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Extended Autobiography

by Stephanie Relfe B.Sc. (Sydney)

April 18 2008

META:  (1) Going beyond (2) Involving Change.

TECH:  Short for Technology – The body of methods and materials used to achieve certain objectives: In this case, to free us of Predatory Species, and create Heaven on Earth.

When people find this website, they occasionally ask me how we came by this information, since it is so unusual. In fact, SO unusual that some people are unable to realize that it is true. Therefore I am including my story for better understanding of how this website came about. I have already written one autobiography which I ask you to please read first. It is at our other website “Health, Wealth & Happiness“.

However, that website is designed for people who are beginning the journey of learning that much of what we have been taught is a lie. For those people, it is a major revelation to learn that modern medicine destroys health rather than helps it.

Therefore, I have kept the more amazing information for metatech.org. There are links from metatech.org to relfe.com, but it’s much hard to find links from relfe.com to metatech.org. The main people who find metatech.org are those who are searching for very unusual information, and are therefore ready to learn what most other people would write off as crazy.

Part of my life history is in the autobiography at www.relfe.com.

This extended autobiography below contains parts of my history that are not included at relfe.com.


Most people were introduced to us from our posting The Mars Records online in 2000. Michael was the first whistleblower to tell the world that there is a U.S.Naval base, and breathable air, on Mars. Here is the summary of that book. Later it was followed up with Book 2. when Michael started getting abducted once a month, and eventually learned how to stop the abductions.


I have a number of memories from childhood. When I was around seven years old, we lived in Australia, on four acres in a little town called Appin, about 1.5 hours drive from Sydney. There was a lot of bush around the house. (“Bush” is an Australian word for “woods”, but the Australian bush is very different from the woods of the Northern Hemisphere). I can remember distinctly one day walking up the dirt road to the gate. There was no one around but me. I was thinking about ant farms. I then started wondering if somehow we were an art farm to something a lot bigger than us. Suddenly, I could ‘feel’ several large ‘things’ looking down at me from the sky. I felt like one of those ants.

I actually stopped walking and looked up at the sky to see what those things were. I sensed there were three of them, filling up much of the sky. I became as sure as I could be, that out there were some huge beings who were looking down on us as an ant farm.

I believe now that those things were some type of what people call an archon, or what is mentioned in the bible,

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12

Years later, after watching the movie “The Matrix”, and other experiences, and muscle testing, I came to have even more certainty that there are beings out there who use us as batteries, and suck energy off us. I believe they do this especially at the ‘down times’ of the ‘circadian rhythm’ of around 12 noon – 2pm and midnight – 2 am. Maybe the circadian rhythm wouldn’t exist without these beings? If you pray to Yahweh God against them, you may find that your energy is not so drained at these times.


I think my family is probably metaphysically gifted but I had no idea of that at the time. The problem was, that with five children, all with a fair amount of power, there was the problem that most unshielded psychics have – everyone tended to ‘zap’ everyone else. We were a very noisy lot and the energy at times was very frenetic.

There was certainly no discussion of metaphysical abilities in my family. When people get exposed to academia – and my father was a university maths professor – they generally become closed off to those kinds of possibilities. But hints of what was possible came to me every now and again.

When I was around 16, I had a Great Dane named Irinka, (Aboriginal for ‘dog’) who had some puppies. At that time we lived on an 800 acre farm three hours from Sydney, with a lot of wild bushland on it. Irinka virtually never left the house on her own. Yet on the day that we were to take the puppies to Sydney to sell them, neither Irinka or the puppies were to be found anywhere. After a while, Irinka turned up, but without her puppies. I asked Irinka where her puppies were. Eventually she led us way up the back of the property, in a very rough, hilly area full of trees, and we found the puppies who had started to scatter. I was stunned. She NEVER went that far away. She had known that we were a threat to the safety to her puppies and had taken them away and hidden them from us. This was probably my first introduction to telepathy. Or is it just that animals understand our words? Maybe it’s both. I was to learn later in life that animals and children are VERY telepathic.


Somewhere around 23 years old and 1983, I met a man who I liked. He told me how he was going to do a course called “Insight” that was about 3 days long. After the course, I had a strange experience of him looking right into my eyes, and for the first time in my life I became aware of how many junk thoughts were running around and around at the back of my mind. I wanted to get rid of those rubbishy thoughts. I decided to do Insight. 

I still don’t know how they did what they did in that course. I did enjoy it. All I remember is that we spent a lot of time sitting knee-to-knee opposite someone else, answering questions. Or sitting in a room, listening to someone talk on the microphone. However, something definitely happened for good for me. At that time, I had very bad acne. Because I had a job and some other things I had to do during that time, as well as attend the seminar which went past midnight each night, I knew I would get only about 3-4 hours sleep each night for about 4 nights. I really need my sleep, and I knew that lack of sleep made my acne even worse.

However, the strange thing was that after the seminar, not only did I feel TOTALLY WONDERFUL but also my acne healed up totally. All this wonderful stuff lasted about 15 days, after which I returned to normal. However, I did know then that change was possible. Before that time, I did not even know that change was really needed, let alone possible.

However, I did not return to Insight, because I did not trust them. I guess that deep down I understood that some kind of coercion through mind control was going on. How can you trust a group that very properly tells you to not make any major changes in your life for 7 days after the seminar, but then asks you to pay $700 for the next Insight seminar? I also did not like the way that they never explained what they did, and how it worked.


I started a search for ways to improve myself on my own. It started with the book “Your Erroneous Zones”, which I found very helpful at that time. Basically, it teaches that other people don’t make you upset; you are in control of your thoughts and emotions.

Later, I learned that this was rather simplistic, because people have an unconscious mind with memories of past painful incidences in them, and words from other people, especially negative ones, can activate these negative emotions without our conscious awareness, until one has work to remove the charge from those memories, such as through clearing.

I guess my first introduction to ‘official’ ‘weirdness’ was when I did a seminar in Sydney run by some people called “Optima”. Someone I trusted had done a course called “Alpha Dynamics”, where one learns to control the mind, and said that it was great. I gather that it was an off-shoot from the Silva Mind Control Seminar. I couldn’t find an Alpha Dynamics course in Sydney, but the Optima course seemed similar. During the course I learned how to slow the mind down to alpha waves and to visualize, for healing and other things.

The most memorable experience was on the last day. We each paired off with a partner. I was working with a total stranger. We went into our alpha levels. Then my partner gave me three details about a person they wanted to help. I can’t remember the details, but they did not include the person’s personal details like name or address. I think I was told it was a woman.

I then “called the woman” into my space and felt around their energy field to see if there was anything wrong. I guess now it was kind of like looking at the hologram of that person. My partner was a close friend of this woman, and had become very concerned for her lately, as she knew there was something very wrong, but the friend would not talk about it. After a while I got a very, very strong conviction that this person was being physically beaten by her husband. I tried to think of how best to help this woman. I decided that the best thing was to tell her to leave him, which I did. My partner said that it was very possible that her husband was, in fact, beating her. I learned later that the woman left her husband within about a week of the seminar.

I remember that someone else in the room had their partner call in a friend of theirs. The partner reported that the person was in a particular bar at that time. The partner said that their friend never, ever visited that bar. However, later they learned that their friend was in fact at that bar at that time.


Learning visualization helped me a number of times in my life. I had suffered from what is called ‘thrush’ in Australia, and is called ‘yeast infection’ in the USA, every now and again. It’s an overload of the yeast Candida in the vagina. I had tried a number of normal medical creams at different times, with poor results.

At one time I returned to Australia after I had been living in England for a number of months. At that time Australia had received an astonishing amount of rain for months, and the humidity was very, very high. Overnight the infection went wild.

Instead of the normal uncomfortable feeling, I woke up at 4 am because of an incredible amount of pain, like a big knife going right up my middle. I was desperate.

So I did a visualization. I visualized a large hole and I threw down that hole very memory I had ever had of ever being angry with anyone. Then I filled the hole with dirt. Then I visualized fire hoses pouring water on the infection, and healing colored lights etc. By the morning, all pain and uncomfortable feelings were totally gone, and hardly ever returned.


I remember the day that I learned that animals definitely are telepathic. By this time I had become more used to ‘going with the flow’ and taking note of the ‘taps on the shoulder’ that life was giving me, so I began to gather more and more knowledge. One day in Sydney I had organized for a group of people to come to my house and do something which I can’t remember now what it was, but may have been during my brief foray into multi-level marketing. Anyway, none of the people I invited showed up. But a few hours later, there was a knock at the door, and two men who were total strangers were there.

Somehow they had been told about the meeting. But it was all kind of strange. The first man seemed to know a little about whatever the meeting was about, but the second man was just tagging along.

My intuition told me that they had something to tell me, so I asked them in. (I don’t advise doing this, for your own safety. I was way too trusting then). We talked about all kinds of things and then the second man said something which left me dumbfounded. When he heard that I had worked in the horse racing industry, he asked me something about telepathy and horses. He knew that it was very, very common knowledge among circus people that animals are telepathic. That’s how they train them. He was very surprised to learn that no one in the horse racing industry knew anything about telepathy.

The man said that that’s how trainers train horses. When they say, “What’s two plus two?”, they THINK ‘4″ at the horse, and that’s why the horse taps the ground with his hoof 4 times.

Same with dolphins. A woman trainer was one day lying beside the pool imagining a new stunt to get the dolphins to play. She would get them to play baseball. Dolphin Fred would bat, Dolphin Mary would be pitcher etc. She stood up to tell them of a new game that they would learn, and guess what? All the dolphins immediately swam into their positions and were ready to play ball!


After I did the “Money & You” Seminar I made contact through networking with a number of different people who were experienced in metaphysical abilities. I attended a telepathy seminar where I learned that one of my abilities is that I am an empath. I easily know what others are feeling. I believe this is one reason why I do my websites – I really hate being aware of the pain in the world!

Doing clearing with a biofeedback meter also helped increase my abilities to ‘see’ things that are beyond the physical. I have found also that the more I do kinesiology, the more easily I am able to pick up things about other people.

If you want to learn more about telepathy and metaphysical abilities, I highly recommend the you read the Lensmen series by E.E. Doc Smith.

Around this time, I learned that a major problem that a lot of people with metaphysical abilities have is that they take on the thoughts and emotions of other people, and think that they belong to them. If at anytime you get a thought or emotion that is negative, or especially if it doesn’t seem to make sense, ask yourself -“Is this my thought / emotion?”

You should get a “yes” or “no” answer. If the answer is “No”, then ask yourself to locate the source of the emotion or thought.

At this time I had a friend who was a young man with a lot of metaphysical abilities and personal power. I knew this intuitively, but it was also verified when he attended a small telepathy seminar that I gave. He was also tall, very good looking, a born salesman with a natural charm, intelligence and sweetness, and wealthy parents. So you would think he had it made.

Unfortunately, he was also ungrounded and like most people did not know how to control his power and abilities. So, by the time I met him, he had already been locked up once before in a mental hospital, when someone reported him for dangerous behavior. (Ron Hubbard warned of the evil associated with any group that uses the word “mental”). Later on I learned that he had again been locked up in a mental hospital, so decided to visit him. It was a maximum security hospital, so it was an unnerving experience when I entered the pleasant looking, light-blue common room and an attendant locked the door behind me.

Men and women were walking around, watching TV, etc. I observed with interest that about half of them looked as though they were unbalanced. The other half looked like perfectly normal people. I joined my friend in a smaller common room, where we were alone with a few other inmates of the hospital, but no attendants. I was introduced to the other people, who again, all looked normal. My friend told me about the abilities of some of his friends there, one of whom had been known to move things with her mind (telekinesis). The energy in that room made me think that I felt more like I was at a New Age Psychic fair, than in a hospital. Some will think me silly, but I fully believed that some of those people were able to do the things my friend said they did.

I believe that these people would be helped if they were validated for their abilities and trained in how to use them. 


I remember the first day that I did clearing with a biofeedback meter. I had booked in for sessions to remove my subconscious self-sabotage against money and relationships. I picked up the cans, which are literally cans – a pair of two small vegetable juice cans stuck together, that are joined by wires to the biofeedback meter.


I immediately felt a total certainty that I had done this very strange thing before, which totally mystified me at the time.

I remember saying “I’ve done this before” to my clearing practitioner. He very properly acknowledged me and then moved on with the session, without making comment.

This really puzzled me, because I had certainly not done this before and I did not know about, or even believe in, past lives at that time. I now ‘know’ that I have done clearing in past lives That has probably helped me in this lifetime, as some of the abilities we get from previous lives can be passed on in later lifetimes. (For more information on past lives, please read My Past Lives.)

Most of my more interesting clearing sessions were about past lives. However, there was one session which was noteworthy, which was about this lifetime. During one seminar, we were asked to make a graph of the high points and low points of our whole life. This was to help us to identify if there were any suppressive people affecting us. Often, if there is a time when one is rock bottom, one is usually associated with a suppressive person, or has physical reminders of that person in one’s possession.

The lowest point in my life was in my late 20’s. I had gone to live and work in England, looking for my soul mate. Through my contacts in the horse racing industry, I got a job working in the office on one of the leading horse trainers of England, in Newmarket. I also got to ride out with the ‘string’ of racehorses each morning, which was wonderful. Newmarket is the center of British horse racing, about 60 miles north of London. It’s a quaint, beautiful, fairly small, very old town surrounded by rolling green hills, “the downs”, that we rode over every morning.

I won’t go into details but people there did some really, really strange things. It was as though I had landed on a set of a soap opera. Before too long, I decided that either I was crazy, or everyone else in the town was crazy, and returned to Australia. You wouldn’t know that those people were crazy if you just met them. You had to live with them to find it out.

Years later, when I did a clearing session on this time, the worst time in my life, I ‘saw” an ENORMOUS black ‘cloud’ over Newmarket. It had a kind of spiritual thunder and lightning coming from it. It was composed of such things as many different soul fragments from all the terrible things that had been done to people in that town over the centuries, as well as negative entities and who knows what else. That dark cloud was making people in the town act crazy every now and again. As I write this I decided to look up the history of Newmarket, and guess what? The high street was a major road going way back to the Stone Age! If anyone feels like doing spiritual warfare, who lives near there and so has spiritual authority over the area, Newmarket would be a good target.

I located a soul fragment of myself that was stuck there and cleaned it up and returned it to me.


How was I first introduced to the reality that aliens are on earth? I was having a conversation with my clearing teacher, some time after my original training in clearing. Somehow the subject of life on other planets must have come up. My teacher noticed my obvious interest in the subject. So he then told me a story:

When Apollo 11 took Neil Armstrong to the moon, of course the whole world was watching on TV. The first radio signals to reach earth came down on a different part of the earth at different times through the day and night. Therefore, radio telescopes were set up in different locations to receive the first signals. At one time, the first radio telescope to receive Amstrong’s messages was in Western Australia. A friend of my teacher’s was working at the radio telescope at the time. My teacher told me that his friend told him that at one time Armstrong reported that there were three UFOs or space craft flying outside (I can’t remember the exact words).

There was a very short delay (I think of a minute or two) between the messages that Armstrong gave, and the rest of the world hearing the message. That was long enough for the controllers to cut off all messages from Armstrong to the rest of the world. The world was told that we had lost radio communication for two hours, while Armstrong went into great detail explaining the crafts and what they were doing.

Naturally, I was stunned by this story. I said to my teacher something to the effect, “You meant to say that UFOs are real?!”. Seeing that I believed him and was very interested in the subject, my teacher then offered me a copy of a book which he had just received from a friend who had visited the USA – Matrix II, by Val Valerian. This was back around 1992, when we had no internet. I was happy to borrow the book and took it home with me.

Matrix II is a large compilation of many documents relating to aliens on earth, underground bases, alien abduction, government involvement with aliens and similar subjects. It blew me away. I could not doubt the veracity of those documents.

I went into shock for three days. Normally, I am a fairly talkative person (even more so in those days), but for three days I walked around a bit like a zombie. I remember my mother saying something to me one day that was very important (can’t remember what it was) and I replied to her, “I don’t care.”


But, after a while, I got used to the idea, and kept looking for, and attracting, other pieces of information. Reading “Bringers of the Dawn” helped introduce me to reptilians in a less stressful manner. I do not ever recommend any channelled material, but the information in this book and the way it is written seemed to make more sense than normal channelled waffle.

I remember one night when I met with about a dozen other people in a farmhouse on a good sized farm north of Sydney. The land was quite rolling, and you could not see any other houses from the house we were in. A man there called D. was an experienced Clearing Practitioner. He said that many people are in the “no-love” universe, when they should be in the “love universe.” In addition, he said that people who do nothing but clearing are more likely to end up in the “no-love universe”, because it’s “negative processing”. He said that people needed a balance of clearing negativity, but also replacing that with focus on love, beauty and ethics.

I sat and watched while he worked on a line of about eight people, one of whom was an ex-Catholic priest. He muscle-tested to find out which people were in the “no-love universe.” Then he did something (I have no idea what) to bring those people into the “love universe.” I think he just commanded them to join it. The interesting thing was that I saw the ex-priest transform before my very eyes. He went from looking quite sullen to almost glowing with joy.

The people doing this had been doing this for a while, on a purely donation basis, for whoever would turn up for it. The interesting thing about this process was that the people who were doing this found that every now and again, certain people would get sick after they were moved into the Love Universe. They found through muscle testing that these people had metaphysical alien-circuitry on them.

I also have found that abductees can have this all over them. It can take the form of plates over the heart, metal bolts, screws – you name it, someone will have it. So before a person was moved to the Love
Universe, D. and some others would muscle test to identify who had alien circuitry on them. Then they would remove them. To remove the circuitry, you work out what it is through muscle testing, grab hold of it and throw it away, as you click your fingers to vanish it. The more you do accurate muscle testing, and this kind of work, the more you will be able to ‘see’ this stuff.

However, after doing that, they found that some people still got sick. Then they made a discovery. Some people had no alien circuitry, but they did have reptilian circuitry. The body does not identify reptilians as ALIEN! That is presumably because they have been here long enough to be considered natives! After that discovery, the people would test for and remove alien AND reptilian circuitry and no one got sick after that.

In the middle of doing all this, suddenly one of the women said, “What is that awful smell?”. Others could smell it as well.

They said it smelled like rotting meat. Immediately, D. rushed over to a corner of the room we were in, and did something which I can’t remember. I then learned that the smell had come from a reptilian who turned up to watch what we were doing, and D. removed him. Since that experience, both Michael and I have on a number of times been alerted to the presence of a reptilian or alien by a sudden appearance in one very small area (say 2′ square) of a very foul smell, like rotten meat, garbage or super bad breath. The smell has differed at different times.


It’s funny (strange funny) how similar things can happen all at the same time. It was only a very short space of time between my reading Matrix II and hearing that a man (we’ll call him D.) I knew was going to promote a Native American who was visiting Sydney, Australia from the U.S.A. The Native American was Robert Morning Sky, and he was going to speak about how aliens have been on our planet for generations, and that the government had been involved with them. D. was asking for volunteers to help with putting out posters to promote Robert’s upcoming talks. That sounded like a lot of fun to me at the time. By then I had gotten over my own shock, and I guess I liked the idea of shocking a few other people. That way, I would not be the only one around who knew about aliens!

About 25 of us met one evening at a house to make plans for plastering Sydney with alien posters. The poster was very well done. It was about 5′ x 2.5′, bright yellow, with a huge head a of gray on it and the words that were, from memory, pretty close to something like: “Aliens – The Truth Revealed – Medicine Man Robert Morning Sky speaks out!”

Most of us present there were used to the idea that your thoughts can change your reality. So everyone of us there that night put out a clear intention that that night we would not be seen by anyone. And that is what happened. One couple even had a police car drive by and were not seen. We learned later, however, that one couple of people who did NOT come to the meeting and so presumably did not take this extra precaution, were confronted with the police. (Nothing came of it).

The next morning – Oh! What a laugh we had! About a dozen pillars of concrete spaced far apart all along the Sydney harbor bridge had bright yellow posters with a big gray on them, staring at the massive amount of morning traffic, which goes at a snail’s pace in the morning, so everyone could get a GOOD look at them.

When Robert came and spoke, about 300 people turned up to his first talk. and more to later ones. Some cameramen from a major TV station also turned up, but D. knew enough about ‘the game’ to keep them out. Robert is a Hopi Indian. He talked about how the Hopis have long known about the evil aliens that visit earth, because they had met with them. However, these days I am more skeptical of his information, as he seems kind of pro-alien and any being that visits people at night and removes them from their house without conscious permission is very, very evil. What would we call humans who did that??

Once I finished my kinesiology training, and started seeing clients, every now and again I would run into a case where someone had very weird symptoms for no apparent reason, and muscle testing would indicate that they had been abducted.

Sometimes, if I shared that information, the client would then volunteer other information that supported this. Some of those stories are in Reptilian and Alien Encounters by Clients and Friends and also in Vaccinations Harm Psychic Abilities.


A number of years after I completed my training as a clearing practitioner and a kinesiologist, I started thinking again of how I went into total shock when I first learned about alien abduction. I had never before thought that I had been abducted.

But I realized that my intense reaction to Matrix II was pretty good evidence that I myself had been abducted. Otherwise, why on earth would I react that way? I managed to find a woman who would do a clearing session specifically to have a look and see if I was abducted.

Sure enough, I got to remember a time when I was about six years old, when we lived on the four acres of bush in an area west of Sydney. We had a running creek at the back of the property. I remembered going down to it on my own, and that was where I was taken. The memories were not as clear as they were when I remembered my past lives, but I felt that they were true. We didn’t have kinesiology then to balance out the drugs and mind control, or to do the wernicke’s correction, which I believe would have helped me to get clearer memories.

I ‘got’ that a species that is not generally known abducted me. (Here is a video with evidence that at least 57 species of aliens have visited earth). I do not recall what the aliens look like, but as I write this I think they were fairly humanoid looking. They were a small bunch of scientists who were studying psychic species. They collected my psychic energy, and put it in a jar, kind of like what a butterfly collector would do. During the session, my practitioner instructed me to locate the jar. I could ‘see’ my energy in there – it was like a lump of blue energy in a glass jar. I then took it back. I did in fact notice an increase in my metaphysical abilities after that session.

After that session, I became even more convinced than I was before, that people who say that they have not been abducted have NO IDEA of whether they really have been or not. But if they do a lot of reading about aliens, I would bet that they have been at least once. Why else are they interested in the subject?


I had had enough trouble with relationships before aliens came to be important to me. I had never been any good at keeping any thing about myself to myself, and so this was obviously going to make things even tougher! I wondered how on earth was I ever going to meet someone who would be a good partner for me NOW? I was in my mid 30s and had never been married. My mother, naturally, did not believe in aliens but she knew that I did and advised me to not talk to any men about them, or “I would scare them away”. I told her that, sooner or later, I was going to say something about aliens, since the subject was so very important to me. (And should be to anyone who cared about the people of earth). So I figured that I may as well scare them off sooner than later. Men (and women) are like buses. There is always another one coming along.

And I did scare them off. Until I met Michael. I first met Michael at a Nexus conference, run by Nexus magazine. I had been to the Nexus conference the preceding year, but had not met anyone who was my kind of man. So when the next year came along, I did not feel like spending the money to go again. But I said, “God, if you want me there, you get me there.” Soon after, a woman friend of mine rang up, wanting to arrange a blind date with me and one of the speakers. I wasn’t interested, until I heard that he had free tickets to the conference. So I met for coffee and got my ticket. That wasn’t Michael.

I was standing looking at the table selling books, when a male voice beside me said “Hello” to me. I turned and looked into Michael’s eyes. I felt an immediate attraction. Plus I felt for the first time that I had met someone with my eyes. When the lunch break came, we went and had lunch together. I can still remember walking to the eatery, asking the ‘fatal’ question – “Do you believe in aliens?” Michael’s answer was “I don’t believe IN aliens, but I do believe that they exist. There are four
different kinds described in the bible.” As an ex-Catholic who had never read the bible, it was news to me that there were aliens in the bible, but it was good enough to me that I had asked a man about aliens and he had not disappeared in a cloud of dust.


Some of my evolution involved the reading of various books, including fiction. Of all the books out there, there is one set which I cannot more highly recommend, and that is the first six books in the Lensman series by E.E. Doc Smith. You generally have to buy them second hand. Try second hand book stores, www.abebooks.com and www.ebay.com, as well as your library, for better deals, before going to www.amazon.com. Michael and I like to re-read these every now and again to remind us what the real battle is about. (Warning: There are some violent scenes in some of these books. But the messages are very profound).

The other book which we really love and highly recommend is “Battlefield Earth” by L. Ron Hubbard. Do not bother with the dumb movie, which left all the important bits out, especially the most important last third of the book! Do not start reading this book until you have a lot of spare time and don’t have to get up early the next day.

And if you love that as much as we do, do not bother with the Hubbard decalogy. I do not believe that Hubbard wrote this. It was supposedly written near the end of his life. The style is atrocious and very different from Battlefield Earth, and most importantly of all, the author’s knowledge of the technology that Hubbard wrote aobut is not 100% correct. While I was never a member of Hubbard’s organization, I have read enough of his books to know when someone else does not fully understand it.


July 11 2001

This event happened after the events in The Mars Records, Book 2

We had moved to Chesapeake, Virginia, near Norfolk, as Michael was offered a contract there. This session was done the day after we moved into our new home, an apartment in an apartment complex. Michael woke this morning feeling sure that he’d been taken. He felt very spacey. In addition, the scars on his groin were more pronounced.

Immediately after he got up and went to the bathroom he had a memory of him walking with a man at night in the apartment complex. He remembered seeing trees (there are tall trees in the apartment complex).

I gave him a kinesiology balance. His cloacals were out of balance, which they hadn’t been for months. Muscle testing indicated that the cause was ten wernicke’s commands.

He felt this time they’d actually come in the front door – physically walked in like normal people. I had already had this thought a few minutes earlier. Presumably the work Michael was doing each night to change the space time continuum to protect us against all the various technologies was still working, which was why they had to make a physical visit.

Our front door had a door blocker on it. Normally this is a chain so that you can open the door a few inches, but the door is still locked. In our case the door blocker was made from a few straight bars. We believe they had an instrument that can open this device, using some kind of electromagnetic instrument.

Stephanie was also wiped out. When Michael tested her she was blocked and her Central Nervous System was out of balance.

She had not been abducted.

The ten commands that we removed from Michael were:

Forget this happened.

This didn’t happen.

Don’t remember this.

We’re not here.

Go to sleep.

We’re your friends.

You’re dreaming.

We didn’t do this.

You imagined this.

The meter is fake.

For more examples of this type of mind control commands and how they can be removed, read this free report – New World Order Mind Control Command and How You Can Remove Them.

After that event, we bought a bunch of portable door locks. We put a portable door lock on the front door every night without fail.

I virtually never wake up during the night. But a month after Michael got abducted through the door, I woke up instantly somewhere around 3 am. It wasn’t a normal waking up. I sat up instantly, with all my alarm bells ringing. I heard a metallic rattling coming from the direction of the front door (It was a very small apartment). I absolutely froze in fear. Then I heard a minute of silence. Then I heard one last metallic bang. It sounded as though Michael’s abductors had come to take him again and had opened the chain on the door, but could not get through because of our portable door lock. Then they talked about what to do. The last ‘bang’ was them putting the metal chain back in place. I sat in bed, without waking Michael, for long enough for whoever it was to leave, before I went and looked out the peep hole. I did NOT want to look out that peep hole and see anyone there!

Ever since this night we have always put a portable door lock on every door. And when we travel we have at least two, since hotels sometimes try to put us in rooms with a door that leads into another room. Once the door leading into another room lead into a broom closet?! What was that about? We made sure we asked for another room when they tried to put us there.

Of all the experiences, what is the one that most convinces me that aliens are on earth right now? Besides the obvious question to all those UFOs we see – do they ever land?

The answer is the story that I have described in the article on “How to Prevent alien and military abduction.” The night when Michael was doing the Quantum Matrix and I looked over to the left to see a large orb of greenish light. I still look over to that area and remind myself – I really did see it. And how dare they spy on our bedroom!

In closing, I would like to remind people that no matter what happens, the most important thing is to continue to strengthen your personal relationship with God. Talk to him, listen to him and do what he wants you to do. The knowledge that aliens are real and do horrible things to us humans has never reduced my trust in God. It just made me realize that this game that we are playing, this fight between good and evil, is far, far bigger than most of us ever imagined. And at least life is never boring these days.

Other parts of my history are in:

“The Mars Records”, Books 1 and 2, which you may read for free at www.TheMarsRecords.com.

My Past Lives.

I end up at the same place twice.

How Thoughts Create Reality

Reptilians Steal Babies.

Vaccinations Harm Psychic Abilities

Reptilian and Alien Encounters by Clients and Friends


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