scarier.

I had a friend of mine who was in the secret service who was a Mormon.

Because you’ve got to realize, a lot of FBI, a lot of CIA, a lot of secret service are Mormons.

And this fellow said to me, he said … it happened that our Temple that we would go to when we lived in Milwaukee was way off in Washington D.C.. At that time in the early 80s that was the closest temple.

And it’s the biggest, most expensive temple in the world.

It cost $20 million ($20,000,000) in the 1970s to build.

Big, beautiful, solid white marble thing.

Scares the living daylights out of you if you see it at night – it looks like a UFO ready to take off.

Anyway, it’s got 5 stories.

And we are only allowed as faithful Temple Mormons into 4 of those stories.

And he told me, “You know what’s in the 5th story?”

I said, “I have no idea.”

And he said, “Well, I know because I was involved in constructing it.

In the 5th story of that Temple which is in Silver Springs, Maryland, is an exact replica of the Oval Office.”

And over it, on the roof – you can see this if you get an aerial photo of the temple – you’ll see this mysterious dome on top of the temple.

And what is under there is a whole array of telemetry, radio signals, whatever they need to communicate with the world from the White House, there is an exact duplicate of it, on the roof of that building.”

And it is so powerful a set of instrumentation that they have had to re-route airplanes around the temple.

They can’t let airplanes fly over the temple, like commercial airlines, because it scrambles their avionics.

S: Wow.

B: And they believe with all their hearts … now, most Mormons don’t know about his little thing I just told you … but in a general sense they believe that someday it is their destiny … and for years they were grooming Senator Orin Hatch to be this.

But he doesn’t seem to be the one.

Because he is the only … actually, I mean, he’s the most prominent Mormon Congressman.

And they believe that with all their hearts that some day a Mormon will become President, and then he will rule … and see, they’ll reinstitute what they call the United Order which is a communistic system of government that they had originally in Utah, before it became a state.

And among other things that will mean capital punishment for people like me.

Because anybody who is an apostate Mormon has to be slain.

That’s part of the United Order.

S: Really?

B: Yes. It’s called ‘blood atonement’.

That’s why, for example, Utah and Idaho and I think maybe Arizona are the only states that have death by firing squad, as part of their capital punishment.

S: Why?

B: Because according to Brigham Young, there are certain sins that can only be atoned, not by Yahushua’s blood, but by YOUR blood, because they are so grave and so heinous.

And those 5 sins are murder, adultery, homosexuality, apostasy – which is what I did, by leaving the church – or marrying a black person.

S: Wow.

B: Those are the 5 unpardonable sins, that if you die a natural death, you will go straight into the outer darkness, which is the Mormon version of Hell.

S: So where do black people fit in this?

B: Well, let me finish this thing, and then we will get back to that.

S: Okay.

B: So, for example – now obviously the Mormon Church no longer has the power to execute apostates because they don’t run the state … well, officially anyway they don’t run the state.

Unofficially they DO.

Because I’ve had many people tell me, when I was in Utah preaching, that the Church is like a 800 lb gorilla – you just try to stay out of its way.

And they actually have a church security system where they arrest people.

They have the power to arrest people within Utah.

And they are like a church instrument, but they have arrest power.

They can’t throw people in jail but they can haul them down to the police station.

In fact, one colleague of ours had that happen to him, because they had some sensitive information on their computers that was damaging to the L.D.S. Church.

And so the L.D.S. security people came – most of their security people are former FBI or former secret service – and they came and arrested them, came and confiscated all their computers, never gave them back, took them down to police headquarters.

While they were doing that, the police let them go, but all their information was gone forever.

S: Wow.

B: So anyway, like for example, if you commit a murder, basically if you are a faithful Mormon, you believe that the only way you are ever going to get out of the stripy hole is to have … see, a firing squad is the only form of execution that sheds blood.

Hanging doesn’t, lethal injection doesn’t and the electric chair doesn’t.

S: Right.

B: So that’s why for example Gary Gilmore, I don’t know if you have ever heard of him, but Norman Mailer wrote a book about him called “The Executioner’s Song” back in I think the 60s.

He was a jack-Mormon, which means a back-slidden Mormon who was a crook and he robbed a gas station and killed a guy.

He was sent to death and he asked for death by firing squad, because he was enough of a Mormon that he felt that would atone for his sin of murder.

Now, as to the black people, see… for decades, from the foundation of the church in 1930 all the way up to the 1960s, Mormon Prophets one after the other taught that no black man would ever receive the Priesthood.

And that no black person would ever enter the temple.

Because, here’s what they believe.

They are taught that in the pre-existence – see they believe that all of us existed in the pre-existent state, as kind of angelic beings around the throne of Heavenly Father.

And their early cosmology teaches that there was this council of the gods.

And that Yahushua stood up as the eldest son of Heavenly Father and he said … no, wait, I think it was actually Lucifer who stood up first.

Lucifer was the younger brother of Yahushua, okay.

And he stood up and he said, “We are going to create this world down here. That’s the plan. And what I will do is, I will go down there and I will force everyone to be good. They will have no free will. They will all have to obey your commandments. And it will be a glorious place and I will get all of the glory”.

And then Yahushua stood up and he proposed an alternate plan. He said, “No, we will go and we will create this world, but we will give people free will, so that they can choose the good from the evil. And then I will go down at some point in human history and I will be the savior and I will show the way and I will open the door into the Celestial Kingdom for people by revealing the keys of the Priesthood.”

And the Council of gods voted, and they voted down Lucifer’s plan and they voted up Yahushua’s plan.

So Lucifer got all honked off.

And he went off and started spreading malice and gossip among all of these spirit children that were running around Heaven, billions and billions of them. Okay?

And basically what happened was, a third of the angels – a third of these pre-existent spirits – joined with Lucifer, and they fought against Heavenly Father and tried to take over Heaven.

A third of them joined with Heavenly Father and fought against the angels and cast them out of Heaven.

Now according to Mormon doctrine, those fallen preexistent spirits became the demons.

The people who fought with Yahusha and Heavenly Father were blessed, so that when they came to earth they would have white and delightsome skin.

There was another third though.

And they kind of sat on the side lines and waited to see which group would win.

And because of their failure to be zealous for the sake of the truth, they were “cursed with a dark skin” and “they would become a loathsome, filthy people”.

These aren’t my words, these are the words from Mormon scriptures and the Mormon Prophets.

And so when they are born on earth, they are born with African blood.

S: Or Asian, too?

B: No, no. Just African.

See Mormons can marry Asians, that’s fine.

And of course – nowadays – now, here’s what happened.

In the 1970s with the dawn of the Civil Rights movement in this country and so on, the Internal Revenue Service began to lean on the Mormon Church and say, “You can’t be a non-profit, tax-exempt organization and have this discriminatory policy.”

That they would not let black men into any priesthood position, and they would not let black people into their temples.

So, guess what happened?

The Mormon Prophet had a revelation!

NOW it was okay for black people to come into the temple.

It’s okay for black men to hold the priesthood.

Isn’t that just …. Doesn’t that just bless your socks off?

S: Is it okay for Mormons to marry black people?

B: I don’t know if that’s true or not.

I don’t … I think it must be, because they can’t really not … but I think it would be extremely, highly, frowned upon.

S: Right.

B: So … the funny thing is that Brigham Young 100 years earlier taught that “No black man will receive the priesthood until every white man on earth has received it.”

And that was a prophetic statement.

Now, 100 years later another Mormon Prophet contradicts the previous Mormon Prophet.

Because if you want to hurt the Mormon Church, hit them in their wallet.

S: Yes, right.

B: The same thing happened 100 years earlier with polygamy.

Because the Mormons said that they were going to fight for the principle – that’s what they called it – polygamy was ‘the principle’ – they were going to fight for the principle of polygamy to the death.

To the last man.

And the Mormon Prophet in Utah … they actually had what was called “The Mormon Wars” where the President sent in the U.S. Army to takeover the territory at that time – the territory of Deseret.

And they said, “We are going to confiscate all of your buildings, we are going to confiscate all of your chapels, all of your temples, we are going to confiscate all of your bank accounts … “

And that’s when they said, “Okay, we have a revelation… Now we don’t do polygamy any more.”

S: (laugh) I see

B: So, you see … I tell people the Mormon God changes his mind more often than his underwear.

S: Wow.

B: Anyhow, so nowadays there’s this weird, uneasy thing where there are … most of the black people who are Mormons are in Africa, where they don’t know any of this.

Where the reach of films like “The Godmakers” movie which exposed all of this hasn’t gotten to.

But there are a few black people in the Mormon church.

But they are so deceived, because they don’t realize that they are in probably, next to the Aryan Nations, the most racist church on earth.

S: What does the word Mormon mean?

B: Well, actually it’s like a nickname for the church, coming from “The Book of Mormon.”

But the funny thing is that there are meanings that are related to it in more sinister places.

For example, in China the word “Mormon” means “Gates of Hell”.

And so, therefore, Mormon Missionaries try to not use that title.

They just say, “Oh, we are from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.”

Because otherwise it kind of freaks them out – the Chinese, that is.

And the other interesting thing is, that if look in the Satanic Bible – and there are other sources for this as well – in ancient lexicons – there is a God of the Dead, the God of Ghouls, and of course ghouls are beings that roam in cemeteries and feed off the corpses of the dead.

And the God of the Ghouls is named Mormo.

Now, what would a person who worshiped Mormo be called?

A Mormon.

And what is interesting is that you might realize that Mormons are obsessed with the dead.

In a sense they are feeding off the dead, because they are doing all of this genealogy, they are running all over the world looking in cemeteries trying to find the names of ancestral people and ultimately get everyone who has ever lived baptized in the Mormon Church.

So, actually, the word ‘Mormon’ is not a very innocent name.

S: Interesting.

What can you tell us about Mormon temple architecture?

B: Well, it’s interesting because there is this book that’s maybe 20 years old now – beautiful coffee table book called “Salt Lake Temple, A Monument to a People”.

And in there it says that the Salt Lake Temple architecture is a physical expression of Mormon theology.

Well, in our book “Whited Sepulchers” Jim Spencer and I very clearly show that all over the Mormon temple are Masonic, Witchcraft and occult symbols.

Just to give you the most obvious example – All over most of the older Mormon temples like the one in Saint George and Salt Lake and so on, you will find dozens of inverted pentagrams.

Now as we have already established, inverted pentagrams are the symbol of Satanism.

The 5 pointed star, upside down.

And this is what is used to bring the kingdom of Satan into manifestation.

And yet there are no crosses, anywhere on a Mormon temple or a Mormon meeting house.

S: Wow.

B: So we feel that, to be brief … I mean, it’s a very complicated subject … but basically everything about the Mormon temple architecture reveals that the roots of Mormonism are in the occult and in Lucifer worship, not in the Bible.

S: Thank you.

In your book “Mormonism’s Temple of Doom” you show that at the time you published that, there was an approximately 85% similarity between the rituals of Masonry and the rituals of Mormonism and also a great resemblance between Mormon rituals and Satanic rituals.

What changes has the Mormon church made since you published that book?

B: Well, they have gotten rid of … and of course, I haven’t been in the temple since then, because I am no longer a Mormon … but I have been told by people that have that they have gotten rid of some of what are called the Penal Signs which are where you mime having your throat cut and things like that, which are very Masonic.

Also there is this whole section that is quite lengthy where they have what is obviously a Protestant minister wearing a Geneva gown, kind of like what you would see Norman Vincent Peale wear, or Robert Schuller wear, and basically being a lackey of the Devil.

He’s being portrayed as a lackey of the Devil.

And he teaches Adam and Eve orthodox theology – in other words, theology of the normal Christian religion, and then he is portrayed basically as a puppet of the Devil.

They got rid of that.

They also got rid of the infamous “Pay-lay-ale” thing which is towards the end of the ceremony where they are taught this one sign where they stand and go “Pay-lay-ale”, “Pay-lay-ale”, “Pay-lay-ale”.

And no, they are not talking about a beer.

That’s supposed to be, in the ancient Adamic language, it’s supposed to mean “Oh God, here the words of my mouth.”

But what it actually means in Hebrew is “Marvelous false God”.

So that’s what they are crying out.

And when we and several others pointed that out … our book was kind of the coup-de-grace … they ended up basically changing the temple ritual quite substantially.

S: Interesting.

B: They also got rid of the oaths – they used to have oaths where one of the oaths they took was you would swear that you would never cease to call down curses upon the government of the United States of America.

S: What?!

B: M-mm.

Because, see, the Mormon Church was very upset with the fact that the government of the United States allowed Joseph Smith to be murdered and that the government of the United States came in to Utah with basically the army, and essentially took over the state and forced the Mormons to give up polygamy.

And so, for 2 generations, they were having everybody in their temple, including some of the living Mormons that are at the highest levels of the church today, swear that every day they would call down curses upon the Government of the United States.

S: Wow.

B: So isn’t that a very patriotic, nice, all-American church?

S: And loving.

B: Oh, very loving too, yes (laugh).

S: You said earlier that the Mormon Church has a goal to eventually set up a dictatorship.

So how dangerous is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?

B: Well, I would say in some respects, it’s even more dangerous than some of these more sinister sounding groups, partially because they look so nice and wholesome.

I mean, who would suspect these pink-cheeked boys who come bicycling down the street in their nice suits and ties, and clean cut haircuts.

And of course, they are nice people.

But the goals of the church are in fact a benevolent dictatorship.

And not only that, they have as part of their doctrine which they still enforce to this day, certain very sinister practices.

There is the belief that if you are an apostate, only your own shed blood can atone for your sins.

There is the fact that, even to this day, Mormons who leave the church upon occasion are killed.

Myself and several other people who are prominent ex-Mormons have had attempts on our lives.

S: What happened?

B: Well, I’ve been shot at.

I mean, I can’t blame all this on the Mormons – some of it might be the Masons, or the Satanists or whatever, but I know for a fact that one case I was in the hospital and a nurse came in who actually … you can kind of tell when they wear temple garments …cause just like regular underwear it shows up a little bit, especially if you are wearing a white nurse’s uniform.

And she put some kind of contact poison on my forehead.

And if Sharon, who was sleeping in a chair beside my bed, hadn’t woken up, she probably would have put a lot more on.

So things like that.

And other people I know have had poison put in their food and been shot at and been chased down the road by trucks full of Mormons with axes and shotguns.

You know, things like that.

I mean, these people … especially when they think they are in the majority.

See, they will behave themselves when they are in a gentile state like Florida, but out in Utah and Idaho and Nevada where they are in the majority, they tend to be a little more pugnacious.

Plus they will just try to intimidate you.

And if that doesn’t work, they will use violence sometimes.

Now I’m not saying this happens all of the time, but it does happen.

And it’s right in the doctrine of the church – this blood atonement thing.

S: Mmm.

And of course if they have a ‘benevolent’ dictatorship then it’s very easy for someone to decide that they will change it into a non-benevolent dictatorship, down the track.

B: Well, yes, but here’s the mind game you play … see, if you think, “Oh, this poor Bill Schnoebelen, he’s rejected the temple. He’s rejected his oaths and covenants. He had all that light. He is doomed to go into the outer darkness. It would be a benevolent thing to cut his throat and let his blood spill out upon the earth so that his soul might ascend do Heaven.”

S: Right. Kind of like the inquisition.

B: Yes, something like that.

S: Who were the Danites?

B: Well, the Danites were a group that was started by Joseph Smith out in, I think it was Missouri or Ohio, and they were like kind of a Mormon version of the Ku Klux Klan.

And they were in full force by the time we got to Nauvoo Illinois, which was the last outpost of Mormonism in the Eastern half of the U.S.

They were riders who would go out at night with hoods on – not white hoods of course, but just black hoods or whatever to disguise their faces, and they would ride to the places of people who were either opposing the Mormons or maybe people who were apostatizing from the Mormon Church, trying to leave it.

And they would rough them up or even in the case of apostates they’d cut their throat with a bowie knife and leave them laying there on the ground.

S: And how do you know that?

B: Well, this is a matter of historical record.

There are several famous either Danites, or the other group which was very similar, which was called “The Avenging Angels.”

And some people like Orin Porter Rockwell, Wild Bill Hickman – not Wild Bill Hickcock – these are actual historical guys that were right up at the very top of the early Mormon hierarchy and they were as dangerous as any gunfighter, as any murderer or cut-throat person that you might have found in the old West.

They’d cut your throat without a thought, if Brigham Young told them to.

So both, at least, I know Hickman has written his memoirs before he died.

So he put it all on paper.

S: Okay. Well that was in the past. Does it have any significance today?

B: Well, the fact as I have said that I and several other prominent people who are former Mormons have had death threats, have had shots taken at us, have had people try to poison us, kill us, whatever, I have every reason to believe that ‘The Avenging Angels’ are still out there.

Of course, they are not riding around on horses anymore with hoods over their faces.

They now use more subtle methods.

But yes, they are very real.

S: Well, okay, well because of that, do you know any Mormons who have been afraid to leave the church, because of this blood atonement law?

B: Well, yes, and it’s not just the blood atonement law.

We know Mormons who have gotten Born Again, in Salt Lake City, who work for the church, in fairly high levels, but they dare not leave.

Because they have very sensitive knowledge, and the Mormon Church knows they have very sensitive knowledge.

Also they fear losing their families.

Because a lot of times if you apostasize from the church by becoming a Born Again Christian, your husband or wife as the case may be will divorce you and do everything they can to take the kids away.

And of course, in Utah, most of the judges are Mormon, and they are going to be sympathetic to the Mormon side of the case.

So, there is a LOT of fear.

And so many of these people are sort of like secret agents if you will for us behind enemy lines in the very highest levels of the Mormon hierarchy.

And they function there.

Like, for example, they are the ones that got us that tax return of the Mormon leadership back in 19 – I forget what year it was, but it was in the early 80s – and revealed that in fact the Mormon Church hierarchy – three guys made in that year $191 million ($191,000,000).

S: Three of them?

B: Three of them.

S: Oohh!!!

B: So that’s a pretty good salary for a church that has no paid clergy, wouldn’t you say?

Now can you imagine, if it came out, just splitting that by 3, 191, lets say just for the sake, say $60 million ($60,000,000) each, can you imagine if it came out that say, the leadership of a particular Protestant church was making $60,000,000 a year out of the free will offerings of its members?

What an outcry there would be from the media!

But, not a peep.

S: What happens to Mormon women if they don’t take a subservient role?

B: Well, I mean, you hesitate to generalize, but we have had at least 2 or 3 women come to us over the years, one when we were still Mormons.

My wife was functioning as a therapist and I was an Elders Quorum President – who told us that because she was an ‘uppity’ Mormon wife, who would not submit to the Patriarchal authority of her husband and because of that, one night when she was home alone, the door to her kitchen burst open and in walked 3 Mormons and her husband.

And one of the Mormons was a local Mormon physician who was a surgeon.

And they threw her right down on the table, pulled down her pants and right in front of God and everybody they did some very serious violence to her private members.

And she was told that that is what you get for speaking out against the priesthood.

S: Wow.

B: And this is known as ‘chastisement’.

That’s the word that they use.

I am not saying that it happens all over the place, but I am saying that it still does happen.

And this woman was .. now this would be 20 years ago … but she was in her late 20s, so it’s not like this is ancient history.

And this comes form the fact that women are very much second-class citizens in the LDS Church.

S: And there is nowhere for her to go, of course.

B: Well, no, because at that time she was in the deepest part of Mormon Idaho.

I forget exactly where.

And everybody there was a Mormon.

If you went to the Social Services agencies, they were Mormon.

If you went to the police, they were Mormons.

And you see, very much like the Masons, the Mormons will tend to cover up for their own misdeeds, because the prophet has told them to.

S: Wow.

B: So, it’s very scary.

S: Very scary. Very shocking.

How wealthy is the Mormon church?

B: Well, probably per capita, because it’s over 10 million (10,000,000) members – I forget the exact number, but it’s the wealthiest church in America, if not in the world.

I mean, it owns just countless real estate things, it owns many television stations, it owns many public utilities, power stations, power companies in the Rocky Mountains in the West Coast.

It is the only church in America that is in the top 50 of the Fortune 500, if it were a corporation, like if it was a profit corporation instead of a not-for-profit.

So it’s that wealthy.

It would be in the top 50 most wealthy corporations in the world.

S: Wow.

B: So that’s pretty wealthy.

S: And only 10 million (10,000,000) members, so, when they grow…

B: Yes. And of course, their influence goes up.

Right now, there are at least that I know of 4 television stations, local TV affiliates, around the country that are totally owned by the LDS church.

And that’s why … oh, this is now 10 or 15 years ago now … the television show “60 Minutes” did a rather unflattering report about how the Mormon Church had somehow stolen this one LDS farmer – some guy out in Provo, Utah – and he had a bunch of, I think it was, cherry orchards.

And they managed to steal his orchards away from him.

And he called up Mike Wallace or whatever, and they did a story about this.

And within one week, CBS retracted the story, because the Mormons owned at that time 3 or 4 CBS local affiliates.

And they said that they would close down the affiliates if CBS didn’t retract the story.

B: So they have a LOT of economic clout.

Especially in the West Coast.

But, even in the East Coast … for example, the Marriott Hotel chain is owned by Mormons.

It’s not owned by the Mormon Church, but it’s owned by a Mormon family.

And there are … you see them everywhere, they have subsidiaries like the Fairfield Inn and so on.

And it’s J. Willard Marriot who is like the patriarch of that family who basically help build the $20 million ($20,000,000) Mormon Temple in Washington D.C.

S: Hmm. Thank you.

Does the Mormon Church use mind control?

B: Well, in a sense, yes.

I mean, it’s not like … I don’t want people to get images of people being strapped in a chair and having wires hooked up to their heads or anything … but from a very early age children are taught to ‘bear their testimony’.

And your testimony in Mormon is – it’s nothing like what it is in Christianity – your testimony is basically this little, canned thing you reel off where you say “I bear you my testimony that Jesus is the Christ, that Joseph Smith is the Prophet of God, that – fill in the blank – whoever is the current prophet – is a Prophet of God, that the Book of Mormon is true and that I love my wife or my Mummy or my Daddy or whatever the case might be, and then you can kind of elaborate then from there.

And this is drummed into them from the time that they are barely old enough to walk.

I mean, I remember sitting there, and seeing families get up there, and having little, like 3 year old kids, get up there acting all cute and “I bear you my testimony … “ and they would go off and say that stuff.

Well, the result of this is that by the time these people go on on a mission or something like that nature when they are teenagers – you know, most Mormon missionaries are teenagers – it’s been drilled into them to the point where it’s almost like this program.

And you will notice that if you ever are in a conversation with a Mormon and you are getting past their defenses and getting to the point where they don’t really have answers anymore, which isn’t that hard, and all of a sudden it’s like … it’s almost like you see this switch flip on inside … and their eyes will sort of go glassy and they’ll say, “Well that might be, but I bear you my testimony that Joseph Smith is the Prophet of God, and that Gordon B. Hinkley is the Prophet of God … “ and I tell people that at that point just – (clapping sound) – clap your hands and say, “Wait a minute. How do you know that?”

And they’ll go …. Like that, and they’ll act as though they have been awakened from a trance.

S: Wow.

B: And it’s like at that point you’ve gotten past the final gateway, so to speak.

And then they might be open to really hearing the truth.

Because at that point they won’t know what to say, because no one has ever done that to them, because it’s considered very gauche to ever interrupt a Mormon when they are bearing their testimony.

S: I see

B: So you’ve kind of knocked them off their little program.

The computer has to reboot (laugh).

S: Thank you.

How fast is the Mormon Church growing?

B: Well, the last … and I don’t keep up with it as much as I used to, but the last I heard it’s growing very fast in the third world.

It’s not growing very fast in America anymore.

And that’s partly because of the influence of films like “The Godmakers” and other Christian evangelistic and apologetic efforts.

But overseas, believe it or not, it’s growing fast in Africa, in spite of the fact that they have this very, very racist history and very, very racist theology.

And of course part of the fact is that they simply grow by sheer reproduction.

I mean, Mormons are very firmly encouraged to have large families.

And so they, even if they never convert another Mormon in this generation, it would still get bigger and bigger and bigger.

They grew 100% in 20 years.

I think they used to be like 5 million (5,000,000) at the time that we were members and now they are 10 million (10,000,000).

And I am sure it is more than that now, that was the last figure I happened to notice. But I’m more busy with other things now, so I don’t really keep up on the latest census reports from Mormonism.

Part of the problem though is that the Mormons never report when people leave.

And they are leaving in droves.

S: Oh, they are?

B: Oh yes.

S: Oh good.

B: We get letters … and we are not even known as a basic clearing house, but even so we get like, 2 or 3 letters or emails a year from people wanting out, and we are not … as I say, we are one of the smaller ministries in terms of that, so Mormons are leaving.

And if any people are listening, and they are Mormons, and they want to get out, you have to write a letter to your Bishop or your Stake President, and demand that your name be taken off the church rolls.

It’s not enough to just walk away from the thing, because those spiritual tendrils are still attached to you.

And you need to renounce them and you need to send that letter, and if you want you can contact our ministry.

We’ll give you a sample letter on how to leave the church.

S: With this blood atonement thing, is there any other security measures they should take?

B: Well, of course, they ought to get Born Again if they are not.

Because Jesus, Yahushua, is the best protector.

But, I mean, it’s very rare.

I would say there’s one chance in 100 of someone getting blood atoned, unless they are a very vocal opponent of the church.

S: Right.

B: And even then, if they just say, I want out of the church, I’m writing a letter, leave me alone and they just go on their merry way, the church will probably never bother them.

Because they could not stand the bad publicity if it was found out that they were running around shooting people or cutting people’s throats that were trying to leave their church.

But, you know, and of course, we just tell people, well we are not worried about it because our Dad can beat up their Dad.

S: What kind of security do the Mormon temples have?

B: Well, first of all, as I think I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of Mormons in the FBI, the CIA, the secret service.

So when those guys retire they will often come and work for what is euphemistically called the Church Security System.

And the Church Security System is the only church-related thing of its kind in the United States that has police power.

In the state of Utah they can arrest people.

And these guys are also in charge of security around the Mormon temples.

So actually I was told by a secret service agent friend of mine who was a Mormon that essentially … now, this is of course long before 9-11 and the attack on the World Trade Center, but that there was better security in the LDS temple square around Salt Lake than there was around the White House.

There were machine guns hidden underneath the flower beds.

There were lazar-like sensors at night to keep people out of the place.

I know one time when Ed Decker and I dared to walk onto Temple Square – of course, Ed Decker is probably the most infamous anti-Mormon in the world – within 5 minutes you could look up on the roof of the church security office building, which is a skyscraper across the street from the temple, and you could see snipers up there with high-powered rifles pointed at us.

S: (laugh)

B: Just in case we would do something weird like, you know, run and throw pigs’ blood on the wall of the temple and cry “Blasphemy” or something – I don’t know.

And so they really have very good security around that temple.

S: Well, few people would probably worry about the Mormon Church, because they appear so nice, like you said, and they are called a bunch of saints, “Latter Day Saints”, so … no one would really suspect anything, but here you have got an organization which is incredibly wealthy, gets up to 25% of money from its members, pays no taxes, has top security, has some rites which are similar to Satanic rites, has killed its own members in the past, uses some kind of mind control, is growing rapidly and has a goal to form a dictatorship.

So … this really should be front page headlines.

Now, what could happen to the world if it did become a dictatorship?

B: Well, it would have to be just an American dictatorship at first and then I think it would spread.

But ideally they would reinstitute what they call “The United Order” which is a communistic form of government in which the church owns all property.

And then the bishops of each ward are entitled to divvy out that property.

And if you are not a Mormon, you are not part of that system, and it would be very much like what you see in the Book of Revelations where it says that you can’t buy or sell unless you have the mark and the number of the beast.

Because there would be no way to get food except to toady up to the Mormons.

And either you would either have to be a Mormon or else somehow or other be in subservience to them.

And again … mind you, most Mormons are very nice people.

But the leadership of this church are very scary people.

And I know – I’ve met a few of them.

And they have plans.

And I think a world under the ‘benevolent’ dictatorship of the Mormon Prophet would be a world with very little religious freedom, and a world with very little freedom for women, and probably a world where … because right now they are working on it.

For example, in this state, Florida, they own almost … this is the last figure I heard … 90% of the farmland in this state.

S: Of Florida?

B: Yes.

S: You are kidding!!!

B: And they are chewing up farmland all over the Midwest.

They are chewing up farmland all over the Pacific Northwest.

They want to own all of the farmland that they can in this country.

They want to be in control of the food supplies of the United States.

S: Wow!!!!

B: So … for example, they also own huge amounts of the pineapple and other things in Florida.

Because the Mormons are huge in Florida.

So … you know, they have definite plans.

And oddly and eerily enough their plans are very akin to what you see the Antichrist in the Book of Revelations wants to do.

Now I’m not saying the Mormon Prophet will some day be the Antichrist.

But I am saying that the Devil sows many seeds.

And that this might be one of those seeds that he is sowing.

And he hopes that one of those seeds bears its noxious fruit.

S: And while they have got all of this money and own a lot of the TV stations, most people will never get to hear about it.

B: Well, exactly.

That’s why most TV and radio and other media outlets are very … between this atmosphere of political correctness where we don’t really criticize anyone – unless of course they are a Born Again Christian – you know, you really get this thing where most people don’t want to criticize a religion, and then on top of that people fear the economic power of the Mormon Church.

So, it’s a real quandary.

And people don’t take them seriously enough because, as you say, they appear to be so ‘nice’ – and again, 99% of them ARE wonderful people.

S: Yes, sure.

B: But they are lost and they need Yahushua, they need the true Gospel of salvation by grace.

S: What is Voodoo?

B: Well, Voodoo is probably the biggest category of what I mentioned earlier, it’s called Cultural Spiritism in anthropology.

And what it is a kind of a weird, eclectic blend of

African Shamanism blended with Roman Catholicism.

It basically came about because there were all of these slaves brought over from Africa.

And of course they brought their native beliefs, their native Shamanic beliefs, to the Caribbean, to the island of Haiti, and then the slave masters of course forced them, of course, to become Catholics.

And so they blended the two.

And the word “Voodoo” is very controversial in terms of its origins.

Some people say it comes from the African word “Voudoun”.

Some people say it comes from Francois Reabelais – an infamous French writer who came up with the term “Do what though wilt” and in French it’s “Face que voudras”.

Which is sort of similar to Voodoo.

Nobody really knows for sure where the word really came from.

But essentially it’s a system where – the main function of voodoo is that the devotees will come and meet on certain times – and they all, of course, are bound up with Catholic Saint Days and Catholic Festival days – but the goal is that they light candles, they create a ‘sacred’ space, they will put down what are called Veves on the ground, which are like talismans done in cornstarch or flour, and then they will kill a chicken or some other small animal and sprinkle blood over themselves with all of this dancing and drumming going on.

And the goal of is to be ridden by a Loa.

Now a Loa is like a demon-god of Voodoo.

And they want to be possessed by that person.

And when they get possessed they have this ecstatic experience where they fall down on the ground sometimes, or they dance wildly or they roll around on the floor and froth at the mouth.

I mean, it sounds kind of like a Charismatic meeting, doesn’t it? – I shouldn’t say that – anyway, there are some weird kind of Charismatic groups out there too, the snake handlers and all.

But, these people are doing it in the name of a false god.

And, the other part of it is, of course, that Voodoo does have ways of both doing white and black magick that are very powerful.

So, I think it’s one of the most dangerous religions in the world.

And it’s not just practiced by black people.

That’s a common misperception.

I was personally brought into the first 3 layers, if you will, of Voodoo, up to being a Houngan, which is like a Priest of Voodoo.

A Priestess is called a Mambo.

And that was done by a white man who was personally brought into it by the Pope of Voodoo.

So, there are a lot of white people who practice Voodoo because they believe it’s a quick way to get power, or a quick way to get money or to get ahead in their careers or whatever – is by invoking the Loa.

S: Why did you get involved in Voodoo?

B: Well, from the time I got involved in Wicca and Witchcraft, I had read a couple of books on it and was kind of intrigued by it.

Then when I got involved with this fellow down in Chicago who had the room with the strange pictures and strange plants that moved around, I found out that he was also a Voodoo hierophant.

And so he said, “Well, of course, part of making you a Catholic Bishop, is that we have to take you further through the other 2 degrees of the early Voodoo things” – Lava Tet – which is like baptism – and then Linglesois, which means you have to eat a shroud.

Those are the two earlier stages.

It’s all involved with death and with grave yards and things like that.

It’s very, very bizarre.

And that’s why – partly I was intrigued by it and partly I was intrigued by the way this fellow had blended Voodoo and Catholicism and Transyuggothian Magick in such a creative way.

So that’s why I got into it.

S: I see.

For how long were you involved in Voodoo?

B: Oh, I would say probably 2 or 3 years.

S: Thank you.

From your own experience, what can you tell us about Voodoo?

B: Well, it’s … if you don’t like drinking, you’d better not get into it.

I don’t … I’ve never liked alcohol much, and there is a lot of drinking of rum and you either use it as a sacramental substance or else you spit it out – like Holy Water you swill it around and then spit it out.

And my own personal experience was it’s a very bizarre religion, it’s a very atavistic, bestial religion.

It brings out the worst in people.

And also it is a religion where you are encouraged to do that.

Like the fellow who was my immediate superior, he was trying to encourage me to try to become a were-tarantula.

To be able to turn into a spider – a very ugly, giant spider.

I never wanted that.

Fortunately I got away from it.

Also there is a lot of sexual stuff, both homosexual and heterosexual stuff going on … orgies, things of that nature.

And they do this because in voodoo they believe there are certain energy points around the private organs of the body which are gateways into other universes.

And if you can get into these other universes – again, we are back to the same thing, this Archaeometry idea of drawing in power, in which you can become a more powerful thing.

And then there is, of course, the idea of cursing.

The idea of the Voodoo doll is just the tip of the iceberg.

I mean, there is a very sophisticated level of cursing people and a very high level of power with it.

And I must tell you that probably the most powerful way to curse someone is to use Voodoo.

And it’s some of the most awful ways of dying.

You do not want to … unless you are covered in the Blood of the Lamb, you do not want to run afoul of a Voodoo Mambo or a Voodoo Houngan.

Because they can practically make your body devour itself from the inside out.

S: Can you tell us a story to show people who think Voodoo is a joke what it can do.

B: Well, I may have mentioned this earlier, there was this one person who ran afoul of the guy who was my teacher and, without going into the gory details basically this fellow used a hex on him.

And essentially the guy had scorpions and centipedes eating their way out of his stomach within 3 days.

S: And did people see them?

B: He died horribly in the emergency room. So they were real.

S: So what did the people in the hospital think?

B: They had no understanding.

I mean, if you want to get an idea of what these religions are like … I don’t encourage people to see this … but there is a movie out there called “The Believers” that stars Martin Sheen and it’s about this guy who tries to fight – actually it’s a Santeria type cult, but it’s very much the same thing.

Another fellow literally – and I didn’t see this personally but I have no reason to doubt it – he literally had his skin turn inside out by a Houngan.

It killed him instantly.

He literally was laying there on the floor with his organs on the outside and his skin on the inside.

S: And how do you know that that is what happened to him.

B: Well, I don’t know for sure. I didn’t see it. But the guy who told me about it was a different fellow who was actually a private detective who was investigating a branch of Voodoo that was in the Pacific North West.

S: Wow.

B: So, without the protection of the Blood of the Lamb, you are kind of ..

And it’s really funny, because the Voodoo people will call upon Jesus, they’ll call upon the Virgin Mary, except behind these … like, the Virgin Mary for example, she is a representative of the Goddess of the Sea, Erzuli.

And you know, you have Papa Nebo, you have Baron Samedi – these are all the names of the great Loa.

Baron Zamedi is the God of the Cemeteries. He’s the Lord of the Dead.

And all of them have their places.

And you can sic them on people.

They are like Demonic Overlords.

It’s a very potent religion.

And as you can see, it’s a religion of the powerless.

Because it was basically started by black slaves and it gave them hope underneath their brutal masters.

It offered them a way to have spiritual power.

And the strange thing is – I don’t know if you have heard about this, but before, many years ago, Haiti was basically a Voodoo dictatorship run by Papa Doc Duvalier and he was a Voodoo Houngan.

And he actually had an army that was called the Ton-Ton-Macot.

And this army was made up partially of zuvembies – zombies.

And partially the senior people were actually Voodoo Houngans.

And they ruled Haiti with absolute fear and terror.

And I had a friend who was a Baptist missionary who went down there and he tried to plant a church down there and he said, “You have never seen people who are just so UTTERLY, utterly terrified, right down to their bones, of this man.”

Because it was believed that this guy could just flick his fingers and kill an entire family.

He was like one of the most mighty of all the Voodoo people.

And he had a real hold on the island until he was driven off and for a while his son, Bebe Doc, reigned.

He was a sort of a moron.

And then he got thrown out and now they have some other guy in there.

But the island is still like 90% Catholic and 100% Voodoo.

S: Wow. You mentioned zombies. What are they?

B: Well, that’s one of the folklore things.

The actual word is zuvemby, popularly called zombies.

It’s part folklore and part reality.

The reality part of it is that apparently there is a plant down there in Haiti that is native there that if you take an extraction of it and give it to someone, it will appear to poison them and kill them.

It will lower their heart rate, it will lower their respiration to the point that they are almost undetectable except to the finest instruments.

And the person gets buried.

And they might be buried for 3 or 4 days.

And then they are dug up and when they are dug up, they have lost most of their higher brain functions because of the drug and the loss of oxygen.

So they are like … well, they are like a zombie (laugh).

I mean, they will do things if you tell them to do them, including kill people, fire guns at people, strangle people, wait on you hand and foot, whatever.

They are very much like the classical image of the zombie but yet they are alive.

S: Have you ever seen one?

B: No, I have not.

But, from what I have … there are actual anthropological books by scholars who have gone down to Haiti and who have studied this and it’s easy to see how in a primitive people where there is not any really good medicine to tell whether this person who is laying there is really dead or not.

And of course, this terrified the people.

Because the guy would say, “I can poison this man, I can turn him into a zombie”, and then 5 days later, here is the guy walking around like he has no soul.

Because that is the definition of a zombie, is someone who has no soul.

And they basically can be told to do anything you want.

But of course they will die.

If you shoot them with a gun, they will fall over dead or if you brain them with a club or something.

But, you know, it is still a very, very scary thing to a people that was not – to this day Haiti is 10% literacy rate.

And that’s of course the fruit of Catholicism.

And the Voodoo too.

So, that’s one of those things where it’s part scary folklore but there is an element of truth in it.

S: Yes.

What are the dangers of being involved with Voodoo?

B: Essentially it’s demon possession.

I mean, if you really are a serious practitioner of Voodoo, you are inviting high levels of demon possession.

Because, when I was into this stuff – again, I was literally begging demons to come into me and ride me – that’s the word that’s used.

And well, yes, it’s a very ecstatic experience, but the cost spiritually is so high.

The power that you might gain … and that’s why a lot of people get into Voodoo. They have this idea of, like, I see this cute girl at my workplace and I can make a Voodoo doll of her and force her to fall in love with me, and things like that.

You know, it’s kind of a juvenile way of looking at it, but the point is that that kind of power might be real to a degree, unless of course the object of those spells is a Christian.

But it comes at a terrible price.

Because you are demon possessed.

You lose all, ultimately, control of yourself.

And … you know, you almost become a zombie, except that Satan is your Master.

S: Have you seen people that had happened to?

B: Well, I have seen people who were so thoroughly evil that they had no sense of humanity left in them, that were involved in Voodoo.

People that would just … like they would literally eat a cat for lunch and think nothing of it.

And the cat would be alive.

S: And if you looked into their eyes, could you see if the original person was still there?

B: Not really – not much of them.

It’s like looking into utter darkness.

I call them “ball-bearing” eyes.

Because it’s literally like eyes of steel.

There is no humanity in there.

And there probably is a human-being trapped so far in there somewhere, just SCREAMING to get out.

And think of it, you would be spending 20, 30, 40 years of your life like that, trapped inside of a body that you could not control.

I mean, it would be worse than being in a coma.

S: Right.

B: Because at least a coma person is laying there doing nothing.

Here the body is doing things that you would find horrendous and not be able to stop it.

S: Did that ever happen to you, that the demons in you did something that you couldn’t stop?

B: Well … a few times, yes. I did some things that in retrospect I was very, very ashamed of – nothing like killing anyone or eating a cat or anything – but just like abusing people, being cruel and evil to people.

Taking advantage of people, things like that.

But nothing really awful in the legal sense of the word, thankfully.

S: And you weren’t fully into it, like other people.

B: No, no, I was not that far … I mean, I was only into it a couple of years, 3 years at most, and then thankfully Yahweh started to get me out of that stuff.

S: Okay, thank you.

What advice would you give to people who know someone who is involved in Voodoo?

B: Well, I would say especially to just pray for them and I may have mentioned this before, but pray that the lying and deceitful spirits of the Voodoo Loa – it’s spelled L-O-A – would be bound from influencing that person, in Yahushua’s name.

And from giving that person power.

And pray that the spirit of truth would shower down on them from the Holy Spirit and then pray for a divine appointment for an opportunity for you to come up – don’t be afraid of these people.

First of all, 90% of Voodoo practitioners are not like whacko or dangerous or anything.

They are just people like you and me, you know.

And then just pray for an opportunity to go and witness to them.

And also, I think, it’s important to pray that Yahweh would lead someone else to them, to witness to them, who is a credible witness.

Maybe an ex-Voodoo person.

Because there are a lot of them.

There are a lot of people getting saved out of Voodoo just like there are a lot of people getting saved out of all of these different groups.

S: Good. Now when you say to bind spirits, is it necessary that they always do it in the name of Jesus or Yahushua?

B: Well, I would say so.

You see, we have no authority.

Otherwise it’s like .. you know… and I am assuming the person we are discussing here is a Christian … otherwise you are like the thing in the book of Acts, “Jesus I know, Paul I know, but who are you?”

But we do have authority to bind and loose.

But you need to use the name of Yahushua – we prefer Yahushua, as I said, or Jesus, because that is the name which all demons spirits must obey.

We’ve seen some of the most powerful, evil spirits imaginable just buckle under the name which is above every other name, just as the New Testament says.

S: Thank you.

And what advice would you give to people who think they have been affected by Voodoo?

B: Well, again, this is probably one of the most powerful kinds of cursing that’s out there.

But it’s still nothing compared to the power of Yahushua so Number One, get Saved if you are not Saved.

Number Two, be sure your house is cleansed, because a lot of this stuff works on the basis of object links.

Like usually Voodoo people if they are going to curse you they will either get something from you or they’ll throw something on your lawn.

You might find a dead bird with a weird ribbon around its neck, or cross-sticks – things like that.

Walk your yard.

Reclaim your property in the name of Yahushua.

Plead the Blood of the Lamb over the property, over your house.

Also remit the sin of the shedding of innocent blood over that part of the property.

And then make sure your house is clean.

And then just ask Yahweh to put a legion of angels around your house every night.

Be sure you are walking righteously, and not committing repeated sins.

Put on the Armor of God everyday.

And that should do it.

I mean, those are things Christians should be doing anyway.

Whether you are being Voodoo cursed or not.

Because we are in a war zone.

That’s why Ephesians 6 talks about that we are warriors and we need to put on our armor every day just like these guys over in Iraq – they have to put on their vests and their body armor and helmets and everything every day before they go out into enemy lines.

And when you walk out of the door of your house, you are walking into enemy lines.

Because the world is lies and wickedness.

S: Thank you.

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Part 5: Satanism, Saturn, Cathedral of Pain

Part 6: Black magic, White Magic, Satanism, Mormonism

Part 7: Mormonism, Reptilians, Satanism, Voodoo, Zombies

Part 8: Black magic, Walt Disney, Vampires

Part 9: Vampires, Werewolves, Illuminati





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