My Past Lives

& What The Bible Says About Reincarnation

By Stephanie Relfe B.Sc. (Sydney)

I was raised Catholic and so like most people believed what the church I had grown up with told me. Therefore I did not believe in past lives. Admittedly, I can remember at around 17 years old trying to think of what eternity was. I gave up after going back and back and back …., and forward, and forward, and forward in time in my mind, forever.

I thought then that I couldn’t see any sense in having a measly 100 or less years with eternity on either side. But I didn’t understand how reincarnation was possible – after all, the body rots away. No one explained to me that I am A SPIRIT, not a body. We were told that we HAD a soul, not that we ARE a soul (or spirit).

But that all changed for me when I was around thirty years old. I had not been married by then, and had a lot of trouble with money and relationships. From various seminars and books, I knew that at least part of the cause for these problems was in my subconscious mind. So when I did a seminar called “Money & You” and learned about Clearing which used a biofeedback meter to help one locate the cause of a problem in the subconscious mind, I got some sessions straight away.


During a session I would answer different questions about different topics. “Repetition leads to discovery” and so in many sessions, the same question would be asked over and over again. During a clearing session, it is important that an acknowledgement is given for each answer, which enables a person to feel ‘complete’ with that aspect, and then delve deeper into the issue, until the person removes a lot of charge around that particular question.

I remember one day I was answering questions about – I think it was my father – when suddenly I ‘saw’ a picture in front of me of a leaf. I said, “Oh, I can see a leaf”. As soon as I said that, suddenly the leaf grew into a forest. I said, “Now I can see a forest”. And then I could see a one room wooden hut in the forest. I told my clearing practitioner that too. Clearing works best the more you talk about what you see.

The next thing, I felt myself move into the body of a small boy who was in the hut, dying of yellow fever, on his own. I experienced it as though it was happening for real at that moment. I KNEW that small boy was me. And I experienced for a second what it was like as I left my body as a spirit in the second after death.

Then I ‘came back’ to my ‘own’ body in the present time.

After that, I knew that past lives were real. I had no more fear of death. Death was simply a minor sensation of ‘dropping the body’.

After that session, past lives incidents would crop up in almost every session I did. It seemed that most of the difficulties I was having with relationships had little to do with this lifetime. That made sense in a way, as I had had a relatively okay childhood, especially when compared to other people. Many of my difficulties were mostly to do with what happened to me in previous lifetimes.

At that time I was in Sydney Australia and doing some work with a group that was promoting various ideas that were designed to help solve some of the problems of the planet. One day our group went to meet another member of the group who was arriving at the airport from the USA. I will call the man we met Paul. It was very strange – when I met Paul, I felt a very, very strong connection, as though I already knew him on a fairly deep level.

That night a group of us went out together and Paul was with us. He was flirting with a girl from the group – I’ll call her Rhonda. At that time I was sharing a house platonically with another member of the group – let’s call him Martin. Later on, Martin and I gave Paul and Rhonda a lift in a car to somewhere, and then Martin and I drove home.

And then the strangest thing happened to me. I felt a rage building up inside of me like I had never felt before. It was so apparent that something was going on with me, that Martin asked me what was going on. I told him that I had no idea. When we got home, I knew that I had to get rid of this rage, because Paul was staying with us, and I didn’t want to receive a guest in the state I was in. So I did something I had learned to do to get rid of rage – I knelt on my bed and bashed pillows for half an hour. This got rid of enough rage so that I was able to meet Paul with a normal disposition when he came home that night.

A few days later I received a clearing session from a friend. I was answering questions about relationships, when suddenly the room looked as though it was starting to fill with smoke. I said “I can see smoke in the room”. My friend asked if this was an incident in restimulation. I replied yes. She commanded me to go to the incident and to move through the incident. I relived the whole incident in full color and sound just like it was happening to me all over again.

I went back to a time when I was married to Paul. He was a man and I was a woman in that lifetime. It looked to be around the 18th century, in a well-to-do area in Europe, possibly England. I was not asked where or when this happened (which is always a good idea to do in any clearing session). But I believe it was England because I spoke in English. I once met a man who had metaphysical abilities and told him this story, and he said it was in Bath. That felt true to me, but if you read of what happened to me, I have not been able to find any record of this kind of thing happening in England at that late time.

We lived in a terraced mansion with our two children.

Paul was a gambler and had racked up some amazing debts. He was in danger of his life from the people he owed money to. To help solve his money problems, he started an affair with a wealthy woman from the town. I came home one day and found the two of them in bed together. I told Paul that I was going back to father and taking the children with me. Since my father was the only source of our income, that was the same as declaring a death sentence to Paul, although I do not think I knew that at the time.

So Paul reported me to the authorities as being a witch. At that time, I grew herbs in the back yard for healing the poor people of the town. I was taken as a witch and burned at the stake.

When I relived being burned at the stake, I could feel the fire going up my leg, only several thousand times less painful than it was at the time.

A very successful technique in a clearing session is to view the incident from the point of view of other people. Often the greatest amount of charge is not from oneself, but from other people in the room. The clearing practitioner asked me “what is the next viewpoint to be run?” and then told me to be that person. I had to be the person who tied me to the stake. It was like being in total blackness. It was gross. The man who tied me to the stake whispered in my ear that he got ‘off’ on his job.

Reliving this incident was truly awful, but I felt fantastic afterwards. After reliving that incident, strange cramps in my legs that I used to get at certain times never affected me again. The cramps had been from the ‘charge’ of the memory of the flames going up my legs.

I have had people ‘explain’ to me my memories of my past lives are delusions or demonic or some other thing. The only thing that I can say to these people was that I KNOW that they are real, and these things happened to me, and to no one else. Just as I KNOW that I am typing on my computer just at this moment in time. It was ME. And it was very liberating. I never had any fear of death after that moment. And I even got less upset when things didn’t go the way I wanted. I figured if I couldn’t have it this lifetime, I could do it another lifetime. In addition, often strange symptoms or emotions that I had before the session would vanish, never to return, after I saw that the cause came from a past life.

One day I was at a seminar learning how to do clearing with about seven other people. I presume that at least most of those people were also familiar with past lives. I told them about my incident where I got burned at the stake and for the first time in my life I saw what people mean when they say that people “turn green” from a horrible story. Everyone that I told the story to ‘turned green’. I realized then that many, many people have probably had a past life where they were burned at the stake.

During that incident one thing that was important was that when I was on the stage being tied to the stake, there was an audience of several hundred people, all projecting hatred at me. Public speaking is one of the things that frightens people more than almost anything else. I understand that often this fear comes from a similar incident to what happened to me. There I was, standing in front of hundreds of people, who all hated me, at the same time when I was given pain and death.

I will tell you a story that gives some evidence to back this up, although part of this story includes a bizarre coincidence.

One day I was at a training for clearing practitioners. There were about twelve of us in the room, plus the instructor. We were on a break. At the back of the room, a biofeedback meter had been set up on its own. I was walking out of the room, when I saw a friend of mine, Rodney, with another young man – let’s call him Patrick. Patrick was tall and good looking. He had picked up the ‘cans’ of the meter. The meter gave a huge read. That is, the needle moved quickly all the way to one side. This was most unusual. It indicated that there was something very important in Patrick’s mind. I came over to ask, along with Rodney, what was going on with Patrick that had caused such a big read.

He looked kind of like a deer caught in the headlights. His story seemed to be too much for him to accept.

He was training to be an actor. But the problem was that he had stage fright! So he went to our instructor for a clearing session, to find out where the fear was coming from and remove it.

Believe it or not, he remembered a time when he was John F. Kennedy! Being shot in front of all of those people gave him his fear of public speaking!

Patrick obviously had a hard time accepting this. But the eyes are the window to the soul. Rodney and I looked into Patrick’s eyes, and we both decided that we believed that he had in fact been JFK in his last life. Patrick was young enough to have been born after JFK’s death.

As if to confirm the story to Patrick, when the three of us walked out of the hotel and across the street, there was a book shop directly opposite. Right in the middle of the front window was a book about JFK, with his photo on the front.

For those interested, I recently did a search on the net to see if Patrick ever made it in the movie business, but I couldn’t find a mention of him anywhere.

That story of Patrick remembering that he was JFK brings me to an aspect of past lives that some people use to refute the truth of past lives. Since only one person can be one person from a previous life, how about all of those people who believe that they were Cleopatra, or some other famous person? They can’t all be right.

The problem is that people don’t always want to remember who they were in a past life, especially if it was too painful. For example, if a person was a slave or another unfortunate person who was in an area where Cleopatra had ordered that their head be cut off, that person may decide that they did not like being themselves. They would rather be Cleopatra. And so they take on that person’s ‘beingness”. They find it easier to remember ‘being’ Cleopatra than being themselves having their head cut off. Which is understandable.

When this happens, a good clearing practitioner can help a person work out exactly WHO they were. I did this once for a friend. My friend – let’s call her Sherry – had a healing center. She had let a young man around 18 years old who was down on his luck stay at the center for a few weeks. But when he left, he stole about $1,500 from the center and took it with him. Sherry is a very advanced soul, and did not get upset with the loss of the money so much as concerned to find out how such a bad thing had happened to her, since she knew that bad things do not happen to us by accident.

So I gave her a clearing session. She remembered a time in the wild west of America when she thought she was being hanged for a minor crime. But during the incident, the meter was not reading as it should. And she was having trouble accessing her memories, which is unusual in the middle of a session. Then she said about herself at that time, “I’m not very bright”. That gave me the clue I needed as to why the session was not going well. I said to her, “Is it possible that you were someone else in this incident?”.

Instantly, the meter started to read as normal, while Sherry suddenly had the realization that she was not the man being hanged. That person was the young man who had just robbed her in this life time. In the past life in the wild west, she had been the owner of the saloon that the hanging was done in front of – and she had made a LOT of money from the hanging from the hundreds of people who had come into town to watch the hanging!

I have done sessions where I remembered many, many past lives. Every one made sense in some way with what was going on in this lifetime. None of them overlapped. That is, I have never remembered that I was two different people at the same time. I have only remembered ONE past life that was my last past life, and only one that was my second past life and so on.

One day I was having a clearing session where I re-experienced my birth. Many people’s problems can come from their birth. I re-experienced having my head stuck in the birth canal. But when all the charge on my birth was gone, it seemed that there was still something left. The clearing practitioner asked me if there was an “Earlier, similar incident’. There was. I went to a time when I was an Eskimo and I felt my head in the jaws of a polar bear. The strange thing was, I could feel that I WELCOMED this from the polar bear. That seemed strange, but later on I learned that because Eskimos have to chew really tough things like seal skin, eventually their teeth wear out. Rather than starve to death, the village moves on and leaves the toothless one behind. The toothless one then waits for a polar bear to come along and end things for them quickly!!!

I have been many things in past lives. I have been a man as often as a woman. I have been a ‘princess’ in an African tribe who was taken a slave, sold to a Roman senator, became popular with the senator and then was drowned by his jealous wife in the fountain.

If more people could remember their past lives, that should reduce racism. And any beliefs that women are inferior (they are different, because the body makes them that way, but not inferior).

I have found that there is a difference in ‘believing’ in reincarnation because that is what someone has been taught, and believing in it because one has remembered one’s own past lives. One country where supposedly most people believe in reincarnation is India. I was in India once, in this lifetime. I told an Indian man how I was an Indian woman six life times ago. I had been a young girl in love with another young man, but I was married off to a rich, very old man who died. As was customary in many places at that time, at least I think for rich people – I’m not sure about the poorer ones – I was made ‘suttee’. That is, I was put on the funeral pyre with my husband’s corpse. (There’s that burning theme again!).

When I told the Indian about this, I could see from his dropped jaw that he was amazed. I realized then that the full concept and all the ramifications of what reincarnation means had never fully come home to him before.

That surprised me until I thought about it. In many places in India I saw that the trees had been cut down, except for those along the road which had a white circle painted on them to protect them. Those trees provided extremely valuable shade in the extreme heat. It’s a shame that more people in the west also don’t realize that miles of grass and tarmac without trees causes increased temperatures. But back to India – I thought it a shame that no one had replanted the cut down trees. I thought that if anyone really believed in past lives, they would plant the trees for when they come back next life time to enjoy them.

Update: Since writing this article I have been informed by a Hindu in India that Hindus are taught that one cannot reincarnate in any other country, ever! Apparently it’s “too far” for a spirit to travel. For goodness sakes! That shows that evil men have got in to control the Hindu religion, just as they did when they turned Christianity (the teachings of Jesus Christ) into Catholicism, which is very, very different.

If everyone really understood the truth of past lives and knew what that meant to them personally, the world would be a better place. This is because of karma, where bad and good deeds visit one in later lives. I understand that it’s not as simple as being repaid in the same way. For example, if you kill someone in a previous life, he may not kill you in this lifetime. But you may have something else bad happen to you, and/or have to do something for that person.

Many people say that they don’t believe in reincarnation because ‘it isn’t in the bible’. Therefore, it may come as a great surprise to learn that there is, in fact, a great deal about reincarnation in the bible “For those with eyes to see and ears to hear”: I realized this after I had the experience of reliving my past lives, and read the bible with a new understanding.

All quotes are from the King James Bible. One obvious quote is:

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Galatians 6:7.

Some people believe that this means that bad people will go to Hell. But even before I knew about past lives, I thought that was very unfair. Why should someone who has done reasonably minor sins be in the same place as really evil people? And I was sure that God was totally fair. Karma makes sure that “what a man sows, that shall he also reap”.

This may be one reason why some people do not want to believe in reincarnation, apart from the fact that it’s hard to accept a truth which is opposite to what you were taught all your life. Especially when you have no memory of your past lives. If bad things that happen to us are because of bad things we did in previous lifetimes, then we have no one to blame but ourselves. There is no such thing as ‘bad luck’. The only option then is to take responsibility for whatever bad things that happen to us and ask God for forgiveness for whatever we did in the past that is causing this.

I have found from experience that this is in fact the way it works. Here’s one example from a woman I know called Barbara. Barbara was having all kinds of legal trouble, where she was being dragged into court for ‘crazy’ reasons. She was experienced in clearing so she finally realized that she should find out what the true source of her troubles was. She did a session with a biofeedback meter and found out that she had done various bad things to the people who were prosecuting her. She took responsibility for those bad things. And after that, her problems went away.

If bad things are going on in your life, my experience with myself and my clients is that one of the best ways to improve things is to do whatever you have to do to identify what you did in a past life. At the very least, realize that YOU DID SOMETHING then, and ask God for forgiveness for what you did. (Or you failed to do something, which also caused harm). This can be very hard to do. It’s much easier to remember a past life where people did horrible things to you, than one in which you did horrible things to other people. The feeling of guilt can be overwhelming – but if you can find the courage to do it, there are few things that will improve your life as well.

My husband Michael did not believe in past lives for the first seven or so years of our marriage. But one day we were being subjected to intense spiritual attack. Michael said that there is an important quote in the bible

“…the curse causeless shall not come.” Proverbs 26:2.

That means that if bad things happen to you, it’s not because of ‘bad luck’. There is a solid reason why those things are happening to you. In this case, it meant that bad spirits were able to attack us because of a ‘spiritual hole”, some kind of legal reason why God allowed them to attack us.

Until that time, Michael believed from his own experience with deliverance, that that cause was always such things as family line curses. However, this one day was different. I had found that using muscle testing improved the effectiveness of Michael’s spiritual warfare prayers, by using it to identify what was attacking us and why, and to identify any reasons why they were able to attack us. This particular day, I told Michael that whether he believed me or not, muscle testing indicated to me that the cause of the spiritual attacks was from a harmful act that he had done in a past life. We used muscle testing to identify which past life, which sex he was and which universe he was in and which planet he was on. He then closed his eyes and briefly saw what he did. He prayed to God for forgiveness of that specific sin. And after that, the spiritual attacks stopped.

So, now when we experience anything negative or any spiritual attack, we always pray for forgiveness for our sins, the sins of our ancestors (known as “sins of the fathers” in the Bible) and the sins of our past lives.

We have done this many times since, and our lives get better and better as a result.

For those people who still don’t believe in past lives because they think ‘it’s not in the bible’, I will show you that in fact there are a number of references in the bible to reincarnation.

One important episode is:

”And as Jesus passed by, he saw a man which was blind from his birth.

And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this man, or his parents, that he was born blind?

Jesus answered, “Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents; but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.” John 9: 1-3

If the man’s blindness was caused by a sin that he did, since he had been blind since birth, the only possible time that he could have sinned was in a past life. The apostles obviously understood this. And Jesus did not contradict them.

It appears here as though the concept of reincarnation is totally known and accepted by the apostles and Jesus. Now, if that were the case, then it makes sense that nowhere does it say in the bible that “Reincarnation is true”. Whenever I was with other people who had re-experienced their past lives, we didn’t say every day “Past lives are real”. But that knowledge affected our conversation with each other.

Note that nowhere does it say in the bible that past lives are NOT real. Except for possibly one place that is used to refute past lives:

“And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.” Hebrews 9:27.

The question is, what is a man? I submit that a man is a spirit PLUS a body. And, yes, that combination of my spirit plus this particular body will die only once. But this doesn’t say that my spirit dies or that it can’t go and get another body, and become another ‘man’ – another spirit/body combination. My experiences of my past lives showed me that while I was still the same basic personality in each life, I was a slightly different person in each life, depending on what kind of body I had.

Another question is, what is “the judgment”? Many people may jump to the conclusion that this is referring to the FINAL judgment. But it doesn’t say ‘final’. I believe that this is referring to another kind of judgment. This is the one that many people who have been clinically dead and then come back to life have reported. (The term for dying and then coming back to life is a “near death experience”). Many near death experiencers have reported that after their ‘death’ they were given a ‘life review” and judged on their good and bad deeds. And then returned to their body.

Possibly the strongest references to reincarnation are the following:

And as they departed, Jesus began to say unto the multitudes concerning John (the Baptist) ….

“For this is he, of whom it is written, Behold, I send my messenger before thy face, which shall prepare thy way before thee.

Verily I say unto you, Among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist….

For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John.

And if ye will receive it, this is Elias, which was for to come.

He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.” Mathew 11: 7-15

And also:

“And his disciples asked him, saying, “Why then say the scribes that Elias must first come?”

And Jesus answered and said unto them, “Elias truly shall first come, and restore all things.

But I say unto you, That Elias is come already, and they knew him not, but have done unto him whatsoever they listed” …

Then the disciples understood that he spake unto them of John the Baptist. Mathew 17: 10-13

Jesus is clearly saying here that the spirit that was Elias was reborn as John the Baptist. To continue this particular discussion, I will quote a piece from an excellent article I found on the net (I changed only the quotes to match the King James Bible. Note that the names “Elijah” and “Elias” are the same name):

“As for the John the Baptist-Elijah episode, there can be little question as to its purpose. By identifying the Baptist as Elijah, Jesus is identifying himself as the Messiah. Throughout the gospel narrative there are explicit references to the signs that will precede the Messiah.

“Behold I will send you Elijah the prophet, before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.” (Malachi 4:5)

This is one of the many messianic promises of the Old Testament. One of the signs that the true Messiah has come, according to this passage from Malachi, is that he be preceded by a forerunner, by Elijah.

Although the Bible also contains other reincarnational passages, these Elijah-John passages constitute clear proof of reincarnation:

1. The Old Testament prophesied that Elijah himself (not someone “like” him or someone “similar” to him, but Elijah himself) would return before the advent of the Messiah.

2. Jesus declared that John the Baptist was Elijah who had returned, stating bluntly “Elijah has come”.

Now, based on these passages alone, either (A) or (B) must be true:

(A) John the Baptist was Elijah himself, meaning that Elijah had reincarnated. If this is true, then reincarnation must belong in Christian theology, and the West’s entire doctrinal interpretation of “Life After Death” in general, and the “Last Day Resurrection” in particular, must be radically revised, or…

(B) John the Baptist was not Elijah himself, meaning that Elijah himself had not returned.

If this is so, then either:

(1) The Old Testament prophecy about Elijah returning before the Messiah failed to come to pass (meaning that Biblical prophecy is fallible), OR

(2) Jesus was not the Messiah.

Basically, it comes down to this simple question: What do you want to believe? One of the following A, B, or C, must logically be true:

A. Reincarnation is true, or

B. Jesus was not the Messiah, or

C. The prophecies of the Bible are unreliable.

As surely as two and two make four, one of the above must be true. At any rate, the passage in which Jesus says in no uncertain terms that John was Elijah is “overt” and direct:

“But I say unto you, That Elias is indeed come.” (Mark 9:13)

The following verse is used to refute the John the Baptist/Elijah reincarnation connection. The Bible tells us that John the Baptist possessed,

“… the spirit and power of Elias.” (Luke 1:17)

Those who refute this reincarnation connection say that John the Baptist merely came in the spirit and power of Elijah. However, this is a perfect description of reincarnation: the spirit and power. This is reincarnation – the reincarnation of the spirit. The Bible itself states that John the Baptist possessed the spirit that had previously lived in, and as, the man Elijah – not his physical being and memory, but his spirit.

John carried Elijah’s living spirit, but not his physical memory. And since John did not possess Elijah’s physical memory, he did not possess the memories of being the man Elijah. Thus, John the Baptist denied being Elijah when asked:

And they asked him, “What then? Art thou Elias?” And he saith , “I am not”. “Art thou that prophet?”. And he answered, “No”. Then said they unto him, “Who art thou? That we may give an answer to them that sent us. What sayest thou of thyself?”

He said, “I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, Make straight the way of the Lord, as said the prophet Esaias. And they which were sent were of the Pharisees. And they asked him, and said unto him, “Why baptizest thou then, of thou be not Christ, nor Elias, neither that prophet?”

John answered them, saying, “I baptize with water: but there standeth one among you, whom ye know not; He it is, who coming after me is preferred before me, whose shoe’s latchet I am not worthy to unloose.” (John 1:21-27)

But Jesus knew better, and said so in the plainest words possible:

… Jesus began to say unto the multitudes concerning John (the Baptist) ….“For this is he, of whom it is written…Verily I say unto you, Among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist….For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John. And if ye will receive it, this is Elias…He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.” Mathew 11: 7-15

It comes down to this: Jesus said John was Elijah, and John said he wasn’t. (Editor’s note: Maybe like most of us John did not remember his past lives).

Which of the two is to be believed – Jesus or John?”

The source for the above excerpt is

I highly recommend reading the whole of that article.

Many people wonder, if past lives are real, then why can’t we remember then? I would ask those same people, how much of THIS lifetime do you remember? What did you do on May 6 1996? I have, in fact, met people who could remember some of their past lives quite well. These people tend to be younger. If you listen to young children and are open to the concept of past lives, you may suddenly realize that some of what they are saying or some of their knowledge or abilities that seems to have come from ‘nowhere’ actually came from past lives.

In another clearing session that I did where I was answered questions about relationships, another past life came to me and I relived it in full color and sensations as I had done with the others. I had been born a wealthy woman in medieval times in England. But I became a leper and was banished to live on my own in a cottage in the woods for the rest of my life. My only companion was my beautiful white horse.

One day, two men came walking through the woods where I lived. When I saw where they were walking, I went to warn them of a bog which was very like quicksand. But when they saw me coming towards them, they did not hear my words. They just reacted with horror and ran from me – TOWARDS the very bog which I was trying to warn them of. The more I tried to warn them, the faster they ran towards the bog. Both men fell in the bog and drowned. The guilt I felt at causing their deaths, even though unintentionally, plus the shame from the looks of total horror on their faces when they saw me, put me into a total hysteria.

I leapt on my horse and galloped flat out through the woods. My arm hit a tree and fell off. That seemed very strange to me at first, until I realized what had happened. My arm bone broke, and the flesh of my arm was so rotten, that there was nothing to hold it. After that, I was in total overwhelm and cried hysterically. I ran back to my cottage and grabbed a knife and stabbed my heart and ended my life. I don’t know what happened to me after that. People who have had a near death experience after a suicide have reported that they went to a spirit world which was very unpleasant, because we are never meant to end our own life. But, from my own experience, I gather that that is not permanent, as I moved onto other lives.

I once had a kinesiology client who during the session also remembered committing suicide in a previous life, and she also obviously did not stay in any particular spiritual place forever. Note: I am NOT recommending suicide EVER as that is against the will of God. I am just writing this to comfort anyone who knows someone who committed suicide.

An interesting aspect of my lifetime as a leper emerged for me when I looked after racehorses in Sydney Australia, for one of the leading racehorse trainers, Neville Begg.


At that time, I had had no training in stilling the mind and so anything that was the slightest bit boring would drive me to distraction. I had no patience whatsoever. And so I was rather worried about how I would handle an important part of my job, which was that when one of the horses that I looked after was racing, I had to take them to the races and just stand beside them in an open stall, with almost nothing to do other than walk them around occasionally and brush them a bit, for at least two hours before the race. The funny thing was that when the time came, I found that very, very easy to do. Time just flew.

Sometimes we went to a country race meeting or I would have two different horses racing, and I would have to stand there beside my horse for almost the whole day with almost nothing to do. And yet, I found that I enjoyed it thoroughly. My mind was still for perhaps the first time in my life. Years later, when I relived my past lives, I learned that in some strange way I was able to do this because I was reliving the time when I lived in the woods and the only companion was my horse. At high school I was even laughed at by older girls because they said I ‘ran like a horse.”

My last life time I died as a 16 year old boy of starvation in Peru. Maybe that’s where my extra large appetite comes from!!!

How many awful things happened to most people in past lives? And how many awful things did they do to others? All you have to do is look at history and you will see that a LOT of horrible things were done. And probably many, many more that we will never know about. As I said before, it’s a lot easier to remember the negative things that were done to one, than the negative things that one did to others. This is partly because there is more charge from the pain when one is hurt. And it’s also because one feels so incredibly guilty when one remembers bad things that one did – it feels better to not face the truth. But it can do wonders to improve you life if you can do this, and then ask for forgiveness.

Taking responsibility for negative things that happen to one can also bring a great sense of freedom to one because what appears as unfairness in the world DOES make sense. If you know that YOU are responsible for any bad things that happen to you, because of something you did in the past, then you know that you are not at the mercy of ‘bad luck’. Just say to yourself “This too will pass”. (Put that on the fridge). And as long as you don’t gather any more bad karma, and disassociate from negative people that you may have in your life only because of past life associations, then it may not happen again. If you want to speed up the process of having blessings instead of spankings, then do some selfless service for others. It will make you feel great besides.

Several times when I met a man with whom I had an instant, strong, mutual attraction, it turned out I knew them intimately in a past life. There was one man that I went out with for some time. Despite having some admirable qualities, he was very selfish and unfeeling. So I broke up with him. But no one else turned up to replace him and I knew that that same man was still ‘in my space’ and that until I cleared whatever reason it was that was keeping us tied together, I would not find my soul mate. I had a feeling that my sister who has metaphysical abilities, knew the answer to my dilemma. I phoned her and told her about the situation.

My sister immediately responded that she ‘got’ that in a past life I had been a very powerful shaman. The heart chakra is the most powerful part of a person. She ‘got’ that I had stolen this man’s heart chakra! And he had not been able to feel anything since!!!! Yikes! What a horrible thing to do to someone! I felt that this was true, and immediately ‘found’ his heart chakra in my space and ‘sent it back’ to him. I then phoned this man, who also knew about past lives. I told him what I thought I had done to him in a previous life. I asked him if that was what had happened. He said, ‘Yes’. I then said that I had given him his heart chakra back and asked if he had got it. He said, ‘Yes”. We ended the conversation and thankfully I never had to deal with him again and was able to move on.

In another past life, I was a soldier during the American War of Independence. My husband Michael was my commanding officer. I did not get the memories for this from clearing, so the memories were a lot less clear than most of my other memories. I got these memories from doing self hypnosis from a book I had. (I did this because one of my brothers had a lot of success with this in remembering past lives and in improving his life as a consequence. I believe that NO ONE should ever do hypnosis. But I am not so sure about self hypnosis). When I first had the memory, I was confused. I was sure I was an American, but I couldn’t understand why my uniform appeared to be red – until I realized that I was covered in blood and was dying.

One funny thing about past lives is that people like to talk about what they did 100 years ago, or maybe during Atlantis. But not any earlier than that. But once you are open to the possibility of previous lives, you open up a whole new ballgame. Think about it: Just how long does infinity go back for?

Now, this next bit is about as weird as it gets. Even I had trouble believing what I came to remember at first, but all I can say is, I ‘know’ it’s true. Before reading the next bit and deciding that I have finally gone too far, it may help to first consider how unimaginably, unbelievably vast this universe of ours is.

There are around 100 billion stars just in our small galaxy, The Milky Way. Many of these stars, like our own sun, have planets.

So far, scientists have estimated that there are over 100 billion OTHER GALAXIES in our universe. Probably time will show the true number is even larger.

  • A million sheets of paper would form a tower as high as a 30-storey building.
  • A billion-page stack (1,000 million) would be ten times higher than Mount Everest.
  • If you were to count from one to one million, it would take you about 23 days.
  • If you sat down to count from one to one billion (1,000 million) you would be counting for 95 years.
  • If you counted from one to 1 trillion (1,000 billion), it would take you almost 200,000 years.

See these photos which may help to get an idea of how puny this planet of ours is.

Now, keeping all of that in mind, please read on …

Believe it or not, I have remembered lives that went back million of years, and I have remembered past lives on other planets.

I once was on a spaceship when we got attacked and boarded by reptilians. They came on board and ate all of us. I believe that one of the reptilians was one of the (human) clearing practitioners that I learned much about telepathy from in this life time. So I personally believe that reptilians have souls – or rather – are souls – just like us. I say this because I have read some stories claiming there are ‘soul-less’ people and aliens on this planet. Personally, I believe that these are beings without any love whatsoever, and maybe not a lot of spirit either, but that they are still a spirit in a body, and can evolve to a higher level, such as a human.

One day after I had done a whole lot of clearing and remembering past lives I got a bit depressed because my life still hadn’t changed as much as I wanted. I still didn’t have a relationship and I still had money problems. (At that time, I had not looked at any past lives were I did harmful acts or asked for forgiveness for those times, which would probably have made a big difference).

I asked a clearing practitioner if they would help me remember a GOOD past life – one where I had it all. In the session, I remembered and fully experienced as a true memory, a time a very long time ago when I was an extraterrestrial who looked like a two foot tall walking frog. But apart from that, everything was much as like on earth. The practitioner did not ask me when this was so I don’t know how long ago this was. I was immensely rich. But I got murdered in my very large, very earth-looking swimming pool by some enemies. So I said that that memory wasn’t good enough. Couldn’t we find a memory when I had everything – a great relationship, money and a good life with a happy ending?

So in the same session, I then remembered being an extraterrestrial who looked much like a walking six foot tall, white cockatoo!


When I was asked what my name was, I squawked something, sounding just like a parrot!

So, after looking at that memory, I asked the practitioner, couldn’t we find a lifetime of mine when I had it all, AND was human? Okay, then we found one. I’m not too clear on the timing but I believe it was around 14,000 years ago. I was a human but not of this planet. I was married to a very advanced human-looking extraterrestrial. We had our own spaceship. And we lived in Africa, doing some kind of work with the wild animals there. Life was perfect. I died of old age and my husband lived on because he was from a race that lived a very long time.

Many people who come to realize that past lives are real may become overwhelmed with the thought of something that goes on forever. Well, it doesn’t have to go on forever, I do believe. For me, it has been a long time because I have a fairly high ‘drama hook’ and get kind of bored with having everything perfect for eons at a time, and so would rather be down here among the ‘excitement’. Trouble is, once you get a body, you forget about where you came from, and then the troubles begin.

If any of this rings true to you, then you may be wondering, how does one get off the wheel of birth and death? I believe that reincarnation stops at the cross of Y’Shua (Jesus Christ). I believe that when Y’Shua gave advice about “eternal life”, he was talking about how to get off the wheel of birth and death.

Sathya Sai Baba has said, and I also believe, that to get off the wheel of birth and death:

Complete all your karma and don’t create any more. This can be done by doing good deeds without expecting anything in return and by doing no more bad deeds. Make your life sacred, pure and holy.

Detach from the physical universe. You should still be IN the physical universe and have a job and family etc., and love people, and do the best you can with the gifts God gave you. But you should not be attached to outcomes. Be a rock of peace no matter whether bad, or even good, things happen to you. If you set any goals to achieve anything, or want something, then you may have to come back to achieve that goal.

Develop a personal a relationship with God. Serve God and do what he wishes you to do.

Feel divine love within your heart. Connect to the Holy Spirit, the spark of divinity, within you all of the time.


1) I have had discussions with people about the importance of children. Once you know about reincarnation, you will see how it is even more important than you may have realized to bring happy, loving, conscious, knowledgeable children into the world. What family right now do you know that you would want to incarnate into next time? The best alternative may be to create a family that will raise you how you would like to be raised. The importance of finding the RIGHT wife/ husband and homeschooling becomes even more important when you realize this.

2) A reader sent me the following notes from David Oates, who discovered “Reverse Speech” – that there is a lot of truth in what we say when it is played backwards:

Then what about reincarnation? Mr. Oates confides that reincarnationists would not like what he has to say about it. Reverse speech does not confirm or deny reincarnation. What it does say in very strong terms is: Do not go there. Do not regress, do not explore. The reason is, according to Oates, is that this causes the metaphors or dysfunctions of the past to remain in the present.

Mr. Oates reiterated,”You are not solving any problems at all by going back, even if you think you are. It’s what’s keeping our planet in chains.” It’s an extremely strong warning, from numerous person’s reversals, whether or not they believe in reincarnation, or past life therapy.

Oates believes that any time you go back to past lives, you are accessing the energy of that and bringing it to the present and that is stopping us from taking our next evolutionary step.

Here are my thoughts on the above paragraph:

This is interesting. I believe there is a lot to this.

I definitely don’t think one should spend a lot of time looking at past lives, because of what happened when I did a sacred silence meditation (trained by someone who trained with Tom Brown. And, no, I do NOT recommend doing a seminar with Tom Brown after looking into it. You can learn the meditation from this books). Anyway, after one does the first, main part of the meditation, then one can ‘walk down a path in nature’ in one’s mind and then go down on the RIGHT side to one’s sanctuary / perfect place in nature that is all your own. I have solved a number of problems there.

But when we did this the first time, I was aware of a VERY wide path in stone on the LEFT that had obviously been traveled many times before. I asked my teacher what it was but already knew the answer – that was the past.

In the meditation I found it quite difficult to actually go down the right hand steps. I could feel a compulsion to go down the left and had to fight it. I figured this was from all the clearing I had done from past lives.

However, I have found that if one has negative emotions such as anger because eg a person one killed / you killed is in your space, then the anger really goes after one has remembered the session if done in a clearing session. And as I said above, remembering my past lives has helped me with other things, such as understanding myself and the universe better, and removing fear of death and scarcity. And understanding that bad ‘luck’ does NOT ‘just happen’. It often happens as a result of my bad deeds in past lives.

And I would NEVER do hypnosis to find out my past lives. THAT would definitely keep the past with you. It’s possible that Oates ONLY knows about “Past Life Regression” which is ALWAYS hypnosis. THAT is dangerous, because it shuts down the conscious mind and opens up the unconscious mind. You know this because one has no concept of time or memory of a hypnosis session after it is over. I I very much doubt that Oates even knows about clearing, which doesn’t shut down the conscious mid or open up the unconscious mind the way hypnosis does. You know that because you are painfully aware of how long a sessions takes!!!

Also, note that Oates recommends against ANY viewing of the past. The reptilians, aliens and military who abduct people would love this. Then no one would ever discover that they had been abducted. Remember that Reverse Speech is a long way from being an exact science. It is very abstract and random and often not very clear at all. And once someone gets as famous as David Oates is, one should be aware that that person can be targeted by the dark side and abducted and made to say or think certain things. Same with their data, it can be interfered with. All information is suspect, especially when coming from famous people. Pray to God for the truth.

Part of the answer I think may be that the point of power is ALWAYS in the present. Focusing on NOW is what is important. Even if there is stuff from the past, the grace of God can wipe it away in an instant, if we focus on God and doing what he wants us to do, goodness and feeling love in our hearts.


Update: I found this post on a forum which I thought was most interesting:

“You have to read the scripture with an open head.. There are many twister words God uses in order to damn the enemy.. for instance it says HELL- where the fire is not quenched and the worm dies not… The stupid read that and they somehow see that those that go into hell will be tormented by fire and worms for eternity.. But all it says is that the fire and worms are in existance for eternity – not the damned…

Elijah – It says that it is appointed for man to die once.. It does not say that it is appointed for a man to die (only) once.. It just says that a man must at least die (once) in other .. he can die many times after that./.. That is,  reincarnation../ Man lived up to 900 years at first.. God later split that sentence up to many lives.. Each person will live many lives and die unless they prove to be right enough to make it..(they live and die no more).”



An excellent article on reincarnation in the bible is at

Near Death Experiences

10 Amazing Things Children have said about Past Lives

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