Interview with an Ex-Vampire –

A True Story


PART 9 (Final)









S: How did you get out of becoming a Vampire?

B: Well, I’ll tell you, without the power of Almighty Yahweh, I couldn’t have done it.

When I was getting down really deep and dark I was still a member of the Church of Satan, of course.

And every year I had to send a check to the Church of Satan to keep up my dues.

And that check, when it came back from the bank, some lady had written on it, “I’ll be praying for you in the name of Jesus”.

Because they obviously figured if someone was giving money to the Church of Satan, they were in pretty deep spiritual trouble.

And in my case they were right.

So … I just laughed at it.

Because by that time I was so deceived I thought Jesus was a son of Satan.

So I threw the check in my file and forgot about it.

Well, within just a few days everything in my life fell apart.

I was already pretty miserable.

But I lost all of my Vampiric powers in the course of 2 or 3 days of getting that check.

And I also lost the craving for blood.

I was delivered from it.

It was like Yahushua just reached down soverignly and even though I was not really yet ready to get Born Again he lifted that huge burden off from me.

And I was able to basically start living … it was like he healed me of whatever that virus or that enzyme was.

Unfortunately it still took me about 4 or 5 years to get Born Again, because I went from there, as I think I mentioned earlier, to ending up with the Mormons for 5 years, but it was certainly an improvement over being a Vampire (laugh).

S: Sure.

B: So, it was the power of Almighty Yahweh that did it.

I couldn’t have done it without him because I knew I was within weeks of killing someone.

And it was totally taken away.

Plus my addiction to cocaine was totally taken away.

S: Wow, wonderful.

B: So, Baruch Hashem Yahweh!

S: What is a Werewolf?

B: Well, a Werewolf is an individual who is usually – the technical term is a lycanthrope – a shapeshifter.

And they are usually an individual who is very high up in the black arts and has achieved an incredible amount of demonic possession.

In other words, they are very highly possessed by demons.

And they basically have the ability at will to transform from a normal human being into this gigantic wolf-like thing that is between 7 and 8 feet tall and weighs more than 300 pounds and can rip your head off.

S: Thank you. From your own experience and contacts, are they real?

B: Well, yes, I think they are.

I was told while in the Brotherhood of Satan that that was basically the assassin squad of the Brotherhood.

If they wanted someone killed, and killed quickly and messily, that they would have one of their Werewolf assassins go out and do it so that it would look like the person had been mauled by a wild animal.

And we had several cases where either people were … I personally have not seen a Werewolf.

I have seen other Were-animals, but not a Were-wolf.

But my wife has.

Other people we have talked to have.

I think the most obvious story and the closest to me was one time when I was a Christian Minister and I was down in Salt Lake doing a conference and my wife was alone on this compound where our ministry was out in the country in Seattle.

Very much isolated.

And it happened – thank Yahweh that this happened – it happened that her sister was with her, and they were both Christians.

And the weird thing was that we had just moved into this place and there were no locks on the doors.

Because we were out in the middle of nowhere – I mean, no one ever came out there.

But all of a sudden it became very important that there was a lock on the door and there wasn’t one.

Because they started hearing something and they said that it sounded like a cougar or something.

Pacing around the house.

Except that its footprints were audible, and you don’t usually hear a cougar’s footprints.

It was like PHOOMP… PHOOMP.

Kind of like the Tyrannosaurus Rex in the movie “Jurassic Park”.

They didn’t know what it was.

And it was happening that this place was a split level house and the living room was up on the second floor.

And my wife opened the window and there was something staring back at her, like from about 7 feet off the ground.

These big, red eyes.

And they were enormous.

And she couldn’t see anything else – just a vague outline – because there was one of those night lights about 100 yards away.

Whatever it was, it was dark and enormous.

And it kept pacing around the house.

And they were just praying up a storm.

And bleeding the blood of the Lamb over the house.

And it never could get in.

It finally just left.

But there were large … there were footprints like this big, on the ground the next morning.

And they looked like three balls up here and a huge arch and then one single ball back here.

S: Great. Well, if it’s a physical thing, why was it that it wasn’t able

to get in?

B: Well, because even though it’s a physical creature, it’s powered … the whole ability to do that is totally demonic.

It’s powered by demons.

And demons fear the name of Yahushua.

And they fear the blood of Yahushua.

And they will not cross it.

And especially because that whole property had been prayed over for years.

I mean, it had been a Christian Ministry for almost a generation.

So, the power of Yahweh God is so much greater, that he basically just gave up and left.

S: Great.

Can you tell me some other Werewolf stories?

B: (laugh) Well, similarly close, we had a young lady come to us who was needing Deliverance.

She had just got separated from her husband who oddly enough was a Mormon Bishop.

And she had discovered after their wedding – very soon after the wedding she found out that he was a Werewolf.

And he was also an airline pilot.

That’s what he did for a living.

So, can you imagine having a Werewolf airline pilot?

Well, there’s one out there.

S: Goodness.

B: And this guy actually raped her while he was a Werewolf.

And she had the scars to prove it.

She also had the baby to prove it.

And she came to us for ministry.

She was so terrified we actually had to go and meet with her in another city.

Because oddly enough they lived right up on the mountain where we lived.

And it might even have been that it was he who was the Werewolf who was pacing around out house 3 years earlier.

We don’t know.

Because I can’t imagine that there are that many Werewolves out in little downtown Issaquah.

And anyhow she got totally free of it.

But she had a Werewolf husband.

The other thing that happened – this was again, not me, but a colleague of mine, Ed Decker.

He was out on the mission field for Y.W.A.M. (Youth With A Mission) in Tonga or Samoa – one of those two islands – and they were preaching against Mormonism.

And a Mormon Bishop came up and started railing at them.

You know, middle-aged guy, but he was Samoan – so he was a big fellow.

And he was berating them for preaching against the ‘true’ Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and as he got more and more riled up all of a sudden you could hear these bones and his face start to creak and crack.

And his face started to change and he started growing a snout and he started getting bigger and started tearing out of his clothes.

It was like he was turning into a Were-Orangutan.

Like this giant ape.

And my friend Ed looked at his friend who was also a leader in Y.W.A.M. and he said, “Do you believe this?”

And this guy was even growling like a gorilla or something.

I mean, just enormous roars and getting bigger by every second.

And Ed just looked at him and said, “In the name of Jesus, I rebuke you. Get out of here.”

And instantly there was this PHWWWP – he just turned back into a normal guy and ran away half naked.

So, again, it just shows, that even though these things are big and scary, the power of Yahweh is so much greater.

And then I think the final thing is that we had a young boy, maybe 10 or 11 years old who was brought to us for ministry by his Mum and he had been out riding his bike with a friend.

Not a very good place to ride.

He was riding around in this big landfill somewhere up in Everett I think it was in Washington state.

And the two of them were riding around after dark and they came upon this area which was a really noxious place.

It was full of these fires that burn to burn off the methane and huge piles of rotting junk.

And right in the middle of it there was a Satanic ritual going on.

Because that is a very common place that Satanists find those kind of things.

So naturally they freaked out because they saw these guys in robes waving around knives and chanting and everything and they started to pedal away.

And all of a sudden some big thing was following them.

And the young guy we were talking with, he was the first bicyclist.

And he said that he looked back and he saw this thing and he said that it was taller than a house.

It was chasing the both of them.

And all he could see in the firelight was this vague shape of blackness and pointed ears and these huge red eyes.

And he looked back occasionally and just pedaled for his life.

And all of a sudden he heard his little friend scream and he looked back and there was no sign of him.

So evidently this thing got him.

And so that put even more fear into his bicycling.

And he was just pedaling as fast as he could.

And he could hear … he could actually feel the thing’s breath on his neck.

It was like 2 feet away.

And he just cried out, “Oh Jesus, help me.”

Because he was a young Christian guy.

And the thing had just taken its hands like this, the big claw, and placed it on his chest, when the kid cried out.

That elicited a scream.

The thing backed off like it had been scalded.

But it left these huge scars.

Like 3 scars about 3 inches apart, across the child’s chest.

Then the kid got away.

And naturally he got home, called the cops.

They went up there and – you see, these Satanists are really good at clean-up.

They can, in a matter of minutes, get everything out of there and get rid of any signs of the first lost kid.

They didn’t know what happened to him.

Naturally the police were not ready to believe that some giant Bigfoot-like wolf had run off with the child.

That wasn’t in their world view.

So, but again, we prayed with the child, and he just needed Deliverance from the spirit of fear, obviously, and he was okay.

But, he still had those scars.

So, they are very real.

S: Terrible story. And fantastic that he was able to come through.

B: Yes, that he had enough presence to call upon the one power in the Universe that could have prevented that Werewolf from killing him.

S: Thank you.

You say, that there could be other animals besides Werewolves.

What are they?

B: Yes. Well, almost any animal can be a shape shifter, a Lycanthrope.

Now in the Native American religion they are called Skinwalkers.

But it’s regarded as black magick.

A friend of mine who was a physician, a pediatrician, and he liked to do pro bono work on an Indian Reservation in the Pacific Northwest.

And one day he told me, after he heard this story, he said, “I know a lot of people will think when you talk about Werewolves that you are just nuts, but I will tell you this, and this is a true story.”

And this guy is very respected in the Christian community and in the Medical community.

He said every time when he left the reservation after a day of helping these kids, there would be this old, grandmother-like, Native American woman standing there, wrapped up in a blanket with a little hat and she would be just glaring at him with these hateful eyes.

As if she was thinking, “You are a Christian, get out of my Reservation.”

And it gave him the creeps, every time.

Well one time, after about 3 or 4 times of this happening, he was driving by, and he was kind of watching her.

And all of a sudden, literally in the blink of an eye she was gone and this large raven was standing on the ground.

Just like – SNAP – like that.

And he said he looked, and he rubbed his eyes, and the raven was still standing there, glaring at him with those same black, beady eyes.

And just flew away.

S: Wow.

B: And he said that he knew that that was a Skinwalker.

She was probably some kind of Medicine Woman.

Like I said, the guy who was one of my Voodoo teachers, he wanted me to become a Were-Tarantula.

So you can be a Were-Coyote, a Were-Tarantula, a Were-Raven, a Were-anything, probably.

S: Thank you.

Do you know anything about becoming a Werewolf?

B: Well, that is part of the reason why I didn’t want to do that path.

The rituals are very horrible.

Not really suited for discussion, but they involve human sacrifice and very sadistic things that you wouldn’t even want to talk about.

S: Wow.

And do you know of any other disadvantages to becoming a Werewolf, besides the pain you mentioned earlier?

B: Well, I should mention one other thing, and that is that if a person is bitten by a Werewolf they will again have some kind of infection or virus or enzyme for that.

But, I don’t know that they will turn … that is a Hollywood thing … that “if you are bitten by a Werewolf and the moon is bright” you know, blah, blah, blah … but I don’t know if that is really true, because otherwise obviously we would be crawling with Werewolves.

And besides, usually Werewolves do not leave people alive.

And secondly, if that were true, that young child would turn into a little Were-kid.

You know, a little Werewolf cub.

And he didn’t.

So apparently that is only true if the Werewolves want to do that.

There is some kind of initiation involved then.

But what other disadvantages are involved?

Well, again, to be that kind of a thing, you have to be demon possessed to your eyeballs.

And secondly you are on your way to Hell faster than greased lightning.

And also you have a bloodlust.

Even when you are in human form.

I have been told – of course I wasn’t one – but you are constantly feeling the urge to go out and kill something.

So, it’s not a pleasant experience.

Especially when you consider that when you finally die, which you will, werewolves are not immortal, but oddly enough, what I have been told, again I don’t know this, is that they can only be killed by a silver bullet.

And the reason is that silver is the symbol of redemption in the Bible.

Yahushua was redeemed – I mean, not redeemed – he was betrayed with 30 pieces of silver.

And oddly enough if you look at the plan of construction of the tabernacle in the wilderness that Moses built to house the Arc of the Covenant, it was built on silver.

The foundation was entirely of silver.

And of course we know that silver – like colloidal silver and things like that – it’s a very good blood purifier.

S: Thank you.

In the movies they show that people who become Werewolves don’t remember what they did.

They just sort of wake up and they have this missing period in their memory.

Is that true?

B: No, I don’t believe so.

Because, otherwise how would they know if they had done their job?

If someone says, “We want you to go out and kill X,Y, Z person”.

How would they know if they accomplished their mission?

There would be no sense in that.

I think that is a Hollywood thing.

S: And can they do it anytime they want to? Even in daytime?

B: Again, yes, that’s true.

It’s harder for them to change in the daytime, but they can do it.

But this thing, “You can only do it when the moon is full” and then it happens against your will, that’s strictly Hollywood.

S: Why is it harder in the daytime?

B: Because the powers of darkness are on the wane.

You see, the sun is a symbol of the Son of Righteousness, who’s the Messiah, Yahushua.

Who comes with healing on his wings, according to the Book of Malachi.

I think that’s why both Vampires and Werewolves fear the sun and don’t particularly like to be out in it.

S: Thank you.

How long does it take to transform into a Werewolf?

B: Well, I’ve been told it takes about a minute.

S: Oh, very fast!

B: Yes. But obviously this guy who had the experience with the Native American old lady, with her, it took a second.

So, I don’t know.

I think like you see these things in the movies and they make it more …

But. let’s face it, if you are standing there, and some guy says, “Excuse me, for five minutes I have to sit here and writhe and groan and creak and have bones break and everything. You just sit here and wait and then I’ll rip your throat out as a Werewolf.”

I mean, the person would run away.

So, it’s got to be pretty fast.

So what I was told was that it takes about a minute.

And of course they don’t usually wait and do it in front of the person they are going to kill.

They do it in advance.

Because they can run really fast.

If you have got 5 foot legs, you can run awfully fast.

S: Right.

I heard a story that someone put out an 800 number asking for anyone who had Werewolf stories that were true to phone in, and they had to close the number because they had literally hundreds of thousands of calls.

I was just wondering if you might have any idea of how many Werewolves there might be?

B: Yes, that was an actual TV show.

It was called “Werewolf”.

And they had an 800 number.

And they were just jammed with calls.

I really don’t know.

I assume there are thousands of them in America.

Probably one in every major city, at least.

And plus, there are also colonies of them, where they just go off and live by themselves.

Because it is kind of … there are certain … it’s kind of hard to be a Werewolf and have a married life and everything.

I mean, things start getting rather …

Things start giving it away.

So they tend to not be married – now that was the anomaly with this Mormon Bishop, was that he was actually married – but literally within a few days his wife discovered that he was a Werewolf.

Maybe you start pricking bristly wolf hair out of the guy’s hairbrush in the bathroom or something (laugh) – I don’t know.

So, I would gather that there are probably thousands.

But that’s just an educated guess.

S: Now, if someone wants to see a Werewolf changing, is there a film they can watch?

B: Well, I have very good reason … you know, the person who told me this is pretty much unimpeachable … that the transformation that takes place at the end of the movie “The Howling” – they were trying to do a special effects naturally – and then they just couldn’t get it together on schedule.

And so they literally had a real Werewolf come in.

And they closed the set and they had him transform in that kind of climactic scene in the office where this girl who is kind of standing there.

And again, the question is, because it takes a long time in the movie, it might take 2 or 3 minutes, and you ask “Why doesn’t this girl just run away?”

Unless of course it’s just she’s so terrified or something, I don’t know.

But anyhow, what I have been told, I don’t know this first hand, but I have no reason to doubt it, is that that is a genuine Werewolf transformation you are seeing there.

S: What is the Illuminati?

B: Well, the Illuminati is a large, umbrella organization that is more or less at the root of all the different conspiratorial movements in the world.

It really started more than a 1,000 years ago.

In fact, you could say in a way it started way back at the Tower of Babel, but it started really with Hassan I Sabbah who was an Ishmaeli heretic in the Islamic movement.

And he came up with most of the core ideas of it.

And it kind of came up through groups like the Templars and the Rosicrucians and then ultimately flowered, if you will, in 1776, under the guidance of Adam Weishaupt who started the Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria.

And that was the beginning of it.

And basically it’s like the premier underground occult society.

Historians think it was done away with before the beginning of the 19th Century but it wasn’t really done away with.

It just went underground.

S: Thank you.

What was your involvement in the Illuminati?

B: Well, soon after I had been involved in some of these high level forms of Masonry and everything, I was basically contacted by them.

Because you don’t ask to join the Illuminati.

They ask you.

And I received a letter and then subsequently I received a personal contact from somebody in the organization and they put me through a kind of, actually a surprisingly simple initiation.

Later on I was given a more thorough initiation by a fellow who came all the way from France to do it.

And then of course the primo thing was the thing I have already talked about, which was the illumination, if you will, when I was taken up into the Saturnian Temple and had Lucifer’s fingernail go into my forehead and was basically filled with the ‘light’ of Lucifer.

That is what it means to be a member – it means to be an illuminated one – illuminati in Latin.

S: When you got a letter from them, did they actually sign it, like, “Hi, this is the Illuminati here, please come join us.”?

B: No. It was actually the person who contacted me who wrote the letter.

S: And how did you know it was from the Illuminati?

B: Well, because it had their letterhead.

S: Oh. So, they have an actual letterhead?

B: Yes.

S: Wow. So, all the other people who are top members of political power and order, did they get that same letter?

B: Well, no.

As many people know, a lot of people who are in the Illuminati are in it hereditarily.

They are in families that are part of the Illuminati.

Some of the old mossy money families of America, the Harrimans, the Bundys, some of these old families that are part of the Skull and Bones crowd, and the Harvard crowd and the Rockefellers and all of them.

Of course, the oldest family that has been in the Illuminati is the Rothschilds.

They were there from the very beginning.

But all of those people are in it by birth.

But a fair number … because the trouble is if you do it that way, then everything gets kind of incestuous and stagnant.

And so they like to bring in new blood, so to speak, and so they do invite people who are not part of this inner clique of these old mossy money families, necessarily, to be part of it.

And that’s what happened to me.

See, the way it worked, I think – this is what the spirit guides told me – is that because when I went through these very … see, Masonry and the Illuminati are linked.

At the highest level of Masonry is where the Illuminati begins.

Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone who is in the Illuminati is a Freemason.

That isn’t always the case.

But, when I started going through the degrees in the regular Grand Lodge in the state of Wisconsin, I would have spirit guides prompting me to do certain things at certain times.

And those things would catch the attention of certain members of the Grand Lodge.

And they would think kind of, “Oh, he’s a little different. He’s a little special.”

I would say certain things.

Or I would give certain answers to questions that would be like key words that would open doorways that the average Mason of Wisconsin would never be able to open.

And so by the time that I got up to the Shrine and I made certain choices during my Shrine initiation which I’ve already kind of discussed, those definitely opened up doorways to me.

To go and be contacted by the Illuminati.

S: I see. And how long were you a member of the Illuminati?

B: Oh, well, of course, they would say that I still am.

But, I mean, kind of like the thing with the Catholic Priesthood, they believe its forever.

But I was basically in it for a year or a year and a half before …

And then again I kind of backed out of it very gradually.

So that’s kind of a nebulous time period.

Because once I became a Mormon … you know, the funny thing is that all of this stuff comes together.

Because Joseph Smith …. here we are back on Mormonism again … but Joseph Smith back in the 1840s started a secret council of 50.

And you’ll never guess what the secret name of the council was?

S: The Illuminati?

B: Yes.

S: (laugh).

B: I’m not kidding. And then someone suggested he change it and so he changed it to the more sinister sounding “Council of Ytfif”, which is “fifty” spelled backwards.

S: Oh.

B: Just shows you the level this guy operated at.

He wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box.

But anyway, you would be amazed at how many groups …

For example, the original name for the Jesuit Order of the Catholic Church was Los Illumbrados, which means “The Illuminated Ones”.

The Mormons to this day have a splinter group up in I think in Lake Michigan or near Lake Michigan – not IN Lake Michigan obviously (laugh) – that is called “The Illuminati”.

S: So how do you know that the Illuminati that you were a member of was the same one that the Rothschilds and Rockefellers are members of?

B: The letter head?


S: Okay.

B: No, I’m kidding.

Obviously a letterhead can be faked.

Well, I guess the main ways is because I know that the man who basically was my tutor was one of the highest level occultists in the world at that time.

S: Ah!

B: And he explained to me the structure of the whole thing.

And it basically has been born out by later research that I have done.

But, yes, there are … like if you get on the internet, there are at least 4 or 5 different groups that say “We are the Illuminati” including kind of weird spoof groups like the Discordian Society.

But, yes, I think …. I can’t tell for sure, but whatever I was in, it was certainly a very, very close approximation, if not the real thing.

S: Okay. And did people in the organization drop names to let you know, well, so-and-so is a member of our group.

B: Oh, yes.

They claimed, for example, that George Bush was a member, who at that time was Vice President.

They claimed that many of the world leaders … I was also told who the SECRET people were, behind the scenes.

Because there are what is called in the Illuminati the Nine Unknown Men.

And basically there is one man for every continent who sort of exists as a power behind the throne.

And who basically calls the shots, for like for example the President of the United States of America, the Prime Minister of Canada.

They all take their marching orders from him or else they learn to regret it.

S: I see! Thank you.

Have you ever met anyone else who had a similar initiation like you did on Saturn’s moons?

B: No, no.

But again, I only met like … see, in the Illuminati in its basic form functions very similarly … probably because it’s the same source…. it functions very similarly to how the Communist Party used to function.

Back in the 50s and 60s.

There would be a cell of 3 people.

And they would know each other and only the lead person of that cell would know someone else.

So I knew 2 other people in the Greater Milwaukee area who were in the Illuminati.

And I didn’t really know anyone else, except for the man who was training me.

S: I see.

And what is the goal of the Illuminati?

B: Well, essentially the goal of the Illuminati is the eradication of the Christian religion and the establishment of a One World Government of philosopher-kings.

With naturally they themselves as supreme rulers of the world.

S: And how do you know that?

B: Because that’s what I was told.

S: Right.

B: They have a whole cosmology – a whole world view of history.

That history proceeds in 5 stages.

And that it basically moves from a pristine state of kind of like a Rousseau-like – innocent savages.

And it moves gradually through various stages of patriarchy and bureaucracy until finally it disintegrates into chaos.

Then from the chaos – which they believe we are now entering into – will rise like a phoenix, the Illuminati.

And it will reestablish the glorious reign of Lucifer on the earth.

S: I see.

So, a lot of members of the Illuminati are rich.

So how much money did you stash away while you were a member of the Illuminati?

B: Well, somehow or other I missed out on that.

I never did get very rich.

In fact, when I was in the Illuminati I was working basically as either a security guard or else shoving newspapers into boxes for the Milwaukee Sentinel.

I was given to understand that if I stayed with the program for a while that I would probably have met some very wealthy people and so on, but of course Yahweh got me out of it before that.

S: I see. So were you on the inside or outside fringe?

Do you have any idea where you were?

B: Well, I was told that there were 5 degrees in the Illuminati.

You see, everything in the Illuminati is based on the law of fives.

That’s why, for example, one of the main symbols of the Illuminati is this – which is the roman numeral five.

It wasn’t V for victory that Winston Churchill was flashing.

It was the Illuminati …that’s the same sign that Richard Nixon would always use.

That’s because both of them were Illuminists.

S: Why five? What does five mean?

B: Well, five is … see, there are all sorts of reasons for it.

There are five extremities on the human body.

Two legs, two arms and a head.

The pentagram …… the pentagon.

See, the pentagon is the symbol of the Illuminati – one of them.

I mean, obviously the all-seeing eye in the triangle is another symbol of the Illuminati, like we find on the U.S. one dollar bill.

But the pentagon is one of their very key symbols.

And secondarily is the pentagram.

The other reason is that they say in scripture the number 5 in the Hebrew Bible and even in the Christian Bible is the number of death.

Like Yahushua had five wounds.

And ultimately also there are 23 chromosomes.

And if you add 2 plus 3 you get 5.

S: Mmm. Okay.

B: That’s how the occult mind … you see, everything is about numerological computing.

And even with Illuminism …. That’s why, there is no coincidence the fact that 9-11 happened on 9-11.

S: Or that the number we phone for the police is 911.

B: 911. Right. Yes.

Because, you see, 11 is a very powerful number in numerology.

And so is 9.

In fact, 9 is the ultimate Satanic number because it always – it’s the only selfish number of the primary ordinals.

You know what I mean by a selfish number?

S: No.

B: It always returns to itself.

This is fascinating. Let me illustrate.

Pick any number at random …

S: 4

B: 9 times what? 4. That’s 36 right?

3 + 6 = 9

9 x 9 = 81

8 + 1 = 9

9 x 8 = 72

7 + 2 = 9

No matter what number you multiply by 9, it will always reduce down to 9.

Even if you are up into 8 or 9 digits.

S: So in the nine one one, what is the significance of the one one?

B: Well, see, 11 is the numerological number meaning the beginning of a new octave.

Because it’s the start …

You know, in the west we have a decimal system.

It goes from 1 to 10, or zero to 9, however you want to look at it.

So 11 is … and of course, 10 is basically the same as 1, numerologically, because 1 + 0 is still 1.

But 11 is the beginning of a whole new octave.

And so to do something on the 11th day of the month is meaning that this is a great, new beginning.

S: Oh!

B: And of course, it’s a great new beginning of Satan, because 9 is the ultimate number of Satan.

That is why if you go to the Church of Satan meetings, they will always ring the gong 9 times at the start.

And that’s why there are – I think there are 9 Satanic affirmations.

And of course because 9 is one short of the 10 commandments.

S: I see.

B: See, all of this is very elaborate.

S: And in the Illuminati, there were 5 groups …

B: 5 levels

S: Levels. Which were you in?

B: I was in the very lowest.

S: Right.

B: So, that’s a very long answer to basically say … I wouldn’t say I was in the outer fringe … but I was in the first degree.

So I never got higher than that.

S: Okay. Do other members of the Illuminati have to go through all of these outrageous trainings that you had to go through?

B: Well, again I think that the people who are in it from birth in a way have it easier, but maybe in a way not because I know a lot of them are ritualized or whatever, so I don’t really know.

The two people that I knew were just like me.

They were people who had basically been recruited out of …see, the term we used was mehums.

Which was short for ‘mere humans’.

And basically the typical Illuminati mindset, which unfortunately I had toward the end of my ‘brilliant’ occult career was that human beings were like cattle.

They were fit to be slaughtered.

And if you wanted to have a famine over in Africa for the purposes of some geopolitical thing, or if you wanted – you know – create the AIDS virus and wipe out 500 million people with it, that was fine.

Just like today we think nothing of going out and shooting a bunch of deer if there are too many deer running around.

Or we slaughter cattle for food or whatever.

Well that’s how the Illuminati look at us.

Because they believe they were a new, higher breed of human, because of mutations that had supposedly taken place in our brains.

Because of the special drugs we took.

Because of the special meditations that we did.

Because of the illuminating light of Lucifer that we had all experienced.

So we were ‘above’ them.

As far above them as human beings are above pigs.

S: I see.

Is there anything else you want to say about the Illuminati?

B: Well, obviously they are a very nasty bunch of people.

I deeply regret my involvement with them.

But I know all things work together for good.

So I know that Yahweh is using this to expose these things.

But I guess I would just tell people that if you think the Illuminati is illusory or like the phantom of some conspiracy or other … actually, I mean, the Bible makes it very clear in the second Psalm that there are continually conspiracies going on.

And the Illuminati is just the world’s oldest established floating conspiracy, to steal a line from the movie “Guys and Dolls”.

S: Thank you.

You mentioned earlier that you had attempts on your life.

Roughly how many of them were physical?

B: I think somewhere between 10 or 12.

S: Wow.

B: Probably 10.

S: And about how many were metaphysical or spiritual attacks?

B: Oh, I couldn’t even count them.

I mean, they come almost – if not every day, at least every week.

Because – you see, metaphysical is a big word.

It just means basically some kind of curse.

S: Right.

B: Some kind of energetic attack of a malignant nature.

And we’ve learned over the years to just – every day, we just pray.

And ask Yahweh to protect us.

We put on the armor of God, we cover ourselves and our house and our family under the Blood of Yahushua.

And, you know, 99 out of 100 of these things don’t get through.

But every now and again, one gets through.

And I think it’s to just of kind of keep you humble.

S: Okay.

And would you give us some details of some of the physical attempts on your life?

B: Well, I think I’d already mentioned the attempt to poison me with the stuff on my forehead.

We were shot at.

Of course, we had the Werewolf attack.

S: Tell me about the shooting.

B: Well, just driving down the road and someone shot right through the window of the truck I was driving and fortunately I was wearing (laugh) – you know, this is how these strange things work out – I happen to have this strange fetish – I like when I am just knocking around or not doing anything important, I love to wear bib overalls.

It kind of goes with my hillbilly preacher persona I guess.

And anyway, I was driving, and I had bib overalls on, and the bullet hit the buckle on the bib overalls, which is right here.

S: You are kidding!

B: And it shattered the buckle.

It left me with a huge bruise on my chest.

Obviously it would have gone right into my heart, or very near my heart.

S: Wow!

And it was just done by a person driving in the opposite lane.

And I just pulled over and – GASP – because it felt like someone had punched me really hard in the chest.

S: So it was a good shot.

When you said you’d been shot at, I assumed it was a bad shot and he missed you.

B: No, no.

S: Wow.

B: And then there was the interesting time that we were driving … it was a late … see we used to live out in the country when we were out in Seattle and it was a 5 mile drive into town.

And after work we were driving into town.

It was a 2 lane, rather twisting, turning road.

We were going at 50 miles per hour.

It was raining – Seattle – naturally (laugh).

And it was dark.

And as we were driving along I noticed two things.

One – I noticed that there was this very tall, angel-like thing standing in the road going like this …

S: Was he physical?

B: Yes. Well, it looked physical to me.

Like a tall guy in a white robe.

S: How tall?

B: Well, it was hard to tell, because he was maybe 100 yards away.

But he looked like a pretty big dude.

And secondly I noticed that the headlights coming at me from the opposite direction looked slightly obscured.

And so something told me, “Stop, jam on the brakes.”

And so I stopped and jammed on the brakes.

And I came within a foot of hitting this giant Douglas Fir that someone had chopped down right onto the highway.

And I felt so sorry because there was this guy behind me and he must not have realized what was going on – he probably didn’t have an angel.

And he passed me.

He had this nice, brand new BMW.

And he went right into this tree and it just sheared off – fortunately you know how when trees fall they are kind of off the ground because of the branches – and it sheared off the entire top of his brand new BMW sedan.

But fortunately it didn’t hurt him.

S: But it would have hurt you, because it was lower where you were.

B: Yes, it would have hurt us because it was lower, and we were a taller vehicle.

We just thank Yahweh for that one.

S: Wow.

B: Then I mentioned the Werewolf attack.

And I suppose, the other one that is really probably the most interesting one from the standpoint of what the power of Yahweh can do, is we were out …

One time my parents came out to visit us and we were out showing them around.

We were driving them up to Mount Ranier – I think it was back from Mount Ranier at this time – on this narrow 2 lane road.

And all of a sudden we were driving along and this semi truck was coming at us.

And he comes over deliberately into our lane.

And you know how when a semi turns, it’s like the rear end is still in the other lane, because it’s a big, long thing.

There was no place to go.

And you just had time to say …

Now, I don’t know if this was an attempt on our life, or if it was just an asleep driver, but obviously it would have been fatal.

And as I was saying my father was with me in the front seat and Sharon was with my step-mother in the back seat, and I just cried out to Yahweh.

And we hit and we just went – WHOOSH – right through the semi.

S: Wow.

B: As if we were intangible.

S: Wow.

B: The semi right through us, or we went right through it, or both.

It was like our molecules just blended for a second.

And I can even remember seeing the engine of the semi

S: Gasp.

B: As I was going through it.

S: Wow.

B: It was one of the weirder experience of my life.

And I’ll never forget the look on my father’s face.

Because I don’t think the people in the back seat even realized what was about to happen.

And he looked at me and said, “I’m not going to talk about this.”

We didn’t … he never mentioned it … because it was so far outside of my father’s … because he was this nice, good old garden variety Catholic and he wasn’t used to people dematerializing semis.

So that was a real blessing, because otherwise we would have been a hood ornament on this giant Mac truck.

S: You said that you began to get out of all of this when a check came back from the Church of Satan with a note “I’ll be praying for you in Jesus name”.

Did you have to do anything else to get totally free of all of this stuff?

B: Well, of course, it may not be clear from the continuity of this particular interview, but from there we went into the Mormon Church for 5 years.

And Yahweh kind of used that – I call that my spiritual decompression chamber.

Just like if you take one of those fish from way down in the depths of the ocean that’s really dark and evil looking – you bring it up to the surface – BLAM – they explode.

And they need to put them in a decompression chamber.

Well, the same thing was true of me.

I was in some pretty deep, dark stuff.

And so Yahweh used the Mormon Church to kind of teach me to at least pretend to be a Christian.

Because let’s face it, if you are a Witch, you don’t care it if you commit a sin, because Witches don’t believe in sin.

And of course Satanists really don’t believe in sin.

They think it’s a sin to not sin.

So anyway, when I finally did figure out that the Mormon Church was not true, and I had prayed and given my life to Yahweh, the next step was, I was kind of sitting around reading the Bible and I was not really sure what to do.

Because I was still struggling with whether or not the Mormon Church was true.

And I didn’t have any information on that yet.

So I was kind of reading the Bible and trying to figure out what was going on.

And we were driving through this little town of Independence, Iowa, which was near my home town.

And there was this tiny little Christian bookstore.

I had never seen before and I have never seen since.

S: Wow.

B: And I went into it. And I walked around the Christian book store, while my wife was looking at a quilt store.

And this book literally fell of the shelf into my arms.

It was “The Beautiful Side of Evil”, by Johanna Michaelsen, which I think was brand new at that time.

Excellent book.

And in there as I read the book , she talked about at the end, she was a former psychic and also a former psychic surgeon.

You know, the people who try to reach into your body and pull out diseased organs with spoons or whatever.

And she talked at the end about how after she got saved she had to go and destroy all of her occult possessions with fire, or something like that.

And so that kind of convicted me in my heart.

So I went and gathered up all of my books.

And that was a lot.

I mean, we had sold some of them when we moved, but … a lot of books, swords, daggers, robes, incense burners, grimoires – you name it – I had over $3,000 worth of stuff in the trunk.

And I piled it in the trunk first.

And I could even feel these little evil spirits saying “You don’t want to do this. You don’t want to do this. You are going to need these some day. Don’t do this. Don’t do this.”

And I just tried to shut my mind to that.

And then I just started calling up churches, because she said, “Go call a pastor of a Church, and he will help you with this, because it’s going to be hard for you to do.”

Which was good advice.

And so I started calling churches, and they all kept hanging up on me.

I didn’t call up any Catholic churches, because I figured they wouldn’t know anything about this.

But I started with, “Hi, I am an ex-Witch and I have a whole bunch of stuff I want to burn. Can you help me?”

And they just – Click.

Hang up.

Or else I would get an answering machine or something.

So finally I got hold of, I think it was an Assemblies of God Pastor, and he was, “Oh, Praise the Lord. Bring them over. We even have a guy in our church who is a farmer, and he has an industrial strength furnace. It will burn anything. Even if you put steel in it, it will melt.”

So I drove all the way over there.

And delivered 8 or 10 boxes of books and a couple of boxes of robes and assorted other things and swords and things.

And he kind of sat with me and made sure that I understood what it meant to be saved and all that.

And basically I started going to that church for a while.

So that was more or less what happened.

But then the other side of it was … see, that particular denomination at least at that time … now, we are talking 20 years ago … didn’t believe that a Christian could have a demon.

And so they just, “Oh, well, he’s saved. Glory to God.”. Whatever.

And I was still having some issues.

And circumstances led me to go on my own pastor’s advice to find a different church.

And at that church the pastor believed that a Christian could have a demon.

And he was an old seasoned pastor.

While the first pastor was young – he was fresh out of Bible school.

And he said, “Well obviously you and your wife need Deliverance.”

And so they sat down with us and also another relative that we had led to the Lord.

And basically prayed and we all got set free, of just an enormous amount of demonic stuff.

So that’s often a necessity.

The two things you need to do beyond Salvation – that’s the most important thing – but beyond Salvation the most important thing is to get rid of all of this junk because it can have tendrils that sort of reach out to you and call you back you to it.

And it can also be an open doorway that will give the Devil access to come in and trouble your house.

And the second thing would be that probably you are going to need some sort of Deliverance, and to find a church that hopefully knows what they are doing with that and if not you can certainly contact our Ministry and we will try to do what we can to help you.

We even have a book on how to do it called Blood on the Doorpost.

S: Okay. Thank you.

You mentioned earlier that you actually have still got the Satanic Bible buried away out in your back shed or something.

B: Mhm.

S: So how does that come in?

B: Well, that’s the funny thing.

When we were called into full time Ministry in Seattle, because we were living in Dubuque when I got saved, the oddest thing happened.

We had led this guy to the Lord who was one of our former coven members.

And he was a Satanist.

And we got him saved.

All praise to Yahweh for that.

And what happened was is that he knew we were leaving and one morning he shows up like about 2 days before we were ready to leave.

And he had a trunk full of Satanic and occult books.

And he said, “God told me to give you these. I was going to burn them. But He says that you might need them in your new Ministry.” (laugh)

And it was almost everything that I had burned.

Plus a few things that we didn’t have.

Because you know, new books come out and all that.

And so that’s how I got the Satanic Bible and the Necromonicon and some of these other creepy books.

And we have prayed over them of course.

We pled the blood … and that usually destroys most of their occult power and their ability to harm.

But still, unless you have a legitimate reason for them…

I mean, if you are Minister or an occult apologist or a Deliverance Minister or a Pastor, you might have a legitimate reason.

But if you are just some – I hate to say ‘normal’ Christian – that doesn’t have any of those things, then you probably had better not have those books in your house.

S: I see.

If someone knows someone who’s involved in any of this stuff, what would you advise them to do?

B: Well, I mean it depends on what level of stuff you are talking about.

But in any case, don’t be afraid.

You need to pray for them.

And kind of like I said I think earlier, you need to pray that the spirits that are deceiving them be prevented from doing so.

You need to pray that witnessing encounters be opened up.

You know, for the person to be in just the right place emotionally.

Like, I had to be in the right place emotionally to finally hear the Gospel, because the Gospel was presented to me 5 years before I actually got saved.

And I wasn’t ready for it.

So sometimes it’s a matter of timing.

And the other thing is to pray that that person would have other people come to them, as you have come to them, with the testimony of Yahushua and have them be credible people.

What ever that means – like if you are seeing a person who is a Witch, maybe an ex-Witch would come to them and tell them about Yahushua.

Or if they are someone who is older, maybe someone who is more in their age group.

You know, someone who would have legitimacy.

Those are the key things.

Now we have resources in our Ministry.

Like we have a little booklet about how to witness to New Agers and Occultists and Witches.

We have another booklet about how to witness to Mormons and another booklet about how to witness to Freemasons.

And we have whole books on some of these things.

So we try to have resources available to help people, because some people haven’t the foggiest idea about how to do it.

Because it is different.

When you are dealing with someone who is in a false religion, whatever that religion might be, you first of all have to chip away – it’s kind of like painting an old house.

You have to remove the old paint before you apply the new paint of the Gospel.

S: I see.

And from your own point of view, what can Satan do to people?

B: Anything he wants, unless you are a Christian.

I mean, he can kill you.

He can fry you alive.

And especially if you are not Born Again, then he is like the Bible says, he is like a roaring lion.

He came to steal, kill and destroy.

And if you are not under the blood protection of Yahushua, and Heavenly Father, then you are just – you know – he’ll deceive you, he’ll destroy you, he’ll do anything he can to ruin your life,

And make you think are you are loving it every step of the way.

If you are a Christian, then he’s sort of like a yappy dog on a short leash.

You know, you see these little yappy dogs sometimes when you are out walking – YAP, YAP, YAP – but he can’t really touch you unless he has permission from the Father.

And one of the things that can mainly give that permission is if you have some besetting sin in your life or if you have occult artifacts and things in your house that might be keeping an open doorway.

So normally the Devil normally has a very, very limited range of access of what he can do to Christians, unless of course you do something that’s stupid.

S I see.

And from your own point of view, what can Yahushua do for people.

B: Everything.

You know, the funny thing is that people get into the occult because they think they want power.

They think they want to see — woo, woo, woo – you know, weird stuff – tables floating around, or people even being healed psychically or whatever.

And I will honestly tell you, I was in the occult for 16 years.

I have now been a Christian for 21 years.

And that’s just because I have 5 more years at it.

I have probably seen 10 times the wonderful things, the miracles, that Yahushua can do, over what I did and what other people around me that I saw did in the occult.

Just healings, marvelous things.

Things like – like when I was in the occult, I never saw someone dematerialize an entire semi truck.

S: Mmm.

B: You know, stuff like that.

And, yes, I had a few weird little things, miraculous things that happened every now and again when I was into this stuff, but nothing compared to what I have seen since I have been serving the true and living God.

S: Wonderful.

What books and videos do you have that you recommend that people look at for further research?

B: Well, in terms of – let’s start at the beginning.

In terms of Wicca, we have our book Wicca, Satan’s little white lie which is as far as I know the only book out there that was written by a former Witch, from a Christian perspective.

And it’s basically written as an Evangelistic tool to help Witches get saved.

We have Masonry beyond the light which as you might imagine is written for Masons and for people who want to learn more about Masonry.

We also have Mormonism’s Temple of Doom which is obviously about Mormonism.

And then we have the sequel to “Mormonism’s Temple of Doom” which is “Whited Sepulchres” which is about the architecture of the Mormon Temple.

Then we have Lucifer Dethroned which is sort of Sharon’s and my autobiography.

It basically gives you almost everything that is on this video, but in a book form.

And then we have Space Invaders which is written about the UFO controversy and how it’s being used as a deception today in this final day.

And then we have Blood on the Doorpost which is our Deliverance manual, Spiritual Warfare manual that some people have been kind enough to say is like a graduate course in Spiritual Warfare.

Additionally we have many videos.

Our two best selling videos are probably “Exposing the Illuminati from within” and “The Medical Conspiracy”.

We also have videos on Masonry, on Mormonism – almost all of the same things we have in our books, we have on video.

Because some people don’t like to read books.

They want to see videos or DVDs.

And additionally we have tracts.

We have more than 60 little booklets called “Straight Talks” on various resources.

Like how to witness to people, what about things like homosexuality, what about things like Dungeons and Dragons, stuff like that.

We have more than 115 things on our website, which is

S: Thank you.

Thank you Bill for this fantastic information and for all of the time you have put for us. And it’s just wonderful that you have put your life on the line like this.

I’m sure that a lot of our viewers are as amazed at this fantastic information as I am.

And, I would like to hand it over to you to make any final comments and to finish with a prayer.

B: Sure, sure.

Well, first of all I want to thank you and your husband Michael for the opportunity to do this.

I appreciate that you have given this opportunity.

Because never before has all this information been put in one resource.

So that’s a real blessing.

But as far as closing remarks, I think what I would like to say is, first of all, I hope that none of what I have said has caused fear.

Because the spirit of fear is not of Yahweh.

It’s of the Devil.

And I don’t mean to cause people to be fearful.

Because as weird as some of these things are, as terrifying as some of these things might sound, and even maybe unbelievable, the fact of the matter is that they are real.

But all of them just serve to show how much greater Yahweh God is.

And let me just illustrate something.

When, I think it was Milton, wrote “Paradise Lost” and he had this scene in which he portrayed the Devil as this massive, huge being the size of a continent.

And just this huge, awesome being.

And someone criticized him.

And Milton was a Christian.

A very devout Christian.

And someone criticized him and said, “Why have you made the Devil so powerful?”

And he said, “First of all, because he is.

But second of all, because just think how much greater God is.

Because the Devil is just a creature.

And just realize how much awesome God is.”

So I want you to realize that even though some of this stuff sounds very much like the TV show “The X Files” or kind of scary stuff, don’t be afraid of it.

Unless you are not a Christian.

If you are not a Christian, then yes, you need to be afraid.

As the saying goes, “Be very afraid.”

Because Satan is out there as I said a few minutes ago, he is out there to steal, kill and destroy.

And he is after not only your body, he is after your soul.

And I talked about how I became a Christian and what I would like to end this with is to just give anybody who is watching this an opportunity to do that.

If you do not know for sure that you are Born Again, then you need to pray with me in a minute.

Now, you might say to me, “Okay, Preacher, I was baptized as an infant, I go to church every Sunday, whatever the case might be.”

Well, that’s nice, but that doesn’t make you a Christian.

What makes you a Christian is if you believe that Yahushua, Jesus Christ, is God Almighty, that he died on the cross for your sins and that he rose from the dead. And that it is his sacrifice alone that saves you.

Not because you were baptized.

Not because you do good things.

Not because you go to church, or receive Holy Communion or something like that.

None of that has to do with salvation.

Some of those things might be things you do after salvation.

But you are saved – the Bible says in Ephesians 2 “you are saved by grace through faith, not works, lest any man should boast.”

So if you are trusting in your good deeds and the fact that you are a nice person to get you to Heaven, I’m afraid you are lost.

Because – you might think, “Well, I’m a lot nicer than this weird guy. I mean, he was drinking blood and practising Witchcraft.”

Well, you might be a nicer guy than I was.

But if you have committed even one sin in your life, you are on your way to Hell unless you have prayed the prayer and meant it that I am about to lead you through.

And understand something.

You need to be sincere in this.

It’s not just enough to mumble some words and then go off and think you can live like the Devil.

Some Christians have done that.

You have to mean this.

And you have to be willing to not only make Yahushua your savior but also to make him your Lord.

So, that means, when you pray this prayer, you have to be serious.

So, I’m just going to lead you now in this prayer.

It doesn’t matter where you are at.

You know, you don’t have to be in a church to pray like this.

You can pray this … when I was saved I prayed at the foot of my bed.

And that worked just as well as being inside some big, fancy church.

So, anyhow, I want you to just follow me in this prayer.

And I just want you to mean this with all your heart.

“Lord Yahushua, Jesus, I come to you now.

I know that I am a sinner.

I know that I have made mistakes in my life.

I ask you, Lord Jesus, Yahushua, to save me from my sins.

I ask you, Lord Yahushua, to be the Lord of my life.

I confess that Yahushua died on the cross for my sins.

I confess that he rose from the dead to give me eternal life.

Please save me from my sins and be the Lord and Master of my life.

Also, Lord Yahushua, please help me to follow your commandments and to keep your law and to stay as close to you as possible throughout my life.

In Yahushua’s mighty name, I pray. Amen”.

Okay, now, if you prayed that prayer and you really meant it, and obviously if you have never done it before, it means that you are now Born Again.

And that was the most important decision that you could ever make.

Now what you need to do is start getting a hold of a Bible.

We recommend the King James Bible very strongly because it’s the easiest one to find and it’s the most powerful one to read.

Also, you need to find a good church where the Bible is preached and if you have any questions about these sorts of things, please contact us.

We have literature, free literature, that we can send you to start you on your walk as a newborn believer in Yahushua.

So, thank you, and I would like to end with the blessing that Yahweh God gave to Moses back when the nation of Israel was first started.

May Yahweh God bless and keep you.

May he make his face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you.

May Yahweh lift up his countenance upon you and give you Shalom.

In the name of Yahushua ha Mashiach, Jesus Christ.




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