Interview with an Ex-Vampire – A True Story












S: Does Masonry have an even bigger secret?

B: Well, this is something that of course … what I’m about to tell you is known by about probably only one in 10,000 Masons, instead of one in 1,000, because it’s part of the really nasty higher-level things,

but this idea of resurrection, and I mentioned earlier eternal life, and immortal life, well … deep within Masonry is taught that there is a kind of sexual vampirism that can go on.

And this explains why you see the virtual epidemic of child sexual abuse among Masons, is …

they believe, and this is also commonly held among Illuminists, that if you have sex with a child, that you steal some of their youth.

And that that in turn makes you live longer.

And so if you have lots of sex with lots of little children – the younger the better – you can live virtually forever.

And this is the promise that is held out by Masons.

I know it sounds appalling and disgusting, but both … and you’ve got to realize that at the highest levels, it’s kind of like a pyramid.

Illuminism and Masonry just sort of blend together.

But at that level, you are talking about a very high level of demonic possession.

And it’s fortunately not a level that I ever got to.

I was pulled out of it by the Lord before that happened.

But, it is a level where people are so demon possessed, the term that we use is that they are ‘perfectly possessed’, which means they are, basically every cubic centimeter of their body is full of demons.

There is nobody else home.

And these people are so enslaved by the demonic realm that they will do anything, including murder children, attack infants, do whatever they can to keep what they believe to be their immortality going.

So when you hear Masonry talk about “Oh, we believe in the immortality of the soul.” Well … and also, “the hope of the resurrection”, it’s not the resurrection that Christians talk about.

S: Wow. Well, I guess that answers my next question, which is, most people think that Freemasons are just nice people who help out at charities.

So, what would you say to that?

But, like you are saying, that’s only very few of them ….

S: That’s right. It’s a tiny percentage.

I mean, the vast majority of Masons that you see are just nice guys that are spiritual idiots.

I mean, I hate to say that, but they don’t know what they are into.

They, if indeed they are professing Christians, which some of them are, some of them aren’t, because Masonry accepts anyone.

I mean, when you are a Mason …see, that is one of our issues with it …you are in fellowship with Jews, Moslems, Buddhists, Witches, even Satan worshippers.

You are yoked to them.

And the Bible says in 2nd Corinthians 6 that we are not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers, for what fellowship has light with darkness? What fellowship has Christ with Belial etc. etc.

So, that’s a real issue.

But, no, Masons are deceived.

The vast majority of them are just deceived people who think they are in a nice organization.

And yes, there is no denying that Masonry does some good.

They have charities.

Every branch of Masonry has its own special charity.

Like oddly enough the Scottish Rite, which is one of the more evil branches of Masonry, has a Schizophrenia Foundation where they give money to help people who are Schizophrenics.

And so on and so on.

So, they do good, but I mean, so does the Mafia.

I mean the Mafia built most of the Catholic hospitals in America.

S: Oh!

B: Does that mean you want to join the Mafia?

S: No (laugh). Thank you.

Is it a religion?

B: Well, that’s again a controversial question.

Because of course they claim they are not.

They say, “We are a religious organization, but we are not a religion.”

And to me, that is just playing word games.

You know.

I mean, if you look at Webster’s dictionary which is an objective source, it says that a religion first of all expresses a belief or requires a belief in some sort of deity.

Masonry does that.

Secondly, that a religion expresses that kind of belief in ritual and liturgy.

And Masonry is very ritualized, as we have already discussed.

And thirdly, it says a religion has a code of conduct or ethics by which the religion members must live.

And Masonry has that.

So Masonry has all the qualities of a religion according to Webster.

And I tell people, you know, if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.

S: Thank you. Are there any connections between Freemasonry and Catholicism?

B: Well, of course on the surface as we talked earlier, they appear to be separate.

In fact, even oppositional to one another.

Because Masonry is basically universalist.

Which means they believe everybody is going to go to Heaven.

They think everybody is going to go to what they call the Celestial Lodge Above.

Whereas Catholicism is just the opposite.

Catholicism teaches “extra ecclesiam nulla salus est ”.

You know, “outside of the Church there is no salvation”.

So, on the surface it appears as though they are separate.

But actually in the early days, who do you think built all the cathedrals of the Catholic Church?



The Freemasons.

And it may surprise … I think we may have already covered this … but it may surprise some of your viewers that the Jesuits wrote a lot of the degrees of the Scottish Rite which is actually the most anti-Catholic system of degree work in the United States.

S: That’s weird.

B: Yes it is. But you see that is how, at the highest level, the Illuminist mind-set thinks.

So, yes, actually there are some connections.

I think we already explored the fact that many of the recent Popes have been Masons.

A lot of the Cardinals have been Masons.

Even when I was in Milwaukee and I was involved with the Old Roman Catholic Church, the Cardinal there – or the Archbishop I am sorry – Cousins was his name, Archbishop Cousins, he actually would go and praise the Masons.

He would speak at … he spoke at a Shriner dinner that I attended and said how wonderful the Masons were.

And this was all because, as I mentioned earlier, John Paul the 2nd had lifted the ban on Catholics being Masons.

S: Are any of their symbols, or any of those kind of things, similar?

B: Well of course … the symbol of the York Rite Commandery is a cross, like kind of sideways, sliding through a crown.

And that is a common symbol not only in the Catholic Church but also in other churches.

And of course the funny thing is, guess what you find right at the heart of Vatican City, in front of Saint Peter’s Basilica?

A Masonic obelisk.

S: Hmmm.

B: Cleopatra’s Needle.





S: And when it was brought there from Egypt, and this is the funny thing, cause the sacred, the most sacred thing that Masons will talk about is the idea of the point within the circle.

Which is basically a … a kind of a glyph if you will … a secret symbol of the …. the female is the circle, and the point within the center of the circle is the male.

So again we are back to sexual symbols.

And if you look at Vatican City, Saint Peter’s Basilica from the air, you’ve got the Basilica, you’ve got two great big things that come down more or less like a circle, and right smack dab in the center of that circle is Cleopatra’s Needle.

S: Right.

B: And see that was designed like 500 or 600 years ago, a lot more than that even, it was designed partially by Michelangelo in fact.

So, that’s probably 700 or 800 years old.

So, the connection goes back a long ways.



S: Thank you. Are there any connections between Freemasonry and Mormonism?

B: Well, you might say that.

Of course, obviously Masonry is older because the Mormon Church was only started in 1830, and Joseph Smith was a Freemason.

So was his brother Hiram.

So was Brigham Young.

So was, I think the first 4 or 5 prophets of the Mormon Church were Freemasons.

And not only that, if you look at the history of the church, this is actually an official church book, written by Joseph Smith, he talks about he was “raised to the sublime degree.”

Now that’s Masonic double-talk meaning he was made a Master Mason.

And that means he got all the basic ‘secrets’ if you will, of Masonry.

And guess what?

Just a few weeks later … he doesn’t make the connection of course in the book … he says that “God revealed to him the secret temple endowment of the L.D.S. Church.” – which is – you see these temples in most large cities – I don’t know where the nearest one is down here in Florida, you might have one in Orlando or something – but anyway, these temples are places where no non-Mormon can go.

And only a handful of Mormons can go.

And inside of them they do rituals that they believe will ensure them eternal life and Godhood.

Now, the funny thing is that all those rituals are about 80% Masonic.

They are virtually identical to the Masonic rituals.

Right down to the secret handshakes.

Right down to some of the ritual gestures.

And so on and so on.

So there is a profound connection between Mormonism and Freemasonry.

You might as well say that Masonry was the crucible, partially, from which Mormonism was created.

S: Thank you. Do they have any similar symbols or anything?

B: Oh well, yes, yes, they have (laugh) …

First of all if you look at the Temple, all of the older Temples – the Salt Lake Temple, the Saint George Temple, the Nauvoo Temple – which is no longer in existence, they are rebuilding it – I think they may have already done that – all have Masonic symbols all over them –

the All-Seeing Eye, they have the secret handshakes – these are actually bas relief, engraved in the stone.

They have the inverted pentagrams.

They have the … virtually every Masonic symbol you will find, except the Square and Compass on those temples.

Where you will find the Square and Compass is on the Sacred Underwear of the Temple Mormon.

Temple Mormons wear what we call the ‘magick undies’, or ‘funny undies’.

And they are special underwear that is supposed to protect them from harm.

And they are never supposed to really let people see them but if you ever get your hands on a pair …

I used to wear them so I know – they have a Masonic Square on one breast, a Masonic Compass stitched onto the other breast …

These are just stitches, they are not like a different color or anything – they are white, so they look like a t-shirt.

Then they go down to your knees.

So it kind of looks like an old fashioned bathing suit from the 1920s.

They come down to here … come down to here.

They used to be one piece.

Now you can buy them either way.

And on the knee there is a Masonic Gauge.

So, actually there are Masonic markings …

Oh, and there is a Masonic Gauge over the navel, too. Forgot that.

So, yes, right even in their most sacred underwear, they have these Masonic markings.

S: Thank you. Are there any connections between Freemasonry and New Age teachings?

B: Well, that’s the funny thing, because the Scottish Rite had this very prestigious magazine for many years …

And guess what it was called?

The New Age.

It only in the last, maybe 10 to 15 years, they changed the name to Scottish Rite Journal.

Norman Vincent Peale suggested it because he said, “Oh, people are starting to think Masons are part of the New Age.”

Well, you might as well say Masonry is Proto-New Age.

I mean, it was New Age before the New Age movement was even a gleam in, you know, like, J.Z. Knight’s eye, or whatever.

It was almost all the same concepts except more subtly taught.

Like for example, basically the New Age teaches Universalism, that eventually everybody will get to Heaven, or whatever they think the after life is.

So does Masonry.

The New Age basically teaches that all religions are equally good.

So does Masonry.

And of course a lot of New Age groups are very much into initiations …

into the idea of, you know, either you go and some guru puts his thumb on your forehead and gives you some awesome zap of energy, or you go through some secret rite or whatever the case might be.

And of course, initiation is the core of Freemasonry.

So there is a very strong connection between Masonry and the New Age movement.

S: Okay. Thank you.

B: One other thing just came to my mind.

S: Yes?

B: Most people agree that kind of the Grandmother if you will of the entire New Age movement was the Theosophical Society and Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.

And a lot of people don’t realize that she and all of her cohorts were Masons.

S: But she was a woman, so???

B: Well, there is some question about that.

S: Really? (laugh) You are kidding?!

B: She used to … no … she used to …she claimed that she had no vagina, in her writings, she claimed that she …

S: Really? Wow.

B: Obviously she was a woman, but I mean … genetically she was a woman, but she claimed … that was why she never had children.

She married some Russian count so she could become a Madame, you know.

But she never had children.

And she was of course, she was a very mannish looking woman.

S: Yes.

B: Not some one you would really want to snuggle up to, but anyhow …

What you have got to understand is that there are in Europe, and we were involved in this too, there are in Europe branches of Masonry called ‘Le Droit Humain’ which in French means ‘Human Rights’.

And this was a Lodge that was started in the 1800s and was the first lodge to admit women.

Now Le Droit Humain in the English is known as Co-Masonry because it’s co-ed.

And most men and women can be members.

And it was more or less taken over under the umbrella of the Theosophical Society.

So that is why you will see for example a lot of the leading female figures of Theosophy, like Blavatsky, will have after their names “33rd degree Illustrious blah, blah, blah”.

So in that sense, there is a very strong connection.

S: Wow. Thank you. Didn’t know that.

We see articles about Freemasons and their funding at children’s hospitals.



Are they trying to help people, or is there something else going on here?

B: Well, I don’t doubt that most of the guys involved in that are trying to help people.

I mean, I think mainly you are thinking of the Shriners there.

Because the Shriners have these hospitals for crippled children, and these burn centers.

And, yes, they do a lot of good work.

I think most of the men involved are doing it for very noble reasons.

But we have had, and this is all they are, is allegations, by parents that many times we have been told that their kids have been taken – you know, have been in those hospitals for altruistic reasons, but then that they were sexually molested by the personnel in the hospital.

So, I just would personally caution parents … we have had many people write us over the years, and my heart goes out to them … letters like

“oh, my kid has whatever disease, and we can’t afford insurance. And the Shriners say they will do it for free. Should we take our kid to that hospital?”

I just, I just, with a breaking heart I say it was my kid I would not.

S: About how many accounts have you run across of things like that?

B: At least, 8 or 10 over the years.

S: Wow.

B: And, you know, you could say, well these people are whackos, or they are embittered in some way, but, you know, where there is smoke there is usually fire.

And knowing what we know from earlier discussion, that there is this spirit within a Mason that just rises up and makes them want to abuse children, it’s like an obsession.

It’s a spirit of bondage.

S: In the later rites?

B: Yes. Yes, the higher rites.

And even a regular old 3rd degree Master Mason – I’m not saying they go through these things – but the spirit is still there.

S: Because they are all joined together?

B: Yes, they are all joined together.

And the spirit will still work on them and corrode their sense of morality.

And so, you know, certainly I think it is at least possible.

And that is why we just feel you shouldn’t really take free gifts from the Devil.

Because if you understood the Shrine …

Especially in this day and age, the Shrine is basically an organization that glorifies Islam.

It’s called “The Ancient and Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine”.

S: So why would Americans join a group like that?

B: Well, first of all, you’ve got to realize this has been around for many years.

Long before terrorists or 9-11 or anything like that.

S: Right.

B: But because it was fun.

Because it was kind of …. you see, you get to dress up in these funny costumes, like wear the burnoose, and the fancy silk pyjamas.

And you wave scimitars around and you get to, like, and I am sure … I know you are not from America originally but you know, in most American cities, on the 4th July, you will see Shriners driving their little cars, or their motor scooters.

They have little motor scooters they ride.

Or else they have camel s that they ride.

And it’s great.

They have an Oriental band.

Large Shrines have … because there is a Shrine center in almost every major city …. have Piper Banks and stuff.

So there are lots of activities that you can join in.

And plus, see Shriners … are you ready for this?

Shriners are allowed to drink camels’ milk.

S: (laugh). Yuk.

B: No. You know what it really is?

It’s beer.

S: Ah!

B: (laugh). So you can’t drink beer or alcohol in any other Masonic institution in America.

S: That would make a big difference.

B: That would make a BIG difference.

S: Right.

B: So they are actually allowed to have beer in any … if you walk into these Shrine Temples, they are gorgeous.

Like the one in Milwaukee that I was a part of … which I think it was El Kahir … looks like the Taj Mahal outside.

Big thing.

I mean, like 2 or 3 stories high, big minarets, big whatever they call those domes, and everything.

Beautiful inside.

I mean, you would think you were inside of a mansion.

And you see, the Shrine is very expensive to join.

And of course they say, “Oh well, all that money goes to the crippled children.”

Well, no it doesn’t.

95% of it doesn’t.

S: Where does it go?

B: It goes to the Shrine.

S: And who spends it?

B: Well, if you could see the jewellery that a Shrine Potentate gets, when he becomes a Shrine Potentate, which is like the head of a local Shrine body, it costs a couple of thousand dollars, minimum.

Just for this hunk of jewellery they wear around their neck.

They get all these rings, and jewels and…

You’ve got to realize, if you have a 501-C3 corporation in this country, you are allowed to spend up to 95% of the money you get in on ‘administrative costs.”

And then only give 5% to charity.

S: Mmm-hmm.

B: And they take advantage of that fully.

In fact, it was the Orlando … is it the Orlando Sentinel? Or the Orlando Sun? I forget which … anyway, an Orlando newspaper, about 10 or 12 years ago actually did an expose on how little money the Shrine actually takes in and then gives to their charities.

Because they have Shrine circuses, they have Shrine this, they have Shrine that.

You know, lots of fund raising.

Anyhow, I was talking about this Islamic component.

When you go in, you are made to swear your oath, that I talked about earlier, this bloodcurdling oath, on the Koran, instead of on the Bible.

S: Mmmm!!!

B: And you swear this oath … and you end up by saying, “I swear this oath, in the name of Allah, the God of my Forefathers, the God of the Moslem, the Mohammedan and the Din.”

S: Wow.

B: And of course, 99% of the people … because the Shrine is a uniquely American body, I don’t think there are any Shriners outside of the United States.

And probably 99% of them are not Moslems.

S: Right.

B: They are probably, you know, Protestants, or Agnostics or Atheists or whatever.

Well, they can’t be Atheists, because they can’t be a Shriner if they are an Atheist.

But, you know, so this is really blasphemous.

And then the oath is, that if you break the oath, your eyes will be pierced with read hot three-cornered daggers.

Why three-cornered daggers you might ask?

Because that way the wound will never close.

S: Mmm.

B: Nice stuff?

S: Horrible.

B: And if we had the time, I might tell you what the Shrine initiation involves.

S: What’s that?

B: Okay. Well (laugh), first of all, it’s so arduous, you have to go through a physical medical examination before you go through it.

They have Shriner doctors, M.D.s, that will give you a physical examination to make sure your heart is good, make sure you have no pre-existing health conditions.

And then it’s basically like a super expensive, super atrocious version of a college fraternity hazing.

Like in my case, first of all, I had to walk across the burning …

They strip you down to your underwear.

And then you have to walk across – you are supposed to be a pilgrim, on your way to the Shrine, you see –

And you have to walk across the burning sands of the desert.

So what they do they lay down this special carpeting and it has got electrical things running through it.

S: Ooh.

B: So that as you walk on it you get electrical shocks.

S: Oooh.

B: And it’s like … I don’t know how many volts it is, but it hurts, it really hurts.

And then they have the infamous bung hole test.

Where you are put inside of a barrel with a hole in it, and they squirt warm water on you to make you think a dog is peeing on you.

And then, the other thing they did in our case, because it varies a little bit from time to time …and you see, there is this whole audience full of Shriners watching this, because … you are blindfolded

S: Oh.

B: And so they are out there laughing and just having a wonderful time, and you are being humiliated.

And so I was up there on my hands and knees, blindfolded, and they dangled a frankfurter in front of us on a string, which would bob around like that and you are supposed to eat this frankfurter blindfolded, while they are sticking you in the rear end with hat pins.

S: Oh.

B: So, doesn’t this sound very special.

S: Not very dignified.

B: Well, no (laugh), no.

So between that, and between the high level of this … all the Shrine Officers are dressed as Moslem Potentates.

And the Shriners all wear this fez, which you have probably seen, this reddish-purple conical hat.

And that of course comes from the city of Fez in Morocco.

And – I don’t know if this is true, but – a popular Moslem legend says … do you know how that hat originated?

Way back when Islam was first spreading across North Africa through Jihad, which is Holy War, the Moslems came to the city of Fez which was all Christian.

And they basically said you must convert to Islam or we will kill you.

And they said we will never deny our Savior Jesus Christ.

And so they fought the war, and the Moslems broke into the city and basically slaughtered all of the Christians in the city.

They beheaded them.

That’s the Moslem idea of soul-winning.

It’s convert to Moslem or we will cut off your head.

That’s why the symbol of the Shrine is a scimitar.

The scimitar is that unique, curvy Islamic sword.

And then the other symbol on the Shrine that you will see all over the place is like a head of the Sphinx. Like a head of an Egyptian, with the funny head dress and all.

So that is what you will see on all the different Shrine gear.

And so the streets were literally running with the blood of these Christian martyrs.

And to celebrate the Moslem invaders took off their turbans and dipped them in the blood of the Christian martyrs and put them back on their heads.



And that is why the fez has that odd color that looks like dried blood.

S: So, how many Shriners know that?

B: Probably virtually none of them.

I sure didn’t when I was in it.

S: How do you know that?

B: Well, I was told that by a Moslem who got saved.

And he was a man who converted to Islam while in North Africa – he was actually stationed in Morocco, which is where the city of Fez is.

So he probably would know.

S: Right.

B: But of course the Shriners will deny this.

S: I see.

B: But, you know, can you imagine being a Christian and wearing that hat?

S: No thank you.

B: And swearing an oath on the Koran, which is, of course, the Holy Book of Islam.

S: Well you wouldn’t want to be anyone really, with a hat like that.

B: No. No.

Plus they look really silly (laugh).

S: Please explain what mega …. megapolisomancy is.

B: Megapolisomancy.

Yes, that’s one of those big words.

Basically, it’s something that is taught in the most esoteric high levels of Masonry.

And it’s the idea … it literally means … “megapolis” means “big city, like some people might even have heard of New York being called a ‘megapolis’.

And ‘omancy’ means ‘magick of’.

So it’s literally, ‘the magick of big cities’.

washington1Washington, D.C.


And it’s the idea that through architecture you can enhance the spiritual vibrations of a city or of a building.

And there are certain things …

Because Masons are basically Temple builders.

They claim that long before there were the Christian cathedrals, that Masons built the Parthenon, that Masons built the great Temples of Rome.

Then they were called the Dionysian Artificers, but it was basically the same thing.

And even in Egypt Masons built the Great Pyramid of Khufu.

And the great Temples of Luxor and Karnack.

Anyhow, the key principle that we were taught is, if you really want to create an atmosphere in a room or in a building, for the manifestation of evil spirits …Gee isn’t this fun?

S: Mmm.

B: Anyway, you want to make the building somewhat trapezoidal in shape.

And of course a trapezoid is like a pyramid with the top lopped off.

And if you think about – you see all these ancient pictures of these Temples of Egypt – they all are trapezoidal shaped.

They are all larger at the bottom than they are at the top.

And so basically in a nutshell megapolisomancy is the science of creating buildings that will enable you to do effective black magick.

And this is why, for example, we were taught when we were in all of this stuff that, for example, haunted houses very frequently have mansard roofs.

Like the house from the television show, ‘The Adam’s Family’ – that is a classic haunted house, where they have roofs that go like this, and then they are flat.

See, that’s a trapezoid.

And every haunted house that we dealt with, when we were ghost busters, so to speak, 10 years before the movie “Ghostbusters” came out, they all had something in the house where the angles were out of true.

Where, instead of right angles, they were just one or two degrees off.

And then you have a trapezoid.

Obviously, the most famous trapezoid in the world is the John Hancock tower in Chicago.

Which is this giant black trapezoid.

It’s like one of the 4th or 5th tallest buildings in the world.

And on top are the twin horns of Lucifer.

They’re two TV or radio towers.

And when that building first went up, it had the highest suicide rate, highest mental breakdown rate of any building in America, of comparable size.

S: Thank you.

I’ve seen maps … drawings … that show that there are Masonic symbols in Washington.

Is that also part of megapolisomancy – what ever that is.

B: Megapolisomancy. Yes, it exactly is … the lay-out of streets.

In fact, Ed Decker and I are the ones that first came up with that little discovery.

S: Really?!

B: That you … way back in the late ‘80s …that if you lay out a street map …

First of all, the entire city of Washington D.C. is laid out like a giant rhombus.

You break that down further.

There are 4 Masonic cornerstones.

At the north, at the south, at the east and at the west, of Washington D.C.

Giant stones, set in the earth.

And then if you go into the city and break it down further, you will find that, for example, there are squares, there are compasses, there is a giant inverted pentagram pointed straight at the White House.

And of course an inverted pentagram is a symbol of Satan, it’s a symbol Satanists use to draw down the Kingdom of Satan’s manifestation on the earth.

And then you wonder why our President has problems.

S: Oh, I guess that answers the next question – how does that affect us as a society?

B: Well, see for many years … Masonry’s influence is waning.

But for many years Masonry was kind of the Civil religion of North America.

Because it was so universalist that most people wouldn’t squawk about it.

And in most cities the City Halls, the Court Houses, etc. etc. were all dedicated by Freemasons.

They’d invite the local Master of the Lodge to lay the corner stone etc.etc.

And what does that mean?

That means that the cities are all under a curse.

S: So does that mean we need to tear them all down and build new ones one day?

B: Well, at the very least, it means you need to go and pray over those things and destroy them.

I mean, spiritually, destroy the strongholds that are in them.

And in fact, that is very much like what we did back in 1990.

I, and about a dozen other Ministers to Masons, joined forces with Intercessors for America and we went to Washington D.C.

We marched from the White House 13 blocks – isn’t that interesting? – 13 blocks from the White House, I think it’s south, to the House of the Temple, which is the Supreme Headquarters of the Scottish Rite – the Supreme Council of Grand Sovereign Inspectors General.

And we went there and we prayed over it.

We anointed it with oil.

We cast out the strongholds of Masonry in this country.

And really … you know, this is all Yahweh’s doing … it’s not our doing …. but since that time, Masonry has started to unravel in this nation.

I mean, even the Southern Baptist’s Convention actually … it didn’t go as far as it should have … but they actually did a report and acknowledged that Masonry had problems, in terms of being compatible with Christianity.

So, since then … I remember, I personally …if you go to that building, it’s creepy looking, in D.C.

And there are these two giant sphinxes out in front of it.

Big stone sphinxes.

And I personally got up and with Holy Oil I anointed both of them in the name of Yahushua, and prayed over them.

And we anointed the door … it was so funny, we were all there, just praying up a storm, and there’s this old guy who lives in the place, he’s like a caretaker, and the lead guy from Intercessor’s for America was this lovely little black gentleman, who was about 5’4”, and he was standing there praying in tongues.

And the caretaker opened the door, here is this little black guy going “alabassundallkalav” (gibberish) or something like that.

And the guy just went “eeeek” like that, and shut the door.

He wasn’t going to mess with us.

And I think really that was a great moment in the history of the – if you want to call it – Anti-Masonic Movement.

Because we went right to the pinnacle of the stronghold of Masonry in this nation. We prayed against the strongmen of Masonry and cast them down. We cut Masonry off at the kneecaps.

And since that time, Masonry’s influence has really been declining.

At that time, there were around 4 million Masons in America.

Now there are 2 1/2 million.

S: Great.

B: So …

S: And the internet is making further inroads, wouldn’t you say?

B: Oh yes, just because more and more people are learning the truth, through the internet.

S: Would it make a difference that the physical buildings and everything are still remaining?

B: Oh, it would make a little difference.

But, you see, if you go there and you in fact reconsecrate that land, and that building … of course, you would probably have to do it after dark … to Yahweh Almighty, that would make a big difference.

Because his power is so much greater than the power of the adversary.

S: Right.

B: And I mean, of course, legally you don’t own the building, so the Devil still has a right to mess around in there.

But it’s going to vastly diminish the influence the building has on the larger community.

S: Good.

B: In fact, you mentioned this layout of … there are many, especially in the east and in the south, there are many state capitals that are also laid out by Masons.

S: Okay. Thank you.

B: I don’t know if, like, Tallahassee is, but I know a lot of the Eastern cities that were part of the original 13 colonies were laid out in a Masonic format.

S: Thank you.

You said earlier that the Skull and Bones Society is worse than Freemasonry.

In what way?

B: Well, its initiations are more overtly bizarre, if that were possible.

And its influence is so much greater.

It’s very elite, too.

Virtually any bozo can become a Mason.

Whereas you have to be the elite of the elite … of course, you have to be a Yale student … beyond that … but really only the mossy money families, the really rich families, the powerful … say for example the Bush family … would be allowed to get into that.

S: And how do you know that the rituals are worse?

B: Well, because, they have been partially, at least, revealed.

Some guy went in there with a spy camera, and actually …

Plus there are some of them that have talked over the years.

And it involves basically laying naked in a coffin, with a red string around your male member, and reciting all of your sexual encounters to all of your fellow Bonesmen.

And that’s the best part of it.

S: Oooh. Yuck.

B: So, you know… and of course, there are all sorts of weird claims that there is a skull or skulls in … I think they call it, the Temple.

It’s this big old building on the Yale campus.

And I’ve heard everything from it’s the skull of Geronimo, to the skull of Adam, you know.

How you would know it was the skull of Adam is beyond me, but …

It’s a very anti-Christian group.

I mean, some of the ethics that are taught and the, if you will, the morality that is taught, within the group, are very anti-Christ.

And of course, then if you look at the fact that in virtually every U.S. Presidential Administration, every U.S. Congress, there are dozens of Bonesmen.

I mean, both of the guys that ran for U.S. President at the last election were Bonesmen.

You know, John Kerry was a Bonesman. And so was George W. Bush.

S: Okay, thank you.

B: What is a definition of Catholicism?

Well, of course, ‘Catholicism’ literally means ‘universal’.

That’s the actual meaning of the word.

The way one says ‘The Catholic Church’ one means ‘The Universal Church’.

Well, what most people mean when they say ‘Catholic’ or ‘Catholicism’ they mean the Roman Catholic Church, which has its headquarters in the Vatican.

So, we will keep it at that for the purposes of our discussion.

The Catholic Church is, I think, the world’s oldest and largest and most powerful cult.

They are not a Christian religion, even though they claim to be.

And essentially, they have over a billion people, who they have deceived into a false system of weird anti-Biblical works, that we could literally talk for hours about.

But essentially I think it is of course the world’s largest supposed Christian religion ,but then on the other hand, it’s teachings are often quite contrary to the Gospel.

S: Okay. So what make you say it’s not a Christian religion?

B: Well, they’ve got one thing right.

They confess that Yahushua, Jesus Christ, is God, which is great.

And I’m not saying that there aren’t many Catholics who aren’t saved … genuinely Born Again.

But they are saved in spite of the Church, rather than because of the Church.

But other than that, we are in trouble doctrinally.

They don’t believe that the Bible is the sole source of truth.

They say, they have the Magisterial Teaching Authority of the Church and the Bible, together.

And see, they have an old saying in the South; “A two-headed dog won’t hunt”.

And if you’ve got the Bible going one way, and the Magisterial Authority of the Church going another way, as often is the case, what happens?

Well, you can bet the Magisterial Authority of the Church wins.

For example, the Torah, the Old Testament, says, “Thou shall not make unto thee any graven image.”

That’s right in the 10 Commandments, the Decalogue.

And yet what does the Catholic Church do?

Every Catholic Church has all these statues to Mary, Saint Joseph…

They have a dead corpse of Jesus hanging on the cross.

And they have statues to Saint Jude, Saint Francis, you know, saints all over the place.

And they pray to these statues.

They believe, mind you, that these statues are a focus for which they can go through them and actually reach the real spiritual entity that is so to speak behind the statue.

But they are committing idolatry.

Not only that, they worship a cookie.

I mean, they have this Communion wafer, and they believe that that Communion wafer is God, literally.

And they worship it.

Now we have an opportunity to see some of this stuff that we didn’t used to because they have their own huge cable TV network, EWTN.

And you can see, they have this thing called ‘The Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament’, where they enthrone this host, which is the little cookie of bread, in this really elaborate Monstrance it’s called, or Ostensorium, with sunbursts around it, and gold, and angels flying around it and everything.

And they put it up there and they all worship it.

And they even will kneel before it, and instead of genuflecting on one knee, they will genuflect on both knees, and bow very deeply, because they believe they are literally in the presence of Almighty God.

And then the Priest will take it and he will hold it, and he will bless the whole congregation with it, like he’s, you know, zapping them with this giant searchlight of sanctity.

And that is idolatry.

You are worshipping the creature instead of the Creator.

It’s a piece of bread, for Heaven’s sake.

So that is just a couple of examples.

Then the other problem, which is really the worst problem, is that the Catholic Church denies that you are saved by grace through faith. Ephesians 2:8-9.

They say that you can … in fact, one of the Popes, I can’t give you the name off-hand – I think it was maybe even Saint Pius V – he taught that if anyone says that you are saved by grace alone and faith without having to do good works, you are under a curse.

S: Ooh!.

B: “Anathema sit”, in the way they say it. ‘Anathema’ is actually a Greek word, but who’s quibbling?

So, they will teach Catholics, okay, you get sprinkled as a baby, and then you go along and you get Confirmed at a certain age, and then basically you have to do all these other things.

You have to go to Mass.

You have to take Communion.

You have to go to Confession at least once a year.

You have to do all of these other things.

And no Catholic knows for sure if they are going to go to Heaven or not, right up to the moment of their death.

Like when this Pope who recently died, John Paul II, even at the moment of this death he had to have a Priest there, absolving him and giving him the Last Rites, and he had to confess his sins, because he didn’t know if he was going to go to Heaven or not.

And that’s the sad thing, because it talks in First John, “These things have I written unto you that believe in the name of the Son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life.”

See, as a Christian believer, I know that I have eternal life.

But, if you … in fact, there is one excellent video, I will give someone else a plug here, it’s called “Catholicism in Crisis”, where they went and talked to about two“` dozen Catholics outside of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral one morning after Sunday Mass, and they asked them, “Do you think you are going to Heaven?”

And most of them said that they hoped they would.

And then they asked them why?

And then they said, “Because I’m more or less a good person” or “Because I go to Mass on Sunday” or because “I do more good stuff than I do bad stuff”.

Which is basically the doctrine of Islam.

And none of them said because of Yahushua, because of Jesus and what he did on the Cross.

So, that is the biggest issue right there.

And then of course there are all of these secondary issues, like even the status of the Pope.

They believe that he is the Supreme Bishop of the Universal Church, and so every other Christian ultimately has to bow the knee to him, or they are going to go to Hell.

S: Okay. Thank you. I think a lot of people, Catholics and non-Catholics, get Catholicism and Christianity mixed up, so …

B: Well that is intentional, yes.

S: I want to know …. Give us a definition of Christianity.

B: Well Christianity is the faith, once delivered unto the saints, in the primitive Christian Church.

And it’s basically the teachings of the New Testament, and nothing else.

Nothing added. Nothing subtracted.

The teachings of the Bible.

And so the big difference which lays down a line of demarcation between Christianity and every other religion including cults like Mormonism and Catholicism and Jehovah’s Witnesses and whatever is that Christianity says that your salvation is through faith, in what Yahushua did for us on the Cross.

That’s it.

That is what saves you.

And you don’t need to do all this other stuff in order to be saved.

That’s the big difference.

That’s the line of demarcation.

And of course, that doesn’t mean you just get Born Again and then go and live like the Devil.

Most Christian preachers and teachers worth their salt will say then, “You are saved to do good works, to keep the Commandments etc. etc.”.

You are not supposed to go out and whore around and drink and gamble and whatever, you know, smoke, chew or go with girls that do, you know, you are supposed to live a good, Godly life according to the Commandments.

But that isn’t what saves you.

That’s just a consequence of what saves you.

And the other key thing about Christianity is that it teaches that when you get Born Again the Holy Spirit comes and rights the laws of Yahweh God on your heart.

And I remember one preacher say it this way, “It’s the difference between, like if you are driving down the road and you are speeding, that is like an unsaved person. A saved person is like someone driving down the road, and they have a State Trooper sitting next to them in the car. They aren’t likely to speed, are they?”

And see, when you are a believer, you have Yahweh God, the Almighty, Creator of the Universe, living in you.

That is a big difference.

S: Thank you. How did you become a Catholic Priest?

B: See, I wanted to become a Catholic Priest from the time I was old enough to know what it was.

I was raised Catholic, as I think I have already said.

And even as a little kid, 5 or 6 years old, I would cut up my mother’s bed sheets and color them and make vestments out of them and pretend to say the Mass.

I would have a martini glass for a chalice.

And so I went to a Minor Seminary Catholic Grade School, Catholic High School, Catholic College.

And of course I have already said, while I was in the seminary, minor seminary, I got turned aside by these professors that were telling me that I had to be a Witch, that I had to be an Occultist.

So, once I became a Witch, I became a Witch High Priest – a funny thing happened to me.

I went to see one of the most God-awful movies that has ever been made, “The Exorcist”.

I went to see that movie with my wife and some other Witch High Priests.

It was the funniest thing, because we were all Witch High Priests.

Some of the leading Wiccan leaders of Chicago and us went to see this movie.

And it scared the living daylights out of me.

I had nightmares from that movie.

And it kind of scared me into wanting to get back into the Catholic Church.

And yet I also wanted to be a Witch.

And of course, I was married.

That was a problem, because Catholic Priests aren’t allowed to be married.

So, as ‘luck’ would have it … remember the root of the word ‘luck’ is Lucifer …

S: Really?

B: Yes, yes.

So, when you say “good luck” to somebody, watch it.

S: Ooh.

B: There is no ‘luck’ in the kingdom of Heaven.

It’s all Divine Providence.

So, anyhow, as ‘luck’ would have it, when we moved to Milwaukee as I said earlier, and we were setting up all these covens and everything, a Priest from the Old Roman Catholic Church, came to this guy who ran this occult bookstore.

And said he had heard that the bookstore owner was having someone come and teach people witchcraft, and could he come to the classes.

And, so we met.

And we worked out an arrangement whereby this fellow … now the old Roman Rite is a kind of a splinter group from about 300 years ago, in the Church of Utrecht in Holland, where they were broken off because of the politic intrigues during the Protestant Reformation.


And there were no Bishops left in the Diocese of Utrecht.

And see, in Catholic Cannon Law, the Church cannot exist in an area without a Bishop, because it is from the Bishop that the Priest derives his Ordinary power.

So, as it happened, and this sounds like some weird story, but as it happened, the Archbishop of Babylon was traveling incognito through Holland, and he found out what was going on.

And so he told the Priest in the Diocese of Utrecht, well get together, and vote on three men, and I will lay hands on them and consecrate them a Bishop.

And so they did that.

Now this is the first time that we know of in the history of the Roman Catholic Church that someone was consecrated a Bishop without the Pope’s express permission.

When the Jesuits found out about it, they were livid.

And they cut off Holland from the outside, just like the Protestant Dutch had cut it off from the inside.

And so for, like, 250 years, this Church of Utrecht existed, kind of like, ‘in the land that time forgot’.

They weren’t invited to the First Vatican Council.

S: They were or they weren’t?

B: They were not. And so they do not accept the doctrines that were promulgated there like the Immaculate Conception and the Infallibility of the Pope.

And they also do not require the Clergy to be celibate.

You were allowed to be a married Priest.

But otherwise their Sacrament of Holy Orders, is completely valid.

S: How did that work, because Catholic Priests have never been able to marry, have they?

B: No, no, no. The stricture against marriage was only made formal around the year 1000.

S: Oh!

B: For the first 1,000 years of Church history, Catholic Priests were allowed to marry, and to this day Uniate Catholic priests are allowed to marry.

Orthodox Priests are allowed to marry – you know, Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, and so on.

But actually that has only been in the last 1,000 years.

So anyway, we were … because this was in a separate jurisdiction, and this guy was a Priest in the Old Catholic Church.

And so he arranged for me to start studying and meet with Bishops in the Old Catholic Church.

Finally, in 1976 I think it was, I was ordained into the Priesthood, and that was in Joliette, Illinois.

And then I was made the Associate Pastor of our Lady of Perpetual Help Friary in Milwaukee, and I was there for several years.

At the same time I was also a Witch.

So I had two ‘hats’, so to speak.

And I had no problem with that.

S: How long were you a Priest for?

B: Well, of course, by Catholic Theology, I am still a Priest.

They believe that when you are Ordained to the Priesthood, you receive an indelible character on your soul, and it stays there forever.

But I stopped practicing as a Priest, and saying Mass and all that, in 1980 when I joined the Mormon Church.

Because I believed they had a better Priesthood.

But in the meantime, before that, I also went and got a Masters of Theology degree from Saint Francis Seminary.

S: Okay, thank you.

What is the job of a Catholic Priest?

B: Well, basically in many ways, it’s similar to any other clergy person.

They counsel people, they are there for funerals and weddings and so on.

But also, the key thing that separates the Catholic and the Orthodox and the Anglican Priest from the rest of the Clergy is that they believe they have the authority to act in the name of Christ, literally to be Christ.

The Doctrine is “Sacerdotus est alter Christus” – “The Priest is another Christ”.

And they walk up onto that altar and when they say the Words of Institution which is “This is my body” and “This is the cup of my blood” and blah, blah, blah, they believe they are literally pulling down Jesus Christ out of Heaven and putting him into that cookie.

And pulling down the blood of Jesus Christ into that chalice, into that wine.

And the doctrine of that is that the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ is contained in that chalice and in that bread.

So, the idea is … think of it this way … the very meaning of a priest is someone who offers sacrifice.

And the problem with that is, theologically, is that it says in the New Testament in the Book of Hebrews, is that Yahushua, our High Priest, went and offered the sacrifice on Calvary once, for all.

And that no longer does there have to be Priests that are offering sacrifices every day which can never even take away sin.

So the whole idea is false.

But the concept is that the Priest is there as a mediator for the average layman …

And that is an interesting term by the way, because do you know where the term ‘layman’ actually comes from?

S: No.

B: It comes from the Greek word “la-os” which means “stupid people”.

S: Oh! (laugh).

B: So, I hate … I never use that word.

Because we are all priests.

Peter, who was supposedly the first Pope tells us that we are “Chosen Nation, a Royal Priesthood, a peculiar people” and that everyone is in fact a priest of Yahushua ha Mashiach, Jesus Christ.

But anyhow, so he stands there, and he is offering a sacrifice for our sins, supposedly.

That is what the Mass does.

And the Catholic Church teaches that without the Mass, without attending Mass every Sunday, without receiving the sacrament, especially the sacrament of the Eucharist, Holy Communion, and also going to Confession at least once a year, you can’t make it to Heaven.

That faith in Christ is not enough.

And the sad thing is that at the time that this new Pope is being enthroned in Rome, only 25% of Catholics in this country go to church every Sunday.

Threee quarters of Catholics are staying at home and, you know, reading the ‘funny papers’.

So, that means the Catholic Church is really in deep, deep do-do.

But the big difference is that all of the Bible believing churches – some of them have lost this over the decades – were founded on the idea of the Priesthood of all believers.

And that we, ourselves, can go boldly before the Throne of Grace.

We don’t need any Priest.

We don’t need any Pontiffs or anything between us and Almighty Yahweh.

So that’s the big difference.

S: Thank you.

What sacraments did you perform while you were a Priest?

B: Every one except … I don’t think I ever … yes, I did a wedding … I did several weddings.

I don’t think I ever baptized an infant.

I baptized a couple of adults.

And I did the Last Rites.

I ordained several people into the Priesthood.

So I basically did all 7 sacraments.

S: Thank you.

B: Did you ever say Mass in an ordinary church building?

B: Well, it all depends on what you mean by …

S: A normal Catholic church.

B: Well, I wouldn’t have been allowed to say Mass in a normal Catholic church.

But we had a chapel in this very large mansion on the North side of Milwaukee, that was this Lady of Perpetual Help Friary and it functioned both as a chapel for Catholics who were dissatisfied with the new Vatican II Rites, and also as a home for developmentally-disabled adult men.

And it was a church that basically sat probably 15 or 20 people.

So, I consider that to be a ‘normal’ church.

But it wouldn’t have been regarded as a licit Catholic Church by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, no.

S: Okay. Thank you.

What communication did you get from the Pope?

B: Well, I didn’t get any communication from the Pope.

But I got a communication from his right-hand man, who was at that time Franz Shaffer … who oddly enough was in the same position as this new guy who just became Co-Cardinal Ratziner – he was the head of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith.

And 25 years ago I got a letter from Franz Cardinal Shaffer who at that time was in the same position.

Because at that time I was applying to possibly be able to function as a Priest within the Roman Catholic Church, not the Old Roman.

And still, of course, keep my wife.

And they basically sent me a letter back telling me that I was an Apostate.

And that my Orders were valid … meaning my Priesthood … my Orders were valid, but illicit.

In other words, illegal.

S: (laugh)

B: Because I had not gone through the Holy Papa, you know.

S: Thank you.

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